The Common Thread

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It’s easier to understand the relevant thing – the fundamental thing – about seemingly disparate things, once you come to understand what they have in common.

Two such things, seemingly – superficially – unrelated are the weaponization of hypochondria (marketed as the “pandemic”) and the weaponization of environmentalism (which is itself the weaponization of what was once something benign and even laudable you almost never hear about anymore, that being conservationism).

But they are both the same thing, in terms of their fundamentals.

Each relies on the tactic of exaggerating and distorting a minor thing into a big thing. A catastrophic thing – to use the deliberately hysteric rhetoric of those who insist the  “climate” is “changing.”  It is of a piece, fundamentally, with the rhetoric of those who insisted a “pandemic” was on the loose.

Each relies on a kernel of plausible truth to propagate a great deception.

Certainly, the “climate” is “changing.” It gets warmer sometimes. It gets colder other times. Some years are hotter than others, sometimes for several years in a row. Other years are sometimes wetter. Everyone understands this.

To deny it would be absurd.

Which is precisely why the rhetoric is used – to preemptively silence by shaming any who might “deny” what is self-evident . . . on a superficial level. To shut up those who might want to know how, exactly, the “climate” is “changing” – and whether this “change” is unnatural rather than natural. Is it something we ought to be worried about sufficiently to accept material and personal sacrifices as necessary, in the sense that making them will have a meaningful effect at palliating the problem?

If these questions are answered  – as opposed to characterizing those who dare to ask them as “deniers” – it raises questions about the necessity of the material and personal sacrifices people are being pressured to accept in the name of an asserted and imminent catastrophic “changing” of the “climate” – and we don’t dare allow that.

Well, those insisting upon the necessity of the material and personal sacrifices – which they won’t have to make (e.g., Barack Obama enjoying his seaside estate)  don’t dare allow it.

These same people also insisted that a “pandemic” was on the loose and that unless personal and material sacrifices were made, millions would die. Any who questioned the necessity of these sacrifices were shamed for daring to. They were characterized – in effect – as deniers.

As “reckless” and “selfish” people who did not care about the “health of the community.”

In order – in both cases – to make it easier to sanction them for daring to question. It is always easier to punish people whose actions (or even just words) can be characterized as a “threat to the community.” It is merely incidental whether the “threat” takes the form of not wearing a “mask” – or lining up for a “vax” – or driving an SUV and living in a single family home in the country rather than riding a bicycle to work in the city.

The fundamental thing is the threat posed by heterodoxy to orthodoxy.

One must believe, in the manner of a medieval religionist – else be not on the side of the angels. And in that case, it is clear whose side the “apostate” (Stalin called them deviationists) is on.

Fear, arising from false-alarmism. Used to generate panic. Something – anything! – must be done and right away. Without questioning it. Else a catastrophe will befall us all.

Of course, the catastrophe is allowing ourselves to be gulled into believing there is one, by those who profit from the material and personal sacrifices they urge us to make – for their benefit. The pharmaceutical cartels have benefitted to the tune of billions, including millions in personal benefit for the likes of Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer. Who characterized anyone who dared to deny the safety and efficacy of the drugs he profited from at the expense of thousands (tens of thousands? hundreds of thousands) of other people’s lives as “criminals.”

Similarly, as regards those who question “the science” (that is to say the assertions) about “climate change.”

The only “crisis” we face is not questioning these assertions – and demanding sound answers based on facts before we submit to material and personal sacrifices. A condition of which ought to be that we all make them equally.

Including those who insist we – meaning you and I – must.

. . .

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  1. There are two types of climate change freaks – the “Profiteers” like Al Gore (An Inconvenient Truth”), the IPCC, and the Davos crowd who I think look at everyone in the world as rubes to be deceived, manipulated, controlled, and made impoverished, and the “True Believers”, the truly dangerous imbeciles who are imposing the will of the Profiteers on the populous. They are the brain-dead douchebags (like AOC) who really BELIEVE non-electric cars, overpopulation, and cow farts are killing the planet. Regarding that last item, I’d love to ask these freaks – why only cow farts?? What about human expulsions?? Are only conservative and libertarian humans eventually going to have corks in our asses to quell the noxious methane gases?? If we are only going to be allowed to eat bugs for protein (unless you’re of the Pete Buttigieg type *ahem*), how are we going to control the clouds of methane emissions?? It’s a much more harmful gas the CO2, isn’t it, you green believers?

    I don’t know which is worse – CO2 emissions or the stinky air emitting from these sick bastard environmentalists’ mouths and asses.

    It makes me long for the days of cars like the Olds Vista Cruiser station wagon pictured when normal people ignored these idiots. Time for a gin martini…if I can still afford it!

