Irredeemable Orange

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The Orange Man is still pushing “vaccines.”

He did an interview about a week ago with Piers Morgan during which he not only touted their wonderfulness in a general sense, he took personal credit for “saving millions of lives.”

He said nothing about the millions of lives he personally wrecked. The thousands of lives the “vaccines” have taken.

So far . . .

This same man is the one who also declared – and never rescinded – the “national emergency” over one that wasn’t. Nevertheless, he helped to create an ongoing one – by creating the precedent – those with a legal turn of mind will immediately grok – for the declaration at any time of medical martial law, imposed at the whim of “health” bureaucrats who consider themselves a power-unto-themselves, who ought never to have their edicts or even their statements questioned, much less subject to courts, elections and so on.

Speaking of whom.

It was the Orange Man who enabled America’s Lysenko – Anthony Fauci – by literally handing him the microphone and giving him the podium. For almost all of OM’s last year in office. Leading to the new man, now in the office.

It is unforgivable.

In part because it wasn’t a mistake. It was known, very early in the “pandemic” that is was only the latter in the rhetorical sense, as in a “pandemic” of the seasonal flu. Which was hystericized into something on the order of the Black Death. For the purpose of weaponizing hypochondria.

The Orange Man knew it wasn’t the Black Death. Or he is an imbecile. Either way, it is very bad.   

Fauci is still there – and the Orange Man wants to come back. Why would anyone of sound mind want him back? Bear in mind that the “lock downs” occurred when he was there. They haven’t returned now that he is gone. They may, of course – but if they do it will be precisely because the precedent for them has already been established. Under the watch of Orange Man.

It was while he was there that most Americans were all-but-bayonet-pointed into wearing “masks” as the price of being allowed to work or even (in some cases) be outside, in public. It established the precedent expanded upon by his (s)elected successor, it’s true. But would that expansion have been feasible, politically, if the precedent hadn’t been set and the public conditioned to accept it?

The bottom line is it did not have to happen.

But it did – while Orange Man was there. He did not even try to stop it. The same man  bum-rushed emergency use authorization of the “vaccines” he now takes credit for “saving millions of lives” – at the cost of the bodily autonomy of hundreds of millions of people. He is personally responsible for enabling the establishment of the principle that your now-former right to work or even to socialize can be made conditional upon submitting to “vaccinations” – like a cat being taken to the vet.

Not just these “vaccines,” either.

If the government, using corporations as its tool, can force you to submit to a “vaccine” it can in principle force you to submit to any “vaccine.” It is the same principle that is established when people accept the government’s having the right to tax away a penny of earned income. Upon what principle would the taxing away of 25 or 50 cents or the entirety of one’s income be denied?

Dullards do not understand this.

Many continue to cheer the Orange Man, to hope for his return, Elvis-like, to the throne he seems to regard as his personal property. Interestingly, this “property” was probably stolen from him – in the theatrical as much as the actual sense, in the manner of a pro wrestling match from back in the day. Orange Man playing the role of Hulk Hogan, dazed by the fake fold-up chair just smashed over his head by the Iron Sheik. The outraged fans roar in anger! The Hulkster hears them, gathers strength, shaking off the effects of the Sheik’s blows. He begins to stand erect. The Sheik’s eyes evince wonder – and terror. Sixty seconds later – after some off-the-ropes choreographed body slams – the Hulkster pins the defeated Sheik, leaps to his feet and pounds his chest, eyes bugged with the flush of confected victory.

The fans feel victorious. They go home. Hulk Hogan collects his check. Faces and Heels.  Marks and Sharps. It’s not Bobby “the brain” Heenan behind it all. But it is someone with brains. Someone who understands that many people are willing to support that which they think is on their side, so long as that “side” says he is.

No matter what he actually does. Or doesn’t do.

This man – whom I readily acknowledge did some good things – though not in principle, it is critical to understand, such as denying the right, in principle, of the federal government to decree any many miles-per-gallon every new car must deliver – as opposed to arguing that 50 miles-per-gallon is “too high” (but 35 is just fine). The bottom line is that he effaced everything good he did by his active complicity with the “virus” narrative and everything attending, most especially as regards the “vaccines.”

This latter is – ought to be, for all thinking people – a line in the sand akin to that which is crossed when a country shoots a nuke at another country. Once crossed, it cannot be walked back.

Orange Man not only crossed it, he ran across it. Such a man is either an absolute imbecile and dangerous for that reason or actively complicit and something much worse.

This doesn’t even broach the Bumpstock thing and the totalitarian mindset – take the guns, due process later – it represents.

Orange Man has been a catastrophe that cannot be allowed to repeat itself.

While no thinking person ought to look toward any politician for deliverance – much less expect deliverance, which ought to be done by each of us, for ourselves, in defense of our natural, God-given rights and god-damn anyone who says otherwise – there are surely some, such as Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, who speak in terms of principles and (so far) have defended them.

Whether it would be another Hulk vs. Sheik performance in the event DeSantis becomes the contender for the belt, the point is it would be, if the Orange Man becomes the contender, again.

It’s not necessary to play five dimensional chess to grasp this. All that is necessary is to come to terms with the man’s record – what he did – as opposed to what dullards let themselves believe he just said.

. . .

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  1. I happen to agree that Trump is worse than useless and no one should ever vote for him again. I happened to be writing back in those days against Trump and followed Trump very closely. We knew Trump was a 100% fraud far before the 2016 election, especially when he made his summer AIPAC speech announcing his loyalty to Israel. How could Trump make America great again when he was putting his loyalty to Israel first?

    Back before Trump “stole the election from Hillary” the bloggers were having a heyday exposing the real Donald and who he was loyal to. Most said he was controlled opposition, and having no government experience – doomed to fail. The Brits had sent an observer to watch Trump up close and personal, his emails back home got leaked, Kim Darroch said he was inept and his presidency was going to end badly. You ought to read what he said, LOL. A top diplomat said Trump had no idea what he was doing and was radiating insecurity and doomed to fail.

    Such information only confirmed what us blogger knew to be true, the poor orange man had appointed the worst Neocons to his staff – like Nikki Haley, John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, and William Barr. His own staff hated him then and still do, Bolton wrote an expose and Barr says Trump shouldn’t run again. Trump was either incredibly uninformed, naive, or a put up job by the usual suspects (aka the Zionist Lobby).

    The Neocons were all warmongers and up to their necks in the 911 false flag. They wanted war and profits for the MIC (military industrial complex). 911 was an engineered false flag to kick start the wars in the Middle East. The primary player (fully busted on 911 – see the dancing Israelis) was Israel, and Trump was “Israel’s greatest supporter” and Trump even proclaimed himself “King of Israel”.

    So yes I agree do NOT vote for Trump. He is one of the worst traitors this country has ever seen. If Trump had been authentic he would of never allowed Fauci to bring down his presidency. But alas, all those we see on the tube are actors, and politics is theater. Trump and Fauci were both put up jobs reading their lines. It is an illusion you have choice electing A or B. Both A and B work for the man. Trump is still enormously popular, and will probably win the Republican nomination and the majority of vote again – but it’s not who votes that matter, it’s who counts the votes and I doubt the current junta will ever allow anyone but themselves to win.

    • Hi Yukon,

      I affirm and agree with all you’ve written regarding the Orange Fail. I could abide – well, forgive – his being merely inept, out of his depth. But it is far worse than that. This man continues to not only push but cheers the “vaccines” he takes credit for midwifing. It is unforgivable. This being a litmus test of sorts, I think, for any politician going forward. You are either categorically opposed to forcing/coercing people to submit to unwanted medical procedures – or you are a despicable supporter of the same. Period. There is room “in the middle.” It is binary, black and white.

      And Orange Failed.

        • Yes I agree, the vaccine issue has exposed and disqualified Trump as a candidate for anyone who loves liberty. Trump will never investigate the vaccine issue as a purposeful genocide – because he is on the same team as those pulling it off. He never fired Fauci even though the vaccine plandemic derailed his presidency.

