He Fell For it – Let’s Us Not

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Orange Man failed in so many ways it is a task to enumerate all of them. But one of them deserves priority.

That one being the fact that he failed to see how he was being set up to take the fall for the fail.

Assuming, of course, he isn’t complicit.

First, weaponized hypochondria was used to end his presidency a year before it formally ended. Fear of the “virus” used to shut down the economy that had been booming for the previous several years – so that Orange Man could no longer take credit for what no longer was. The same fear used to extend what had been Election Day to Election Months – during which time bagfulls of “absentee ballots” were collected and never vetted prior to being counted – by people who could be counted on to count them in just the right way. Orange Man complained about this after the counting – when it no longer mattered – because he no longer had any power to do a thing about it.

He did have the power, before the count. But failed to even try to exercise it – a failing the Left almost ever makes when it has its leprous hands on the levers of power.

He also had the power to not stand right next to that odious gnome that regards itself as The Science – and which insists that to question the gnome is to question the science – almost every day for almost the entire final year of his failed presidency, thereby assuring its failure by enabling the ongoing weaponization of hypochondria that was used to end his presidency.

But now comes the most epic – and final – fail of all.

And he walked right into it. Assuming, of course, that he wasn’t complicit.

That fail being his not seeing that by buying into the need to “warp speed” an unvetted “vaccine” into millions of peoples’ bodies as the only way to end what was never a “pandemic,” he will now be held responsible for the consequences of that. For it was he who authorized – and vigorously defended – the unvetted “warp-speeding” of the “vaccine,” by endowing the drug-pushers with Emergency Use Authorization and by crowing about how “wonderful” and “effective” these drugs were.

And have proved to be – as regards the latter – insofar as they have been very effective . . . at ending thousands of lives, possibly hundreds of thousands – if the alarming uptick in “all cause” deaths that has dovetailed the “rollout” of the “vaccines” has been caused by the “vaccines.”

The evidence accumulating suggests it is so.

And – just as this alarming evidence accumulates toward the tipping point of irrefutable, the Greek Chorus that defines what is “the narrative,” as people refer to it, is wheeling around on the Orange Man – who will get the blame for all of it.

The Leftists who used  weaponized hypochondria to get the Orange Man out of office will now use the damage caused by the Orange Man’s reckless – as it will be styled and rightly so –  bypassing of all the previously in place hurdles a vaccine was required to pass over before it was legally permissible to offer it to the public – to make sure he never gets back into office.

And thank God for that. Because this “vaccine” was all-but-forced on the public, an absolutely unprecedented thing of unprecedented evil. For what could possibly be more evil than causing the deaths of innocent people, by all but forcing those people to “choose” to either lose their jobs or risk their lives?

It is true, of course, that Orange Man has always covered his spray tanned backside by saying the “vaccines” ought to be taken voluntarily. But that’s a hollow thing when governments – both state and federal – were all but forcing people to take them. When major corporations were doing the same.

No one who refused this pressure regrets not having taken the “vaccine.” But there are tens of millions who do.

And they will blame the Orange Man – as well as his supporters, if they allow themselves to be maneuvered into the same bear trap the Orange Man stepped into – by continuing to support the Orange Man, even in the face of the horrendous facts about the “vaccine” and the even more horrendous fact that Orange Man still refuses to change his tune about the “vaccines,” claiming that they (and he, personally) “saved millions of lives.”

What happens if it turns out that the “vaccines” have ended millions of lives? Or even just the thousands already acknowledged? There is going to be Hell to pay over this, politically and (with any luck) criminally. Any politician who defends “vaccines” may end up like any politician who defends segregation – and that latter business, though a bad business, did not involve forcing millions of people to risk their lives for the sake of being allowed to work.

The Orange Man is going to become the Toxic Man – as will all who continue to support, defend and rationalize his criminally reckless and staggeringly stupid “warp speeding” of these ineffective, dangerous drugs that aren’t “vaccines” that were all-but-forced on tens of millions of innocent people.

Which the fool continues to defend, even now. Perhaps because he is too much of an obdurate narcissist to ever acknowledge his errors and instead doubles down on them. Perhaps because he is something worse. He was either played like a fiddle or got paid to play.

Whichever it is, it no longer matters.

His failure is now complete. Let’s leave him to it.

. . .

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  1. Red, pink … or blood orange:

    ‘The optics [of Biden’s ‘soul of the nation’ speech] were so bad that CNN shifted the color from blood-red to a ‘less Hitlery’ pink in the middle of Biden’s speech, which wasn’t the case on the official feed, or any other network’s coverage.