  2. Eric,

    Let me tell you a story. When looking for a house back in the late 2000s, I had a chance to buy nice, 3BR ranch with a garage along the river. The house is on a bit of a hill; it’s a few feet higher than the road, which is between it and the river. While the house hasn’t flooded out (not yet, anyway), the road has; it’s flooded 15-20 times since I moved here.

    Anyway, I didn’t buy that house; I didn’t even look at it when my realtor suggested it, because I was concerned about flooding. I paid $10K more for a smaller place on higher ground. I’m on a hill or ridge line some 100 feet above the river. IOW, if it floods where I am, we’re ALL in deed you know what!

    So, what’s my point? People like Barack Obama don’t believe the climate change lie, nor do they believe in rising sea levels. If he did, then WHY buy a beachfront mansion? Why buy something that’s only a few feet above sea level? Why buy something that’ll be submerged in a few years? Easy-they don’t BELIEVE it! If they did, then they would’ve done like me, and they would’ve purchased a place on high ground…

    • Indeed, Mark-

      And the same rings true as regards these “climate change” tub-thumpers who ride their private jets (and yachts) to do it… if you really believed there was an existential crisis caused by use of such things, would you continue to use them?

    • Ah, but Mark you’re forgetting the egos of the lizards. They honestly believe that because anthropogenic global warming is happening, then it should be possible to reverse it too. So buying that beach home or Aspen chalet is just them believing that man will clean up man’s mess. They’re betting on humanity to do the right thing, you see! You just don’t have faith like they do, you Philistine…

      And they have precedence on their side too! Remember acid rain? Remember? Every lake and stream in the northeast of North America was turning to lemonaide because humans were dumping sulphur into the atmosphere. So they cap and trade sulphur and pretty soon, no more acid in the lakes! Why all it took was to ship all those factories over to Japan and China, where they like their fish spicy. Problem solved! And they made a bunch of money on the exchanges to boot!

      Maybe that’s why they’re so gung-ho to explore space. Ship all the factories off to the Moon or Mars…

  3. You know Eric if just 25% of the population, as opposed to the current 10% refused to live in fear, refused to wallow in Tee Vee and all its lies, just withdrew their consent and refused to participate I think the current power structure would quickly crumble.

    The woods in your video look extremely verdant this time of year. watching that made me long to see Virginia again. Its been 35 years since I was there. I’m sure just like everywhere, not as nice as I remember it, but it sure looks cool

    • Hi Norman

      I agree – that’s the key. For about 25 percent to turn off TeeVee and just live their lives. Saying No! along the way as often as necessary. Virginia – my area, near NC, up in the mountains, is still quite nice though they are making it less so each year. This business with “FloydFest” may be the thing that ruins it. In which case, deep rural West Virginia will (per the Greaseman) be the place for me!

  4. The setup for eliminating free movement, all travel freedom.

    Step 1 The bat germ narrative

    it had a purpose, it legalized lockdowns, the destruction of small businesses, forced job losses, reduced mobility, people were driving around a lot less, in some places it was illegal to move around. A lot less energy was needed. The future was revealed.

    Step 2 pushing EV’s, banning ice vehicles

    With people driving around a lot less there was less demand for fuel so suppliers cut back production.

    Now with the EV push and ice cars being banned soon, the fuel suppliers are not increasing production, they are cutting back more. soon there will be no fuel except dirty solar and wind electricity……. sometimes…lol.

    Solar and wind are very intermittent and unreliable, they have to have fuel burning power plants running 24/7 as instant backup, the power plants can’t shutdown, that is insane and a huge waste of energy, now you have to have two systems running, for fuel burning power plant owners it isn’t profitable so they just shut down more capacity.

    At night when most people are charging their EV’s there is no sun, so the energy comes from dirty power plants, this is far worse then ice vehicles with their super clean, .00001% emission engines, which pollute far less then dirty coal power plants….lol

    Now add in more EV’s wanting to charge and the system is collapsing, there isn’t enough electricity to charge them, you will walk. The grid can’t handle the load anyways.

    Capacity is being cut not added, wind and solar is useless without fuel burning backup power plants and there won’t be any. They want 100% wind and solar, the so called green energy, which is impossible. You won’t be charging your EV. It is a trick, a trap.

    If stopping all human movement, putting them in a no mobility cage was the goal, it is working.

    In remote areas you will find huge diesel engines made for ships powering a generator as backup for wind and solar, what a joke, a huge added cost, electricity rates will go to the moon alice, these planners are nuts.

    At remote cell phone towers, you will find huge diesel engines powering a generator as a power backup along with huge tanks with 12 months diesel supply, that is hugely expensive, no wonder cell rates are so high.

    At Ev charging stations where the distribution lines are already over loaded, you will find hidden behind bushes, huge diesel engines powering a generator generating the electricity to charge your EV, what a joke, green energy….lol…EV’s are a bad joke.

