The Orange Fail “Fires” Fauci . . .

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Now that it no longer matters, because he is no longer president and so hasn’t got the power to fire Pope Fauci, the Orange Fail has “fired” him, along with the Scarf-Diaperer.

Based on their interviews, I felt it was time to speak up about Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx, two self-promoters trying to reinvent history to cover for their bad instincts and faulty recommendations, which I fortunately almost always overturned.”

Too bad he didn’t “feel it was time to speak up” six months ago.

No, Orange Man – you did not “overturn” the “recommendations” of these two – ever. You stood there like a spray-tanned wooden indian for months, in the background, while Pope Fauci and the Scarf-Diaperer were given the podium and allowed by you to weaponize hypochondria and to “normalize” the “practice” of disturbingly abnormal sickness kabuki, including the enforced by “mandates”  wearing of Face Diapers by healthy people who cannot spread a sickness they haven’t got, that presents almost no risk of death to those healthy people if they get the sickness – which the wearing of a rag over their faces will not prevent.

You let that pass, all of it. When you had the power to prevent it.

Or at least, could have tried to prevent it. As by pointing out that people who aren’t sick can’t spread sickness – and that it is dangerous and vicious to presume everyone is sick absent evidence they are. That it is vicious and dangerous to force-close businesses that no one was forced to enter, if they feared getting sick. That it is evil to curb-stomp whatever remained of free association.

You amen’d it.

All of it.

“Deadly China virus” . . . over and over and over.

You also imposed – and never rescinded – the “national emergency” decree that is still in force and which gave the power to state and local gesundheitsfuhrers to destroy the livelihoods of millions of Americans and the normalcy of life in America.

You let these creatures – whom you had the power to fire or at least not promote – scare the shit out of the population and thus established the predicate for mass absentee voting, which you did nothing to prevent even though any imbecile could have seen what it meant. That being an unprecedented opportunity to “count” votes never vetted, en masse. You did nothing to even try to assure that these unvetted votes would at least be vetted before they were counted.

You let them be counted – and then Tweeted after the fact that the election was “stolen.” Which it probably was.

Which is why you are no longer in a position to fire either of them.

Which is why Pope Fauci is still the pope while you are the loser, pandering to the fools who are still willing to support your failed presidency.

Who are the real losers – the saps – if they continue to fall for your self-promotional dog-and-pony show.

They had bad policy decisions that would have left our country open to China and others, closed to reopening our economy, and years away from an approved vaccine — putting millions of lives at risk.”

Bad policy decisions? Were you the president? Or were you their poodle? It is one – or the other. Don’t blame them for doing what you let them do. Which they did to us. Which you did to us.

And then this “vaccine” business – which, by cheerleading for, as you are now doing – you affirm. Everything Fauci and the Scarf Diaperer have said and done so far. You amen their virulent but contrived hysteria about a virus that does not kill 99.8-something percent of the healthy population, urging on them the necessity of 100 percent “vaccinations” else “putting millions of lives at risk.”

What millions, Orange Man?

Even if one accepts the ludicrously overstated death tally attributed to the “virus” thus far – a tally that seems to incorporate every death so far, including every death from ordinary flu and ordinary old age as well as practically every other thing, even to include motorcycle accidents – it is in the several hundred thousands. And it is about the same – or less – in the aggregate as the number of Americans who die in any other year from the usual things that result in people dying.

Such as old age and the complications thereof.

You now lend your weight to the narrative demanding Needling for All, which is the same as coming out in support of Vaccine Passports for All. It is hard to imagine anything more dangerous to the “freedom” you nebulously talked about as president but seem to have no real understanding of.

Or, something worse.

Perhaps it is your role to amen the Jab – as it was your role to enable the weaponization of hypochondria, which might well have been a more difficult thing to achieve had a “liberal” rather than a Potemkin “conservative” been president.

Had she been president.

It probably would have meant more resistance to the weaponization of hypochondria, by conservatives, at least. Instead, they waited for you to do something. They squinted hard and they tried to read between the lines; as they imputed to you beliefs you did not share but which they desperately believed you did. They were encouraged by the sight of you sometimes Undiapered, which enabled them to pass over the sight of you Diapered.

They hoped and they waited. And they were failed – because you did. Because you are.

Please, go away. The damage you’ve done already is incalculable. The country cannot stand any more.

 . . . 

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  1. “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars / But in ourselves, that we are underlings.” (Julius Caesar, Act I, Scene III, L. 140-141)

    I would like to take comfort in blaming Trump but I can’t. I have to blame myself, my affiliated political party (R -even though I am a Libertarian), for the fact this country has degraded itself to a point we elect dictators who align to our interests, not public servants. When did this transition occur….? I think 911 was a watershed that dismantled the constitution with the Patriot Act. We let this happen under the Chimp president. So the people then gathered around hatred of the other political party and voted their own dictator in based on race. Nurse Ratchet had her last chance but blew it to a egotistic Gordon Gecko our own dictator. The Orange Fail did change things up a bit and gave the working class someone to vote for but failed and turned his presidency over to swamp creatures. Like a naive Eliot Ness he trusted people around him not realizing everyone hated him for overturning their dictator. As Sean Connery said; if you’re afraid of getting a rotten apple from the barrel, get one off the tree.” Our dictator should have fired 10,000+ in Wash DC.
    My rant.