          I’ve never been a Trump fan, in my humble opinion Trump is worse than useless, not just because he is phony flim flam con artist and egomaniac, he commands a large swath of frustrated voters who are willing to follow him. Trump is loyal to the very people who did 911, the Neocons and Israel. He even knows the collapse of the WTC was a controlled demolition – because he said so but he will not implicate the criminals who did it, nor did he launch an investigation into it while president.

          If anyone out there still thinks ‘Arabs’ did 911, you are very wrong, 911 was an inside job by our own politicians and Israel. 911 is another litmus test of who is on the side of truth. Trump, of course, evades this issue because he loves Israel, the very nation that attacked on 911. If Trump was authentic opposition, he could use the 911 issue to bring down his opponents – but what did he do? – he appointed some of them to his staff!

          Trump does not have the skill or the intelligence to fix our problems. Trump wants to increase the deficit and is a crazy deficit spender – he (or his businesses) declared bankruptcy 6 times – so he is willing to stiff his contractors. No doubt as president he would stiff holders of Treasury bonds. He loves to borrow with no intention on paying back, it’s a ‘thing’ with him.

          Not very many people know that the credit problems of the United States and the ‘Great Reset’ and vaccine promoters are directly linked. After a century of central bank money pumping, debt has reached a limit, everyone is up to their eyeballs in debt and fiscal stimulus does little to nudge GDP. So those in control of us have decided to kill us off either with the vaccine or WW3.

          The so-called Great Reset is the collapse of the world debt bubble. This is a problem for those who created it, so the want to greatly reduce the world population down to a more manageable level, say 500 million to 2 billion. How to get there? Vaccines. War. How to maintain control of us after the big kill off? Full on techno tyrannical state. The great killoff has started – and people will soon be figuring out the real end game – their liquidation and confiscation of all assets – just like you saw Turdeau did to the Canadian truckers or the banksters to Russian assets. The great theft is on.

          Lavrov announced the theft of $ 300 billion from Russia by the West

          Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in an interview with Al Arabiya TV channel, said that the West stole $ 300 billion from the Russian side.

          This technique of using the crisis for a reset with more control was not the first time. When the Federal Reserve was first created in 1913, the new money printing soon created a hyper euphoric bubble called the Roaring Twenties. When that bubble went bust FDR confiscated gold and created Social Security. This bubble is magnitudes bigger. When the current bubble goes bust it will take out whole nation states – and opportunists like Klaus Schwab want to cash in on it.

          But I predict a different ending – full out resistance in the collapsing United States. The nation is already lost, false saviors like Trump should be forgotten, it’s time to dig in and prep because hell like conditions in Ukraine are soon coming home.

          • I’ll vote for Trump if that’s the only way to remove the current idiots but I’d rather vote for someone else. I’m my opinion, there are better people to be in that office. I was disgusted when he came out with the cheering for Israel. It was like looking in the mirror and cheering for that reflection. I’ve never known of Israel doing anything good for any other people, not even for their citizen that don’t support their current leader.

          • You got that right.
            Tired of people promoting unity and getting Trump back in the WH in 2024 as the way to save ourselves.
            50% of Americans desperately want an authoritarian state to make them feel safe. They don’t like or trust their neighbors. Especially those of us who prefer freedom. We cannot unite with them.
            And Trump is a traitor. Less government would be the answer. Not “our man” ruling like a king. But that won’t happen either.
            America is dying. It’s going down. Be prepared.

            • I agree, Ren –

              The question is now: How do we peacefully (if possible) separate? The differences are irreconcilable. We cannot live with them because they will not permit us to live unless we defer to them. It is abusive and untenable.

              I’ve been saying for years that I want nothing from them except for them to leave me alone. Millions of us feel the same way. The time has come to insist on it.

    • You, my friend have a major problem…
      Your TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) (mental illness) is showing.
      Was Trump perfect?
      Of course not.
      He had many warts and foibles and an administrative state that he was up against.
      The federal government “senior executive service” actually makes the appointments for federal positions and made it possible for traitors like Wray, Barr and others who did everything they could to derail Trump’s presidency. You can bet that Trump has learned much about the “system” and would do things different in his second term. He would disregard the “recommendations” and appoint his own people that he could trust.
      Trump is a businessman and knows how to get things done. He did a remarkable job despite the “deep state” and those entrenched politicians who were threatened by his actions attempting to “take him down”.
      He knew the way the political game was played. Trump avoided assassination by cleverly interposing his own security detail, embedding it with the Secret Service, something the Secret Service initially opposed, but was forced to accept.
      He even admitted contributing to Hilary Clinton and other democRATs, remarking that “this is the way the game is played”. One can only imagine the state the country would be in if Hilary had secure the presidency.
      Trump pushed back against the rest of the world and was successful in getting NATO countries to “pay their fair share” for being under the American nuclear umbrella.
      His trade practices were just as successful, insisting that if you want to sell it here, make it here. Tit-for-tat tariffs and threats thereof were instrumental in leveling the “playing field”.
      From energy independence during Trump’s presidency, we have gone “green” with alzheimer joe’s pronouncements and executive orders which pretty much destroyed the American economy.
      Trump’s major mistake was foisted upon him with the phony COVID plandemic–a major “coup” by his enemies, along with the poison vaxxes. The voting irregularities were massive, key voting areas were purposely flooded with phony ballots in the middle of the night and other shenanigans that are finally being addressed. COVID made it possible for vote fraud to be conducted on a massive scale. With COVID, irrational fear was used as a weapon against Trump.
      The January 6 setup of the political prisoners who are being held without trial for, at the most misdemeanors (who were purposely allowed to enter the capitol by the FBI and capitol police) are but another manifestation of democRAT viciousness.
      Let’s not forget the jewish component that was instrumental in derailing Trump’s second term. Trump realizes now that the jews were instrumental in his engineered defeat. Let’s not forget that Trump has been dealing with jews all of his life…
      We are seeing the effects of a democRAT presidency with the alzheimer product in the white house.
      How can you honestly say that we are better off today than that under Trump?

      • Back in 2016, like probably many that frequent this site, I did NOT vote for Trump. It wasn’t any great disdain for him; certainly he was a lot better, at least on the surface, than the “Hildebeast”. But, residing in California, even w/o the extensive ballot fraud that’s practically institutionalized in the once-Golden State, HRC would have easily won its then 54 electoral votes. So, nothing I could realistically do with my lone vote to affect the Presidential election outcome, save to at least bolster Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson’s record that he’d set in the 2012 election for an LP candidate, and Mr. Johnson quadrupled his popular tally from one to FOUR million, but still a “goose egg” in the electoral vote count. But, to my astonishment, Trump WON, and though I was gratified that at least HRC wouldn’t be POTUS, I did, for a moment, say, “Oh, shit, what HAVE we done”?

        But Trump did, for the most part, win over my support, with the things you mentioned. I didn’t care for how he was coming down on Opiods, and his failure to at least submit a balanced budget, even if that would have the flight path of a cinder block, didn’t set well either. Then again, neither had the late Ronald Reagan. Trump was, IMO, utterly bamboozled as to the COVID thing; and I think it possible he was deliberately infected right after the first debate, where, in my estimation, he’d been a “bulldog” with Biden, by a traitor in his midst. It’s that failure to ferret out the moles and traitors in his Administration that likely sunk him. Also, AFAIK, Trump did NOT stump for vaccine mandates at all, and spoke against undue COVID restrictions. Yes, he takes credit for the “Holy Jab”, which, IMO, only shows how he also was flim-flammed on this thing. The difference is: Trump didn’t FORCE Americans to get it, the Democrats have wanted to.