    Where does electricity come from? The moron GM ceo said out of the wall plug….lol…

  5. Speaking of “Be afraid!”, China has just shut down several key cities once again, placing millions under lockdown in the name of containing Covid. This despite that nation’s economy already teetering on the brink from a real estate crisis. When the Covid insanity began three years ago, I entertained the notion that CCP leaders deliberately set an example by locking down Wuhan in order to entice America’s “leaders” into doing the same, thereby wrecking our own economy. Now I’m starting to question that assumption as China’s bureaucrats appear to be even more insane than our own.

    • The couple of cities where they did lockdowns, are the center for people against the government narrative, maybe conservatives, ….now it makes sense.

  6. Move over Tesla, people are starting to swoon over the new Rivian models. Certainly that was the case with Wired, who reviewed the models in a new piece out yesterday, giving the vehicles a 9/10 rating.


    “Real-world range during my 1,300-mile journey was strong,” he wrote.

    “I never sleep well in cars, but with the driver’s seat leaned all the way back and the charging station pulsing slowly as it fed the Rivian’s batteries, I nodded off in no time.”

    No data on how often or how long it took for a fill up. Has some data on towing but neglects to give range information when towing.

    But Hey! It has a built in camp kitchen for those long charges.

    While Commieformia is asking folks to limit charging EVs

  7. Over 30,000 deaths have been reported in VAERS, from COVID “vaccines.” The real number is certainly higher, as VAERS notoriously underreports adverse reactions. But think about that number, 30K. That’s more than the number of people killed in London by German bombing during the Blitz, from Sept. 1940 to May 1941. How can this be anything but an act of war?

  8. What’s fun for me and rather more effective at confounding the authoritarians is espousing different solutions to their crises involving a waxing of freedom and decentralization. After all, cities and the collectivists within them are aggravating factors for both anthropogenic climate change and the spreading of viruses, are they not?

    Centralized energy and food production are rife with inefficiencies, and those inefficiencies contribute to greenhouse gas production in major ways. Thus, the solution is decentralization: making people more responsible for their own energy and food production, which both increases freedom and personal fulfillment.

    Also, cities, with their high population densities, greatly facilitate viral propagation. Rural settings are “social distancing” incarnate. Viruses have a difficult time traversing acres of sun-drenched land. Skyscrapers, however, make for effective bivouacs of sickness.

    • Badnon,
      You and I are of the same mind. Dispersion is the key. Settle within commuting distance for work and resources
      Reap the benefits. Feed the machine as little as possible. Develop grey market solutions to mass market problems. Move to greener pastures if necessary.

    • Not just food and energy, but centralization of management. The post dot-com crash business climate has been all about consolidation, not competition. Even Ben Bernake said after 2008 that it would be better for the US to have 4-5 large banks and that’s it, arguing that it is easier to regulate a few than many, and biger is stronger. Start up businesses were created with an exit strategy to be aquired by one of the FAANG corporations, which meant they had to compliment instead of compete. Middle manger layers were consolidated and eliminated, replaced with “workforce automation” and lowest-common-denominator proceedures. And corporations were all beholden to the whims of Wall Street, so they all started acting in lock step with the hope their options would worth something when they mature.

    • California’s EeeVee mandates impose a unilateral obligation on citizens to ditch ICE vehicles for electric ones. But no corresponding responsibility is imposed on the state and its regulated utilities to supply power for your EeeVee.

      If the power goes and stays off, that’s your problem to deal with.

      Social contract? BAH! They just ripped it to shreds, like Nancy Pelosi tearing up Trump’s SOTU speech on TeeVee.

  9. CO2 bs = insanity. another nutcase theory for low iq leftist morons

    Climate change just like bat germ bs is purely political and religious, based on fake science. Climate change, the new GAIA cult religion, like it’s brother bat germ hoax, a big favorite of the communist, reset, one world government, satanic cult freaks,

    Don’t lose sight of the fact that the whole scam is being used to hide a financial crime, they looted the place.

    No pension money left = need depopulation now.

    This professor completely dismantles the climate change lie, worth watching, these leftists pushing this climate change bs are the biggest liars in history.

  10. What country will the likes of Albert Bourla take refuge in? Hmmm, it’s got to be warm and no extradition treaty with the US…how about Cuba?

  11. “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” – Frank D. Roosevelt, the man of the hour

    All Franklin could do was just sit there.

    The climate is scary stuff, you have to live in fear. It is a reign of fear!

    Why do people even listen to politicians who haven’t a clue?

    Let’s go full Reign of Terror!