  2. Well Fauci and Birx twisting the knives in his back was a nice final touch. Like everyone the idiot hired fwiw. He didnt make ONE decision that Kamala Harris wouldnt support to some degree. Endless war – check. Trillions in deficit spending – check. Keeping the border wide open – check. Massacring small business – check. Didnt fight for one principle. Ever. He seemed to think by hiring establishment and massaging their dicks he would get some —mercy? From what? He let Kushner and fucking Ivanka run the show. I’m sure the zionist Jews were amused by his stupidity.

    Funny how lord Fauci has never mentioned fresh air / sunshine / vitamin D / exercise / socialization and eating clean to boost immunity. Oh wait those things are free. That won’t work!

    Much better to keep grandma imprisoned in her dark room 24 hours a day.

  3. Eric, The Donald indeed did make a monumental mistake in getting swept up in corona mania. I’m not sure it’s as simple as you made it out to be, though. Fire Fauci? I don’t think he had a choice in the matter. In the same manner as the President “appointing” the Fed Chair, that choice is made behind the scenes by the true powers that pull the levers, while the President is merely the master of ceremonies. It’s almost the same with Fauci. The man clearly has ties that run deep.

    Let me emphasize that long before Trump entered the political arena, this “pandemic” plan was long ago hatched by the Rockefeller Foundation, the WEF and other think tanks and there are documents proving that out. Whether they took their time to organize it, or saved it for a strategically beneficial time, this was NOT going to be stopped. I think behind the scenes it was made clear to him that if he over-resisted, he would be mowed the fuck down. Anyone can see how the whole fuckin world ganged up on him and cornered him. He could have fought it but it would be tantamount to spitting at a tsunami.

    Where I will fault him was on the vaccine component and his failure to point out this entire atrocity violates every single tenet of the Nuremburg Code.

    • DC, You are right. Trump would have never been able to fire Fauci because he (Fauci) is a career civil servant. Azar could potentially have fired him, but it would have caused a complete uproar and the head of the NIH (Collins) thought Fauci to be his mentor. These were the only two men that could terminate Fauci and they would have had to come up with a reason why. It reminds me of when Sessions wouldn’t fire Comey until Trump fired Sessions. Trump’s problem is he hires horrible people. I would expect a businessman to have better judgement, but his own ego gets in the way of. I have a feeling Trump can be persuaded with pretty compliments. Tell him what he wants to hear and he is putty in your hands. Which then leaves me to question his business sense. A true swindler could always recognize another swindler.

      Trump, originally, declared COVID was not something to worry about and it would last 15 days. For a short period of time I think he tried to calm the public, but the message continually was overridden by the MSM. Unfortunately, he had pissed off so many people during his Administration that his message was lost. I don’t believe there was anything Trump could say to turn the tide. People did not believe him and the media had their narrative to push.

      I wonder if this would have occurred under Hillary? I don’t believe it would have. I think it would have been pushed out until the next Republican president was in office, which is why it did not occur under the Obama Administration although the Rockefeller Foundation had Lockstep already established.

      • Hi RG.

        I do agree with you that ego stroking him is an easy way to penetrate his defenses. I know a lot about him since the 80s as a former NYer and his ego has a history of leading him to bad decisions, in business, his personal life, and politically.

        Many of his hires were likely political payoffs for help on the way in, but those people were probably trojan horses. Ultimately, if you have 100 slots to fill and only 5 people are truly on your side, you are fucked and 95 of them will be deemed bad hires. That is where he truly was.

        • Hi A,

          I agree with you. Most successful people have a very small circle that they trust. I think that is why he hires mainly family members. They have his back. Being elected President of the US has got to stink. Basically, you are in charge of hiring 3700 people and hope they are loyal. I don’t even know 3700 people to fill all of those needless positions. Seriously, I would probably be out on Pennsylvania Avenue asking people if they needed a job – that is how I would fill my Cabinet.

          • RG, that is likely a better strategy politically and for the country, but you wouldn’t EVER want to do it on Pennsylvania Avenue. I’d start in Omaha, and Kansas City, and Modesto, and Billings. Take out the trash- the embedded corruption. Undoubtedly this strategy would have a high drop out rate, but I suspect it would work out better for 99.9% of the population.

      • Hi RG,

        “These were the only two men that could terminate Fauci and they would have had to come up with a reason why.”

        Again, he didn’t have the power to fire Fauci from his official position, but hid did have the power to not appoint him to the task force, and to remove him from it. So what if it caused an uproar? Those who hate Trump hate him no matter what. They don’t hate him because he “pissed off so many people during his Administration”, they just hate him. Sure the MSM and the establishment would have screamed bloody murder, again, so what? they did so anyway.

        “People did not believe him”. Actually, millions of people believed him, and in him, passionately. Those people, half the country, would have believed him if he had told them, correctly, that the fear porn narrative being rammed down our throats was dishonest, misleading, harmful and unscientific.

        As for reasons to remove Fauci from the task force, these emerged early on. On March 11th, Fauci lied to congress and the American people about the deadliness of Covid. Fortunately, this is not speculation, it is a provable fact. During testimony he repeatedly claimed that Covid is significantly deadlier than the seasonal flu, ten times deadlier in fact. Yet, on March 26th, a paper he co-authored was published in the NEJM where he states, unambiguously, that “If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%”.

