No Corona in South Dakota

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Well, no hysteria over Corona; aka the WuFlu – which has laid low most of the country except for a few places like South Dakota. Where there was no “lockdown” – a term formerly reserved for prisons – and in which Corona (as elsewhere) hasn’t killed 99.5-plus percent of the population.

But South Dakota’s governor, Kristi Noem, hasn’t killed the lives of 99.5 percent of her state’s population by imposing Face Diapering and other kabuki to make it appear as though 99.5 percent of the population will die unless they Diaper – and otherwise live in perpetual terror of a virus that poses less threat to 99.5 percent of the population than medical malpractice.

She has also refused the Corona Kool Aid – federal money to pay the populace  to not work and to kill their businesses by operating at half capacity and imposing Face Diapering and Anti-Social Distancing on patrons.

“My administration is very grateful for the additional flexibility that this effort would have provided, but South Dakota is in the fortunate position of not needing to accept it,” Noem diplomatically said. 

But she knows perfectly well that Corona Cash isn’t free – that Diaper strings are attached and that if she took the money, they take control. 

“South Dakota’s economy, having never been shut down, has recovered nearly 80 percent of our job losses,” she added. “We’re the only state in the nation that didn’t have extended unemployment benefits kick in because our insured unemployment rate has been the lowest in the nation.”

Bravo to this brave women – who is the antidote to Corona Karens – and Kevins. She has more guts and other such than many technically men have.    

We need more like her.


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  1. Well done, South Dakota. I’d love to live there. Keep your freedom up…and you’ll have great times ahead. Best from the Netherlands

  2. At least you have a governor that seems to care about the people she represents. Here in NM our communist governor is as bad as any other commie governor in this country . It’s true the whole country is federalized so even though some states may be a little better today , it’s only a matter of time before the federal government exerts its unconstitutional force on every supposedly sovereign state.

    • Hi Norteno,

      Much as I despise long/cold winters, it may be necessary to seriously consider fleeing to South Dakota. I am loathe to leave my place here in SW Virginia; it’s a very nice place except .. . excepting the Sickness Psychosis.

  3. How fast they can fall!

    An Israeli-born librul Jew “scientist” just won the Wyoming Dem primary for the senate…..

    The last few dominoes are falling.

  4. Antifa protesters were in Sturgis too. The Sheriff and his deputies surrounded the antifa protesters so they wouldn’t get their asses beat. The video captured the scene, it was too funny.

    Virginia is a beautiful place, once you are in the hills and away from the suburban sprawl.

    Too hot in the summer along the Potomac, especially in August, go someplace else.

    If I were to go to a place where the winters are mild and not too nasty, it would be northern California.

    Killer place to go and see, the coastal Redwoods are dino, Mt. Shasta is super cool. The Sierra Nevada are some kickass mountains for sure.

    When my wif and I drove through northern California, it was just about everything you wanted to see anywhere. Redwoods are trees that grow to incredible size. If you haven’t seen them, you should. I stood on felled Redwood tree stump, it was about 16 feet in diameter. You are literally in an enchanted forest, no doubt about it.

    Alturas is a long ways from anywhere and the weather is not so bad there.

    My wife wanted to have some Mexican food while traveling through the northern half of the state, while doing so, we discovered a restaurant called the Whole Enchilada. We stopped and had some Mexican food there.

    If you want to live in the wilderness, frontier, northern Californ-eye-eh would be the place to go.

    California dreamin’, on such a winter’s day. – The Mommas and the Poppas

  5. We need her down in Victoriastan Australia. The land where a psychopath named Daniel Andrews is running amuck. Dissolve Parliament, declared a state of disaster and emergency concurrently, and is relishing his role in destroying thousands of businesses, forever scarring schoolchildren, coddling up to the chinks and importing vast numbers of them to help in the upcoming vaccine forced vaccinations, and where sec. 92 of the Australian Constitution is ignored. This sections states: “All trade and social intercourse, among and between states, shall be free of obligations and burdens.”
    AT this point, I would welcome a chink invasion because they will be the ones to take down the andrews psychopath posing as Adolf Hitler. And our police are now becoming much like the American police. Now in Geelong, a small town 1 hour from us, the police now carry submachine guns to protect against unmasked people. Worse, the gal Eric covered in an article was dobbed in by a snitch, the restaurant owner in Frankston, who turned nazi and called the police because she was unmasked. she had a medical exemption in writing but that did not apply to the thugs who assaulted her.
    Victoria is the testing ground for the world. What goes here, will come to a state or locale near you. Be on the watch you Americans. This is getting nastier and nastier as politicians are taking advantage of their dictatorial powers. Now you can see why the Allies invaded Germany, not to defeat them but to find out how hitler got so much power. And are using that against us now.
    This andrews bloke is destroying Australia single handedly and what is worse so many assholes think he is doing a fantastic job. The hospitals are empty, the quarantine hotels are hotbeds of filthy rooms crawling with black mold and dead mice, and the police stand guard outside high rises to keep the prisoners confined to their homes. All over a piece of chemistry that is rarely fatal.