    From the London Times, September 10, 1792:

    “When the mob went to the prison de la Force, where the Royal attendants were chiefly confined, the Princess DE LAMBALLE went down on her knees to implore a suspension of her fate for 24 hours. This was at first granted, until a second mob more ferocious than the first, forced her apartments, and decapitated her. The circumstances which attended her death were such as makes humanity shudder, and which decency forbids us to repeat:—Previous to her death, the mob offered her every insult. Her thighs were cut across, and her bowels and heart torn from her, and for two days her mangled body was dragged through the streets.”

    Not a happy occasion for French Royalty back then.

    It just don’t get no better.

    If I were a smarmy politician, I’d be very careful.

    • I’m glad that you posted this and that I followed the link to read it. When I was young, I was not a fan of history classes in school. So perhaps it was presented and I never really grasped how horrific and wrong the French Revolution actually was. Now at 57 years old, I’ve just started to learn about the reality of it.

      For example, the “let them eat cake” was never actually spoken by the condemned queen. But is repeated and repurposed ad nauseum to this day.

      Also I never was told about how they just started murdering anyone that was apparently/presumably well off. With how people are getting whipped up into the fallacy of “systemic white supremacy”, it wouldn’t shock me to see that here.

      Especially when all of this covid, pseudo-public health, climate change, and green lunacy finally destroy everything if not stopped.

      The footnote on that first page is chilling:

      “Read this ye ENGLISHMEN, with attention, and ardently pray that your happy Constitution may never be outraged by the despotic tyranny of Equalization.”

  12. I’ve not read the musings of Cloward-Pilven or obama butt-buddy Alinsky. But per those who have, it certainly seems like they’re succeeding in causing mass chaos, per their strategy. I have adopted the Brion McLanahan strategy of just saying, “No. Shut up.” to the left.

  13. On the “health of the community”, I literally couldn’t care less and neither should you. Let’s take a brief glance at “the community”.

    The same community that is mostly sedentary, overweight/obese, junk-food eating, anti-depressant taking, western medicine trusting, tv watching, illicit drug experimenting, politician trusting, on average low intelligence, self destructive habit forming, and on average painfully stupid?

    That community? In what freaking measure of “health” does it not completely fail on average in this country?

    The same community that never met an establishment narrative that it questions, never mind disbelieves? The same community whose “concern” for others’ “well being” is often wielded at the point of a gun via AGWs?

    I will bend over backwards and share my last scrap of bread with a worthy individual but “the community” can ESAD. The sooner the better.

    • Amen, EM –

      One of the things that infuriated me (and still does) is that I was being told to “mask” for the sake of people who couldn’t be bothered to stop fucking eating. To exercise. To stop smoking and vaping. All of which they have every right to do. But the consequences thereof ought to be on them, not me – or anyone else who chooses not to do those things. Who chooses, instead, to be healthy and so not need to worry at all about a “virus” that presents an almost nil threat of serious illness to healthy people.

      • Eric. I’m a former smoker. I got really addicted at about 18, quit at 30. It wasn’t easy. The worst 3 months of my life, and most of the years I smoked were no picnic either. Every once in a while I will have a dream where I’m smoking, or I’ll smell it and have a craving, even 25 years later. I understand vicerally how addiction works and cannot imagine what it would be like to be hooked on heroin or Oxycontin or any “hard” drug. But I can relate.

        One thing I really had a problem with was that I knew I did it to myself. Yes my friends all smoked and I started when we were together, but no one forced me to smoke, in fact they usually didn’t want me to take their cigarettes. Addicts know they did it to themselves. They know they could have stopped any time and didn’t. Now that they are in the pit they can’t see out, but they know who put them there. To blame someone else for their failures may give them some justification for their anger, but it doesn’t shift blame, even in their own head.

        • Hi RK,

          Me, too – as regards sugar. I was (and still am) a sugar addict but I no longer eat it. Or rather, eat sugared foods or add it to coffee and so on. It was very hard to go cold turkey, for I crave the sweet stuff – physically and psychologically. All my friends know my weakness. So, I can relate.

          And for that reason, sympathize with people who struggle with substances. That said, I have little to none for the people who were “mask” fanatics – not for themselves, but for everyone else, too – who at the same time could not summon the willpower to change behaviors (e.g., eating excessively and eating obviously bad-for-you food and drink, smoking, etc.) that made them unhealthy and thus vulnerable to all types of sicknesses.

          Seeing a “masker” at the supermarket with a cartload of HFC sodas and Doritos made me twitch a little…

    • EM,
      The same community that is so terrified of it, they think there MUST be a way to avoid death. Fear of death is a good thing. Obsessing over it is not. You spend all your time obsessing instead of living. I smoke and I drink, and its likely to shorten my life. Never the less, I’ve outlived a few acquaintances of similar age that did neither. Life is a terminal disease, and death is always looking over your shoulder.

    • Oh, EM, ANYTIME they start yammering about “The Community”, I know they’re about to suggest taking something from me, whether it’s property, money, or my freedom. “Community” always grades my nerves, and always alerts me that the con-men are about to strike.

