The Sound of the Light Dying

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Here is a sound we’ll not be hearing much of soon – except in passing.

It is the sound of a better, vanishing time. A time when ordinary Americans could afford to own a V8-powered car or truck, a thing unprecedented in other countries – where exorbitant fuel costs and exorbitant taxes and restraining “regulations” assured only the rich could afford such an indulgence.

Stalin, for example, had a big Packard (later a ZIL, which was a copy of a big Packard) that had a big V8. He and his apparatchiks reveled in the power of “Soviet state power.” The average comrade in the old Soviet Union was lucky if he had a Trabant (which was made of recycled plastic and powered by a dismal 500 cc two-stroke, two-cylinder).

It produced the sounds of Communism. And millions of Russian comrades got to hear it. Soon, millions of Americans won’t hear even that – because not even a two cylinder 500 cc engine will be allowed them under the regimes new rules. They will hear the electric drill whirr of “zero emissions” electric cars, perhaps sound-augmented to give them a treacly memory of what they used to be able to hear – and have.

Hitler, too, had a V8.

Several, actually. Big Mercedes touring cars, powered by supercharged V8s, sidepipe’d and chrome bedazzled – Fuhrerstandard flags flying. The volk got the wagen. Maybe, after many years of scrimping and saving. In fact, few ever did – because of the war.

They got bombed, instead.

The Biden Thing has a V8, too.

Big limos and big SUVs, all of them powered by big V8s that use a lot of gas – and “emit” lots of the “gasses” we are told must be reduced to “zero,” by forcing us to give up gas-burning engines (all of them) in favor of electric motors, no matter how unaffordable.

Perhaps you have discerned a pattern.

It is not that big V8s – and big cars – are bad. No more than guns are bad – to draw another parallel. The government has plenty of guns – including guns that can fire automatically – and it isn’t going to give them up anymore than it is going to give up big vehicles with big engines. These are not bad things, you see.

It is bad if you (and I) have them.

For if we have them, it diminishes the haughty exclusivity of them having them.  It is not enough that they are wealthy and comfortable. We must be made poor and uncomfortable in order for them to enjoy it.

The great problem of affluence is its generality. What is wanted is a return to fuedality – to a time when there was great distinction in being the king or even one of his court flunkies. Those inside court had everything. Those outside, reduced to nothing. They were told it was the natural order of things, right and proper.

Today, we are being told it is necessary – to keep the “climate” from “changing.” In fact, it is to resurrect the privileges of king and court, to return us to our proper place.

The sound track accompanying this reversal of our fortunes is the sound of the 5.0 liter V8 that powers the ’22 Land Rover Defender Carpathia. It is a sound few will ever get to hear, except in passing – because this V8-powered Rover starts at $109,000. The average American – like the average comrade in Stalin’s Russia, the volk in Hitler’s Germany and now, Biden’s America – will only get to hear the sound as it rushes by, with someone else at the wheel.

Probably someone important, which he isn’t – to them.

. . .

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  1. ‘It is the sound of a better, vanishing time.’ — eric

    Here is an automotive lament from 1952, deploring the bulbous, ponderous vehicles of that era, as miserable 2-speed automatics began to displace column-shifted manuals:

    ‘Your typical reactionary would very much like to drive an automobile. He would like to sit up high and see out. But in any automobile he can buy today — at least any domestic automobile — he can count on being sunk up to his chin in a mass of metal, forced to steer by extrasensory perception.

    ‘The poor man may be old enough to remember the motorcars of his father’s day, perhaps even the good two-seaters, the Mercers, Stutzes, Nationals. Cars that sat a man up where he belonged, like a knight upon his charger, and let him see where he was going. Cars that really turned when the wheel was moved, instead of merely suggesting, sluggishly, that after a bit they might change direction. And, most of all, cars that had a proper gearshift.

    ‘The gearshift is the heart of the matter. After all, almost any being, even a woman or one of the higher apes, can steer, disengage a clutch, or lay heavy foot upon the loud pedal. But it took a man to shift gears properly and with style on the good old cars.