        Surely Trump could have had someone look into the publicly available, published opinions from Pope Fauci to find this direct contradiction. Moreover, Fauci revealed, in public testimony, that he was not qualified to recommend public health policy proposals. When queried about the harms being caused by the lockdowns, Fauci responded that he didn’t know a lot, that considerations of such were not his focus and that he was concerned solely with mitigating the harm caused by Covid. OK, there you have it, he has no business making public health policy pronouncements. It is precisely the job of a “public health expert” to consider the effect on total health of any proposed policies. Fauci, with his own testimony, revealed that he is not qualified.


        • Hi Jeremy,

          Let’s look at this through a psychological lens. I am going to jump into Trump’s mind here. He brought on Fauci and Brix because the medical community, the left, and the media respected them. Now, I realize if you had asked Judy Mikovits, she would disagree with, but he thought bringing on these two would quell the hypochondria that was starting to explode across the world and the country. He believed the American people looked at them as trusted sources of information which is why he allowed them on the task force. Let’s not forget the narrative for the first two months was “We don’t need no masks.” “This is not something of concern.” This was spoken by the entire Trump task force, Trump, and his Surgeon General until mid May.

          The Democrat governors and media went after Trump like a duck on a june bug. “He isn’t doing enough, we don’t have ventilators” “It is spreading everywhere.” “Our first responders don’t have PPE.” “The hospitals are running at max capacity.”

          Trump did not lock this country down. He also did not put out a mask mandate. The hypochondria was created by the media, the governors, and whiny ass Karens that went after small and medium size businesses and the individuals that they employed. Trump said this country would be reopened by Easter. He didn’t have the power to reopen anything. The states controlled what they wanted to do. You have some (Florida, Georgia, and South Dakota) that chose not to play. What happened then? The cities decided that they wanted a bit of this control so they ignored the governors “no mask policy” and introduced their own. Then you had the businesses (after being onslaughted by angry terrified liberal women) that created an even bigger fervor.

          Trump lost control, but I truly don’t believe he ever had control.

          I will finish this a bit later – heading into a meeting.

          • lets place this trump apologetics extravaganza beside the mountains of crimes against humanity that happened and continue on his watch and with his assistance. ya, you should quit while you’re already this far behind. imagine if trump was a watchman on the wall. the criminal insanity of it is overwhelming.

            • Hi OH,

              It astounds me that people who oppose Sickness Kabuki and the weaponization of hypochondria still support the Orange Fail. That they apologize for his failures. The spray-tanned fraud is now promoting the “vaccine” – which ought to sound alarms in any thinking person’s brain about the Orange Man’s role in all of this.

              • people are scraping by in varying states of confusion and shakeups seem inevitable before people break out their compasses and really sort out their headings properly. i hope we can all get on the right track.

                • Compass? What’s that? They’ve all been replaced by some smartphone “app”. Go north and ya might end up in Chile….

        • Civil servants, it is true, do not serve at the pleasure of the President, unlike appointed officials, such as Cabinet secretaries.
          I do not know the law specifically, but I expect all civil service employees can be terminated for cause, no matter their pay grade.
          Lying to Congress is a criminal offense.
          If you do so while under oath, that is perjury, which is a federal felony.
          But, it must be proved the lying was intentional.

          • Hi turtle,

            “But, it must be proved the lying was intentional”.

            Well, in this case, the proof is clear. When Fauci lied to Congress, he must have already finished his paper. The money quote from the paper proves, conclusively, that he did not believe his claim that Covid is ten times deadlier than the seasonal flu. It does not prove that the claim is necessarily false, just that he did not believe it to be true when he said it, in other words, a lie.


            • Well, there you go, then.
              Termination for cause.
              End of story. 🙂

              Personally, I would be in favor of termination “with extreme prejudice,” but that is another story. We don’t need another martyr. Saint Anthony Fauci? I think not.

          • Hi Turtle,

            This idea that Orange Man was helpless, that he could not fire Fauci is risible. He promoted the bastard. Legitimized him, by standing beside him as he terrorized the country. It is obscene to claim OF “had” to do any of that, or was powerless to prevent it. Also, no one made him say – over and over and over – “deadly China virus.”

            People are as blind to this OF’s scam as the Diapered are to that scam.

    • Hi DC,

      “Fire Fauci? I don’t think he had a choice in the matter.”

      Trump appointed Fauci to the task force in late January. It’s true that Trump couldn’t fire Fauci from his position as director of NIAID, but he didn’t have to appoint him to the task force and could have removed him from it when it became obvious that he was a lying, opportunistic weasel. And if he simply endorsed the choice “made behind the scenes by the true powers that pull the levers”, that merely adds more evidence to the observation that he was never anything more than a useful idiot and a spineless charlatan. For God’s sake, he ran as a political outsider and promised to drain the swamp. Sure, you’re probably correct that he was “told” to hire Fauci, but so what? If he’d told them to pound sand, his base would have loved him for it, and his enemies would/did/will hate him no matter what.

