The Wheel Turns. . . and Orange Fails

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It appears that what some expected to happen is happening. The “mainstream” media is beginning to turn on the Orange Man.

Well, that’s not it exactly.

The “mainstream” media – which has a smaller audience than many podcasters (e.g., Joe Rogan vs. CNN) – was never in favor of the Orange Man. But it is something else that is beginning to lose favor that is closely associated with the Orange Man.

Two guesses what it is.

If you guessed the “vaccines” the Orange Man “warp speeded” past the previously-in-place testing protocols that such drugs had to be run through to assure they were safe and effective before they could be offered (let alone mandated) get thee to the head of the class.

Politico – which is almost as “mainstream” as CNN – derides the Orange Man for doing it. “The Trump administration pressured the FDA to authorize unproven treatments for COVID-19 and the first COVID-19 vaccines on an accelerated timeline…”

Italics added.

“Unproven” indeed.

Unsafe, in fact – in addition to being ineffective.

It is now widely known that the “vaccines” are no such thing in that the thing which defines a vaccine is its power to immunize.

These “vaccines” don’t – and even the lowest wattage bulbs are beginning to realize the fact. How many “vaccines” has the Biden Thing taken? Yet it continues to “test positive.” So also the Fauci Thing – and the other Things who insisted the “vaccines” would prevent those who took them from getting – and spreading – the sickness they now get just the same.

Plus the side-effects, which for thousands have included death.

And it was the Orange Man who “pressured” the FDA – the government arm of Pfizer and Moderna and J&J – to get them into circulation on “an accelerated timetable.”

The Biden Thing merely inherited what Orange Man enabled – and so cannot be blamed for the consequences.

Or rather, won’t be.

Orange Man will.

The man not only hugged the “vaccine” tar baby – he ran into the bushes at “warp speed” to do it. Now he will be – rightly – held responsible for the results. The deaths and injuries will be laid at his feet, which is just where they belong. His obnoxiously self-reverential boasting about how he personally “saved millions of lives” is wheeling around on him.

Which may be a good thing in that it may serve to finally put paid to the Orange Man and his fails – chief among which being his failure to even attempt to prevent the weaponization of hypochondria that metastasized during the last year of his failed presidency. He could have – he should have – attempted to calm the situation by calmly explaining that the “virus” presented almost no serious threat to most people (as in 98.8-plus percent of the people) and that the deliberately hystericized “case” counts – remember them? – were just that.

Deliberately hystericized.

Because a “case” – as they were being hysterically “reported” – was just a positive test.

It did not even mean the person was sick, let alone sick enough to be under a doctor’s care, in a hospital. This is fact – and it could have and it should have been explained to people.

Leaving Fauci and Birx free to terrorize people was an egregious fail because it enabled the ruinous “lockdowns” that destroyed millions of lives, economically speaking.

Then there were – and still are – the loathsome devices styled “masks” that people were all-but-forced to wear, if they wished to keep their jobs or to shop at most stores. The mass-enforced wearing of these “masks” created the visual impression of a “pandemic” that never existed, in fact but did serve to perpetuate the illusion.

And the tyranny.

The Orange Man did nothing to explain to people that wearing a “mask” served no good purpose and in fact served a sinister purpose – that being the conjuring of the visual of a “pandemic” that was used to assault whatever tattered remnants of personal liberty still existed in this country, prior to the “pandemic.”

But the “warp speeding” of these toxic – and ineffective – drugs that are not vaccines is the biggest fail of all. And it is a fail that the Orange Man has yet to acknowledge, much less atone for.

And now he is going to be thrown under the bus for it.

But don’t believe for a second it’s because the “mainstream” media has had a change of heart, has any interest in undoing the damage it helped the Orange Man to cause. Its sole purpose is to throw under the bus anything and anyone that might try to counter the things the Orange Man didn’t even try to.

But with Orange Man gone – hopefully – perhaps there is a chance to do just that.

. . .

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  1. Oh no! Poor Trump! They got him! They held him hostage! He couldn’t escape! They only let him outside for press conferences, then back to dungeon! He is baby! He couldn’t figure anything out! Too complicated! He was the strongest toughest smartest man in 2015 and 2016 and then they captured him! That’s what REALLY HAPPENED! So sad! It’s not his fault!

  2. Eric,

    I interviewed political animal Dick Morris a few weeks ago. (his new book “Trump Returns”) Told Dick I thought that the vaccine issue would be an albatross around DJT’s neck. Morris told me that was “nonsense”. Wonder if he’ll apologize? 😉 /sarc

    • I can’t believe all this crap. Trump was hostage to the institutionalized “experts” that we all believed in. The medical establishment was still intact, respected, and regarded as a credible authority. Trump bowed to these people acknowledging their expertise. What short memories I see here! It was the demented fool in the White House who started and enforced the vaccine and mask mandates. And it was the propaganda media who censored information about early treatments. Give me a break, you are all full if it.

      • Hi Annie,

        But Orange Fail continues to tout the wonderfulness of the “vaccines.”

        There is no excuse for this – is there? By now he has to know the “vaccines” are not “safe and effective.”

        How can you defend it? I’m genuinely curious.

      • Oh no! Poor Trump! They got him! They held him hostage! He couldn’t escape! They only let him outside for press conferences, then back to dungeon! He is baby! He couldn’t figure anything out! Too complicated! He was the strongest toughest smartest man in 2015 and 2016 and then they captured him! That’s what REALLY HAPPENED! So sad! It’s not his fault!