        We now see them going apeshit over the SCOTUS’ finally doing the right thing and scuttling that 1973 Roe v. Wade legal travesty. Not so much for how one feels about abortion (methinks the 1967 CA approach, which then-Governor Reagan signed into law, and later expressed regrets for, was the best overall solution, not a perfect one, it allows for “therapeutic” abortions but leaves that decision as a private medical matter), and it’s not b/c they actually give a damn about “womyn”. It’s THE harbinger that they’re losing CONTROL, and that’s what has them freaked.

      • “Anarchyst”: Can you honestly say we’re better off now than before Trump’s administration began?

        He literally singlehandedly ushered in a techno-tyrannical dystopia far beyond what any of us could have DREAMED before he was installed. Wow! Millions of people mass imprisoned, thousand of businesses destroyed by government diktat. A whole generation of children warped and ruined by government-enforced mysophobia and hypochondria. Thousands being murdered by Trump’s warp-speed-MAGA-jabs of mutagenic toxins. Big Tech made de facto masters of every single human. Seriously, WTF are you even on about?

        And in case you missed it, here’s Trump declaring that Israel “rightfully controlled U.S. Congress” under his watch, and lamenting that it no longer does because of those dirty dems:

        • As I have stated in my post, “Orange Man” as you derisively call him made some major screw ups, but were not of his own design. COVID was foisted upon him. His advocacy for the “jabs” IS problematic. He dealt with other countries from a position of strength. The lockdowns and forced vaxxes were used to “throw” the election. Under Trump, the poison vaxxes were voluntary. It is the Biden administration that attempted to force everyone to take them…The handwriting was on the wall.
          Allowing unrestricted mail-in balloting assured that Trump would lose, along with carefully placed ballot stuffing in key areas.
          The economy was booming, other countries KNEW that they could not take advantage of us anymore. For all his faults, Trump is a businessman and knows how to “deal”. The jews did take advantage of him; he now is aware of that fact. I never heard the one about jews controlling Congress, but that is a fact. The US Congress IS “bought and paid for by a foreign country…not good. The democRATs are controlled by the jews as well.

          • Sounds like you have a very elaborate, very personal fantasy version of Trump, that no one else can see, and that you will interpret all data favorably to that imaginary Trump. Shill on, you crazy diamond.

            Invisible Trump is your Mr. Snuffluppagus.

  2. I saw an article recently that posited that if it were Trump/Biden again, 65% of voters would look to a third party. America hasn’t gone off the deep end yet.

    The last time I had a “Trumper” engaged in face to face conversation, I was all cool with everything he was happy about but then I dropped a big old fart on the guy when I told him how disappointed I was that Trump shut down churches and if Hillary had been in power, no Christian would have ever allowed her to shut down God. He didn’t know how to handle that statement, but I politely let the convo roll on because I knew he had to work through his cog-dis in his own time.

    Trump did his job. He quelled the religious while riling the left up for the next phase of the scam.

    • Trump did NOT shut down any churches, whatsoever, You, sir, are greatly mistaken. Democrat governors in their respective states did that. RU lambasting Trump b/c he didn’t deploy the 101st AirCav out of Ft. Campbell, KY, to stand guard over churches that wanted to stay open, and shove aside any defiant Democrat governor shouting, “COVID forever”?

  3. Simply put, the Great Reset agenda is a high-tech, communist, global panopticon.

    In short, they want total control over you in all domains—a new feudalism.

    They’re emotionally manipulating people with fear and false narratives into accepting things they ordinarily wouldn’t—like their enslavement.

    That’s what their Great Reset agenda is all about. It’s self-evidently anathema to personal freedom, human dignity, and self-determination.

    Whether the self-proclaimed elites get all or some of those things is an open question.

  4. Here in Texas, we have yet another generation of Bush trying to extend the political dynasty for one more generation this election cycle.

    George “P.” (Diddly) Bush, son of Jeb!, running for Attorney General, probably planning to make an attempt at the Governor’s Mansion whenever the current occupant moves up or out.

    • Hi Roscoe: I’d be surprised if he doesn’t make it to statewide office one day, as long as he keeps trying. He’s got two qualities that voters love: good looks and the ability to talk, i.e. bullshit.

      • “P” (Diddly) Bush already sought and won a state-wide office — Land Commissioner — which he currently holds.

        • Hi Roscoe,

          Politics as a family (and intergenerational) business is a symptom of the metastasis we’re dealing with. People “serving” – spare me – for 30, 40 (and more) years. Then their kids. Then their kids. It breeds a class of entitled grifters who have never once earned an honest dollar, reared in the art of the lie.

          A healthy society would not only evince contempt for such people, such contempt would make such people impossible. But it requires a population of individuals who don’t look to “leaders” – who are self-led – and who will not tolerate being “led.”

          • It’s not a new thing, Eric. John Adams, a “Federalist”, and then his son, John Quincy Adams, who stumped for the First Bank of the United States? Or Benjamin Harrison, grandson of “Tippecanoe” William Henry Harrison? Yes, that Eastern Seaboard “Old Money” (in the case of the Bush family, transplanted to Texas in the 1950s) became the NEW aristocracy, and one could be justified in saying our Revolutionary War was more an internal political struggle of that new “gentry”, figuring out it had no use for their forebears “Across of the Pond”. That conflict, as some 85 years later the War of Confederate Independence became, was also fairly much a “rich man’s war, poor man’s fight” sort of affair.

          • I do not want to go where these cunts are leading us……..hell. we have the head grifter here in Cuckada. trudick has never worked a hour in his entire life.He will spin any lie depending on the situation. I get physically ill every time i see his face or hear his whiney fucking voice

            • Hi Nova,

              Trudeau is said to be Castro’s illegitimate son – and looks it. Worse, he acts it. Without the manliness of his (real) father. As I understand the Canadian system, this simp became the jefe of Canada with something like 39 percent of the vote. It’s not even “democracy” – though that is usually the case, notwithstanding the operettas sung in its honor. You have my condolences. The senile hack we have is, of course, no better and may even be worse.

  5. Same old shit. Dims vs. Repugicants. Different sides of the same coin. What’s fascinating is that voters have been led to believe that they can change things by voting for someone different while the system is inherently corrupt… beyond redemption. No one is going to save them from themselves. Same. Old. Shit.

    • I agree, Arrow –

      These problems will only be remedied from the bottom up; decentralization is key. Get involved locally. I foresee the inevitable return of the small community, arising out of the family. It is natural, normal – the antithesis of centralized authoritarian control.

      • You can judge a man by his enemies. The establishment threw everything but the kitchen sink at him and had to steal the election to win. He pulls Pope size crowds to this day. I would vote for him in a minute because evil hates him so much.

        • Hi Henry,

          I’d agree with you – were it not for the Orange Man’s aggressive pushing of the “vaccines.” This is simply inexcusable. Inexcusably evil. It renders every other argument in favor of him moot.

          • I’d rather see DeSantis make a credible run at the GOP nomination. While I don’t share your same concern about Trump over the vaccines, I do feel that (1) he had his day and (2) our domestic problems will not be solved by slavish devotion to a personality cult.