      I disagree that he couldn’t have stopped it, perhaps not ultimately, but in the short term he could have done something. If he were the man he claimed to be, he would have realized that he would likely be a one term president and used that freedom to attack the “true powers that pull the levers”. Had he done so he would likely have empowered most, if not all, of the Republican governors to resist the Covid tyranny. His base would likely have been more defiant and not submitted, cravenly, to the despotic measures. There is so much he could have done. Why not reach out to Sunetra Gupta, an avowed leftist, a “brown” woman and one of the most accomplished epidemiologists in the world, to explain the looming catastrophe, and the anti scientific justification, of the lockdowns? She could not have been credibly dismissed as an anti science quack or a biased Trump supporter. Things could have been different, but we’ll never know because he never even tried.


      • Hi Jeremy,

        Certain appointees, if you call them that, are merely formally renewed. Fauci is a clear example of that. He is as deep as Deep State gets. The man is untouchable because he was front and center to the whole plot. He was firmly entrenched and there was no getting him out of there.

        Trump was an outsider but as an outsider, even a powerful and connected guy like him was probably surprised at the level of rot in the system. All he (or anyone else not on the side of the Deep State) could hope to be is controlled opposition. It probably took him some time in office to come to that realization, or he was told in very direct terms that if he crossed a certain line, there’d be hell to pay.

        It’s easy to be a sideline critic and Monday Morning QB, but we can’t even fathom what he was up against. We saw it was a huge amount as members of the public, but rest assured it is far worse than even HE could have imagined.

        Remember, this is all about the imposition of communism, and they observe no rules or boundaries, and are relentless beyond description. Once this shit was announced last March, I knew EXACTLY what it meant, and my predictions have all come true.

        One man cannot defeat the world, especially with zero margin for error.

        • Hi DC,

          Did the Orange Fail have to give Fauci a podium? Stand mute for days/months on end, every day practically – while Fauci terrorized the country? This is absurd. He didn’t have to do that. But he did do that. He never made any attempt to state the facts about the Wuflu regarding how dangerous it actually is – facts he either had or should have gotten. It being his moral obligation to know what is going on and act in accordance with the facts. Instead, he let the Left weaponize hypochondria; worse, he participated in it.

          If he was so unable to do anything – but wanted to (as his defenders will say) – then he should have just quit and told the people why. That would have been great deal more helpful than serving as the piss bucket carrier of the Left.

          “The deadly China virus.” He said, repeatedly – thereby agreeing with the hypochondriacs. And now he’s saying Fauci is a self-promoter. If he had said the same thing six months ago – which he could have – the country might not be in thrall to weaponized hypochondria.

          Trump is either unable to understand and articulate what is it at stake or he doesn’t want to. Either way, he failed – and thus, failed us.

          • Hi Eric,

            Your second paragraph, especially, was spot on. I would have walked and said I refuse to go along with this bullshit and will not be the fall guy while communism is allowed to envelope us. It was sort of a gradual, slow boil and when you’re right in the middle, sometimes it’s harder to see than if you can step back and observe in a detached manner.

            I voiced many of your objections along the way. Did he miscalculate, grossly so in some cases? Yes. But he was totally set up to have this foisted on him.

            I won’t fault him too much. This was coming and he was a convenient scapegoat. I think they put him in office for this exact reason.

            • Hi Dennis,

              My disappointment – my anger – is probably obvious. I wish more on our side felt it. This business of apologizing for failure has got to stop if our side is ever to have a shot at winning. Losers fail. I does not matter, ultimately, why they failed – only that they failed.

          • Hi Eric,

            Spot on. Trump not only failed to present a coherent, scientifically sound counter narrative to the emerging hysteria, he participated in it. He often repeated the absurd claim from the Imperial College study of 2.2 million deaths (by bragging that “we” saved 2 million lives).


            • Yes Jeremy, I will give you that. It’s a lot of work to do that though, and ultimately there is a lot of information to sift through and decide what is true and what is propaganda. That’s not an easy task when you’re fighting the Deep State and trying to solve other problems. But yes he should have devoted more time/effort to that, and decided based on empirical evidence who he should believe, and acted on his beliefs and convictions. He’s human though, and got swept up and got somewhat mind fucked like so many others.

        • Hi DC,

          “Certain appointees, if you call them that, are merely formally renewed. Fauci is a clear example of that.”

          The Coronavirus task force did not exist when Trump was elected. Trump’s White House established it, and Trump appointed Fauci to it. Yes, Trump did not have the power to fire Fauci from his official position, but he did have the power to not appoint him to the task force, and to remove him from it when it became clear that Fauci was presenting a dishonest, misleading narrative that had the effect of terrorizing people into a state of irrational submission to tyranny.

          Also, everything you say about the rot, the enormous pressure, the predictable outrage, etc… is true. Yet the fact remains, Trump did nothing substantial to stem the rising tide of hysteria. He never presented a coherent or consistent position, he never bothered to learn the actual science, to document the misinformation or call upon the numerous, easy to find, and highly qualified experts (much more so than Fauci, Birx or Ferguson) to present a credible, scientific counter narrative to the fear porn pushed by Fauci and others. Sure, to his credit, he hired Scott Atlas, but failed to robustly stand behind him or challenge the lies and smears that were hurled at him. Too little, too late.