    ‘Many of us remember the vibrating shock that ran like a lightning bolt through hand, arm, and shoulder the first time we missed a change on a straight-tooth box, devoid of synchromesh cones and other such gimcrack aids for the inept. Months later, having learned the mysteries, what reward, what solidly satisfying sensual pleasure, as the big lever slipped smoothly from first to second to third to fourth to third to second to first, the car batting along uphill and down with never a jerk or a sound from the gears.

    ‘We have come to the end of all that. There is not a proper floor-mounted gearshift being made for an American car today. Even the abominable steering-post gearshift, which separates the driver from his business with the gears by endless insulating joints and creaky gooseneck turnings, is going. It was a poor thing, but the best we had, and the impersonal automatic shift lever, with its pointer reaching for cabalistic symbols that claim to indicate gear ratios, is a dreary substitute.’

    ‘Gimcrack aids for the inept’ … ‘pointer reaching for cabalistic symbols’ … yes, they made it clear what was coming, even 70 years ago: all except the EeeVeeeeees plaguing us now, a notion which would have elicited howls of disbelieving laughter in 1952.

  2. If I had the $$ for a new vehicle, and I most certainly would want a V8 (I already have a very decent commuter car – Civic 5spd – with very good mpg), I would get something like a GMC Savana 2500 with the optional 6.6 liter V8. I’ve always liked full size vans and love their utility and practicality.

    I’m not in the position to afford one now, but at least it’s way cheaper than a $109,000 Land Rover

  3. Since we have seen how they control the voting it’s a damn shame we have to be starving, homeless, broke, no transportation, without weapons while allowing them to arm up to the teeth on our stolen dime before we as a collective place one little finger on their chest, pressing very hard, and say in a very mild but serious tone…. stop now!

  4. Eric, there are many things which JLR has messed up – but one thing they have done perfectly is the sound of their supercharged V8s of this generation…. To be fair even my V6 twin turbo diesel has a rather distinct and sporty sound, which is also now rare. Makes you wonder if they just focused on making fun cars (rather than focusing on big screens and other tech that keeps them un-reliable and overpriced), imagine how popular they would have been in todays world of transportation appliances….

  5. The setup for eliminating free movement, all travel freedom.

    Step 1 The bat germ narrative

    it had a purpose, it legalized lockdowns, the destruction of small businesses, forced job losses, reduced mobility, people were driving around a lot less, in some places it was illegal to move around. A lot less energy was needed. The future was revealed.

    Step 2 pushing EV’s, banning ice vehicles

    With people driving around a lot less there was less demand for fuel so suppliers cut back production.

    Now with the EV push and ice cars being banned soon, the fuel suppliers are not increasing production, they are cutting back more. soon there will be no fuel except dirty solar and wind electricity……. sometimes…lol.

    Solar and wind are very intermittent and unreliable, they have to have fuel burning power plants running 24/7 as instant backup, the power plants can’t shutdown, that is insane and a huge waste of energy, now you have to have two systems running, for fuel burning power plant owners it isn’t profitable so they just shut down more capacity.

    At night when most people are charging their EV’s there is no sun, so the energy comes from dirty power plants, this is far worse then ice vehicles with their super clean, .00001% emission engines, which pollute far less then dirty coal power plants….lol

    Now add in more EV’s wanting to charge and the system is collapsing, there isn’t enough electricity to charge them, you will walk. The grid can’t handle the load anyways.

    Capacity is being cut not added, wind and solar is useless without fuel burning backup power plants and there won’t be any. They want 100% wind and solar, the so called green energy, which is impossible. You won’t be charging your EV. It is a trick, a trap.

    If stopping all human movement, putting them in a no mobility cage was the goal, it is working.

    In remote areas you will find huge diesel engines made for ships powering a generator as backup for wind and solar, what a joke, a huge added cost, electricity rates will go to the moon alice, these planners are nuts.

    At remote cell phone towers, you will find huge diesel engines powering a generator as a power backup along with huge tanks with 12 months diesel supply, that is hugely expensive, no wonder cell rates are so high.

    At Ev charging stations where the distribution lines are already over loaded, you will find hidden behind bushes, huge diesel engines powering a generator generating the electricity to charge your EV, what a joke, green energy….lol…EV’s are a bad joke.