            De-Centralization and radical deconstruction of the Federal Leviathan is the only thing that will save this nation, if it’s to remain one. A good work on how it COULD have worked out back in the 80s was Whitley Striber’s post-nuclear fiction work, “Warday”, about the effects, seen five years afterwards, of a LIMITED nuclear exchange between the then-Soviet Union and the USA. Although the USA does indeed exist, California, which largely avoided most of the effects of the 36-minute war, stops interstate immigration, much as it tried to back in the 1930s, and is all but independent, though it hosts the rump Federal Government in Los Angeles. As a grumpy, sarcastic Canadian businessman in one of the “interviews” later remarks, the USA is NOT “united” anymore, de facto, it’s several loose confederations of the states, which wield the real power. Social Security, Federal income taxation, and even long-term debt like mortgages are gone, as is the old fiat US currency, being replaced by “gold” dollars which can only be had for certain items, others can be exchanged for “paper”, but certainly not any good imported items like prized Toyota and Honda automobiles. Although “only” about seven million were killed by the nuclear strikes themselves, about twice that many perished from either fallout or disorder in the immediate wake. Far more were killed by a slew of diseases that hit a US population on the verge of starvation (the wheat fields of the Dakotas and Nebraska being wiped out by fallout from the ICBM silos being targeted by the Soviets, we did the same to them in the Ukraine, which is depopulated), including a mysterious ailment called “NSD”, or Non-Sclerosing-Disorder, which takes out tens of millions. Furthermore, Americans exposed to either radio-logical contamination or to chemicals when refineries and chemical plants were damaged or left untended and/or inoperable are “triaged”, so tens of millions more are, at best, given painkillers and allowed to succumb to what ails them, as medical care is strictly rationed. Not a promising scenario, but one can forgive all those dead members of the Soviet military that also perished on “WarDay” for taking out Washington and New York City.

      • I’ve said it before, and you got it right, Eric. We need to start at the bottom. You can’t fight Congress, the Senate, Supreme Court, US Army, etc. But, you sure as hell can fight, beat and kick the shit out of your local school committee member, councilman, that guy down the street who works for the department of agriculture, your cousin’s friend of a friend who’s a clerk at the courthouse and so on. That’s where it has to start, and it’s the only chance we have. Can’t matter if he’s a “good guy”, or a nice neighbor or whatever. If they are part of the machine, they need to be taken to task. Think about, oh, let’s say the IRS. No way we could defeat that bureaucracy on a national level. But that agency is made up of individuals who live in some of our communities. Suddenly, every time they go to work, their home is vandalized. Every time they get to work, their car is vandalized or stolen. Their children are threatened, their wives are threatened, they are shunned by most of their neighbors, their wallets are forcibly taken from them when they come home at night. And every time one of these things happens, it’s made clear to them that it’s because of their job. Think maybe a lot of them might look for another line of work eventually? I know that sounds incredibly extreme, but it’s no worse than what these bastards do to us and our country every day. Our government, at every level, is about force, threats, and theft. Our only chance is to give it right back to them, and the only way to do that is from the bottom up.

  6. Trump is sort of a scapegoat for the people. Every hope and dream, as well as fear and nightmare, is tied to his horns. Of course the scapegoat was slaughtered and burned on the altar as a sacrifice. He needs to come to terms with his role in the system.

    • Yeah but Trump said he doesn’t want to come back, didn’t he? He’s trying to promote his own platform (that he purportedly doesn’t use). IMO… people need to grow some self respect and, if these platforms have treated you unfairly, stand up for yourself and don’t go back.

      Of course, Trump is a grifter, so I doubt that would have anything to do with it.

      There’s nothing that would ever draw me back to these government controlled “honey pots” aka “social media”. Never. Never ever.

  7. Personally, I still like the guy and would vote for him again. For all his flaws, (I cannot stand to listen to him- it makes my brain hurt) he is a wrecking ball directed at the carefully orchestrated schemes of those who believe themselves rightful rulers. For that and that alone, he was worthy.

    Pushing quackcines- it takes a competent intellect to understand all the legitimate problems with them and the fact that it’s not just the “Covid” lethal injection is the problem. Trump is a business executive, a field where you can only succeed by picking a path and sticking with it. He believes quackcines are good, until someone sits him down and proves otherwise to him he will continue to believe that.

    Bump stock bans- meh, if you haven’t defied the NFA openly by exercising your actual God given and 2A guaranteed rights, why bitch about playing footsie with an ineffective toy like a bump stock? It’s like the conservative fools who brag about having a concealed carry permit- a right doesn’t need permission.

    The real strike against Trump is that he lost. If you want an effective president who does the things actually required of that position, he cannot ever be one who allows a conspiracy of cheating thugs and small time losers to beat him and whine about it impotently after the fact. He let himself be checkmated by a concerted campaign of lies and lesser coups from day one, and ended up handing us fully into the clutching talons of the communist thugs now consolidating their power.

    The fact is, no election is ever going to fix this and it’s been “fixed” (against the free individual) since before Woody Wilson did his treason.

    • I liked him, don’t regret voting for him.

      Not sure I’d vote for him again, though. Especially in the primary.

      Better him than a generic Milquetoast McRINO, though.

  8. I’m afraid the Orange Cult is still strong, and the pandemic tyrannies have all been forgotten. It’s all back to “muh Border!” and abortion, now. These are wedge issues that serve to divide freedom advocates, as was the purpose of the Orange Man from the beginning.

    Calls to shrink government, abolish agencies, curtail spending, audit or abolish the Fed, are nowhere to be found. Curbing “emergency powers” doesn’t seem to be an issue of concern, either.

    • Exactly, BadOn! I’ve been cognizant ‘shrink gov’t, curtail spending, et al’ since the Reagan days….and eyt every single one of ’em who has played the part and mouthed those words, has in fact done the diametric opposite. The only difference between the D’s and R’s are the token wedge issues….they have to have something to differentiate them in the eyes of the voters…but other than that, they all do the very same things, no matter what they say they believe/stand for/will do.

      • You have that right, Nunz! Oh, the Rs will spend a bit more on “defense”, and the Ds a bit more on “welfare”, but they’re all about divide and plunder.

    • Which is interesting, because out of all the liberty issues the ones with the least clear-cut political answers (and most disagreement within the ranks) are probably those two. And in some sense they are (to me, anyway) some of the least interesting. Everyone has a firm opinion about it so no one really gets persuaded. It is possible to put forward a libertarian defense of all 4 sides.

      Clearly there is a strategy afoot to keep us divided. Who and why?

      • Also—on borders— it’s always about ridiculous stuff like “shut it all down” or “no rules just put them all on welfare.” It’s never about trying to come up with a system that is fair, workable, or constitutional. No one is even trying to articulate what that might look like.

        • Publius,

          “Who and why?”

          Well, the Human Power Elite, of course, for obvious reasons. It’s the trite “divide and conquer”.

          Agreed with borders. Personally, I think that without welfare and the possibility that follows of a massive Democrat voting block, most people wouldn’t give a damn. A solution could be formulated, but that’s not the point of the exercise.

  9. I cast my ballot for Trump twice, the first time because I wanted to stick a finger in the eye of our ruling class and the second time because I didn’t want a perverted, corrupt dementia patient taking office. I realize now that we can’t vote our way out of the mess that’s been decades in the making. The so-called Deep State decides how much gas mileage cars should average, decides how much water should be used by your toilet when it flushes, decides to ruin the gas can (thankfully I have some old ones) and pays farmers to let crops die in the field. They also try to overthrow legitimate governments around the world.

    In addition to his horrific views on the vaccine and government power during a “pandemic,” I don’t like Trump or his personality. I also don’t like how Kushner was his puppet master. If he would’ve come down hard on the BLM summer of rage and used federal troops to break up an obvious and real insurrection (not the fake January 6 one), I think the “margin of fraud” would’ve been too big for even the Leftists to overcome.

    The military taught me not to complain unless I have a solution and admittedly, I can see few solutions except for the great quote by H.L. Menken. “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”

    • Hi Anon,

      The best alternative is someone who is one. Is Trump? How? He did as much – more, arguably – to push the “vaccines” and everything antecedent to it than Biden has.

      • RE: “lol yeah so the better option is Joe Biden or Kamala Harris”

        Funny how blinders work when you’re wearing them. Can’t see the forrest for the trees.

        While not a perfect fit for a Libertarian fantasy world, nor quite a freedomista, I notice Anon left out option C. Tulsi Gabbard. She at least seems anti-warmonger. That’s a Big Plus.

        • I like Tulsi. She calls out BS, even against her own party. Her policies and mine are on different ends of the spectrum, but she seems to have spunk and integrity, which is rare for a politician.