          “…or he was told in very direct terms that if he crossed a certain line, there’d be hell to pay”.

          Sure, this seems very likely, again, so what? Trump was elected in a wave of populist anger, both left and right, against the establishment. Hillary lost because she was the poster child for the establishment. Trump exploited this while campaigning, and then abandoned his supporters while “governing”. Trump ran promising to be the man with the strength to challenge the rot, to drain the Swamp. That he succumbed to the enormous pressure does not exonerate him, it reveals him as a coward, a useful idiot and a failure. Ironically, had he meaningfully challenged the rot, he would likely still be President.


          • “That he succumbed to the enormous pressure does not exonerate him, it reveals him as a coward, a useful idiot and a failure. Ironically, had he meaningfully challenged the rot, he would likely still be President.”

            He made his mistakes – what President hasn’t?

            For his first turn at bat in the major leagues, he did pretty well though on other measures despite having to swim in a cesspool. The monstrous machine he had to take on makes it that much more impressive. I do, like you and Eric, fault him on being swept up in the hysteria but no one on the resistance side could have been prepared for what was unleashed. Could he have done better? Of course, and I have my gripes but you are a bit harsh on the guy.

            No way was he going to be President again. They were blatant in making damn sure of that. You really think it came down to a vote, or a[[easing the political establishment? The Deep State installed a guy less coherent than Muhammad Ali on the last day of his life. If you think the voters decided that, then I don’t know what more to say.

            • Hi DC,

              He made choices. He chose to promote Fauci; he chose to declare (and never rescind) the “emergency.” He chose to speak of the “deadly China virus”- over and over and over.

              And now the bastard is pushing the “vaccine.”

              He chose not to even try to establish some sort of counter to the unprecedented mass absentee voting which weaponized hypochondria facilitated.

              This man was incapable of defining (much less defending) the key issues at stake, viz:

              That the threat presented by “the virus” has been and continues to be grossly exaggerated;
              That “the virus” is being used to impose outrageous tyranny on the American people;
              That “mandates” and “lockdowns” are contra the fundamental ideas which inhere in the Constitution;
              That people have the right to freely associate;
              That government has no right to declare anyone’s livelihood not “essential”
              That if Americans must present an ID to buy cough syrup, they should be expected to do so when exercising the franchise;

              Whatever good this man did is now being undone, because of the damage he did – which facilitated it.

            • Hi DC,

              I don’t criticize Trump for making mistakes, nor do I deny that he did some good, nor do I deny that he faced enormous obstacles. I criticize him because, on this issue, he was incoherent and contributed (on balance) to the hysteria. Also, by way of explanation, it’s personal for me. My mother died, alone, confused and wondering why she’d been abandoned by family and friends. She suffered from dementia and the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Every time I called her she would beg me to visit, I would explain that I could not, she would get it for awhile, but forget by the end of the conversation. I’m still angry at the gratuitous cruelty of this.

              I don’t blame Trump for this, as you and others have pointed out, he could not singlehandedly stop the madness. I blame Trump because he never really tried. If he had done so, and failed, I would be singing his praises.

              Also, my own bias, nothing seems more important to me than the Covid hysteria, which will likely morph into never ending hysteria. It is nothing short of the orchestrated destruction of civil society.

              Finally, I don’t think the voters decided this (s)election, but I am less certain than you that the fraud could have been perpetrated if Trump had presented a clear and coherent counter narrative to the Covid tyranny. Perhaps not, we’ll never know.

              Kind Regards,

              • Good stuff, Jeremy. We agree on many more things than we disagree on. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone more enraged over this whole madness than I.

                In many ways I see no real meaning to life any longer and I cry for the young ones who will never know a free society and body autonomy. At least I had that for 57 of my 58 years on this earth.

                I know forever we will be be suffocated (figuratively and literally) into an Orwellian world, poked and prodded every time we want to move 5 feet, monitored and controlled like robots, forcibly medicated, and imprisoned / executed if we refuse.

                This has gone too far for it to be reversed because the programming is so deep – both through the mind and almost certainly through the needle. I can’t even imagine what is in there and what it’s designed to do. This will make all the atrocities throughout history look like elementary school pranks. This is easily the most diabolical plot in human history, and it is being rolled our on a global scale.

                The technology, weaponry, the money, the militarized police all make it impossible to overthrow. We are done. They have won.

                • “They have won.”

                  In simple terms, I agree.

                  But what have they won? What is the prize? What happens next?

                  I am not optimistic about where it goes from here, but I am morbidly curious.

                  • Anonymous, what have they won? In short, complete control over everything, domination over humanity, eventual ownership of all resources and hard assets, and ownership of our bodies for their use. We are rapidly descending into a robotic, meaningless, joyless, dehumanized existence where we become their mules and robots. This is exactly what they wanted all these years and they have solved the puzzle and I think this has gone better than they ever even dreamed it would. There is some resistance but it has amounted to little more than a tantrum that they can easily quall. If you disagree, please explain your side and why I am wrong.

                  • Anonymous, what have they won? In short, everything they aimed for:

                    Complete control over humanity, a dehumanized existence for most of us, loss of ownership of our own bodies, the ability to force medicate us at will, ownership of all resources. It will be a robotic existence for most of us while we are tracked monitored, and controlled. Instead of spending my time on my work and my future, I spend far too much time wondering if life has any value any longer. If there’s not a fight to join, frankly I’m just not very motivated.