    ‘Remember when they made Trump more orange?’


    If only Leni Riefenstahl had had on-the-fly RGB color correction …

    • Hi Jim,

      The Marines standing behind him was a nice touch (sarc). Nothing is better than an 80-year dementia patient raving about topics he doesn’t understand. If I was the news media, I would have added a little moustache for entertainment.

      Thank you, Dr. Jill, for doing your part. Without your blubbering idiot of a husband at the helm of the ship the puppet masters would have never been able to fully implement The New World Order. I hope she rots in hell.

      • Hi RG,

        Both of them deserve each other. And – as an aside – my eye begins to twitch whenever I hear the term “Dr.” used in conjunction with someone such as Biden’s wife, who is a “Dr.” like I am a dwarf. When that honorific is used by someone who is not a medical doctor or a PhD in the hard sciences, it is used to draw a false equivalence between what it takes to earn a medical degree (or an advanced degree in the hard sciences) and the social sciences. Any such “Dr.” is a preening lightweight.

        • Hi Eric,

          I agree with you regarding the use of Dr.

          My dislike for her is that she pushed her husband, who she knew was not capable of the demands of the position, into it. She wanted to be First Lady. If she truly cared about her husband, she would have stated “You ran twice Joe and lost both times. Let’s walk on the beach and throw the dogs a ball for the next couple of years.” In 2015, Biden stated he would not run for President. He made the right decision then and those around him should have looked out for his best interests. The power and the money were too much to ignore so they put an Inarticulate Puppet in the most powerful position in the USSA.

          The string pullers couldn’t ask for a better candidate- too confused to know what he is saying and signing and too old to be held in contempt for very long before he passes.

        • > Any such “Dr.” is a preening lightweight.
          And probably insecure, as well.

          My first full time job, fresh out of undergraduate school long ago, was working for a scientific and engineering consulting firm in Bedford, Mass. Most of the PIs (Principal Investigators) held a PhD, and none had less than an MS, in a hard science or engineering field. Everyone in the office was on a first name basis, no matter what level of education anyone had.

          We had one non-technical person who held a PhD in “marketing,” and insisted on being called “Doctor.” The guy was a real horse’s ass, and was universally disliked.

          In local government where I live, we now have an ignorant twat with a “doctorate” in “public administration,” which as far as I can tell signifies “advanced” training in being a public parasite. This airhead has no technical competence whatsoever (her A.B. being in “sociology”) but City Council slobbers all over themselves addressing her as “Doctor.”
          Wann wird man je verstehn?

          Oh, and BTW, Eric, DDS is a real doctorate, at least as far as I am concerned. My dentist is perfectly happy to be on a first name basis, but I call him “Doctor” out of respect for his expertise in keeping my mouth free of pain.. Once again, respect must be earned.

    • Coupla thoughts on Dark Brandon lately.

      First and foremost, I have never seen a president threaten citizens as often as Brandon. It’s untoward, to put it mildly. Provocative too. Probably that’s the point.

      He/they have fabricated this “enemy within” of so-called “Ultra MAGA Republicans”, which is explained as a small number of people some times and anyone who opposes/voted against (74 million or so) he/them at other times. Very elastic. On purpose I’m sure.

      I found it interesting that he recently said to the bitter clingers you can’t keep America “independent” and “safe” without F-15s. As if he was telegraphing what many of us suspect, that he/they and the country are already fully under the control of some outside entity.

      I also found it interesting that his hapless flack stated that “if you’re not with the majority, you are an extremist.” Probably without even realizing it, she took what he/they mean as “our sacred democracy” to its logical conclusion.

      • They need a fight, Funk. They want the “other side” to lose it. Once, someone does (and they will) because one can only stand being kicked so many times before kicking back, then the excessive force and lockdowns begin. They need an excuse that most Americans will believe. It will be about “safety.” Dems: “See we told you they couldn’t be trusted with guns.” “They are fascists and need to be jailed.” “They took treasonous action against the United States.” “They should be rounded up.” “They need to be executed to make an example of.” Etc.

        I have a feeling when that day arrives, we are going to wish for days like today still existed.

  2. Not a fan of Trump; never voted for him; never will. But make no mistake: “Biden’s” speech tonight is a declaration of war on those of us who don’t drink the Uniparty Democrat/RINO Kool-Aid. From Ape News:

    ‘President Joe Biden will sound an alarm Thursday night about what he views as “extremist” threats to American democracy from the restive forces of Trumpism, aiming to reframe the November elections as part of an unceasing battle for the “soul of the nation.”