      • Annie, I am a high-school drop-out, and I din’t buy any of the COVID nonsense from the very beginning, and scoffed at the very first mention of a ‘vaccine’ [Given the history of past vaccines, and the cirmcumstances surrounding the establishment of the COVID narrative]. You are essentially saying that a billionaire businessman who managed to attain one of the very most powerful offices in the world is far less informed than I, with my 9th grade edumacation[sic].

        Not to even mention that This whole thing had been rehearsed in 2019 with Trump’s knowledge, when a ‘pandemic’ scenario was used as the basis of a federal-level drill- i.e. this is not something that was just sp[rung upon The orange Asshat out-of-the-blue- it was something which had been a matter of dicussion and preparation, with Trump’s participation, before the real thing ‘coincidentally’ happened……

        But at this poinjt I’m sure that DJT could personally execute the dogs and grandmothers of every one of his supporters, and they’d still make excuses for him and support him, because our political system is a religion, and the gods who vie to be elected to the godhead can do no wrong.

      • Annie – face diaper mandates (not going to dignify them by calling them masks) were instituted under Trump. He did nothing to impede them, and diapering in federal facilities, airplanes, trains, etc. were all out in place under Trump (federal stuff was his dominion). These unchecked face diaper requirements led, inevitably, to vaccine mandates and abuse by Sniffy. He could have intervened at any time, he could have used his pulpit to undermine face diapers. But he said and did … nothing. He was not misled by experts. He was complicit. His not renouncing the vaccines proves his complicity – his words and deeds testify against him.

  3. “The Biden Thing merely inherited what Orange Man enabled – and so cannot be blamed for the consequences.

    Or rather, won’t be.”

    Oh, there’s plenty of blame to go around. I remember that thin-lipped, angry dementia patient informing we insurgent purebloods that his “patience was wearing thin.”

    There’s plenty of room in Hell for Trump and Biden both.

  4. Eric,

    Don’t forget that Trump enable the SCAMDEMIC in other ways too! One, he didn’t hold the GOP convention in person; it was virtual. Two, he didn’t do his campaign rallies until the very end of the 2020 campaign. Thanks to both of those actions, he gave credence to the narrative, which enabled mail ballots and all the rest of it. Had he insisted on doing the convention in person; had he insisted on doing his rallies; then the SCAMDEMIC would’ve been severely undermined. No, Trump upheld the narrative in multiple ways.

    As David Knight says, it’s as if Trump were trying to throw the election; it’s as if he were trying to lose. He established all his harmful (to liberty) precedents, then Biden came in and continued doing the same thing. As DK says, it was like a tag team wrestling match; Trump tagged Biden, and Biden came in as Trump exited.

    • Vaccines are just a cult religion…..trump believes in it, so do 90% of the public, big pharma knows it, that made it easy to pull off the mild flu relabeled as the deathly bat germ hoax………..

      being called an anti-vaxxer is a political/religious thing, best to be avoided. maybe trump sensed that….

      if a vaccine is safe and effective and has been through double blind peer reviewed studies, most people would be ok with it.

      NOTE: this has never ever happened yet in history for any vaccine ever.

      until this happens the people who believe in vaccine religion can inject themselves, for the others wait for scientific approval, not fake science.

      However, in spite of the widespread notion that vaccines are largely safe and serious adverse complications are extremely rare, a close scrutiny of the scientific literature does not sup-port this view

      note: For example, to date the clinical trials that could adequately address vaccine safety issues have not been conducted (i.e., comparing health outcomes in vaccinated versus non-vaccinated children).

      The lack of such controlled trials may be because historically, vaccinations have been assumed safe . read again….assumed safe.

      There is also a view that conducting such trials would be extraordinarily difficult or unethical; the first is simply not correct, the second is not a scientific issue per se.

      It is also often assumed that vaccinations face a tougher safety standard than most pharmaceutical products. However, according to the U.S. FDA,

      “Historically, the non-clinical safety assessment for preventive vaccinations has often not included toxicity studies in animal models. This is because vaccinations have not been viewed as inherently toxic” .

      This is a startling admission from an Agency which according to its own mission statement is ”responsible for protecting the public health by assuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs”.

      Essentially, what the FDA workshop revealed is that not only are vaccinations not adequately evaluated for toxicity but also,

      that the reason for such an oversight rested on a belief rather than scientific evidence. Science is not a religion in which dogmatic statements of faith can replace adequately powered, controlled, longitudinal vaccine safety studies in animals and people.

      Furthermore, such assumptions of safety, in the absence of actual experimental data, are not only dangerous but have historically hampered serious scrutiny of potential vaccine harms.

      another reason not to trust blindly any company currently producing vaccinations in the United States. Each one of the four vaccine producers “is a convicted serial felon: Glaxo, Sanofi, Pfizer, Merck.”

      “In the past 10 years, just in the last decade, those companies have paid 35 billion dollars in criminal penalties, damages, fines, for lying to doctors, for defrauding science, for falsifying science, for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans knowingly.”

      why would you inject yourself with something from these monsters?

      Science is not a religion in which dogmatic statements of faith can replace adequately powered, controlled, longitudinal vaccine safety studies in animals and people…
      so if you believe, go ahead get injected…for others show scientific proof

      vaccines are not backed by science only by belief, so it is a religion only….fake science…

  5. Here’s a cool way to mock the Uniparty — just make your own damned campaign signs, without bothering to get nominated:

    ‘One of the people who made joke political signs calls himself “Dixon Butts” on the signs that featured him with a sidekick, a dog named Dixie.