                  • Anonymous, what have they won? In short, everything they aimed for:

                    Complete control over humanity, a dehumanized existence for most of us, loss of ownership of our own bodies, the ability to force medicate us at will, ownership of all resources. It will be a robotic existence for most of us while we are tracked monitored, and controlled. Instead of spending my time on my work and my future, I spend far too much time wondering if life has any value any longer. If there’s not a fight to join, frankly I’m just not very motivated.

                • Hi DC,

                  The odds are long, I agree – but by no means have the won. And if they do win, it will cost them. I am determined to help in that regard, as much as I possibly can. The more of us who so commit, the better the odds become – for us.

          • > had he meaningfully challenged the rot, he would likely still be President.
            Yep. i agree.
            But, instead, der Trumpster showed us his cards, which are all about his own ego, shameless opportunism, and self promotion. There is only one suit in his deck of cards, and that is the suit of Trump’s.
            You *could* say he is not playing with full deck, as the rest of us understand that term.
            (And I voted for him, twice).
            Bummer. 🙁

        • Hi DC,
          Sorry, but I don’t buy the “Trump was an outsider” fairy tale. A billionaire NYC real-estate developer who has been lent money by Jeffrey Epstein, and who instead of “locking her up” goes and appoints the one who let Hillary and Billary get away with literal murder to the Supreme Court; surrounds himself with Neocons and Zionists, etc. etc. ad-infinitum is only “an outsider” in the minds of people who buy into the acts which are portrayed by political actors.
          Trump committed so many misdeeds that the idea of chalking them all up to ineptitude or inability is just absurd, as such inept people do not manage to become POTUS nor know enough to say the things which Trump said to appease the crowd to whom he was seeking to appeal.
          No outsider ever gets in. Even at lower levels- as has become apparent lately even with regards to SD governess Kristi Noem.

          • You mean Noem the corporate citibank amazon governor? Well if they cant play in the NCAA then girls need to be looking at dicks in their locker rooms!

            • Wait…wait, Mark- You mean the guys with vags…or the girls with dicks? Or the guys with dicks? Or the guys who think they’re….errr…. (I walked past a TV in the store yesterday, now I’m all confused about who’s who and what to call’em even if I know!)


    • Fauci practically pales to insignificance compared to many of Trump’s other misdeeds.

      Such as:
      Trump’s appointment of Kavanaugh and Barrett to SCOTUS. (Kavanaugh, who played a major role in letting the Clintons get away with murder; who helped to pass Obozocare; who promoted the ‘Patriot Act’, and who almost always sides with the libruls) and Barrett- who virtually always sides with the state and against the people/Constitution on every matter).

      His stupid “Wall” was nothing but corporate welfare- and totally ineffectual and a complete waste. Meanwhile Trump compromised with the Democrats when he could have done something legislatively to curtail illegal immigration, and actually ended up letting more invaders into the country during his four years than Obozo did in his EIGHT years.

      He gleefully signed the single biggest spending bill/creation of more fiat currency than the cumulative total of everything in the history of this country since it’s inception.

      He pushed for and signed the biggest military budget in history. (From a guy who campaigned on a promise of no-new-wars)

      Further militarized the already insanely militarized police.

      Appointed gun-grabbers, liberty&Constitution-haters/Neocons/Zionists to many key positions.

      Bombed Syria; Promoted regime change in VZ (after campaigning on the promise of no-more-regime-change) and almost started wars with VZ, NK, etc.

      Kept us in NATO and kept funding the UN. -After campaigning to do the opposite.

      Persecuted Assange and Snowden- and instead of pardoning them, pardoned a bunch of thieves, scammers, and murderers!

      After campaigning to work with RFK. Jr. to investigate the truth behind vaccines, he scrapped that idea immediately, and instead threatened to use the military to “distribute” the COVID vaccine!

      I could go on and on…but one gets the idea. The guy is a liar and a shill and a disaster to liberty, truth and justice, just like every other cretin who desires to head the ship of STATE. And the few and far between actual piddling tiny little good things he threw us, like the reprieve from the Obozocare personal penalty mandate and the putting on hold of the CAFE standards, he did via executive order rather than through the legislative process, so that they could easily be undone on day one of his opponent’s ascension to the throne, by the simple stroke of a pen.

  4. Although I believe that Trump was more likely than not playing the role he was given, it is also possible that whatever good or innocent intentions he had may have been derailed by his Achilles heel – his massive ego. Any time he may have had a lucid thought about what he was allowing to happen to this country, all the snakes (such as Fauci) had to do was hiss into his ear how “s-s-s-s-mart” he was for listening to them and his conscience quickly evaporated.

    Pride goeth before a fall.

  5. Now, all, don’t worry.

    I have confidence Trump will be inaugurated by Jeff Epstein tomorrow morning, and fix all of this.

        • Mike Lindell: “We have new evidence; Trump will be back in office by August”.

          Obviously, these people are not so stupid as to believe what they actually say- but the scary thing is that they know that there are so many fools who DO believe, that they can actually say these things publicly, without being ridiculed, and without fear of causing those whom they are playing to, to realize that they are being played like a kid at a carnival game booth.