    • Hi To5,

      I feel for you. I used to think NZ and Australia were cool places – possible relocation places. The people seemed exceptionally nice and the culture even more so.

      My god, what happened?

      It is bad here, but not that bad – yet. If it gets that bad, I will have to seriously think about the Samson Option (so to speak). Selling my place and heading … somewhere. Maybe SD.

      • Hey Eric,

        Ditto everything you said above!

        SD is looking very attractive- but as someone else mentioned, one election can change all of that- as it did here in KY. 🙁

  6. It speaks volumes as to how emasculated MEN have become, when a lone WOMAN is the only one who is standing up and doing the right thing!

  7. Ventured into NYC today. About 80-90% diapering… outside! walking around the city streets. This, set against the backdrop of flashing road signs saying “We are NY tough” and “Covid is still a risk. Wear a mask.” You want obedience training? There it was, in the biggest city in the US. Buncha pussies, biding time til “We are NY Needles!”

    These aren’t people donning a diaper to not make waves or keep from offending a shop keeper (not applicable outside on the street). No, this is a political statement emanating from their acquiescence to the religious orders promulgated by their government high priests.

    Laugh all you want. Go ahead and think it’s just NY. To me, I was witnessing the cresting wave of the movement phase of the Great Reset. There’s no going back from this.

  8. What other states have taken the same position as South Dakota? North Dakota? Montana? Wyoming? Oklahoma? Does anyone on this forum know? Thanks.

    • None. Every other governor has done really stupid shit because they want the money. WY, ID, MT have a lot of dissident voices, but most of the politicians in those places are just that, politicians.

      • AnCap, politicians have more in common with each other, than the peasants they rule. So, its hardly surprising that most of them have become tyrants. Its only going to get worse, until enough people get tired of this, and take intelligent and effective counter action. At which point, the hysteria will REALLY kick in. As with anything there are rules. Knowing those rules, allows one to understand the inherent weaknesses.

    • SM, I wanted to know this too. It looks like South Dakota is the only one without mask requirements from govt entities. I don’t know about the stores though because I don’t live there. Most states require it, the rest have let the unelected county health departments decide. So the ones with jobs and grocery stores require it. And the cities pass their own orders. They’ll do the same with the needle. South Dakota is apparently the new New Hampshire for us John Galt types. But I’ve never been there, it would be difficult to find work there, and of course that state is one election away from being just like the others. It’s nice when the system protects us from itself but we can’t count on it. 9 times out of 10 it won’t. And to plan one’s life around this is a huge risk.

    • I’d rather be free in hell hole S. Dakota than a slave in the rest of the country.

      At least their Governor mentions the Constitution. Allows citizens to decide. The old American way!

      • You’re still a slave in SD. There’s Federal shit there like everywhere else. The governor is better than anywhere else, but they still have government organs that perform the same shit as other states.

        My county in Idaho is under a diaper order because our dear leader governor turned over the tyranny to local health dpts. where the county commissars declare the edicts. No Bar or restaurant is enforcing the edict. None of the police will touch it. The only thing not like it used to be is that some people wear the diapers because the “experts” say so.

        The level of freedom in any state is based mostly on the amount of liberty you TAKE, not on what politicians decree. That said, kudos to the governor for not being a baby Stalin like many are.

        We are all slave to a certain extent, no matter what state we reside in.

        • Hi ancap

          Agreed! Good to see many Idahoans are flipping the bird to the Marxists. Wish it were the same here in Floriduh.

          Hopefully we can throw off the slavery… yes?

    • You’ve obviously never been to SD. Some of the nicest places in the upper midwest. Lots of German heritage. Yes it gets hot and cold, but nothing like MN and ND. No state income tax, and constitutional carry. Very few big cities, and Sioux Falls is about the nicest one I’ve spent time in.