    ‘On the signs, “Butts” calls himself “a man of the people.”

    “There’s about 1,000 people online that said they would write me in for something, so if the people want Dixon, I’m in a position to give it to [them].”

    ‘”Butts” is selling bumper stickers and t-shirts on a website, under his character’s name. He has already placed a second order to keep up with the demand.’

    Seriously, siphoning off a thousand votes from empty-suit Uniparty robo-candidates can f*ck them up. Bush beat Gore by 537 votes in Florida, according to the received hanging-chad Narrative.

    • Saw another one somewhere of a Mexican dude crouching with an AR, with the line “Stackin’ Bodies, Bangin’ Thotties. Vote Blah Blah. Endorsed by Your Mom.

      I love the mockery of “our sacred DeMoCrAcY”

  6. Many today blame Demorats for the entire plandemic fiasco. Sorry, but it was the Republirats that set it all up. The following video with Karen Kingston clarifies best. The entire 19 minute video is of major importance but she goes into the bills Republirats passed leading up to the plandemic starting at 7:20.

    Both party’s were involved in this up to their necks and those necks should be treated to a nice new rope.

  7. I don’t know what is more shocking:

    That the libruls have actually, for once, resorted to actually using the truth- or that Trump’s actions were so blatantly egregious that he made it easy for them to do so!

    Hope he gets his comeuppance, and that justice may actually be served, for once.

  8. Trump had all the right enemies and appeared to have some good initial instincts on matters. He demonstrated this early on when he said the fake rona would be no worse than the flu and would go away. However, Trump is purely an opportunist and turned away from his initial instinct. His navigating of the fake rona was guided solely by what he perceived to be the best path for Trump. The deep state had him figured out early on and played him like a fiddle. They knew exactly what he would and wouldn’t do and set the wheels in motion accordingly.

    Having witnessed his own political career crash and burn, he did what always worked for him in the past, which is to brag about his “accomplishments.” His sense of opportunism led him to the belief that he could take credit for this “tremendous vaccine” and that’s what he did. He’s an inept fool that enabled all of that shit to go down. God damn him for that!

    As far as him getting stuck with the responsibility of death and injury from the poison shot, I say bring it on as it’s well-deserved (there are many others responsible too). If he’s got to go down for the truth to be acknowledged about the poison shot, that’s even better. Sacrificing the guilty to uncover the truth will be sweet justice indeed.

    With that said, I’ll give credit where credit is due. He tried to finally end the Korean war and he axed the Obamacare mandate. He stuck to his instincts here.

    • Hi ML,

      I agree with your post 100%. I believe Trump did some good, but either his ego or his insecurity got in the way. When one goes against their natural instincts bad things usually follow. I have days that I believe Trump isn’t part of the Swamp and then I have alternate days thinking “How can a Democrat New York Real Estate Developer not be part of it?”

      Trump pushed the jab, but he did not mandate it. Let’s be honest, he and Melania didn’t get it. His original gut was right. It was the flu and would go away, but he lost control of his own party in the process. Let’s be honest anyone that hires Bolton and Fauci and actually considers Romney for a position in his Administration has horrible perceptive and should not be rehired no matter what he promises.

      Let’s not forget as the Asses were locking down states so were the Elephants…all of them. With the exception of Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, and maybe, Kristi Noem, the Right went along with the narrative, feigning concern and hyperventilating about dying. They masked up and rolled up their sleeves just as quickly. I can’t stand the Party of Socialists, but the Party of Cuckseratives are just as bad and maybe even more disappointing. They claim to be for individual freedom, but at the first sign of adversity they fold like a cheap suit. How can we vote and support someone that rolls over so quickly? They don’t even try punching back. They fall down, lick their wounds, and fix nor fight for anything. Their plan is to wait for the Democrat to destroy everything and then their re-election slogan becomes “Hey, it wasn’t us. Vote Republican!” When do we stop electing pussies?

  9. I testified before an FDA committee on behalf of my wife (her vocal chords are paralyzed among other things) and at the behest of a pharmaceutical company trying to bring a new drug to help with symptoms.

    The whole FDA process is mind numbingly slow and cost the drug companies gazillions of dollars. All of which they advised me on as to not create false hope.

    The most interesting part of the meeting was the FDA scientists, physicians, and others discuss the statistical sampling, which test method, design of experiments, etc. It’s quite cumbersome and real booger-eatin’ nerd stuff.

    It most definitely wasn’t at warp speed and even with the positive result of the meeting, the CEO of the drug company told me it’s not likely that a trial will start within the next calendar year.

  10. While I assign some blame to Trump, because his “operation warp speed” and other Covid policies enabled many a tiny tyrant, the truth is, there should be no FDA, and if the drug companies want to rush a vaccine out, it needs to do what they say it does, or its fraud.

    If they put something out and the person taking it signs a release that all bets are off and its experimental, then that person gets what they get.

    It should be really simple but our Gub’mint makes it way harder than it has to be.

    All hail the Tiny Tyrants.

    • Hi Mike,

      Absolutely. There is no constitutional authority for the FDA – or the EPA or the Department of Education. Most of the power arrogated by the federal government is illegitimate by the standard of the plain wording of the Constitution – which has been parsed such that there is now effectively almost no limit on federal power.