          Anyone who thinks that The Donald may’ve ever been sincere should consider such things. Such a gaggle of ridiculous allies could not just be assembled by accident at random any more so than a full-blown three-ring circus could.

        • Also everyone who said he was playing “4D” chess; he probably can’t even play checkers, or if he could would “accidentally” knock the board over if he was losing.

  6. I always wondered why “they” let Orange Fail win the first time

    Thank you for explaining it

    Even after 911, the depths of their depravity is too much for my puny, un-evil mind

  7. You squarely drove that row on nails, Eric.

    Everything, save for one statement:

    “It is hard to imagine anything more dangerous to the “freedom” you nebulously talked about as president but seem to have no real understanding of.”

    I don’t believe I EVER heard the Orange Man tout freedom. He might have mentioned the term once or twice during his Presidency. but he never appeared to be an advocate for freedom, nebulous or not, at least to my knowledge.

    That was among his most egregious of flaws.

  8. Who does the Orange Ass think he’s fooling with this? The My Pillow guy crowd? Is he delusional? Are his ardent clingers falling for this retrospective fantasy? Go Away!

  9. AMEN, Eric! My thoughts exactly.

    Sad thing is, the fools are (as usual) lapping up Trump’s sputum, and if this gulag somehow survives to 2024 it is likely that the Orange Oaf or some other actor portraying a similar character will be allowed to be selected, to maintain the necessary balance to pacify the audience of the political theater.
    And thus, there will more trillions of fiat currency conjured from thin air, and more bombing of Syria and other regions whose maps we and Israel want to redraw, or who have resources we desire (Watch out South America, with your tempting deposits of what we need to make electric-car batteries!) yada, yada…..
    I just hope that at least WE have learned our lesson, and won’t applaud the show nor buy the tickets to the new Less Evil show, which will be exactly the same as the old Less Evil Show, which was exactly the same as the More Evil show, only with different words and actors.

    Heck, at least the More Evils actually do something to promote their evil agenda instead of just mouthing the words…and they own it, while the supposed Less Evils sit on their hands, and now even fart on those hands.

    • Hi Nunz,

      We have learned what lesson? We refuse to address the elephant in room through this whole ordeal? Why?

      We keep thinking this is about one man, it isn’t. This is about the full fledged destruction of the American economy (possibly the world economy) and the world wide recognized currency the American dollar. Trump is a player, he isn’t the messiah. By taking our anger on Trump and the politicians that run our hoax of a government we ignore those in the background that are readily to destroy an entire planet. Which brings us back to the original question – Why?

      • Hi RG,
        Why is the real question indeed. I’ve been reading a lot about Bill Gates recently, you’ll find it on among other sites. He is a megalomaniac for sure, he is quietly purchasing farmland, working with Monsanto/Bayer to control the supply of seeds, and assorted other moves to basically control the food supply. His latest scheme is to spread a bunch of nanoparticles in the upper atmosphere to block the sun to “solve” the nonexistent problem of global warming/climate change. What could possibly go wrong? Ice age anyone? The little twerp thinks he’s a god and all us serfs should marvel at his wisdom and worship his “benevolence”. No thanks.

        • Hi Mike,

          I agree, Gates is an evil man. I always chuckle when I hear someone mention all of the money that he has contributed to “saving the world.” I usually ask what they thought of his performance with the DOJ after Microsoft was brought up on anti trust charges in 1998. I also ask what do they think of his vaccination trials in both India and the Depo Provera trials in Ghana. Most have no idea what I am referring to.

          Almost every interview I see him in he is smirking or laughing while talking about something a situation where few of us could find any humor in (downfall of the economy, issues with vaccines, etc.)

          He is very much the Jay D Rockefeller of our day.

      • Hi RG!

        Was that rhetorical, or were you really asking?

        Just in case: The answer is: The “New World Order”- The agenda that has been being pursued for over 100 years- which entails the establishment of world government; a one-world economy; defacto communism in major nations, etc.

        Most of the essential steps to accomplishing their evil goals have already been set in place in most places- The disarming of the peoples of virtually all other countries; the inability of nations to exercise sovereignty, especially economically; The destruction of traditional Western values/culture and Christianity, which promoted individual freedom, strong families, and resistance to collectivism; The making of people dependent upon government for their daily existence, and preventing them from being self-sufficient so that they are not only nothing but a huge labor pool, but can also be easily controlled by stipulations concerning employment.
        Pretty much the only things remaining to complete their plan, are the disarmament of the American people; the dissolution of the unilateral American superpower (By balkanizing the US into 10 smaller nations); and the destruction of the major economies of the world so that a unified “global economy” can be established.

        See how the worldwide COVID-response nonsense promote all of this?

        It’s never been about one man- or men….. except in the mind of those are pacified by the political theater and who fail to see that the “issues” and agendas being played out are certainly not the ones which are talked about in the media. THOSE issues are usually just a cover to justify the things they really want to do, but which of course they can’t admit to the public beforehand. e.g. they need a “deadly disease” to justify the measures necessary to destroy economies, and to promote mass vaccination and extreme levels of surveillance and control (
        Vaccine passports’ etc.).
        When one is aware of the real agenda, it is easy to see how that “both sides”(of the same coin) are playing the same game, and merely offering a “choice” to the publiuc which is no more a choice than ‘heads I win, tails you lose’- but which pacifies that public into believing that they have a choice and are in control (LOL) and thus somehow “free”.