    • Blake,
      A good investment of 13 minutes. I knew the psychopaths were cherry picking start dates for their purposes. I had just forgotten about it, since even if it was true, there’s not a damn thing they can do about it. Even if it was caused by CO2, which of course it is not. Which this video clearly and simply demonstrates.

  14. On the fear manipulation, it doesn’t work on me. For whatever reason, my brain is not wired that way. Even when I should have some amount of healthy fear or be “scared”, I’m usually not. I’ve nearly gotten myself killed in diverse manner numerous times.

    Not because I’m particularly brave, though I think I am to some extent. “Brave” defined as “being scared, but doing it anyway.” I have to be scared to be brave and usually I’m not scared.

    So it’s not out of “bravery” that I don’t buy the bullshit, in my estimation. It’s that thing that made me a wild young man that did stupid shit and had a blast! I wouldn’t have changed anything except perhaps that time that I grabbed a huge fuse on a live transformer in a electrical supply shack when I was like 10 years old.

    Anyway, now I’m too old to be scared about dying. Seems foolish. Something absolutely will “get me” eventually. I need to live my life *now* and can’t be locked into fear of that certainty. It will probably be scary, it’ll probably be miserable and I’ll probably be terrified in the last days/moments but in the meantime, I haven’t got time for any of that.

    If everybody else wants to be paralyzed into a non-life of fear well, there’s nothing I can do about what other people do with their life. Just leave me out of it. I’ve got plenty of life left to live.

    • ‘The fear manipulation doesn’t work on me.’ — EM

      Just got notice of a 50% premium hike on my homeowners policy. Doesn’t scare me; I can pay it. Or I can waste hours of time getting alternate quotes. This has become an annual autumn ritual, wrestling with the scar-faced, dead-eyed insurance mafia.

      But for euro-peons, real existential fear is on tap:

      “The cost of electricity to the Poppyfields Cafe in Athlone, Ireland for 73 days from early June until the end of August came in at €9,024.70, an increase of 250 per cent in just 12 months. That doesn’t include €812.22 in VAT, which brought her total bill to €9,836.92.”

      “How in the name of God is this possible,” tweeted owner Geraldine Dolan.

      “We have gone from paying a daily rate of €34 last year to paying €123 per day now,” she said. “When those figures are spread over the cost of a year, it means an annual electricity bill which would have been around €12,000 is now going to be around €45,000. There is no way we will be able to cope with that.”

      Euro-peons are getting shoved up against the wall, presented at knifepoint with electric bills they have no hope of paying.

      They are the guinea pigs for post-election Americlowns. Buy an EeeVee, watch your power bill quintuple — whoops! Shoulda bought a damned electric bicycle, and some canned beans …

      • Hi Jim,

        One of the happiest days of my life was the day I called the company that issued my homeowners’ policy – the day after I got a letter announcing an “adjustment”- and told them to cancel the policy. That was 15 years ago. I have saved something like $15,000 so far by not paying those bastards (or any of them) a red cent for “coverage.”

        • ‘told them to cancel the policy. That was 15 years ago.’ — eric

          On health ‘insurance’ I adopted your strategy — went naked for 25 years; saved $200,000 even after paying cash for doctor visits and minor procedures. Yes, I am grateful for good health that never let me down.

          For homeowners, the calculation differs. Surrounded by a drought-stricken national forest, this town could burn down like Paradise, California. Last summer a forest fire reached within a few hundred yards of the western edge of town, before an early monsoon stopped it in its tracks. We were evacuated for ten days.

          Yesterday a local lady told me that she and her husband are building a fully-sprinklered house with an underground rain storage tank and a solar-electric pump with battery backup. They intend to survive the inferno.

          So for now, I’m willing to pay an annual 0.6% of the house value to displace the risk onto a third party. If that cost doubles, and doubles again, then you’ll hear my peeved reaction: ‘Recalculating.’

          • Hi Jim,

            I get that. It is partially why I chose to live in an area where the chances of something catastrophic related to weather are extremely low. I’m at about 3,000 feet, far from any river, so flooding is a non-issue. Tornadoes and hurricanes are rare. I cut back any big tree that might fall on the house. What else is there? Yes, something “could” happen. I am ok with assuming that minor risk for the sake of the very real savings.

            No health “coverage,” either.

            If I could nix the “coverage” I am forced to buy on the vehicles I never wreck I’d be in pretty good shape!

      • Yeah Jim, the Euroweenies are really sticking it to Putin, ready to freeze their asses off to “punish” him by self sacrifice. Meanwhile back in the USSA my natural gas bill just doubled since FJB decided to send whatever gas is here over to Europe. Maybe I can rent a room from Obummer since he’s got a huge house with giant propane tanks on the island of Martha’s Vineyard and doesn’t seem all that worried about the “ten feet of rising sea levels due to climate change”.