      • Hell Eric, there is no Constitutional authority for the FBI.
        Once the SCOTUS determined that a man growing grain on his own land to feed his own livestock had an “effect” on interstate commerce and therefore could be regulated by the state, the Constitution ceased to exist. There is nothing you do that might not have an “effect” on interstate commerce, including how many sheets of toilet paper you use per wipe, or how many times you wipe.

  11. A courageous stand by Orange Man against the medical bureaucracy lock-down crazed folks may have resulted in him not being reelected!

    Trump and Pence are DISQUALIFIED for high office as a result of their cowardly behavior in promoting Operation Warp speed and lockdowns. Running around the country and claiming credit for the unsafe and ineffective vaccines and boasting that they saved the lives of millions is evidence of mental derangement.

    • Hi Howard,

      I consider Trump’s continued advocacy for “vaccines” as proof that he is either an almost unbelievably obtuse man or a complicit man. I can divine no other plausible explanation.

      And: I think that had he taken a stand – say, about three months after the start of the “pandemic” (so, early summer 2020) – the “pandemic” could have been ended by the end of summer.

      I will never forgive him for the fact that the “pandemic” still hasn’t ended.

      • Completely agree with your assessment Eric. I was being somewhat facetious about a courageous stand resulting in him not being reelected. As is turns out, he wasn’t reelected anyway despite yielding to the liberal mob. He cut his own throat (and ours) by locking us down and destroying the economy during an election year.

        Thanks for your writing.

      • Hi Eric

        at the very beginning trump said that the bat germ bs was a hoax, (he was right), then people started laughing at him, saying the whole world is going to die tomorrow, this is the biggest disease in history and he says it is a hoax….then he caved and shutup…………

        hahaha people believed the official narrative….the official narrative was it came from a bat mating with an armadillo in a wet market….lol …..people are insane….beyond stupid

  12. Does the US gov use psychological warfare? Does it wage it on its own citizens? Does it feel like the gov is ‘in your face’? Do you suspect it is an imposition? Do you think they are purposely trying to do anything anyway they can to make you less secure and even more uncomfortable?

    Do you trust Anthony Fauci?

    Do you trust Rochelle Walensky?

    Do you trust Joe Biden?

    You know you can’t trust that Chen woman, she betrays herself.

    Do you have a hunch that the gov is mowing you over, kicking while you are down?

    How is it being done, you might ask yourself.





    There’s a reason for the needle.

    There’s a reason for the mandates.

    There’s a reason for the financial stress.

    All done to wear you down, take advantage of you, make you vulnerable at all times. Take the very best of what you have.

    They want you dead and gone.

    Permanent War, everywhere, all the time. One after another, it will not stop.

    Julian Assange thinks so too.

    Second year in a row where the summertime daytime high temp in the geographical local has yet to reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit and above. Indicates a cooling trend in the Northern Hemisphere.

    Record temps are always 100 degrees or higher in August. Not this year. Ain’t happened yet.

    • Hi Drump,

      You raise an interesting point – about summer temps. I don’t think it once reached 100 here in SW Va, either. Or even more than about 95. Of course, no “reporting” of the fact that temps are down – as that might upset the flow of the narrative…

      • Yeah: My tomato and pepper *plants* are healthy, but tomato fruits are not turning red and *no fruits* on the pepper plants! (I guess I will have to learn to eat fried green tomatoes…

        • Tom,
          Both are of the nightshade family, so likely a common cause for both. Who knows what it might be. 5G, or chemtrails, lack of bees? I had a heavy bloom on my apple trees in April. Little to no fruit set. A lack of bees is my diagnosis. Especially since my orchard used to be buzzing with bees, and could easily be heard from 50 yards away. This year I could count them. I hear that Roundup has a horrible effect on bees, and with the advent of “roundup ready” GMO crops, I suspect the use of it is way up.
          Actually, fried green tomatoes are one of my favorite means of eating them. Preferably in bacon fat or butter.

        • Hey Tom,

          Yeah, I’ve been growing pepper plants and tomatoes for several years now here in SOMD. This year the summer has been unusually wet and mild. In previous years, I had bumper crops from just a couple/few pepper plants — only need to plant like 3 of ’em.

          Now I’ve got half a dozen or more and they’re doing almost nothing. I had to learn how to make hot sauce before. This year, I haven’t gotten enough peppers from my plants to make a single batch.

          The tomatoes aren’t doing very well either. We get a few for salads every now and then. Nothing like previous years.

          If I’m ever going to grow enough produce in these conditions to not need a grocery store, I’m gonna have to figure out a green house. No two ways about it.

          • I am having very good luck with my Roma and Heirloom tomatoes, but we planted them in the greenhouse back in March and then transplanted them to the garden in May. My blueberries, on the other hand, were dismal, but the blackberries I got about two gallon off each bush. Horrible luck with my pepper plants. Still crossing my fingers on the cucumber harvest. If the SHTF we are going to be living off salsa and tortilla chips this winter.

      • Ditto here in southern KY, Drumph & Eric. Hasn’t gotten over 100 in at least three years; and this year never even got to 100- It’s been unusually cool for August- yet my mother tells me that the bubbas on the little local radio station she listens to keep speaking of ‘the heat’ -“and they’ve lived here their whole lives”.

        When I was a kid we used to have hot summers in NY. When my mother was a kid they were even hotter. This has been the first hot summer NY has had in decades.

        Most places, summer record highs and long periods of hot weather recorded back in the 1930’s have still not been broken.