    Where does electricity come from? The moron GM ceo said out of the wall plug….lol…

  6. I sold a 2011 Cadillac CTS-V with whiny supercharger and manual gearbox. The drive train was nifty but visibility was crap and had way too much electronics for me. 68k Miles for 32 kilobuxs in perfect condition. As soon as I got it it bricked from a failed clutch sensor. Why would they kill a car while in motion for a jackass clutch pedal switch? Then the oil pressure switch puked but that didn’t shut it down. HUH?
    My father bought an F-350 2.5 ton Super Camper Special in the 1974 gas crisis. New from dealer was $4400. Strippo with rubber floors and bench seat of cheap but durable plastic. 460 V8 that would beat the standard corvette which wasn’t saying much. Maintenance was minimal because it was so overbuilt for most of our use, although it had no problem with a little over two tons in the bed. We only kept it for twenty-two years.
    Worst V8 was 1981 Ford LTD 351W that needed .040 over rebuild at 41k miles. The turd even starved for fuel going around corners in the city. Garbage throughout.

  7. What about the military? If climate change is an existential threat, shouldn’t the world’s governments (especially Team America) be sinking the evil oil-based military vehicles into the ocean? What about the dread nuclear powered subs and aircraft carriers? We certainly shouldn’t be encouraging bad international behavior by shipping off billions of dollars in gear to a border skirmish in the balkans. All that CO₂ being pumped into the global atmosphere just to fight a war?

    Sarcasm, obviously. But then again, not. Does anyone in the US really care that much about Ukraine? Other than virtue signaling by changing their Twitter icon, I doubt there’s anyone outside of a military contractor who thinks it is a good idea to get involved in Europe’s messes. Yet we’re bombarded with constant beating of the war drum about how an arbitrary line on a map somehow is of grave importance to the safety of the planet. Much like an arbitrary amount of a chemical will make the difference beween life and death on an entire planet.

    • To digress:

      “The goal is to use Afghanistan to wash money out of the tax bases of the US and Europe and back into the hands of the transnational security elite.” – Julian Assange

      Now it’s Ukraine, just gets better.

      My paternal grandparents emigrated from Ukraine to America. Both were born and raised near Odessa. They left Ukraine in 1902.

      Had they remained, the Bolsheviks would have had them starved to death and pillaged their goods. By 1950, letters from relatives in Ukraine ceased, clear evidence that they were all dead.

      War is always about plundering and pillaging, always economic, nothing else. If you end up dead from it, too bad.

      How is it different to have 87,000 IRS agents stasi collectivists reaching out to enslaved taxpayers to extract another pound of flesh compared to Pol Pot communists visiting your home and taking everything worth taking?

      Charles Martel ‘The Hammer’ taught the Saracens a damn good lesson. Charles made things happen. A hard day on the planet for the Saracens back in ca. 710 CE.

      Julian Assange gets it right.

      It just never stops and it is not going to stop.

      You are the target and it is your fault. So there.

      • ‘You are the target and it is your fault.’ — drumphish

        Tucker Carlson delivers “Biden’s” political epitaph in an epic, blistering, incandescent rant:

        Imagine for a moment that you are Joe Biden. You spent your entire life in politics. You’ve ascended to high office. But in fact, you have achieved very little.

        As political careers inevitably do, yours in ending in bitterness and failure. You sacrificed your entire life to personal ambition, but you have nothing to show for it. You have no close friends. Your family is in tatters.

        Of your two surviving children, one is a drug addict. The other, your only living daughter, has been arrested repeatedly and has also wound up in rehab. She blames her sexual compulsions on the fact that you took showers with her as a child. You’ve never been charged for doing that, but everyone around you knows that you did.

        At this point your wife thinks so little of you that she demanded you keep working, despite the fact she knew perfectly well you had dementia. In retrospect, your life has amounted to a very sad story. And saddest of all, it’s almost over.

        Biden has lost all sense of proportion and restraint. His fine motor skills are gone. He no longer persuades; he bludgeons. Fascists – that’s what the other side is, says Joe Biden: an American president, comparing tens of millions of his own people to the moral monsters we shot and bombed, and later hung from the gallows in World War II.

