Kryptonic Diapering

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Who needs Kryptonite when Corona is afoot?

Apparently, even Superheroes need Diapers now. Or rather, need to be shown wearing Diapers so as to further the notion that Diapering is “heroic” rather than servile and idiotic.

This marketing is, of course, directed specifically at children. Which makes it especially despicable. They are being terrorized by Diaper Propaganda. Try to imagine what it must be like to be eight or nine years old and see the world through those eyes. A world of mass Diapering; of fear saturating everything. Of being told by one’s parents that one must wear a Diaper at all times – and avoid one’s friends all the time who aren’t Diapered.

This cohort is being damaged severely and perhaps irreparably. The treatment given Millennials – the cohort that grew up strapped down for saaaaaaaaaaaafety, with omnipresent helicopter parents and Stranger Danger – was innocuous compared with the double-downed PTSD’ing being meted out right now to the most vulnerable segment of the population – which happens to be the least vulnerable to lethal illness. Diapering them is abusive – and would have been regarded as such only last year.

Better to turn off these “heroes” and maybe watch for some real ones.

The ordinary people who stand up to the social pressure and fear-mongering; who refuse to play Sickness Kabuki because they aren’t sick and refuse to live in terror of being sick and resent being presumed sick.

The Punisher doesn’t wear a Diaper.


  1. Hi Eric,

    “Apparently, even Superheroes need Diapers now. Or rather, need to be shown wearing Diapers so as to further the notion that Diapering is “heroic” rather than servile and idiotic.”

    As you tirelessly point out, “diapering” is not about health, it’s about conditioning people into reflexive compliance with whatever asinine dictate serves the interests of the ruling elite. It is important that all people are “diapered” to create the impression that compliance is virtuous, while defiance is anti-social, selfish and depraved. Well, to prove your point, marvel at this:

    “Also, wear your mask, even if you are home, to participate in a virtual meeting that involves being seen – such as on Zoom or another video-conferencing platform – by non-DNR staff,” Cole reportedly wrote. “Set the safety example which shows you as a DNR public service employee care about the safety and health of others.”


  2. First Time/Long Time… The masks are the definition of Idiocracy.
    Here is a link to Ben Swan giving his take:
    The real shit storm will be the choice the of the next Automoton Carnival Barkers.
    From the Dims we have… Hopey Changey 2.0, From Creepy Joe, and the Camel Toe.
    And from the Repugs… The Cleanest Dirty Shirt in the Swamp, A Corrupt Clock that is right twice a day, But is convinced it has never been wrong in it’s life.

    Brace for impact.

    • Hi Steve,

      Indeed – and, welcome!

      As awful as the choice is this time around, I don’t think there’s any choice – if you don’t want to be force-Diapered and force-vaccinated – but to hold your nose and vote for the Cleanest Dirty Shirt in the Swamp. Orange Man good. Or rather, slightly better than that shell being propped up ashis replacement.

    • Yep, Steve.
      First, our liberties were trampled because we were all presumptive drug dealers.
      Then they were further trampled because we were all presumptive terrorists.
      Us males are all now presumptive pedophiles and wife-beaters.
      And now we are all presumptively sick.

      Each presumption is stacked upon the ones which came before it- and it continues unabated, regardless of which party is in office. If one looks at the facts, it is obvious that both “sides” are in actually both sides of the same coin. Elections are the coin-flip- Heads I win, tails you lose.

  3. Masks have become a style statement, enforced at gunpoint. We are subjected to exactly the same hysterical fear that is the foundation of racism. The fear of the “not like us”, which encourages hatred. Such is an instinctive fear, from a time when fear of such was warranted, when the Mongol hoard came over the hill. A considerable portion of the definition of civilization is the use of reason and logic to overcome our instincts. Like magic, such considerable portion of civilization has disappeared. We are no longer collectively civilized. Reacting on our basic instincts without any thought.

  4. My elderly father got accosted yesterday by a store employee (another young white female) for not wearing a mask. He told her accosting customers must make minimum wage workers feel important! She said nothing and walked away.

    • Hi Handler,

      Despicable. The siccing of the young (clerks) on the elderly. The siccing of anyone on anybody. America as East Germany, where everyone picks on – and narcs on – everyone else. The government hardly needs to enforce its own tyranny; the people do it for the government.

      The one thing this business does is give me motivation – and not just to write. I can almost rep 225 ten times again. Even with my damaged and gimpy left shoulder. All my turrets may not be working properly, but I can still fire 16 inch shells…

      • The best way to deal with overinflated egos is to hit below the belt.

        Nobody should be afraid to “go there”. These people are freaks and need to be humiliated into silence.

        If I ever encounter a tubby one, I’ll make sure to bring up the obesity epidemic.

        • Don’t ya love it, Handler?! Those who possess a very REAL and imminent threat to their health -obesity- would lecture others about something that utterly would have ZERO effect on their health……

  5. So many superheroes will then need to wear a diaper over their mask. Are superheroes vulnerable to viruses?

    This isn’t surprising. After all, most stock photos on news articles show people wearing face diapers. Traveling this past weekend, I saw billboard ads showing people in face diapers. Road signs continue to flash warnings to “wear a mask”. I’m not sure face diapering is ever going to end, particularly as the cold and flu season starts to heat up. It’s diapers for at least the next year. Expect more diaper propaganda and stricter enforcement in the weeks and months ahead. This won’t stop with superheroes; let’s just see what icons are diaper-depicted next.

  6. These comments from a popular pundit. This pundit is accurate in about everything involving finance, economies, society, etc. This is what makes him dangerous when he passes the bunk on about the virus.

    “Surgical masks and ordinary cloth masks do not prevent inhalation of virus. They work in preventing coughs and sneezing of infected persons from spraying nearby persons, produce, shelves, etc. But they do not protect the wearer from airborn or aerosol spread Covid-19. ”

    Isn’t that what handkerchiefs are for? And the CDC already said the fake virus doesn’t spread much on shelves, metal, plastic etc.

    Then he calls those that even question the virus or the lockdowns, etc as conspiracy theorists.

    “Another group of skeptics believe the threat is over-stated and that precautions such as masks and social distancing are unnecessary. They argue that these precautions are dangerous in themselves and are a new form of making us subservient to the state. ”

    Then he says the virus is real without any sources or links.

    “The virus is real, and people of all ages die from it. ”

    That’s it,,,, It’s real,,,, just believe it.

    Here’s a link to a reporter, Jon Rappopot, that has been reporting in the medical arena for many years.
    Is the virus real…. Warrants a read.

    • “Isn’t that what handkerchiefs are for?” Exactly right – They’re making people wear them on their face, instead of keeping tucked away in a pocket or purse.

      • I mentioned this to my us representative yesterday (in an email). They said they can’t do anything because OR state govt is majority democrats so all the repubs are out voted.

        For the last governor election we had, there were TWO SUPERB candidates… nope… instead we get 100% global cabal minion running SAME agenda as every other state and country in the entire world, also doing all sorts of crimes & breaking laws left & right. HOW does this happen???

          • Hahaha, I think you misread though … I meant “I mentioned this to my U.S. representative ….” — U.S. representative (“congressperson”) as opposed to state representative.


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