          • Hi RG,

            Gabbard seems to be kind of like RFK, JR. – in that she (and he) though liberals aren’t Leftists. Put another way, they seem to be well-meant (even if I disagree with them) and also people who are capable of intelligent conversation. Leftists are hysterics. Fanatics. Also insane. They cannot be reasoned with and are not well-meant.

            • Hi Snap,

              I think the YGL bit is BS. I have to agree with Dan Crenshaw when he states these people are added to a list without any knowledge or acceptance from them. Gabbard was added in 2015, which would have been two years after she became a senator. Crenshaw (who doesn’t seem to me to be that fond of the WEF) was added in 2019 after already being elected to Congress. I think the WEF scouts (and adds) young people that seem to be on the “rise” and then they can brag “see we knew they would be successful.” The catch is these YGL were already successful without the aid or assistance of the WEF. The WEF just wants the notoriety of people thinking that they saw it first. It also makes us view those that were named automatically suspicious of being in cahoots with a global organization who wishes to run the world.

              • You mean, they’re not like a fraternity with initiation rites & take pledges & stuff like that?

                I wonder if anyone has ever asked a WEF member about that?

                “What Does It mean to be in the WEF – and – did you have to pass a multiple choice exam to be in it?” … “Do you pay any dues?”

                • Hi helot,

                  A few “members” of the YGL have stated that they were not aware that they were part of the organization. Apparently, one does not even apply for membership, they just pick you, tag you as a YGL and that’s it. The WEF allows each YGL member to attend “one” WEF meeting and that is about it.

                  Reminds me a lot of The Who’s Who that they had back in high school. They pick a few random kids from high schools all over the US then send you a bill to be in the book. Does it mean anything? Nope. Just another fleecing.

                  • RE: “A few “members” of the YGL have stated that they were not aware that they were part of the organization.”

                    I suppose, like any answers to the questions I posed, they could just be lying?

                    From time to time I think of how the power structure was assembled & maintained as portrayed in the film series, ‘The Godfather’. Seems to me, lower level members could be in it & not know it. Who knows? …It’s a great mystery. The, ‘behind the scenes’ of, the Power Elite & what they do, that is.

                    …Consider, the ongoing coordinated geoengineering operations and the amount of collusion it takes to carry out.

                    • True they could be lying or the WEF wants the world to believe they have more power and control then they do. If every successful person automatically is enrolled into the YGL program then it looks like the WEF is the puppeteer of that individual. What happens if they are not and it is another mind control attempt to discredit the person that could be a danger to the WEF or as I stated earlier, to provide the WEF bragging rights?

                      Our minds have a tendency to forecast fear and disillusion and the majority of people like to see the worst in everyone and everything around them. Rarely do our worst created scenarios come to fruition. There is evil out there, but reality doesn’t always bite.

          • Never hurts that she’s easy on the eyes and REAL, i.e., not a plastic gal, taking selfies of herself for Tik Tok like that Latina Cvnt from NYC.

  10. Eight-year partisan alternation is an unwritten rule for the US presidency. Clinton got his eight years. So did W. Bush. Likewise the saintly Barky O’Bummer. But Trump got only four, quite possibly due to electoral fraud.

    How is the familiar eight-year rhythm to be re-established — or is it broken forever, like the 20-year presidential death in office cycle that stopped working in 2000?

    It’s hard to imagine the mumbling dotard ‘Biden’ even physically surviving until 2024, much less winning again.

    But ‘Biden’ seems to be following the Nixon strategy of front-loading the pain of economic recession early in his four-year term. Then he can run for re-election with the tailwind of a recovering economy at his back.

    Tomorrow the imbecilic Federal Reserve starts smacking down the economy with its double-barreled assault of rate hikes plus asset dumping. It’s gonna get monster raving ugly by autumn, as the Everything Bubble plunges to earth like the stricken Hindenburg.

    ‘Biden’ is likely to be taken down by a combination of economic collapse coupled with an influence peddling scandal.

    But in the unlikely event ‘Biden’ survives, he’ll be back like an indestructible cockroach.

    Exciting times, comrades! Any good news from the war front?

    • “…or is it broken forever, like the 20-year presidential death in office cycle that stopped working in 2000?”

      You may be referring to the “zero year curse” that started in 1840 (William Henry Harrison died after 1 month in office) and every corresponding winner of an election ending in zero ended up dying in office – 1860 with Lincoln, 1880 with Garfield, 1900 with McKinley, 1920 with Harding, 1940 with Roosevelt, and 1960 with Kennedy.

      The ‘curse’ was finally broken with the election of Reagan in 1980 when he served out his full two-terms and left office.

      • John Hinckley ALMOST kept the cycle going. Disturbing that a young whack job could get at the President like that.

        While I’m all for the rule of law, remember that SS agent with the Uzi? IMO, he should have done the “three-tap” (two to the chest, one to the head) on Hinckley, right then and there. Send a message to other would-be assholes, don’t try that shit. You don’t like a POTUS, that’s what ELECTIONS are for! At least when they were HONEST. After 2020…I DUNNO.

        • Hi Douglas,

          I have, like you, always thought it remarkable – and strange – that the son of a family close to the Bush family would be the one to attempt to off Reagan. Which would redound to the benefit of . . . the Bush family.

          • If you’re suggesting some manner of nefarious conspiracy, methinks the Bushes, especially the then-Veep, with his CIA experience, let alone being a former Naval aviator, would know better than to employ a mentally unstable n’er-do-well young fellow, busy beating off to pictures of the dyke Jodie Foster (she was a cute kid in “Taxi Driver”, but only a sicko would derive sexual pleasure from such imagery). I doubt, unlike the JFK assassination, that there was another gunman, with the nutcase as a “patsy”, as Oswald claimed he was, to cover for the actual killer(s). However, my Dad believes that indeed the JFK thing was orchestrated either by or for the benefit of LBJ, as he was going to be “gently” requested to step aside as Veep, to make way for “Bobby” Kennedy in ’64. LJB knew that another JFK term and then four years of RFK in the White House, and he’d simply be a senile old man by then. As it was, his health was very poor, “Landslide Lyndon” (a derisive name for the rather shady, narrow primary victory for his first Texas senatorial run) passed on in 1972 anyway.

            Bush 41 did get his turn in the White House, as as feckless as he was, how could he not win against the motley crew of Dummycrats, including that tank-riding geek from “Taxachusetts”, Dukakis? BTW, although he did quite poorly in his ’92 bid to get re-elected, it’s not as if Clinton was really all that popular. “Slick Willie”, in fact, won 370 electoral votes in ’92, with but 43.0% of the popular vote, whereas Dukakis got 45.6%, but only 111 electoral votes in ’88. The difference? In ’92, H. Ross Perot, who was, as the late Rush Limbaugh described him, a “hand grenade with a crew cut”. Perot appealed to those disaffected by DC, and George HW Bush had given PLENTY to be “disaffected” about!

            I don’t’ doubt Bush and his cronies were ruthless enough to knock off Reagan, but I think they were more than content to keep him where he was.

  11. People talking about how Trump threw out a couple bones really frustrate me because there is absolutely nothing that can make up for the worldwide conflagration that was set in motion with his approval.

    And it’s not “thousands” of lives taken by the poisonous gene therapy, it is “tens of thousands” at minimum and more likely “hundreds of thousands”. It’s not done yet.

    If you read around substack, you’ll see that the poisoned people are getting sick repeatedly. The bug that was so mild that you needed to get tested to know if you have it, is no longer such a thing for those poisoned by OM’s heroic sidestepping of proper medical procedure.

    Inexplicably, Noam Chomsky has been recently quoted as saying that the only “statesman” that is proposing ways to stop the war in Ukraine is OM.

    As a brief aside, Chomsky’s (and Herman’s) “After the Cataclysm” is actually a very instructive read about the aftermath of what the USA did in Indochina (aka the “Vietnam War”) circa 1975.