    ‘His prime-time speech at Independence Hall in Philadelphia will lay out what he sees as the risks from those he has dubbed “ultra-MAGA Republicans” to the nation’s system of government, its standing abroad and its citizens’ way of life.

    ‘White House officials said it reflects his mounting concern about Trump conservatives’ ideological proposals and 2020 election denialism.

    In Philadelphia, White House officials said, Biden intends to hark back to the 2017 white supremacist protest in Charlottesville, Virginia. Biden plans to argue that the country faces a similar crossroads in the coming months.

    Biden allies stress that he is not rejecting the entirety of the GOP and would use his remarks to call on traditional Republicans to join him in condemning Trump and his followers.

    “I respect conservative Republicans,” Biden said last week. “I don’t respect these MAGA Republicans.”


    Well, I’m an election denialist. Does that make me a pointy-hatted, Klan-robed white supremacist, searching for minorities to lynch?

    That’s the guilt by association “Biden” is laying on us. He is declaring us beyond the pale unless we accept the likes of Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy as the only respectable (though barely) mainstream opposition.

    This is a declaration of war. “Biden” is willing to torch the whole system in his quest for partisan advantage on Nov 8th. His theme is ‘the people as enemies of the state.’ That means us.

    • Hi Jim,

      I got into a discussion with an old friend of mine – my oldest friend – about the 2020 election. He insists it was stolen. I replied that I wish we knew. Yes, there is good reason to suspect fishiness. It reeks of it. But who can say – affirmatively – either way? That’s the issue, as I see it. I favor – I favored, at the time – a thorough vetting of the votes. As opposed to a recounting of unvetted votes. The difference is critical, I submit, because it speaks to the possibility of determinative (or not) fraud. If a sufficiency of ballots weren’t legitimate then neither was the counting and so also the result of the election.

      It reeks that the Left has refused to countenance not a recount but a vetting.

      • Eric,

        A few red states have tightened, or proposed to tighten, the vetting of votes — at the initiative of MAGA Republicans, not RINOs.

        In a classic case of projection, the Mainstream Media already has accused MAGA candidates for Secretary of State of conspiring to steal the 2024 election, with their proposals for ID-ing voters, eliminating ballot drop boxes, purging registration rolls of dead, disqualified and non-resident voters, and so forth.

        Tonight, “Biden’s” broad-brush tarring of any candidate outside the respectable socialist Overton window defined by the Leftist D-party and the collaborationist RINO party is intended to pour gasoline on the fires of controversy.

        I expect “Biden’s” denunciation of tens of millions of Americans as ‘semi-fascist’ will backfire, big time — especially as he proposes to seize some of their mean-looking guns (“I’ll do it again,” he bragged recently). The man is a menace.

      • Hi Eric,

        I agree with your friend I believe the election was stolen. The numbers do not add up.

        Trump 2016 African American – 6%
        Trump 2020 African American – 12%

        Trump 2016 Hispanic – 28%
        Trump 2020 Hispanic – 32%

        Trump 2016 Asian – 27%
        Trump 2020 Asian – 31%

        Trump 2016 Caucasian – 54%
        Trump 2020 Caucasian – 57%

        Trump’s 2020 campaign received 74.2 million votes, which was 8 million more than Obama (who held the record for the largest voter turnout with 65.9 million votes for him) in 2012. Does anyone truly believe that a man who only received 62 million votes in 2016 and has increased voter turnout with all ethnicities really lost to a man who couldn’t get 35 people at his rallies? Seriously? Any takers? Joe Biden (who can’t put a coherent sentence together) beat Barack Obama by 16 million votes?!?! Yeah, right. Trump and Obama’s campaigns pulled in thousands at a time. How many stadiums did Corn Pop’s nemesis sell out again? Oh yeah, none. They were so excited about him that they couldn’t bother to attend a rally but gave him the highest casting of ballots ever for a US Presidential candidate. The numbers do not add up.

        I guess Trump should have campaigned a lot harder at cemeteries. Apparently, it worked for Joe.

  3. I fail to understand how anyone could even think trump wasn’t complicit in every failure of his 4 years. The man is a fucking actor with a low IQ who surrounded himself with cia, neocons and jews long before he was installed into power. The listing of his lies would fill an encyclopedia. Who do you really imagine called his plays? Hint; ( the same as who calls diaperjoes plays). Its all a production. I’d care less if he landed in jail for a long time.