        Judging by the trees here, looks like we’re going to have an unusually early fall this year.

      • Eric, record temps by state is out there in the ever expanding universe of information. Take note of the number of record temps set during the 1930’s.

        Record Temps by State

        26 states had record temps during the 1930’s is what I count.

        No way is there global warming when record temps can’t be matched nor exceeded from 90 years ago.

  13. Massive Increase in Deaths Following Covid Vax Confirmed by Major Insurance Report • They want global civil war to centralize all global medical authority within the UN

    Society of Actuary Institute (SOA) has published a report on Group Life Insurance Excess Mortality, a survey of 80% of the Group Life industry in the US, that confirms Dowd’s findings from last February, that in Q3 of 2021, there was an alarming spike in Working Age Excess Deaths. In ages 35-44, it was 100% over normal (i.e., double) for that quarter.

    Ed Dowd suspects that the insurance industry reports are the reason why the CDC reversed course on its COVID “guidance”

    Ed also thinks the insurance industry reports are why CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky last week announced a total reorganization of that lumbering agency

    And now, we see Anthony Fauci resigning and the wheels coming off the fake pandemic but Alex notes that in the SPARS document, a report published by Johns Hopkins in 2017 about a communications drill for a vaccine that “accidentally” causes “Mad Cow” prion disease, it is the politicians – not Big Pharma – who are blamed for speeding up the release of the vaccines without proper testing and trials, causing millions of cases of brain damage starting 6 months to a year after the injection.

    As with Crimson Contagion and Event 201, the SPARS report is the actual battle plan for a slow-kill genocidal attack on the populace,

    • the release of the vaccines without proper testing and trials, causing millions of cases of brain damage starting 6 months to a year after the injection.

      brain damaged….and you have to share the road with these moronic defects (the walking dead)…driving their lithium fire bomb EV’s…

      • Anon,

        I submit that while “brain damage” and “untested vaccine acceptance” are clearly statistically linked, any causality is not necessarily in the order presented.

  14. Go back a year and many people who were fans of the Orange Fail adopted the attitude that whether or not the jabs worked, accepting “vaccination” was the price we would have to pay to get back to “normal”, to the point that otherwise sane OF fans I knew openly talked about helping to hold down the reluctant when the door-to-door jabs started.

    • Hearing people actually make this statement still haunts as one the most insane things said during the pandemic. I really wondered some days if the world had lost its mind.

    • Heh, Roscoe- That goes hand-in-hand with “using the military to ‘distribute’ the vaccine”.

      99% of our population love tyranny- just so long as it’s their brand of tyranny that’s being inflicted on ‘the other side’. In the coming contrived civil war, there will be no side for us, but rather just blue tyranny vs. red tyranny- doesn’t matter who wins…ya get the same thing.

      • I think that’s exactly right Nunzio. But I think it goes deeper than that. It seems like all too many people are individual tyrants themselves. Look what happened with the lunatic covid hysteria and how most people were just over the top on the side of government tyranny.

        You’d think that people would be helping each other out or at least more on the lenient side. But what we got instead is every grocery store clerk, every minimum wage flunky rising up and letting their inner tyrant shine.

        I had a guy at Lowe’s FLIP THE FUCK OUT because my deaf ass walked past his Nazi ass without him waving me through. I have at best 50% hearing in both ears and I couldn’t tell WTF he was mumbling about under his masked. I just walked right past and didn’t hear his muffled, indignant, tyrannical screaming. But luckily he was pinned down — by “the enemy” — the line of other people he was forced to strictly control and couldn’t leave his post. My wife told me that, after his insane screaming (even trying to get my wife to get me back to the line) he got on his walkie talkie and attempted to call in support. Of course, it was actually Lowes and not the fucken USMC, so help never arrived. 🤣🤣🤣

    • back in 2020 before mandates….

      mandated injection coming?

      Environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warned Americans on Thursday to be cautious about any new coronavirus vaccine, pointing out that key parts of testing are being skipped.
      “The Moderna vaccine, which is the lead candidate, skipped the animal testing altogether,” Kennedy said during an online debate on mandatory vaccinations with renowned Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz.

      Kennedy said
      “it’s not hypothetical that vaccines cause injury, and that injuries are not rare. The vaccine courts have paid out four billion dollars” over the past three decades, “and the threshold for getting back into a vaccine court and getting a judgment – [the Department of Health and Human Services] admits that fewer than one percent of people who are injured ever even get to court.”

      He mentioned another reason not to trust blindly any company currently producing vaccines in the United States. Each one of the four vaccine producers “is a convicted serial felon: Glaxo, Sanofi, Pfizer, Merck.”
      “In the past 10 years, just in the last decade, those companies have paid 35 billion dollars in criminal penalties, damages, fines, for lying to doctors, for defrauding science, for falsifying science, for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans knowingly.”

      “It requires a cognitive dissonance,” Kennedy commented, “for people who understand the criminal corporate cultures of these four companies to believe that they’re doing this in every other product that they have, but they’re not doing it with vaccines.”

      Dershowitz, cited a 1905 Supreme Court ruling as precedent. Jacobson v. Massachusetts upheld the authority of states to enforce compulsory vaccination laws.
      Kennedy clarified that the state government at the time had offered people to either be vaccinated or pay a five dollar fine.
      Dershowitz’s argument, however, was that based on constitutional law, including this precedent, “the state has the power to literally take you to a doctor’s office and plunge a needle into your arm.”

      attention; see what dershowitz says “the state has the power to literally take you to a doctor’s office and plunge a needle into your arm.” mandate coming…..