    How does Chomsky allow himself to remain so willfully ignorant about the “cataclysm” currently in progress??

    Furthermore, how in hell is it that OM was ever the best choice of the GOP?! How in hell does it remain a possibility that OM may return to wreak additional havoc upon us as a component of the GOP?

    After years of spewing vile hatred at Trump, followed by the Dems coup which installed a moribund geriatric criminal as the “leader of the free world”, I am sick to my stomach thinking that it remains possible that OM will be reelected.

    I don’t even know what’s worse anymore. Biden is burning everything to the ground in a way that makes it seem like Trump is a rational choice or a better alternative. And he is in the same way that eating dirt is “better” than eating shit.

    I’m telling you guys, Trump is the double-double cross. Everything they’re doing to make it seem like he’s better is leading fools to the slaughterhouse. And those fools are taking me and you with them.

  12. Stop caring about political leaders; they are the byproduct of a sick society.

    My father, almost 80 years old, takes full advantage of his Social Security money he gets each month. His entire life he counted on SS to be there when he retired, so even though he does have private retirement funding, SS figured into his calculations, like tens of millions of other Americans.

    I recently pointed out to my father that Social Security is a welfare program, no different than being paid for not working, food stamps, free healthcare…and all the rest. My father, like millions of others, rejects the notion that they are on welfare and says he deserves the money of others to fund his retirement.
    No President is going to “get this country on the right track” as long as 300 million people think they deserve to have their lives subsidized through the use of force…roads, schools, military, parks, emergency rescue….to name a few of the obvious ones.

    • Hi Andy

      I agree with you. During my senior year in high school I took classes at the local community college to get dual credits. I had an awesome political science teacher who forced us to get involved in politics by researching, contacting Congress people by phone, letters, etc. Our final was based on a political topic of our choice. I chose “How Government is Welfare.” I pointed out how every department, Social Security, Medicare, defense spending, roads, etc. were all paid by taxpayers and no one ever contributed their “fair share” hence, why debt was accrued. Of course, the biggest leech of all was government herself, who never contributes, produces, or manufactures anything. You should have heard the questions I received for the Q&A….heads were exploding. I don’t think my professor even liked how deep I delved into it. 😄

      • “How Government is Welfare.” — Raider Girl

        A properly designed pension program is self-sustaining. Social Security is not.

        Currently, it’s about 20% funded, compared to the assets it should have to earn a sufficient return to pay benefits long term.

        By 2034, the Trust Fund will be exhausted. Then, presumably, Clowngress will directly subsidize about one-fourth of Social Security benefits. That’s welfare.

        This is what happens when Big Gov exempts itself from the rules it sets for the private sector.

        We know how to run pensions sustainably. But the federal, state and municipal governments refuse to do it. Fessing up to the giant hole they have dug would blow their Ponzi scheme sky high. Kicking the can is the only plan.

      • HAhaha, RG! The chorus of “But who will build the roads?” must’ve been deafening! (I picture the whole class moaning that one in unison!)

      • Social security and Medicare also made retirement and work very distinct events, hard coded into society. You work until some somewhat arbitrary age, after which you can now have your “investment” back. This is particularly disturbing to me personally, as I watch my 401(k) retirement account begin the long slow decline as the boomer generation first ends their contribution to the stock markets, and then as they begin to withdraw. And can I leave the workforce at will? Probably not, for the “system” is set up for maximizing labor output and destroying people.

    • Over my lifetime I had nearly a couple hundred Gs extracted from my pay to fund SS. Had I been free to invest that money in my own way it would be worth a considerable amount more, at least double. After the government finishes paying me back all that it stole from me, then you can call it welfare.

      • Hank Ford, you’ve been in business for more than 130 years and all you’ve paid in the final tally to the Federal Insurance Corporation of America, Social Security, is 200,000 USD?

        You’re lucky, way to go.

        No wonder Social Security is woefully underfunded.

        Pay your fair share! lol

        Dark Days R US here on this godforsaken earth. Let there be light! Hell No!

        No light, only darkness in the present Dark Medicine Mask Machine Vaccine Age or whatever it is these days. No matter what the Maha Rieshi says, the earth is still a cool place to be. Far out destination in space right here, can’t be beat. har

        The children need to do it for adults, the adults are lost in space.

        I heard Allah and Buddha were singing at the Savior’s feast
        And up the sky and Arabian rabbi
        Fed Quaker oats to a priest.
        Pretty good, not bad, they can’t complain
        Cause actually all them gods is just about the same
        Pretty good, not bad, I can’t complain
        Cause actually everything is just about the same

        Pretty Good by John Prine

        It’s your fault if everything is wrong.

    • **”Stop caring about political leaders; they are the byproduct of a sick society.”**

      ^THIS!!!!! (And the rest of your post as well, Andy.)

      The Supreme Court even acknowledged that SS is a welfare program- I showed my mother where that was even quoted on the SSA’s very own website. “But what would people like me do if if it weren’t for that and Obozocare/Medicare?” -How easily even the sweetest nicest people who would not presume to take so much as a lost penny that didn’t belong to them will justify communism, slavery and theft when it is someone else doing it remotely on their behalf, and when it seems credible because they and the society around them have been taught to view government as gods who can legitimize everything from murder to theft by merely making a decree and claiming it is for the ‘good of certain people’.

      300 million people; imagine what could be if even a small percentage of them did nothing but ignore government and lived the principles of freedom and morality as a unified culture? But of course, that is why the fiends have implemented ‘diversity’ and why they have thrown open the flood gates to every culture on earth except for the ones which share the common values upon which freedom and justice were built.

      • I would happily sign over all of the Social Security and Medicare that I have paid in to date (about 30 years worth) and not participate in the system if they would stop withdrawing it from my paycheck immediately. I will fund my own retirement and medical needs as long as Uncle Sam would keep his greedy little hands off of it.

        • Raider Girl,

          I certainly copy that, regarding SS and Medicare. It won’t happen, of course, because so many made themselves dependent on receiving those “benefits”, and though they’ll cheer the Orange Man and might call for smaller government and lower taxes, etc., when it comes to SS and Medicare, they’ll fight to keep it, tooth and nail.

    • If I were ready to retire, I could put in my “papers” this coming Monday and be done with it’ and collect Social (In)Security as well. Though I’ve lambasted it from an ethical and financial standpoint, damned right I’ll collect mine, and not just b/c I’ve “paid into it”. I’m well aware that FICA taxes were, all the some nearly fifty years that I’ve worked for wages, simply that, TAXES, and whatever I get is thanks to Congress continuing the SS program. At least I can do better with that money than the Government itself will, including helping my family with it as I can. I have done my level best to be able to get by w/o it, knowing well the financial unviability of SS, long run, and, at age 63, I would well live to see its inevitable collapse. As likely that goes hand-in-hand with a general SHTF scenario, the SS EFTs coming in may be the least of my concerns.

      Just as #2 son has outstanding student loans, not a lot, compared to many, but right now, there’s a moratorium on interest and making payments. Do I think that’s “right”? Hell no, it’s another damned giveaway, but right now, as he’s contemplating a significant real estate purchase where he lives, anything that helps him get better financially situated, he should do. If indeed there’s a degree of student loan forgiveness (I say for him, that’s wishful thinking, as he makes too much money, and he’s “too white” and “too male” to actually be granted any student loan forgiveness), then why the hell should he not hold off and see what happens? I say, don’t be “stupid”, even though the morality is lacking. But if all this is just political flim-flammery, and he’s still obligated to pay his student loans, then that’s what he’s going to do. I did when it was my turn and have no regrets.

  13. How I wish we could just abolish this concept of precedent under which the government justifies itself. It blesses past transgressions, and enables new and more horrible ones, ad infinitum. Courts, presidents, agencies all concerned with some perceived present crisis but who lack the wisdom to see how what they confect will be applied and contorted in ways they could not conceive. So many examples – DUI checkpoints, commerce clause uber alles, health insurance mandates, face diapers, ad nauseum. And here we are.