    • Hi Gopher,

      At the very least, Trump is an ignoramus and an obdurate narcissist who cannot ever admit he was wrong about something or that he does not know about something. This may be his fatal flaw – assuming we give him the benefit of the doubt as regards complicity. How is it possible – as you suggest – that anyone not a cult member or an imbecile could continue to hawk these “vaccines” when it is fact – established, uncontested – that they do not provide immunity? Which means they do not “stop the spread.” Indeed, that those who took them have been encouraged to spread what they have by believing they are bulletproof. This is grotesque and idiotic, each vying for top billing.

      • Hi Eric, my thoughts are that he’s low IQ but certainly not an ignoramus. He rather just did what he was told every day. Took orders if you will. All the while fooling the people into thinking he was the one calling the shots. All actors in hollywood do and say what the script handed to them directs. Theres a reason why actors are quite prevelant in politics. Donald is definitely part of the club.

        • Hi Gopher,

          Undoubtedly, there is a “front man” – in the rock band sense – aspect to politics. And as you note, it’s all a show. That said, I will not stop beating the spray-tanned pinata until he’s either gone or stops touting “vaccines.”

  4. quote: “The Orange Man is going to become the Toxic Man – as will all who continue to support, defend and rationalize his criminally reckless and staggeringly stupid “warp speeding” of these ineffective, dangerous drugs that aren’t “vaccines” that were all-but-forced on tens of millions of innocent people.

    Which the fool continues to defend, even now.”


    That fact and feeling is being echoed across the internets:

    It’s nearly 2023, and Trump is still actively supporting the jab, despite the overwhelming and ever-increasing number of deaths that it continues to cause. Trump is actively towing and supporting the vax narrative, no different than Biden himself. This means that any other unrelated points and straw man arguments (including mandates or no mandates) that you think you may have to support Trump, are 100% moot.

    Trump is either verifiably stupid and has been “fooled” by everyone around him and shouldn’t ever be in charge of this country again OR he’s actively supporting the depopulation agenda. Either way, there’s not a single moral 3D chess move that justifies Trump encouraging Americans to get the vax.

    So which is it? He’s either an evil megalomanic that supports the NWO…or he’s nowhere near competent enough to be President and continues to be “fooled”. F-CKING CHOOSE ONE.



  5. “Assuming, of course, he isn’t complicit.”…………………..This!

    Look up “Judas Goat” in the dictionary.

  6. California Urges Avoiding Charging Electric Cars to Ward Off Blackouts in Heatwave Because State Loses Solar Power When the Sun Goes Down
    By Kristinn Taylor
    Published August 31, 2022 at 10:05am

    “Just days after passing a law banning new sales of gasoline powered cars by 2035, California is urging residents to avoid charging their electric vehicles during peak hours in the coming week to help ward off blackouts during an expected heatwave.

    “During a Flex Alert, consumers are urged to reduce energy use from 4-9 p.m. when the system is most stressed because demand for electricity remains high and there is less solar energy available. The top three conservation actions are to set thermostats to 78 degrees or higher, avoid using large appliances and charging electric vehicles, and turn off unnecessary lights.“

  7. My wife just took on a new client who is ex-military due to refusing the jab. She was a ranked officer and had a pension but lost her pension in her discharge. This is criminal. I hope DeSantis wins and there is a day of reckoning for people who have been hurt by these vaccines, lost loved ones and lastly who were prejudged against for refusing them.

    I read this recently and I like what this person had to say:
    “Even if I were pollinated and fully vaccinated, I would admire the unvaccinated for withstanding the greatest pressure I have ever seen, even from partners, parents, children, friends, colleagues and doctors.

    People who were capable of such personality, courage and critical ability are undoubtedly the best of humanity. They are everywhere, in all ages, levels of education, states and ideas. They are of a special kind; they are the soldiers that every army of light wants to have in its ranks. They are the parents that every child wants to have and the children that every parent dreams of having. They are beings above the average of their societies, they are the essence of the people who have built all cultures and conquered horizons. They are there, next to you, they look normal, but they are superheroes.

    They did what others could not, they were the tree that withstood the hurricane of insults, discrimination and social exclusion. And they did it because they thought they were alone, and believed they were the only ones.

    Banned from their families’ tables at Christmas, they never saw anything so cruel. They lost their jobs, let their careers sink, had no more money … but they didn’t care. They suffered immeasurable discrimination, denunciation, betrayal and humiliation … but they kept going.

    Never before in humanity has there been such a “casting”, now we know who are the best on planet Earth. Women, men, old, young, rich, poor, of all races or religions, the unvaccinated, the chosen of the invisible ark, the only ones who managed to resist when everything collapsed.

    That’s you, you passed an unimaginable test that many of the toughest Marines, Commandos, Green Berets, astronauts and geniuses could not withstand.