      Kennedy said,
      “I think there’s a big constitutional chasm between, you know, that remedy, which is paying a fine, and actually going in and holding somebody down and forcibly injecting them.”

      The ethical issue of many vaccines being derived from cell lines of aborted babies was not discussed during the debate.

  15. And what of those millions of us that said it was BS from the start? That the Holy Jab wasn’t tested and should not be taken.

    We were universally shouted down. We were asked why we wanted people to die. It was WE that were keeping the planet from a “safe and effective” “cure”.

    The loudest critics I knew were those that hated Trump viscerally. The TDS sufferers. They love Herr Little Dokter. Why? Because he one-upped Trump.

    Now Trump is taking the blame.

    Should he be blamed? Perhaps. But, the entire Medical/Industrial Complex pushed this harder than a Florida time-share salesman. If you didn’t think the Holy Jab was our salvation you were a “Denier”.

    Give me a break. Trump sucks but, that’s like going to a gay orgy and coming away with Monkey Pox then trying to shift the blame to others.

    • Hi Mark,

      I consider that Trump’s share of the blame is . . . yuge. For all the reasons adduced in the original article. And he continues to champion these unsafe and ineffective drugs styled “vaccines.”

      It is unforgivable.

      • Agreed, however, for the Left to now act like “it’s all Orange Man’s Fault” is pure bull-oney. There’s plenty of blame to go around. I can only hope that all those that promulgated this deadly fiasco will be the ones to pay most heavily.

  16. The pandemic response and the “vaccine” were no doubt Orange’s biggest fail and he deserves his share of the blame. Sure there was Operation Warp Speed during the Orange administration, but the FDA approval, the CDC guidelines, the “vaccine” mandates and the never ending “boosters” all occurred during the Biden thing’s tenure.

    No way the state/big pharma controlled media go after Orange for the disaster because to do so would be to admit the “vaccine” is neither “safe” nor “effective”. If the sheeple become aware of the damage done by the “vaccine”, the excrement explosion would take out the FDA, CDC, NIH, NIAID, Fauci, AMA, the main stream media and every vax pushing politician in the country. The collateral damage would be enormous.

    It would be great if this Politico article started an actual investigation in to the corruption and malfeasance of entire Covid conspiracy, but don’t hold your breath. If the truth ever does come out it will be because of the scope of the death and disabilities caused by the “vaccine” becomes impossible to hide by the state controlled media.

    • Re: Griff August 25, 2022 At 4:07 pm

      Just a whistleblower away from showing that the special people didn’t get the same jab or it was cherry picked in some manner. A suitable whistleblower with proper documentation is all it takes.

    • They relabeled mild flu as the super deathly bat germ disease, if you didn’t lock yourself in your basement for two years, wear a mask 24/7 and get multiple extermination injections, we will all die tomorrow…..people believed every word….why?….because they saw it on TV….lol….plus of course 120 years of brain washing by crooked big pharma, who bribed all the corrupt doctors and politicians….getting rich off a democide

      • Hi RS,

        Do you get a feeling that something is happening underneath the surface? I found it interesting that Tucker brought up the vaccines last night and how the blame will fall on Trump. If we tie that in with Fauci retiring, “Doctor” Wen now stating that masks should be an individual choice, and the quiet flippancy of the left-wing media (which Fox is one of them) narrating the “who’s at fault” button. All in a matter of days.

        It takes me back to the last episode of Two and a Half Men when Charlie shows back up at the door and the helicopter drops the piano on him instead of on the house. I can’t help but feel The Donald should stay away from open windows.

        • Hi RG,

          I could forgive the Orange Man if only he would stop. Yet he continues to defend – to cheer – the “vaccines.” It is egregious. And unforgivable.

          • Hi Eric

            Trump if he was properly informed, could have challenged them…

            He could have said:

            show me scientific proof the vaccines work (any vaccine for that matter), or the masks work, or lockdowns work or distancing works or toxic hand sanitizers work, there is no proof anywhere, it is all fake science, that is why they don’t want this to end up in court, they can’t show any proof….

            There is also another small problem, which is they can’t prove the cv19 virus exists, if it goes to court and they are asked for proof there is none. zero. a huge problem……

            they have lied and bs’ed for 2 1/2 years and got away with it, but if it goes to court you have to show proof, they can’t.

            He could have said….you are all liars, it is all fake science, show me the proof….

            • Hey Anon1,
              Trump has done so many things which illustrate that he couldn’t care less about liberty, justice or even his own supporters, why at this point would anyone give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he was merely ill-advised? (Even if he were, if someone who holds the office of one of the most powerful and influential people on earth could be so ill-advised, then such an one should be disqualified from such an office).

              But just look at the man’s actions-
              Cheating legitimate creditors out of millions by declaring bankruptcy for different businesses he owns SIX TIMES;

              Using eminent domain while he was still a private citizen to take the properties of homeowners and business owners for his own needs.

              Pardoning a bunch of felons, including a murderer, and The King Of Medicare Fraud who stole $1.6 BILLION, before he left office….

              This man is nothing but a crook- and of course, crooks would always rather plead ignorance rather than admit guilt- but in the case of the [non]vaccines, the bastard has yet to even acknowledge that a crime has been committed, though the evidence is inescapable. This is the modus operandi of criminals.