        Oy … seems a bit harsh to punch out a doddering, senile old man’s teeth like this. But if you’ve listened to the vicious hate-mongering that his handlers make him read on the teleprompter, it’s difficult not to react in kind to this spiteful, venal old white-haired ghost.

        • Hi Jim,

          Ordinarily, I agree that elderly people ought to be treated with kindness, or at least forbearance. But would kindness be warranted in the case of an elderly Hitler? The current creature has earned the contempt and derision directed at him. I hope he dies alone and abandoned, as no longer useful.

          • Eric,

            I think that Biden’s fate, i.e. his physical and cognitive decline plain for all to see, is just deserts for a lifetime of greed, corruption, and ruthless treachery. The Biden thing is just reaping what he’s sown! When he was younger and had his faculties, he was vicious when conducting the Bork and Thomas hearings. He sold out our country for $$$; no one can explain how he has four mansions worth at least $16 million when he didn’t earn near that amount during his political career. I could go on, but you get my point. Though Biden was never punished by the criminal justice (just us) system; though he won’t be in this life; he’s being punished now. I, for one, think it’s GREAT! He’s receiving his just deserts, AFAIAC…

            • Hi Mark,

              I would love to see the Thing literally shit his pants in public, with the cameras catching the moment. To see the brown bulge rolling down his pants leg, out of the cuff of his pants and thence onto his shoes and the floor.

        • Good points Jim, I think it explains why Clowngress is loaded with geriatrics- once they leave they revert to mere mortals like the rest of us. Definitely need term and age limits, everybody out by age 70 no matter what. Give the younger generations a chance to screw things up.

        • Brandon’s latest incoherent speech was full of anger.

          Prince warned about that, anger leaves you open to the anger demon, you will be possesed by the anger demon. Brandon is possesed…lol….

          Derek Prince in the video talking about getting tortured/attacked by demons,

          one example is inviting in the demon of death at 1:03:00 in the video…

          This is a pretty interesting video.

          • Biden’s Hateful Rhetoric Against Americans Presents GOP With A Sterling Opportunity

            Whenever political leaders lose all political capital due to their misgovernance and have no real issues to base their campaign on, they often resort to focusing on the symbolic — usually referring to ‘the soul of the nation.’

            This happened before in the U.S., it happened in India, it happened in the U.K. and it happened again in the U.S.

            This is most typical of the left.

            Instead of being humble and conceding their mistakes, they attack voters for thinking of voting against them while overlooking the myriad catastrophes they presided over.

            They often blame their opponents for what they are guilty of — i.e., bigotry and violence, and then end with the ‘soul’ plea.

            Biden delivered his ‘soul’ speech at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, the birthplace of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

            The manner of delivery was unhinged; he frequently waved his fists aggressively. He was full of anger, maybe he is possesed, with the anger demon….lol…possesed by demons, gone insane.

            His speech was a sequel to his recent addresses where he claimed that he doesn’t respect MAGA Republicans and that MAGA philosophy is like “semi-fascism.”

            Biden called for Americans to “unite behind the single purpose of defending our democracy regardless of your ideology.”

            But Biden added a caveat that this didn’t apply to “MAGA forces’ — i.e., all those scores of millions who voted for and intend to vote for MAGA candidates.

            Biden also alleged that the “MAGA forces” are aligned with white supremacists, violent extremists, and other undesirables.

            Perhaps Biden forgot violent Democrat extremists threatening Supreme Court Justices, vandalizing Catholic churches, pregnancy centers, and the offices of pro-life groups. There was an assassination plot against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
            What about the leftist soros paid BLM or antifa burning and destroying property, assaulting people?