    You are made of the stuff of the greatest who ever lived, those heroes born among ordinary men who glow in the dark.”

    • Those are some really uplifting sentiments Hans, really boils the battle down to the most basic elements. I thought since the very start this it was some kind of cosmic test. At the very darkest part of this sorting process, fighting to live and commerce unmasked I thought at times I was almost alone. Glad to have a place with so many like minded spirits.

  8. The modern presidency was described by the late Douglas Adams in the form of Zaphod Beeblebrox.

    Based on a HHGTG wiki & modified for the modern presidency:

    -The presidency is a role that involves no power whatsoever, and merely requires the incumbent to attract attention so no one wonders who’s really in charge.

    -Modern presidents are hedonistic and irresponsible, narcissistic almost to the point of solipsism, and often extremely insensitive to the feelings of those around him. He is nevertheless quite charismatic which causes many characters to ignore his other flaws.

  9. Trump is quite the anomaly.
    His instincts seem good, but he is not smart.

    Given any amount of time, his gut is overridden by his feeble brain.

    He is easily manipulated and lied to. He has no desire to personally investigate or learn.
    He believes a leader delegates and ignores.
    He seeks adulation.
    He laid the frame for all that has followed.

    It is my hope he does not run. That will rile the commies to vote.
    To my mind, the most important thing is to keep democrats as far away from power as possible as long as possible.

    • Dan,

      I think your description nails him accurately. He is a delegator, not a detailer. To be successful attention to detail is important. One can be a successful delegator, but they need to have a trustworthy and capable crew behind them that are willing to watch the delegator’s back. Trump doesn’t have this, and it shows.

  10. It is funny how many are changing their tune on this Jab….A number of media outlets have started talking about it. in the UK one of our leadership contenders, Rishi Sunak is now coming out and saying how much he was against the lockdowns…. its funny, how despite being one of the most powerful people in Government during the lockdown he was absolutely quite at the time. Looks like the ship is sinking. And the rats are sensing it and leaving….

  11. I’m going with the idea that the ruling elites are mostly idiots. These are the same people who used the overdose death of a druggie in Minneapolis as an excuse to loot and burn cities. The same people who went insane because a somewhat nasty disease turned up. I agree with the guy who writes that Z-Man blog in that our elites behave like a hive-mind in some sort of a religious cult. The situation in our country reminds of the fall of the Church in Ireland after the abuse scandals. The ruling institutions in the US have shown themselves to be stupid or corrupt or both. The minions don’t know what to believe anymore. Unlike the Church, the US ruling elites have enormous power over the West.

  12. Doncha feel kind of like the rats in Hamelin town being marched out to their doom by the Pied Piper? The Pied Piper is not Trump, it is the Big Pharma dopes who are culpable for suckering hundreds of millions of people into being needled to death.

    Trump is the dupe. The useful village idiot. He is the scapegoat.

    A target, only makes sense.

  13. I am going to defend Trump here. It wasn’t that long ago (less than two years to be exact) that most of us were on this Trump train. Some loved him, others preferred him over the Bleach Bit Queen and Potato Joe, others just filled in the Republican circle out of habit.

    We all have our opinions. Is the guy a narcissist? Absolutely. Egotistical? By a landslide. He did some good though. He did some bad too, but at the end of the day he is human, as we all are. We all fuck up. We do. He did, too, but his entire Presidency was not a waste. I am willing to give the guy credit where it is due and critique him when needed.

    I believe Trump did not follow his gut when it came to the vaccines and the shutdowns, but for those of us that support the Tenth Amendment we seem to be giving a free pass to the governors and medical officials that went ahead with these lockdowns. These were not under Trump’s orders. Where is the anger at Newsome, Cuomo, Abbott, Whitmer, Wolf, Ducey, and Northam? People here say we are not influenced by the media. I say we played right into their hands. We are generating the same damn talking points. Just a question when do we start roasting the guy holding the Office of the Presidency now? The one that forced vaccinations on the military and employees. The man that mandated nationwide mask wearing. Remember that. I think it was about a year ago. My freedom was not taken away under Trump’s orders (the guy wouldn’t even wear a mask), but under the orders of my governor who decided that only certain businesses should remain open. That mask wearing was not an option, but a memorandum. The ones that shutdown schools for over a year and caused increases in drug overdoses, depression, suicide, and crime.

    Voting in this country is made by each state (back to that pesky Tenth Amendment). Election laws are enforced by state governments. They are run at the local levels and supervised at the state. The federal government has very little to do with it. The Constitution states that the executive branch has no say in the matter so what was Trump to do? Marial law? That would have gone over well.