      • Jim,
        “Or I can waste hours of time getting alternate quotes”
        If you haven’t been, get your insurance from an independent agent, and bully them into getting the best quote. Nothing like threatening to cancel their commission by canceling your policy to get them to work for you.

    • EM,
      “I’ll probably be terrified in the last days/moments”
      Unless one ends up in hospice, soaked to the gills with pain medication, or is immediately killed by accident or violence, most of us go out the exact same way we come in. Kicking and screaming.
      A thing that has eliminated any obsession with avoiding death is that upon my death, I will know the answer to the greatest question, or I will no nothing at all. It has also alleviated some of the pain of grief upon someone I care about dying. They may know the answer.

  15. What if you had a skin rash on your butt and, one day, that skin rash became conscious and decided it was going to “save” you?

    THAT is how I view the absolute arrogance of humans talking about saving the planet.

    With or without my participation exactly zero people are going to be saving the planet. People need to focus on “saving” themselves. Or better yet, living a life that is enjoyable and meaningful because that clock is ticking and never stops.

    Time, contrary to the what the Rolling Stones sang, is not on our side. It’s on the side of nature and the planet. It was here before and will be here long after humans do themselves in. Nature will find a way and it will certainly outlast any species as patently self-limiting and just plain stupid as humans.

  16. “Why, of course, the people don’t want war,” Goering shrugged. “Why would some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best that he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece. Naturally, the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia nor in England nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood.

    “But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist dictatorship.”

    “There is one difference,” [Gilbert] pointed out. “In a democracy the people have some say in the matter through their elected representatives, and in the United States only Congress can declare wars.”

    “Oh, that is all well and good, [replied Goering] but, voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.”

    Interestingly, when I went to snag this quote to post, the most prominent search results came up as labeling it “false” by “fact checkers”. In clicking on one of the links it had a misquote of the above that it was trashing. However, the essence of the quote was the same. Scare people enough and call doubters “traitors” or such and you can manipulate the masses in any county. These “fact checks” were all dated 2021 or later. However, this quote has been around for decades.

    Nothing to see here…move along…

  17. ‘Similarly, as regards those who question “the science” (that is to say the assertions) about “climate change.”’ — eric

    Name a watershed event of the 20th century. How about nuclear weapons, first deployed in 1945? Everything changed. A handful of other countries developed the technology much quicker than the US expected. A Cold War ensued. Now the nuclear club insists that others can’t join. On and on the ramifications go.

    Now it appears the anti-carbon ‘climate change’ campaign could become the watershed event of the 21st century. Enforcement of the Paris accord will change our way of life; reduce global population (as intended); create losers (developed countries) and winners (developing countries that don’t comply).

    How is this impending disaster to be stopped? If the Ukraine conflict escalates into WW III, would that stop the climate change movement by substituting a higher priority — survival of a total war?

    A crux moment is approaching. As usual, we have to make crucial decisions in a state of uncertainty, where the motives of those plotting against us are partially concealed and intentionally distorted to mislead.

    But for damned sure, if the lemming-like drive to shut down internal combustion is not stopped in this decade, ‘mend don’t end’ Uniparty politics means that it will never be reversed.

  18. The global warming, climate change narrative and the evil CO2 lies are more wef/globalist/satanist propaganda and lies.

    The control group at the top of the world pyramid of power are satanists, they are deep into the occult, this is very dangerous, you will end up possessed with demons.

    These monsters think/say they are the new gods, a long time ago there was a warning about an antichrist taking over, the antichrist is multiple as in antichrists, there is 3000 monsters at the top controlling this reset, they are the antichrists, replacing a good god, with satan.

    Global warming is a lie, there has been no temperature change since 1895. So it is a satanist lie, used to manipulate. It also implies the place wasn’t designed properly by god.

    Climate change?….yes……..the sun has cycles, it has always had cycles since the beginning of time….but the satanists say it is evil…lol
    so they are saying it is a design defect, they are smarter then the architect, god. so they are going to alter it, correct it. this is a satanist anti god narrative.

    They are saying people are bad too, are destroying everything they must be controlled/eliminated, that implies another design defect.
    They call people useless eaters, they hate people….that is judgement, that is a witch hunt, that will backfire on them, they will be the witch hunted.

    They say CO2 is evil, it is actually plant food, they are insane, that implies another design defect.

    Oil was a gift to mankind as an efficient form of energy. The satanists say it is evil, that implies another design defect.