  8. Kind of playing devils advocate…but here goes.
    Americans for the most part have squandered and abused their economic good fortune. Anybody should be able to buy (and feed) a v8 if thats their desire. The problem I see in most everyone nowadays is creeping ego-centric excess and greed. Many of the v8’s on the road today seem to be prestige pieces alone. Corvettes crawl, big pickups never haul a load larger than the fat-assed diabetic behind the wheel. People waste for the sake of waste. They spend on baubles and mountains of single use sh*t that could have built a lasting legacy for their bloodline. Now that the prosperity pendulum starts swinging the other direction these fools will return to the status of penniless subject, just like their forebears from the old country.
    Do I like how the parasite class is going about reversing the planet-wide garbage machine that’s been created? Not one bit. But I have to wonder what’s the end game if these children just continue to live their lives with the only goal of consuming mass quantities. Theres no easy answer here. Folks refuse to practice real, meaningful conservation and the only way to stop the madness is to sink the whole ship. *sigh* Maybe we can return to a simpler, more meaningful existence when all is said and done.

    Let the hissing and hate commence!

    • BlackFlag “we” didn’t squander anything. The trinkets and baubles we buy are cheaper (in real dollars) than ever. But hard asset prices have skyrocketed as the banks and Uncle Sam borrowed against our wealth and treasure for their boondogles. Wall Street is run on leverage, not profits. Regulation drives profits and quasi-monopolies block out competition.

      I would say that we’ve all been conditioned to buy now and pay later, but that’s pure Keynesian economic theory. If you know the currency will be worth less tomorrow, better to put payment out to the future. It then becomes a self-fullfilling prophecy.

      • Rk,
        Tell me more about all those folks you know who didn’t leverage their lives filling their oversized dwellings, distended guts and mile wide asses with every piece of trash their credit cards could afford. Lacking any true purpose westerners fill their lives and gullets with acts of consumption. Rather than build families and communities that saved and invested for the future they blew it all on hedonistic immediate self gratification. Car and house prices too high? You can thank everybody that took out a loan for that. Energy prices through the roof? Economic theory of supply and demand could have easily predicted feeding monster mobiles and mcmansions filled with electrical loads would cause prices to go up as they outpaced supply. The big guys in government and finance only get away with their shenanigans because all the sheep keep eating the sh*t from their trough.

        • BlackFlag Many people live by the “You can’t take it with you” attitude for sure. But they aren’t concerned about tomorrow anyway. Even if they were, every “investment” is subject to the whims of the people who got in early, or have the leverage to make markets (often both).

          There’s lots of energy in the world. Just like food, the reason for shortages are political, not economic. However no one was complaining when oil dropped below $0 during the pandemic. Maybe those companies and countries and traders who got screwed in April 2020 are just getting their ROI back now. Or revenge.

          Too many liberarians are caught up with the morality of debt. Go ahead and put on the hairshirt and point the finger if you like. I for one will not judge my neighbor too harshly because I know I’ve made my share of mistakes too. And every time I think I might have a clue, God or the lizards throw us a curve ball, then the lizards make the situation worse while all I can do is watch.

        • I’m one of those people. Live in a 1500 sq foot house built in 1958. Pay cash for everything, only credit accounts are one “emergency” credit card used solely for hotel reservations and a Snap-On account.

          Kids are home schooled, got a “savings account” comprised of gold and silver for a rainy day.

          There’s a lot of us out there, it’s just the undisciplined idiots who are louder and more visible.

          • Hi El Guapo,

            Me too. BlackFlag (and you) raise an important subject. Much of what ails us – the country – can be laid at the feet of so many living beyond their means, on purpose. Not because they are struggling but rather because they have chosen to struggle. In order to have things they really don’t need – which no one really needs – but want. And are willing to enserf themselves to debt in order to have.

    • BlackFlag,
      It would help if the entire economy wasn’t built on debt. Most people have been financing their lifestyle with it. When they would like to retire, they can’t. Because they owe more than they’re worth.

      • The Fed punishes saving, and rewards debt. It’s been I don’t know how many decades since the interest on a savings account exceeded inflation. And debt is paid back in dollars worth less than what you borrowed. But I agree, far to many “invested” their debt limit in worthless pieces of crap they don’t even want in six months, and has little to no intrinsic value, or twice the house the can really afford.