    I agree with most people’s views that Trump failed abysmally in regard to the vaccines. He should have never pushed it. Those of us that did read the studies of MRNA jabs knew they were not new to the pharmaceutical industry, but the Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials showed dismal results over the last twenty years which is why they were not currently being used in the medical field. This Plandemic gave rise to a mass trial on humankind that the world has ever seen. We still have no idea on the repercussions coming. We can only assume.

    What historical event would have justified any Administration to not seek medical interference when the world was losing their freaking mind on the flu? Most people, outside of this forum, have no idea who Jon Rappaport is, Robert Malone, Catherine Austin Fitts, or were willing to spend the time to research NIH and medical journals to find the truth. They would never consider that their government would wish harm upon them. Germany should have questioned it a bit more, but they have a history of cliff diving for the “greater good.”

    I can find fault with the people that Trump selected, his thin skin, and for ignoring his internal instincts. These were matters under his control. But at the end of the day, he is neither Super Man nor Lex Luthor. He just blindly followed every other worldwide Administration’s tactic.

    • Hi RG,

      And I agree with you… up to the point we’re at now. The Orange Buffoon is still touting the “safe and effective vaccines.” It is no longer forgivable. He has to know the “vaccines” are not “safe” or “effective.” Unless he is a moron. Unless he is complicit. It cannot be abided.

      • Hi Eric,

        Except they all are still pushing it. Trump, Biden, 98% of the medical field, school districts, some employers, etc. PG County (MD) started school yesterday and enforced mask wearing for its students. They finally succumbed realizing the rest of MD and VA were not in lockstep and have decided to back off mask wearing beginning next Tuesday, not today, not yesterday, but next week. DC Public Schools are enforcing jabs for students 12 years and older. And yet still no lawsuit.

        We are surrounded by idiots. The higher the position the bigger the imbecile. My guess is the last book Trump read was probably “To Kill a Mockingbird” back in high school. He is not a scholar or well read. It shows in the vocabulary that he uses. I think he is a man that has gotten by through instinct, but not being up to date on current events leaves him at a disadvantage and it shows.

        • RG,
          “The higher the position the bigger the imbecile.”
          They are not imbeciles, they are psychopaths, who are often quite intelligent. Perfectly willing to use the assumed authority of all governments to kill you if you don’t obey.
          “He did some good though”
          Absent evil intent, most anyone will do some good, by accident. I assume you refer to the US economy, when he plastered bandaids all over blood gushing wounds inflicted decades ago, that are now heavily infected.
          I remain of my original opinion. That his usefulness ended the moment he was elected. Giving us a chance to give the finger to the US Psychopaths In Charge by electing him. I did vote for him in 2016 because I was pretty sure Hillary would have given us mushroom clouds in a city near you.

          • Hi John,

            The people that have their hands up the asses of the puppets are the intelligent ones. The puppets never are. Yes, they are psychopaths, but I view them more like Lamp Chop. Shari Lewis is the wizard behind the curtain. Lamp Chop can’t do anything on her own. Shari does her talking, movements, etc. Without Shari Lamp Chop is nothing but a sock with a hollow head. I think this describes our politicians to a T.

            I am willing to offer kudos to Trump for keeping us out of another foreign war and working with ending the Afghanistan debacle, dealing with those that others deem our “enemies” (we had no Ukraine invasions under his administration), the TCJA which included the decreasing of 25000 pages of regulations, closing the Southern border, pulling us out of the Iran deal, the replacement of three Supreme Court judges, withdrawing from the Paris Accord, halting the increase in the CAFE standards set by Obama, the tariffs on Chinese goods, and streamlining construction projects rather than these being halted/slowed down by the EPA and other environmental groups.

            I can name a list of bad things as well, but he did take some initiative rather than the typical mealy mouth promises that we got from the Bushes or mentioned by the campaigns of McCain and Romney.

      • I am disgusted by Trump and his pushing of the clot shot, but I will vote for him over any Democrat running if he doesn’t get hauled off to Camp Federal Wherever prison for the phonied up charges before him. I believe that any Repuke can beat him. I want to give Kari Lake a chance at it for 24. She can handle anything thrown at her.

        • Sorry Swamprat, Kari Lake is phony as they come. Controlled opposition, crimson Rhino. I offer as exhibit “A” her lack of concern about her ‘opponents’ huge conflict of interest, not a freaking word.

          Katie Hoobs, who oversaw the last [stolen] selection is still Secretary of State. She will be serving in that capacity (of vote counter in chief, or if you prefer, dominion liaison) on the night they ‘count’ the ballots. If that is not a blatant disqualification I don’t know what is. Kari’s silence speaks volumes. The oligarchy is busting a gut laughing at us.