    The satanists say everything is wrong with the planet so they are having their great reset to fix it…….they should be booted off the planet…

  19. isolated? it doesn’t matter they just use fake science for everything, who cares?.

    they just relabeled mild flu as a deadly bat germ disease, it worked…

    Australian Government Department of Health has no record of a “CV-19 virus” isolated from any human on the planet

    Michael S. of New Zealand, and other (mostly anonymous) helpers have submitted Freedom of Information requests to various institutions in various countries seeking records that describe the isolation of “SARS-COV-2” (the alleged “COVID-19 virus”) from an unadulterated sample taken from a diseased patient.

    The reason for these requests is that without this isolation step having been performed (followed by controlled experiments and other necessary steps), there is no way to claim scientifically that the alleged “novel coronavirus” blamed for widespread death/disease/lockdown measures actually exists.

    Without this step having been performed, and followed by the necessary controlled experiments, and independently replicated, all claims of this alleged virus are nothing but wild, unscientific, fraud-based speculation backed only by fraudulent science, fraudulent tests and fraudulent diagnoses.

    Our requests were intentionally worded to weed out the fraudulent, illogical and unscientific claims of having “isolated SARS-COV-2”, of which there are many (see examples here and here and here).

    Our requests were not limited to records of isolation performed by the respective institution, and not limited to records authored by the respective institution, rather they were open to records of isolation performed by anyone, anywhere on the planet.

    Colleagues in numerous other countries have obtained responses to the same and similar information requests from dozens of additional institutions.

    As of February 15, 2021 47 institutions and offices have responded to said requests.

    NOTE: Every institution has failed to provide, or cite, even 1 record describing the actual isolation of any “SARS-COV-2” from a patient sample by anyone, anywhere on the planet, ever.

    Our wish is that all individuals responsible/complicit in the global “COVID-19” fraud and crime against humanity will be held accountable to the fullest extent lawfully possible.

    what did happen? the nwo/ccp/wef/.0001% made a cgi computer generated image of a virus and a fake story to go with it.

    ATTENTION: Fauci, by the way, claimed in THE NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE that the alleged COVID-19 virus is no more dangerous than a seasonal flu,

    As far as the bat virus cv19 is concerned they have no evidence it exists, which doesn’t matter they can make claims all day long and everyone will believe it, but who cares.

    But…if it goes to court it is a different story, you have to have scientific proof, everything they have said and done for 2 1/2 years is based on fake science, they have no proof, zero, none. they do not want it to go to court… court case was scrapped because of this…no evidence.

    a court case in Alberta was just thrown out because the defendant asked the prosecution to show evidence of an isolated covid virus….they couldn’t….the case was thrown out….the fine didn’t have to be paid for the covid mask mandate violation.

    • Real science not fake science:

      The scientific method is pretty straightforward: propose a testable hypothesis and then design an experiment that acts on only one variable: one group in which no action is taken and another in which one action is taken. If the action taken has a recordable effect, then that data must be replicated by other labs performing the same experiment to confirm that there weren’t errors in the protocol, equipment or data collection.

      A variation of this protocol is a double-blind study, so-called double blind because neither the subjects/volunteers nor the researchers administering the experiment know which subjects received the active compound and which received a placebo.

      COVID-19 Coronavirus Fails Koch’s Postulates
      German scientist Robert Koch (Heinrich Hermann Robert Koch, 1843-1910) made great contributions to the field of microbiology. He is considered to be one of the founders of the field of modern bacteriology. He identified the specific causative agents of TB (tuberculosis), cholera and anthrax. For his work on TB, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1905 in Physiology or Medicine.

      Koch established 4 criteria to identify the causative agent of a particular disease. These criteria have become a gold standard for determining the existence of an infectious agent and for isolating and verifiying what is causing a disease. The criteria are a set of conditions known as Koch’s postulates. They are:

      The microorganism must be identified in all individuals affected by the disease, but not in healthy individuals.

      The microorganism can be isolated from the diseased individual and grown in culture.

      When introduced into a healthy individual, the cultured microorganism must cause disease.

      The microorganism must then be re-isolated from the experimental host, and found to be identical to the original microorganism.

      Firstly, the coronavirus SARS-CoV2 (allegedly causing the disease COVID-19) has not been shown to be present only in sick people and not in healthy ones.
      Secondly, the virus has never been isolated and identified which must be done with proper equipment such as electron microscopes and
      ATTENTION: which cannot be achieved through CT scans (as the Chinese were using) and the flawed PCR test (more on this below).

      The January 24th 2020 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine entitled A Novel Coronavirus from Patients with Pneumonia in China, 2019 describes how the scientists arrived at the idea of COVID-19: they took lung fluid samples and extracted RNA from them using the PCR test.

      It has to be proven to cause a disease. They can’t even isolate and identify this thing properly let alone go to the 2nd step of proving it causes a disease.
      It admits that the coronavirus failed Koch’s postulates: “Further development of accurate and rapid methods to identify unknown respiratory pathogens is still needed … our study does not fulfill Koch’s postulates.”