        • Thanks John,
          An investment doesn’t have to be stocks and CD’s. A worthwhile investment can be a family business that serves the local community, no matter how small. It can be homeschooling the next generation to insulate them from the horrors of public dayprison. It can be as simple as teaching your niece to drive standard and passing down true american iron that’s been saved for their benefit rather than trading in old “clunkers” for the newest whiz-bang fake chrome plastic chintz. Point is, folks have lost sight of whats important. Rather than buying what works and using it threadbare they’ve devoted their lives to swinging their dicks around with v8 codpieces made of cheap vinyl pleather for the illusion of affluence and a mask for their empty lives. This was done to us in order to enrich the bankers/industrialists but mass quantity consumption has become the defacto religion. The lampreys at the top are desperately trying to replace consumerism with gaiaism because our current eat and shit directive inevitably leads to an easter island scenario. It’s a shame people can’t self regulate. They’re programmable idiots. The future programming will be as flawed as the current but at least it won’t strip mine our reality in the process.

        • Hi John

          When interest rates are 2% and assets, real estate, with it’s enormous leverage, stocks, collector cars, go up 10 to 20% per year it is a no brainer, borrow like crazy, leverage up to the moon.

          When interest rates are 5% headed for 10 to 15% and all these assets are dropping 20 to 30% in 6 months, (happening right now today), it is a different story. Panic time.

          Was it a setup to make sure you are broke, own nothing? It was a trap, it is working.

  9. My V-8 has got to go!

    It’s the odd-manengine out…

    I’ll have to replace it with another V-10. That’ll make three V-10s in my driveway…should be good insurance against the crappy future, and hold me for a while. (Where’s Brandonjin? He’d appreciate this.)

    • Amongst my collection of relics, there is a place of pride for the Jag XJS with that magnificent sounding V12. Sure, its a piece of Limey crap with the acceleration of a landlocked goldfish, but the sound alone makes it worth keeping. And with something better in the rear end than 2:30 gears, if might even be great also.

    • I knew you wouldn’t miss the perfect opportunity to brag about all those cylinders you have, and here you are! I didn’t even know you had a V8, just thought you were rocking two V10s. But then again your fleet is so large how can anyone keep up with the details?

  10. “Those inside court had everything. Those outside, reduced to nothing”
    Which is exactly what brought down Czar Nicolaus. And gave Russia the Bolsheviks. Which started the same process over again. Rinse and repeat.
    Every government is founded upon its authority to kill you if you don’t obey. Sane people do not seek such power over their neighbors. Which leaves the insane, psychopaths, in charge of that authority. Big surprise!! They constantly look to their own personal advantage. After all, that’s what all psychopaths do.

  11. ‘Hitler, too, had a V8.’ — eric

    OMG … how was this awful, damning fact concealed from us during our misspent youth?

    Decent, cloth-coat Republicans in good faith bought modest 1,200-cc people’s cars — though those too were fatally tainted:

    ‘On 26 May 1938, Hitler laid the cornerstone for the Volkswagen factory in Fallersleben. He gave a speech, in which he named the car Kraft-durch-Freude-Wagen (“Strength Through Joy Car”, usually abbreviated to KdF-Wagen). The name refers to Kraft durch Freude (‘Strength Through Joy’), the official leisure organization of Nazi Germany.’ — Wikipedia

    But some misanthropic fiends insisted on descending to the ninth circle of hell in their Luciferian V8-powered ‘muscle cars,’ having no idea that their sun-dappled Sunday afternoon outings were a re-enactment of Adolph and Eva’s sordid trysts.

    Thankfully these throbbing menaces soon will be cleansed from the earth. Except, of course, for our dedicated leaders, who ride triumphantly in them to guarantee that these infernal machines never again will enslave our good people.

    • Biden bragged about being a “badass” too. We’ve all had met that kind person once or twice in our lives and find out they are only chicken $hit cowards who hide behind mommy or their spouse when trouble happens.

      • Indeed Allen,
        I sure would have liked to see one of those he started ranting at on his campaign touring break his incisors for him. I suspect he would have collapsed in a pile of quivering, bawling, piss soaked POS.

      • The sound of the light dying… and what can we who hear it do but rage, RAGE!?
        It’s a terrible feeling to watch the light dying and feel helpless to do anything about it.


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