  17. Watch: Fauci Claims Lockdowns Have Not “Irreparably Damaged Anyone”

    fauci the rat trying to weezle out of responsibility for deaths/injuries from the nazi needle, lockdowns, masks, etc., will blame everything on trump…

    from zh comments

    Fauci is the type of tyrant that deserves a group of crazies at his door to lynch him. This is the only way according to the annals of history. Doxx him, make him get a security detail for the rest of his octogenarian life to pay for his arrogance.
    Biden’s pick for chief medical advisor hasn’t gone to school for 50 years. What does that say?

    hitler gave Rommel a choice take poison or be tried and hung with a wire… he choose trial.. then they said your family would not fair so well then… he was dead within ten minutes… dr megele here should just be shot in the sphincter and then thrown into a well…

  18. Trump, like all politicians in the District of Criminals, is guilty as hell. Millions are going to die because of his warp speed vaxx.

    But his base is against the vaxx. In fact the last year everytime Trump goes to a rally and speaks of his great job with the vaxx his adoring crowd boos him.

    So why in the hell does he keep bringing it up? Well, I have a theory. He is being paid to say it. I say the Rothschilds, who run the world central banking cartel, are trying to kill the rabble off with a vaccine program, and they are willing to pay big bucks to any prominent politician who shills the vaxx.

    Trump may be getting millions to mention the vaxx in positive light. Each time a million dollars goes into one of his accounts.

    Now you might say, that is a crazy conspiracy theory. Yep, it is, and like most conspiracy theories they are proving true. You see folks the reason why crazy conspiracy theories are becoming true is because we don’t know how bad it really is. The corruption is way, way worse than we ever imagined.

    I remember 30 years ago David Icke (famous British writer) said the world was run by a pedophile cult. And who believed that? Not even me! But now it is proved true, both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump were best buds with Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein. Clinton took the Lolita express 34 times. Trump has been sued for underaged rape. But do you know about it?

    Probably not, because the media does not talk about it. Have you seen the pics on Hunter Biden’s laptop, have you heard that Biden took showers with his daughters? How about the “wife” of Obama, Michelle, who is really his gay high school love Big Mike. Go look it up.

    All of them are sex weirdos.

    And they occupy the top levels of power.

  19. Trump will be the scapegoat for all wrongdoing of the state. Fauxchi will pile on too, as soon as he hits the lecture and pundit circuit.

    • Re: ReadyKilowatt August 25, 2022 At 2:05 pm

      As soon as Trump took office he started to be blamed for things that fedgov did before he was born. But the masses have no clue when things happened and are thus easily duped.

      • BrentP

        “The past was alterable. The past never had been altered. Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.”

        ― George Orwell, author of many how-to guides, including 1984

  20. ‘unproven treatments on an accelerated timeline’ — Politico

    Inevitably, an inoculation program that reached two-thirds of the US population left a statistical trail that can’t be concealed. Big Data analyst The Ethical Skeptic is on the case:

    ‘We have lost 349,000 younger Americans to something besides Covid and non-natural death, during the period from 3 April 2021 to 13 August 2022. The current rate of mortality in this ICD categorization is around 5,000–8,000 per week – which exceeds most weeks of the Covid pandemic itself.

    ‘Cancers and lymphomas have risen to a 9+ sigma level since Week 14 of 2021. Right now there exists a problem in terms of US citizen health and mortality — one which is differentiated from Covid-19 itself, and began in earnest Week 14 of 2021.’

    What happened in Week 14 of 2021, you ask? “The Week 14 of 2021 inflection date happens to correspond to the fastest velocity [peak rate] in administered vaccine doses inside the US population.”

    It’s too late to hide this damning data, though the Ethical Skeptic notes in regard to tens of thousands of missing or recategorized CDC records:

    “It is hard to envision a scenario explaining this 52,000-record data tampering across the most at-risk weeks (Weeks 4 through 20) of 2022, as not constituting malicious obfuscation of US citizen mortality data. As a former intelligence officer and strategist for nations facing some pretty tough corruption challenges, I am a skeptic of power.”

    Nuremberg 2.0 tribunals: not a joke.

    Now you know why ‘Dr’ Fauci-Mengele is retiring in December. He could face capital charges when this analysis is confirmed, and reconfirmed, and becomes established fact. Slaying 349,000 Americans is a pretty damned serious offense.

  21. Hi RG –

    This all stinks to high heaven. I’ve been hearing that these companies and their FDA subsidiary want to make these a “platform” where they just sub in some new mRNA for the next variant du jour. This way, they can just do limited, if any clinical studies before it’s rolled out to those who have rolled up. Imagine the cost savings for avoiding clinical trials, and to just declare something safe and effective, then shove it into the arms of the uninformed and the willfully blind. It’s unethical and it’s dangerous, and it’s bullshit.

    I’m with you – the body can heal itself remarkably well, particularly if supported by good nutrition. Allopathic medicine really stands in contradistinction of what the body wants and needs to do.