  14. The conspiracy theorist in me has always thought that Orangeman was a controlled opposition puppet, from day one, when he preached salvation via The Wall™. I’m no fan of mass immigration, but turning the continental United States into an open air concentration camp hardly seems like the best solution. As Ron Paul once said, if the government can build a wall big enough to keep people OUTSIDE the country, it can just as easily keep people INSIDE the country. And exiting this stinky landfill called Amerika sounds increasingly like a grand idea. (If only there was a country that didn’t stink.)

    As you say, Eric, Orangeman is either a dangerously stupid vaxtard, or a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and although he’s not the brightest bulb on the dashboard, I hardly think he’s the former. My best guess is that the Powers That Should Not Be™ purposefully “stole” the (s)election from Orangeman in order to drag out this professional wrestling, political soap opera for as long as possible, and milk that tit for all it’s worth, until it is shriveled dry. I think They™ will lug his fat ass onto the imperial throne for one more round in 2024, to give the great Orangeman his triumphal comeback; pacify the cuckservatives; and send the NPCs into epileptic convulsions for another four years (of course, the cocktail of synthetic mRNA ejaculations may do that to them much sooner).

    The 20th century had the Roaring Twenties, but we may have the Reeeing Twenties.

    The sad thing is, many conservatives and even libertarians would welcome the return of Trump, in spite of his Faucist rhetoric and the record amounts of quantitative easing that occurred under his watch, simply because they enjoy the bread and circus entertainment of Orangeman “pwning the libz.”


    • “turning the continental United States into an open air concentration camp hardly seems like the best solution. As Ron Paul once said, if the government can build a wall big enough to keep people OUTSIDE the country, it can just as easily keep people INSIDE the country.”

      An entirely irrational concern.
      Canada is doing precisely that right now, and they don’t even HAVE a wall.

      • It’s a different paradigm than what prompted the building of, say, the Berlin Wall in 1961. Back then, not only was the DDR losing “Goimans”, it was losing educated persons, professionals, and skilled workers…i.e, a “brain and/or talent” DRAIN. Moreover, the fact that the “Worker’s Paradise” that was the DDR was losing people, like a leaking, cracking dam, about to burst, was testimony as to how Communism was a rank FAILURE. As the wall itself became.

        With the USA, it’s quite the OPPOSITE. The PTB do need numbers, but they need people they can CONTROL. They want people who will work just hard enough to earn their toys that they desire, but are too lazy and undisciplined to THINK for themselves, or to plan and SACRIFICE to build wealth. It’s the WEALTH of the people these control freaks and criminals want, not the people themselves; whom they’d massacre in a heartbeat if they felt they could get away with it. Indeed, “prodding the Bear” might just be the means with which these psychopaths intend to do just that!

  15. DeSantis got *very* lucky in Florida. Fortunately, unlike the Orange Man, the Governor does not care what the press in the state thinks about his actions because the newsrooms from Pensacola to Miami are still pining for his meth-head opponent, Benny Crump crony Andrew Gillum.

  16. Chomsky says that Trump is the only western statesman who can help bring a solution to the conflict in Ukraine.

    The senile old coot must see one redeeming quality in the Orange Idiot.

    “Noam Chomsky, in an interview this week, says “fortunately” there is “one Western statesman of stature” who is pushing for a diplomatic solution to the war in Ukraine rather than looking for ways to fuel and prolong it.

    “His name is Donald J. Trump,” Chomsky says.”

    Good to know.

    “You know that peace can only be won when you’re blowing them all to kingdom come.” – Country Joe MacDonald, Fixin’ to Die Rag

    • Apparently Chomsky doesn’t remember The Donald’s bombing of Syria; almost starting a war with VZ and actively working for regime change there…etc/ etc/ …and the very pretext for our involvement in the Ukraine boondoogle, i.e. Trump’s handing of the BIGGEST budget in the history of the world to the military-industrial complex (Hmmmm…now why would a man who preached ‘no new wars’ and ‘getting us out of ongoing wars’ and ‘no more regime change’ and ‘get us out of NATO do that???).

      Chomsky is a perfect example of why I read almost no political commentators, save for a very few real libertarians, like Eric.

  17. To paraphrase a late 60s early 70s refrain, “what if they held a war and nobody came”, what if they held an election and nobody came? From where would they gain their authority? What “mandate” would they have?

    • I would love to see that happen! But they would probably just force everyone to vote, as I understand they do Down Under. “Vote or Die,” perhaps literally.

  18. IMHO, just the fact we’re having this conversation & debate again is proof positive that stinkin’ linkin’s legacy of the imperial presidency is one of a handful of nails in America’s coffin. I’m choosing Brion McLanahan’s ‘think locally, act locally’ paradigm & focusing on my local and state elections.

    Yes, I absolutely believe 2020 was stolen. But Trump is his own worst enemy and he’s too arrogant to see as much. He threw two of my congresscritters, Jeff Sessions and Mo Brooks, under the bus. That I don’t forgive.

    • Speaking of throwing under the bus…Trump’s pardoning of all those criminals when he left office, while leaving Assange to rot (after having even signed the writ for his extradition and prosecution) is indicative of who and what he truly is…and who he represents.

  19. Trump served one useful purpose. He gave people an opportunity to tell the Psychopaths In Charge they were not pleased. It ended when he was elected. Unfortunately, and like the COVID maniacal, a great many clung to the Trump cult, and let their hopes outrun reality, by miles.
    No politician is going to turn this handcart to hell around. It’s too heavily loaded, and going too fast. Once Congress delegated authority to bureaucracies to implement de facto laws, called regulations, the end was inevitable. No one at the EPA can be voted out of their job, no one at the Pentagon can be, no one at DHS can be, no one at the IRS can be, etc. We are governed by such alphabet government agencies, that now include alphabet internet “businesses”.
    I’m not smart enough to offer any alternatives, other than what Eric is attempting to do. Figure out a way to live without them. Works for those that are able, not so much for those who aren’t. Like this old fart.

    • It’s called the “administrative state” where unelected bureaucrats impose their (unlawful) will on the American public.
      THAT has to change.
      The only way out is the rope and the gallows for these types, both elected and appointed…

  20. When Trump won over Hillary, I thought we had a chance to get on a better track in this country. I liked the way he handled the media, not backing down on everything like the typical spineless Republican. His personality didn’t bother me, even if I didn’t love it, because I thought he stood for something.

    Turns out he didn’t/doesn’t.

    The plandemic and the “vaccine” have done permanent damage to my relationship with my children. Everyone of them submitted to this thing. Although we’re still on speaking terms, we can’t talk about the elephant in the room – this psyop we’re living through. I don’t know if they’ll ever wake up. (They’re all college graduates, two with advanced degrees) Yeah, I know, these days what does that mean anymore. I’m grateful they’re alive, but long-term effects are unknown. I don’t even know about my grandchildren – I assume they’ve been injected too. Can’t ask, I would get an explosive reply.

    Trump was either fooled, or folded and sold us out. His vaccine-promotion is vile to me. He may not be the only one responsible for this debacle, obviously, but he was in a clear advantageous spot, with his bully pulpit, to thwart this globalist agenda. He failed.

    • Once again, I will state my previous suspicion that every new POTUS is paid a visit by the CIA and shown the Zapruder film, in its entirety, with no comment. Whatever pretentions we had of being a democratic republic were dispensed with in 1963. The CIA did murder a POTUS. The evidence is indisputable. The results predictable.

      • Not intelligent enough to see through the rockefeller nazi death medicine complex, or really brainwashed and they threatened his family, so he cooperated. For sure paid off huge to cooperate in the extermination injection, so now just repeats the official narrative.

      • Maybe he was scared of the Czar Nicholas II movie. He was the richest man in the world, the Rockefeller brothers decided they wanted his money, got rid of him and his family and stole the money.