      Covid: no proper scientific proof = just a belief, like a religion

      They don’t even know what they are looking at. The Chinese dug something out of somebody’s lung didn’t isolate and identify it properly then gave it a bs name corona virus, it was actually an exosome. This is an amateur hour effort, really stupid people.
      NOTE: It admits that the coronavirus failed Koch’s postulates:

      “Further development of accurate and rapid methods to identify unknown respiratory pathogens is still needed … our study does not fulfill Koch’s postulates.”

      the virus has never been isolated and identified, or photographed, which must be done with proper equipment such as electron microscopes and which cannot be achieved through CT scans (as the Chinese were using) and the flawed PCR test . so this virus hasn’t been proven scientifically to exist so all this bs is based on fake science.

      Based on fake science they locked everybody up. this looks like a cult, fake science, superstition. the new covid religion.

      Fake Tests for a Fake Pandemic
      Insiders and whistleblowers such as the one in the article Insider Exposes COVID-19 Coronavirus Scam have revealed how there are coronavirus test kits being distributed which don’t even test for the specific SARS-CoV2 strain!

      They just test for generic coronavirus (coronavirus is defined as the “common cold” in medical encyclopedias) which of course will produce more false positives (as their agenda dictates). Meanwhile, the Medical Industry relies on the PCR test which I have exposed in other articles as wholly inadequate. The PCR Test is a surrogate test since it doesn’t actually isolate the virus.

      The founder of the PCR test Kary Mullis admitted that you can’t use PCR to prove infectious etiology or to diagnose an infectious disease. Besides, you can manipulate the results PCR will yield by choosing how many cycles (amplifications) to run. if you increase them to above 35, it can make everyone appear positive. That is interesting magnify the test enough and everyone will test positive.

      the pcr test can’t be used to detect disease, saying it can and using it for that purpose is fraud. covid is a lie they can’t prove it even exists.

      We All Have Viruses, All The Time, as Part of our Virome and Immune System
      The humble virus is deeply misunderstood. The human body is composed of an estimated 6 trillion cells, 60 trillion bacteria and 380 trillion viruses. Just as we have a microbiome of friendly bacteria which forms the basis of our immune system and 2nd brain in our gut,

      so too do we have a virome (a collection and community of viruses) which play a role in our healing. Through the ascendency of germ theory over host theory/terrain theory, the mainstream paradigm now teaches that viruses are “bad guys”, infectious agents “out there”, who can invade the body – thus reinforcing the need for Big Pharma drugs and vaccines.

      Viruses come from exosomes or tiny particles our bodies produce. They are not infectious agents. The exosome theory states that if cells are poisoned, they produce viruses (secretions) to clean up the toxins. This is what the plant kingdom does; when a tree has a beetle infestation, it makes a hormonal secretion to tell other trees to defend themselves.

      Are you not aware that there are already MILLIONS of viruses in every breath of air you take? No matter where you walk, those viruses are there – somewhere between 1.6 million to 40 million viruses in every cubic meter of air we pass through as we walk.

      So, no matter how far apart from others you walk, those viruses are there. You can’t escape them, except perhaps in a full-blown Hazmat suit with an air tank that you’d need to leave running 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
      So, much like mask-wearing, social distancing is a lie.

      Is this a Pandemic or a Scamdemic?
      If you didn’t know the history of fake pandemics, you might think that the WHO (World Health Organization), the USG (United States Government) and other world governments would have solid evidence for declaring a health emergency. They don’t.

      Asking key fundamental questions about how the nature of the COVID-19 disease, and how the virus is being isolated and tested, reveal a house of cards. There are serious fundamental flaws in the pandemic propaganda.

      This is unadulterated COVID-19 umbrella term fakery. What is happening here is not some wild killer virus, but a carefully crafted script to engineer a worldwide crisis and to blame mass long-term poisoning on a tiny invisible particle whose existence has yet to be conclusively proven as an infectious agent.

  20. “We will destroy your economic, social, and mental health to protect you from a virus that presents an average age of death nearly identical to the pre-covid average life span.” The “cases” of covid are now no more relevant than cases of dandruff or acne. Especially given that those going to hospital for something else, but test “positive” for covid, are covid admissions. For the FedGov payoff. $100k for a “covid” death. Even if you died from injury incurred while riding a motorcycle.

    The “climate change” mantra is stated as fact, with zero evidence that it’s significantly changing at all, much less because of CO2. While if it were not for “climate change”, and specifically “global warming”, much of the world would still be covered in ice. There is a reason the human species has advanced so far and so fast in the last 10k years of our 250k year existence. Better weather. As in warmer. Warmer is better, unless you have a beach house most of us couldn’t afford to rent for a night. Which the very same prophets of doom are still building.


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