    • BAC, RG, I think relevant (and to give some people some info/hope): Everyone knows how bad lyme disease can be. I got it really bad 10-15 years ago, was bedridden with extreme pain for a week, until the docs finally figured it out and attacked with a plethora of antibiotics. I got better.
      Here’s the interesting part, I got it again a year later, symptoms were 80% as bad (bad!), then again a year later, 60%, then again, etc…. I’ve now had it approx. 7-10 times, and my symptoms are a mere headache, and I shrug it off with aspirin. The body does indeed win in many cases.
      (i have ticks on me almost every week in the north-east because I spend a lot of time in the woods)

  22. Dont you worry for a moment Eric – the Orange one will be just fine. Just like “She” wasn’t locked up, the chimp is free painting in his ranch despite starting illegal wars and occupations, Obama is enjoying despite droning wedding parties, hospitals and schools. The Orange one too will live comfortably for decades yet reaping the rewards of the orders he obeyed. He is a tool – he did what he was told, and probably knew it too. and he still is, by basically acting like a shield dividing the vote from other more sensible republicans from coming forward and running for 2024…..

  23. ‘How many “vaccines” has the Biden Thing taken? Yet it continues to “test positive.” So also the Fauci Thing’ — eric

    Aaaaaaand here we go again:

    ‘”First lady” Dr. Jill Biden has tested positive for a rebound case of Covid-19, her deputy communications director Kelsey Donohue confirmed to CNN.’

    ‘Rare’ Paxlovid rebounds have now afflicted three quadruple-vaxxed political celebrities: “Biden,” ‘Doctor’ Jill, and ‘Doctor’ Fauci-Mengele.

    That’s as extraordinary as all three getting struck by lighting. What are the odds?

    Yet they still flog Pfizer’s worthless flaming dogshit …

    • Hi Jim,

      And my vaccinated aunt (by marriage), and her vaccinated mother, and her vaccinated father, and her vaccinated sister. There is something amiss with Paxlovid. The “medicine” is hiding the symptoms, but when the doses cease “covid” is coming back worse than just letting their immune system handle it naturally.

      I have read several studies that the shots are destroying the acquired immune system (or B cells) in the body. That seems to be the case from what I am seeing. The jabbed are getting sicker and they seem to be catching everything going around. If one’s immune system is working, and you have had a virus the body’s B cells go into overdrive to kill the invading virus because it recognizes it. This is not happening.

      • Hi RG – interestingly over the past few months, more and more people are telling more that only the jabbed people are getting real sick with Covid. Maybe the sheep ARE waking up ??! Another interesting thing I’ve noticed while on holiday – a number of people have started saying “I dont like the jab at all, but in the end I had to take it to travel”. Note – none of these people are some sort of globe trotting business tycoons or something. SO what that tells me is people are trying to angle themselves to say they were suspicious all along – which is hopefully a good thing as I see it !

        • Hi Nasir,

          Glad to see you posting. 🙂 I hope holiday was fun!

          Some of the jabbed are putting it together, but the real awakening seems to be with those that didn’t shoot up. Many hesitated although I don’t think they even know why, maybe gut instinct? These same people are seeing what is occurring to the “vaccinated” and are elated in their choice of not having taken it. They also now seem to be even more in tune to what government and large corporations are doing in other matters and are becoming even more distrustful of these institutions.

          A few of the jabbed also seem to be regretting their decisions, because they are suffering from severe joint pain, lack of sleep, headaches, etc. but I don’t believe they can face the fact yet that they were conned. That is going to be an ugly internal struggle for them.

    • Hi Jim, amazing how everyone keeps “testing positive” no matter how many jabs they take. My question is why the covidiots keep testing themselves when they barely have the sniffles, never mind being actually sick; it’s like “testing positive” is the cult they want to be in.

  24. TPTB will Lock him up in an attempt to quell the rising anger. The media will run with the new talking points. ‘We have heard your complaints and have now held the rich and powerful to account, end of story.’

    Anyone who persists in talking about political criminality will be charged with insurrection against our democracy. And just like that, they will move on to the next shiny bouncing bauble.

  25. How could one warp speed a process that ordinarily takes 15-17 years and whose candidates fail over 95% of the time (and past vaccine failures were generally not for efficacy reasons, it was because they seriously injured people in clinical trials). Taking off the guard rails and throwing long-standing protocols in the garbage was criminally doomed to fail. He laid the foundation that made the 2021 hell inevitable. He gave his nodding approval to the manufacture and proliferation of these bioweapons and knew or should have known how they would be deployed.

    • Hi BAC,

      The new “covid” vaccines that are arriving this fall do not any have clinical studies conducted. Pfizer plans to seek FDA approval (and will absolutely get it) without any control analysis. The government has lost their ever-freaking minds.

      Who does this? They have started criticizing us that use homeopathic remedies stating they are unsafe since very little to no testing has been conducted, but they have no problem issuing approval on lab created chemicals under the exact same circumstances. I can’t stand these people. I will eat a broadleaf plantain or wild rose hips found in the woods before I ever consume something that is manufactured to cost me my purse and health. Unlike Pfizer we have thousands of years of logs, journals, and studies on the benefits of plants found in nature.

      These people are assholes. I hope these drug pushers really did get the vaccine. Maybe the universe will circle back, and karma will see the light of day.

      • From your linked article:

        ‘To help the drugmakers hit that fall deadline, the FDA said the companies did not need to include data from a clinical trial.

        “It’s very similar to what we do with influenza strain changes where there will be a couple of amino acids difference,” Dr. Peter Marks, who helps oversee vaccines for the FDA, told Reuters in late June. “We don’t expect any difference in the safety that we’re going to see.”

        That’s the medical version of Nancy Pelosi’s “we have to pass it to find out what’s in it.”

        Utterly, barking mad.

        ‘Doctor’ Peter Marks-Mengele should be facing a Nuremberg tribunal. I’d gladly volunteer to help build the gallows outside, and even donate the lumber.


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