      • I agree John, the USSA is run by the security state. JFK tried to change that and we all saw how that worked out, can’t let anyone stop the warmongers gravy train. Senator Schumer even said it out loud – “if you mess with the intelligence agencies they have eight ways from Sunday to get you back”. Personal note – I was in high school in 1963 and can still see the picture of sheriff’s deputies standing aside so Jack Ruby could get a clear shot at Oswald. Then Ruby and anyone else remotely connected to that day conveniently ended up dead. Move along, nothing to see here.

      • John, they would not even get to lower rungs of political position unless they already knew such things and were fine with such.Even on a purely local level- even in the smallest towns, an honest person would quickly bow out, just seeing the smallest power structures that are in place and how they operate. This is why there are nothing but crooks in office, and why no decent person would ever make it into a state or national election.

        Trump, even though formerly not a politician, has long played ball with NY and NJ pols, and knows how it’s done, and who the real players really are…and he was right there on Epstein’s plane alongside them.

      • Hi John, you are probably right. I was a little girl when that horrific event happened. So that means that my whole life has been lived in a manufactured psyop.

    • “… we can’t talk about the elephant in the room – […] I don’t even know about my grandchildren – I assume they’ve been injected too. Can’t ask, I would get an explosive reply.”

      Spiritual battle.

      … Lots of other thoughts about that comment which do not seem to flow from the keyboard just yet. … I certainly sympathize.

      RE: “His vaccine-promotion is vile to me.”

      No doubt. Demonic, even.

      • I just got off the phone with an old friend. The guy, who is ‘fully vaxxed’ has been in and out of hospitals for the last few months. He nearly died from a pulmonary embolism; now has another blood clot issue; was in the hospital for 10 days with diarrhea and no appetite, and they couldn’t figure out what he had…yada yada…and telling me of all his maladies [And he used to be a really tough guy who could shake off anything- including having been shot by a hit-man] then asks if I “got my vaccines”- and when I said “Hell no!” he asks “WHY NOT?” !!!!!!!!!!!!

        Lemmings. (Yes…I know the lemmings marching off the cliff was staged…but so is this ‘pandemic’ BS- so the analogy is perfect!)

    • Hi Snap,

      I second (and third) everything you’ve written. Especially regarding the “vaccine” pushing. It’s a Litmus test for me. If you are drug pusher, then I oppose you. And that is I oppose Trump. He i still pushing these drugs – even now. Even when it is evident they are neither “effective” nor “safe.”

      He’s a despicable ignoramus for saying otherwise.

      • eric, I totally agree with you. He’s not a person that can take any criticism and takes credit for everything he can think of and as you said, the vaccine was not a success and never will be, at least the ones they’ve made so far. Anyone who would keep Fauci employed needs a head check anyway.

        I noticed the “Join the NMA” and read what the author had to say. I agree with him about many points he made. The last company I worked for the owner asked me when I got my CDL. I told him in 1968 when I was 18. He just laughed. I knew more about flat-bedding when I was 20 than people who were twice my age. Of course I had actually driven a big rig starting at 14 working for my uncles. When I was 18, they’d give me a truck, a load and a destination and never think twice about it. You learn as you age though and I’ve had older drivers help me out when I had mechanical trouble and I was grateful for it. When I was young I’d try to help out older drivers and been told to mind my business. I’d just laugh and think of how much trouble they were going to have when they didn’t even know how to properly tarp a load. Two guys trying to tarp the same load and had begun before I was loaded, I was done and it was done correctly long before they left. I have always wondered why someone wouldn’t at least take some correction regardless of who was giving it. It was one of those “live and learn” and not do it well, maybe forever or as long as they lasted. Reminds me of Trump.

        • Thanks, Eight!

          I know some of the people at NMA (Gary Biller) and they are good people; NMA itself is an exception to the usual rule in that it doesn’t parrot the “safety” cant (and doesn’t lick badges). I encourage anyone who’d like to support an outfit that supports drivers – and driving – to support them.

          As far as Orange Man: What floors me is not so much his mendacity and arrogance but that there are still lots of people who place the same kind of devotional trust in him that some on the Left have in Fauci. Cognitive Dissonance is not exclusively a disease of the left…

  21. The position of puppet-in-chief is window dressing, a ruse, nonsense.

    Which skin the puppet wears is irrelevant.

    And arguing over which puppet is better, as if you have a choice, is absurd.

    • Indeed, there is a LOT of money changing hands in politics, and it isn’t ever in your favor. Because you and I don’t have a lot of money. How else would such a megalomaniac as Bill Gates ever gain a platform, unless he bought it?

  22. My suspicion has been that he was told to play along with the covid fraud or all his loans would be called and he’d loose his properties.

    I’m not excusing his 4th debacle. Nor will i vote for him of a better Republican runs (DeSantis? Tucker?) HOWEVER it’s foolish to dismiss all the very good things he did in years 1-3.

    How he Effed up year 4 still confuses me. He HAD to know this covid thing was all a fraud. He’s not stupid. SO that leaves 1 ugly conclusion: he sold us out to protect himself.

    • If that were true, if he was threatened, and forced to toe the line or else, he would have disappeared after his exit debacle. He has ample resources to do so and would minimize his profile to protect himself and his family.

      He didn’t.

      He’s a willing actor.

      • David, that’s a Bingo. He is every bit the actor as Tom Hanks, who tested positive for the Kung Flu at the beginning of the scamdemic to get everyone terrified and panic-buy all the toilet paper.

      • Exactly, David. They are willing players. If they had to be threatened, it wouldn’t work, because how many ‘Kennedys’ can they perpetrate before the public all com to the realization they live in a Banana Republic?- And that is the thing they fear the most, because if the masses realized that their vote means absolutely nothing, they might actually start taking back their lives and ignoring government- in which case the rulers would be so out-numbered that their powers would instantly vanish.

        Anyone who has even dabbled in local politics- even in small towns- knows the score, and that you can’t advance by honest or by supporting things which are opposed to the interests of the power structure (No threats needed- you’ll simply never advance, and if you’re honest, you wouldn’t hang around to get there in the first place).

        One only stays and advances by playing the game (Not just in politics- but even in business, if it is at all affected by politics, as most are these days)- Just pick the crowd you want to pander to, and say the requisite words….but do the bidding of your real bosses.

      • There’s more to the story…
        Trump was smart enough to intersperse his own security team within the Secret Service detail, making it more difficult for “state actors” to get to him.
        I agree, Trump’s “vaxx push” was totally out of line, but one must remember who his “advisors” are…
        You can bet that, second time around, he will not be repeating the same mistakes by taking advice from his advisors. The federal “senior executive service” makes it almost mandatory for a president to appoint officials who are “next in line” like FBI Wray and other state-sponsored criminals. I’ll bet that Trump will not repeat the same mistakes twice…
        There is a lot not to like about Trump, but what was the alternative???

    • I figured he’s not the type of person to do research for himself and will take the word of some ahole like Fauci. I’ll repeat, if there’s another person, DeSantis for example, he’ll get my vote. He doesn’t have the ego Trump has and doesn’t think everything he does is correct.

  23. Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
    Albert Einstein –

    Competition is the basis of a flourishing free market. Since Rs and Ds have locked up the election process – no other political parties, and no one but Rs and Ds in the presidential debates, competition is lacking. The result has been, and will continue to be, dictatorial government.

    Relax, and give totalitarianism a chance.

  24. Hey I guess I’m first. Oh trump sucks up and down and every way possible to suck, He had one good day in November 2016 when he had every smug horrible tv person melt down on air. Immediatelty after that it all went to hell. Too bad he said a lot of good things in his campaign just to hand everything to Kushner when he got in office. We’re f–ked sad to say. Maybe if Tucker runs..

    • Trump was Elon Musk, part one. A token rebel. We live in a world of “tokens” that rarely achieve effective results against a century+ old psyop.


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