      • Eric, I too am shocked at how Orange Man SILL touts them as safe and effective at every opportunity. I dont think he’s a moron. I do suspect even more that he is complicit. And it seems he is also now playing a bigger role for the establishment of splitting the vote for say a de-santas run in 2024….

        RG, I know most of us were fans of him at one point , but I do think something extremely rotten going on with him.

    • RG,

      You raise many good points, and I agree with them. I’d like to add something to the discussion though: if anyone goes after Pres. Trump for pushing the vax’ development, then how can Biden be ignored? It was September 9th, 2021 where he gave his late afternoon “pep talk”, and told the country that we’d be FORCED to take the shot! Not only did this edict apply to gov’t workers (Biden’s only rightful purview here); it applied to private sector workers too. They were told to take the shot or starve. If anyone goes after him, then Biden and his cronies can’t be ignored.

      • Yes, and that POS cannot be ignored or forgiven. Nor any Democrat. I actively despise all of them, for what that’s worth. Every sane person does or least should

      • Hi Mark,

        I agree, but let’s be honest the Dems control most of the narrative. It has already started with Trump being blamed for the Warp Speed development. When push comes to shove the current administration hopes that most Americans have amnesia and don’t remember the push to “jab every arm.” Trump delivered what the terrified wanted…”vaccines”. Biden pushed them. The pharmaceuticals manufactured them, and the FDA approved them. None of them are innocent, but there are much bigger perpetuators than Trump.

    • Not every worldwide administration fell for the hoax, just those slurping allegiance to Globo-homo. The fact that he followed when he should have led is probably because of some weakness associated with his daughter.

      • Hi Norman,

        They may not have enforced it on their own people, but they all played along. There wasn’t a country that any of us could even travel to that didn’t require a mask, a test, or a jab…sometimes all three. The few that did speak up were either assassinated, removed from power, or enticed by moolah to keep quiet. The year 2020 was a sad and pathetic time in history.

        • I never bought into the “global citizen” crapola.

          Who’s laughing now?

          I’m a little sad that there are some places I can’t visit right now, but I’m young enough to be optimistic that the world will probably return to its senses a little before I can afford to go.

        • Agree with ya RG about 2020. I refused to buy what they were selling. The wife and I traveled across 14 states over 60 days visiting many friends and relatives. What I saw made me ill. I cant imagine living like how 90+% of so called Americans live. Fully under the control of fear or greed,

    • RG,
      Your points indicate that republicans are weak, controlled opposition.

      Governor breaks the laws, denies freedom, and over reaches, impeach, hold the budget, speak out, but they were too afraid.

      Politicians were happy to seek cover and allow the bureaucratic agencies to call the shots – including Trump. They all suck, just in different ways.

      A leader would set the tone, not follow everyone else.

      Is Trump better than FJB or Hilldog? yes, the same way vomit is better than explosive diarrhea.

      • Hi Dan,

        Republicans ARE weak controlled opposition. Show me one with balls. Kristi Noem is the closest one I can think of, and she doesn’t even physically have them. I disagree with her on a few policy ideas, but she did not force mask orders and lockdowns. To that I give her kudos. The rest of the USSA governors folded like cheap suits.

        Anybody would be better than what we have in the White House currently (okay, except maybe Kamala). As for the Bleach Bit Queen, no way, no how. She’s pure evil and doesn’t even try to hide it.

    • ‘The man that mandated nationwide mask wearing. Remember that. I think it was about a year ago.’ — Raider Girl

      Biden’s executive order requiring vaxxing of fedgov employees was dated Sep 9, 2021 … a day that shall live in infamy.


      OSHA’s large employer (>100 employees) vax mandate followed on Nov 5, 2021. This enraged me. It revealed “Biden’s” sweeping dictatorial instincts, and his utter contempt for getting authorization from a Clowngress where he himself spent decades.

      Now it’s happened all over again, with “Biden” cancelling some $300 to 500 billion of student debt by executive decree, based on a covid state of emergency that he himself declared.

      “Biden” is an autocrat, a menace, a Third World caudillo. He is flushing our long-compromised republic down the toilet for good. Bashing “Biden” eight days a week is Job #1.

    • Add Greg Abbott in Texas to the list of Governors who went along with the lockdowns.

      Sure it wasn’t as long as California, but it was still needless hurt.

      Abbott needed to be primaried with a competent opponent.

  14. Stupid or Evil?
    It’s always the choice.
    When GovCo Screws up
    Whence goes their voice?

    Who Could have known?
    Is the mantra they spew.
    But W-when all’s said and done
    It’s YOU that they screw.