      • Hi Ernie,

        I’m interested in hearing more about SD;obviously I have never been. Can you recommend any parts of the state where it’s rural but not end middle-of-nowhere rural? I currently live in a place like that – Floyd County, VA – and would be tempted if there is a part of SD that’s similar. I don’t like winter at all – but if it’s not too brutal or too long and the rest is appealing… maybe they’d like a tall geek with an orange Trans Am there!

        • Eastern SD is rolling hills and farmland. Western, esp black hills are hills and forests. Rapid city is the big city in western SD, but you get out of it quickly to places like Sturgis, Custer, etc. Black hills also have a micro climate which has a short mild winter and cool less humid summers. Worth a trip just to check it out and ride a bike through places like Hells Canyon. Unfortunately property in the hills is not as cheap as it could be. Look me up if you’re nearby, in up close to Fargo ND.

        • Eric, I am from South Dakota, Huron to be exact. It is pretty flat and monotonousness corn and soybean fields… some good cattle country. The Eastern side of the state is more populous. If your don’t like winter, then perhaps SD is not the place, they have some brutal winters, blizzards and damn wind blowing 50, 60 mph on a breezy day. Because the German influence, people are standoffish until you get to know them and then they tend to keep you at arms length. Ernie lives where it is even flatter then SD if you can imagine that. I moved back to Idaho last April and I am thinking of moving back, too many damn californians here, article I read is that the state is absorbing a thousand of californicater commies a month! Pretty soon Idaho will be california north.

          • Cannot disagree- this place makes a pool table look downright rough. And the wind has been even worse since they cut down the tree… But western SD has a much better climate and scenery than eastern/central. Were it not for personal factors I would likely be in the Black Hills.

          • Thanks Cederq!

            I am not a fan of winter; the winters here in SW Va are bad enough (for me). About four months long and sometimes with weeks in the 20s and teens. It puts a serious damper on my running and motorcycle riding and life, generally. But life is becoming untenable here and not because of the cold.

            I hear Arkansas is okay, too.

            • Eric,

              Cederq is right. Californians are moving to Idaho en-masse. Especially the Boise area. The winters are actually fairly mild there. Here in East Idaho They are moving in but not as quickly. But, like every state, the city centers begin controlling the politics of the state. We have constitutional carry here but our winters are very brutal. You would hate every minute of December, January and February. Other than that, our summers are unbeatable. Low humidity and 100 degree days are almost non existent. Upper 90’s is usually no more than a handful of days per year.

              I have to laugh at Ernie’s comment that SD “isn’t as bad” as ND and MN……..hardly a glowing endorsement when the best you can do is not as bad as the worst two weather states in the lower 48 and their mosquitoes the size of birds. Also, they don’t think it’s windy when it’s under 30 mph just like their neighbors in WY.

              I hold the position that you mostly have the freedom you assert. Outside of the hell holes of the North east and the west coast you can bounce from one state to another and find minute differences. The problem is that the Federal government has turned each state into organs of themselves. The city centers start operating as baby D.C.’s and those of us that want to live life get the screws tightened little by little.

            • The idea seems to be one where only places with weather few people want to deal with will have any freedom left and then they’ll go after those places too.

              • Yep. No lack of tyranny, even in Canada and Iceland.

                Even that Noem chick did order a lockdown in a few counties for residents over 65…. Heh…it’s so close, it’s splitting hairs.

                Any last vestiges of freedom here in the US -what little crumbs remain- will disappear shortly. Even Montana has fallen.

                It’s the current culture…not just the state.

            • I’ve been toying with the idea of selling everything and buy a nice small yacht to live on. I know of some that do and love it.

              I miss having a boat. They’re truly a pleasure to own.

              • Hi Handler,

                I have considered similar – with an RV. Being mobile might be just the ticket in the times to come. But – dammit – I love my place and more to the point I worked like a donkey to get it and make it the way I like it. The idea of being forced to flee because of Diapered Freaks incites me more than I can articulate. I think I will stay – and let the bastards come, if it comes to that.

        • I would love to see her on the 2024 Republican ticket…but that’ll happen right after a Jewish Pope is elected only 2023.

  9. The blatant disregard for places like South Dakota and Sweden, and the positive results they have achieved in comparison to the utter destruction inflicted by those who abide by the CDC/WHO/Bill Gates/Doc Fauci insanity, can be explained only by a deliberate intent to inflict destruction. The Psychopaths In Charge who participate are intent on the destruction of every aspect of our well being. It’s what they desire. They wish us harm. They are, after all, insane.


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