  15. Trump is complicit. As I said in 2016 on my website, his role to play will be “evil White man” (even though he is a crypto-jew). Trump serves as the punching bag for the jewsmedia to go wild with their anti-White hate speech. All the emotion-charged “impeachment” proceedings and other allegations and threats of imprisonment are theatre, part of the Big Show (Big Shoah). Nothing will happen to him, same as nothing happened to Bill Clinton and Killary Clinton (who played their roles on the Democrat side), despite their parade of crimes. And nothing happens to the Bushes, despite their parade of crimes. And nothing happens to Obama, despite his parade of crimes. And nothing will happen to Biden, despite his parade of crimes. And the jew agenda will go forward, falsely demonizing Whites, impoverishing Whites in every way, flooding the country (and all White-founded White-built countries) with nonWhite invaders as tools to employ against us, killing our fools with poison “medicines.”

    And our inventive, productive, but horrifically gullible race will continue to “tolerate” it all. No real shots fired. The hoax, staged “mass shootings” will continue, though, to keep pushing “gun control,” the meaning of which is “take Whites’ guns, not the governments’ guns, not the jews’ guns.”

    In the Wizard of Oz movie, Dorothy only had to click her heels to get back home, but didn’t know it. In real life, all our men have to do is pull triggers, if we have any men left. It seems that we don’t. We have males who will kill, yes, but only when and who the government tells them to kill.

    My website is linked on my name.

    • JBL,

      …And same thing as Andrew Cuomo, who dumped severely ill flu patients into nursing homes with the elderly who are most susceptible to the flu, causing the deaths of several thousand oldsters. He just quietly vanishes from the public eye…nothing happens.

      What people fail to understand is that people in these positions of power don’t get there on their own; they just don’t ‘decide to run’ and get elected…ta-da….. They are chosen as players for a side of the uni-party….and if it weren’t so, they would never get a lick of (Jew)media attention [Just look at how they ignored Ron Paul] and the majority would never even hear their name.

      Trump ws never a conservative- nor a librul- Just a self-servi9ng long-time NYC Democrat RE developer and long-time member of The Club, who would have considered it beneath him to even spit on the people who supported him, whom he has to pander to as a part of his act.

    • I don’t understand this anti Jew sentiment. I am very likely part Jew myself, though I don’t want any part of modern Israel nor have I ever liked most of the ones I encountered growing up in Fairfield and Westchester County growing up.

      This is a globalist conspiracy that had damned near succeeded in its aim to subvert this country. I for one am tired of it. Every one of these assholes, jew or not should be buried alive.

      • Hi Swamp,

        Amen. I’ve said it before and will, again: Collectivizing people is what collectivists do. I am a libertarian. The core definition of which is the premise that the individual matters. If we become collectivists, then we lose any sound basis for objecting to being collectivized, ourselves.

        • Hi Eric,

          Your site has always attracted a small number of Jew haters and racists. No matter how many times you have pointed out that such collective race or religion hatred is antithetical to libertarianism, these people keep posting here.

          If I were more of a “conspiracy theorist”, I might just believe that these posters are actually deep state operatives, assigned to make libertarians look like racist, hate filled idiots.

          • Hi Martin,

            I have no doubt that sites not on the side of authoritarian collectivists – especially sites that challenge the foundations of authoritarian collectivism – are often targeted by those who would discredit opposition to authoritarian collectivism, as by seeking to portray it as a forum for latent or overt right wing” and “racist” thought. I do my best to counter that while at the same leaving those who wish to comment free to do so, even when I very much disagree with what they say. I agree with Jefferson when he said that truth does not require the suppression of falsehood to prevail. So long as people are free to speak, the truth will out.

  16. No need to overthink it Eric, Trump is and has always been a raging narcissist. He will never admit he was wrong, he is a genius in his own mind, and only cares about seeing his name everywhere all the time.

    • Well, TBF, he fits right in with the DC crowd and other “second oldest profession” professionals globally. I mean, I might have missed it because I’m only 57 years old but for entirety of my life, I cannot recall a single politician ever honestly saying “I was wrong” or “we were wrong” or “that wasn’t a good idea” or “that was a bad idea” or anything to that effect. Never ever.

      Even when comprehensively beat by better ideas, having their bad ideas thrown out by courts or later laws, having wrecked economies/lives, or just plain old unpopular — never ever a consolatory remark.

      No, they were always right and there’s never been a politician, political group or party, that has been (in their own words) wrong about or have failed at anything ever.


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