        • No, I was really asking.

          I am familiar with the New World Old and the Great Reset, but after they have achieved all that they strived for (the downfall of the USSA, biometric tracking, the establishment of electronic currency, depopulation control, etc.) Then what? They sit back and watch the world burn? They see homelessness on every street corner, human beings starving, and people fighting their neighbors for crumbs. This is a thing of beauty to them? Can they not wait for eternal damnation? Why bring it on early?

          • Oh… Thanks for the clarification, RG.

            Ah yes, what then?
            Probably something akin to what we see now in the socialist countries. “Do your job and be a cog in the centrally-planned society, and you’ll get your sustenance and maybe a few perks; We’ll keep you “educated” and indoctrinated so that you’ll think that this is the best way to live as you’re “guaranteed all the necessities” [As long as you don’t make any waves, as there will always be threats of withholding privileges, and the expectation violence lurking just below the surface “when needed”].
            What do the guys at the top get? The same things the rulers of empires now get/have always gotten, only on a greater scale, where their power is never challenged, and where a small group ultimately controls the whole world and it’s wealth; and the direction of humanity.
            Ultimately, those who have long conspired to do this, even the ones who worked toward it back when they knew that their work would only be a step in ultimate path and that they would not live to see the actual fulfillment of the end goal, do so for spiritual [occultic] reasons- as they already have more wealth and power than they know what to do with- just as someone like DJT who already has more money than he could spend in the remainder of his life is still obsessed with making more- it’s the power, control and ability to essentially be the god of this world which motivates such people. They get to control the lives of men; to determine what is right and wrong; to decree who lives and who dies, etc. Think: The Third Reich only on a worldwide scale.
            Scary thing is: There will be mass acceptance of this once it comes about. People will not even realize it has come about until it is here- just as they do not realize that what is going on before our eyes is in-fact the process of bringing it about. Once it is here, the masses will likely be content- just as they now are in many of the socialist countries, simply because the “revolution” [what we are seeing now] will have ended, and it will be “back to normal” for most- with no threat of the artificial boogeymen of pandemics or terror (except as needed once in a while to keep people in-line) just “owning nothing and being happy” for those who were happy being tracked and surrendering their rights to the TSA, etc. because they have no love of liberty nor autonomy- they just want a “normal life”- and in-fact, anyone (such as us) whom they see as posing a threat to that wonderful benevolent dictatorial system which sustains them, will counted as the ultimate enemy, to be destroyed- the enemies of the state will be the enemies of the people.

  10. Eric’s post is right on the money. I will remember OF solely for ushering in the war on sickness (a war on Americans like all the other wars; on poverty-now 55 yrs old, some drugs- now 50 yrs old, and the tactic known as terror- now 20 yrs old). The convid “economy” as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if all the “measures” including diapers and recurring quackcine requirements go on indefinitely, for economic as well as control reasons. Whole industries and constituencies are already built and more being built to capture the largesse.

    • Exactly, Zek!
      I usually agree more with the words of the Repugnantcan(t)s….but sad thing is, when I look back over all the presidents of my lifetime, it seems that we have always lost more liberties and suffered more destruction to society under their tenures.
      Nixon’s War On [Some] Drugs; Wage & Price controls; etc.
      Reagan increased the size and scope of the Federal gov’t more so than anyone since FDR.
      Who can even list all of the Bushes crimes? -Including the “War On Terror”.
      And Donald DooNothing’s medical martial law.

      The Dumbocraps, loathsome as they are, I don’t think have managed to do anything which could match the far-reaching and long-lasting evil of the R’s of the last 50 years. Those who vote would probably do better to vote for those whom outwardly appear to be our enemies, as they seem to do slightly less harm than those who pretend to be our friends.

      Look at the present: Even the most ignorant Trump foamers and Q-Anon believers know that Biden is a piece of shit- but when the Orange Doofus was in, doing the exact same things as the current turd and turdette, they cheered- and now they’re drooling to get him and his cadre of Neocons and Joos back, even! (Sad thing is, even they’re starting to look good compared to Evil Joe’s freak-show of he-shes and hood-rats).

      • I was mowing the lawn for the first time today and actually feeling nostalgic for the freedoms I had in the “Obama era.” Seriously. I remember back in ‘16 Bob Wenzel of EPJ and Target Liberty made the same argument you’re making about Dems being slightly better than Repugs specifically about Hillary being better than OF for libertarians due the engendering of resistance by red teamers. Folks gave him a bunch of ish for it, myself included at times. In retrospect I can’t help but think both of you were/are right.

        • Ah, Zek- it’s really a losing game no matter how ya look at it though. “Heads I win…tails you lose”.No matter what, we’re not gonna win that coin toss, as long as their is government, and people who rule other men, and men who desire to be ruled, and the resultant power structures.

          But it sure does seem that way about the D’s and R’s, eh? It’s as if they often do the very opposite of what they say/[promise. Bill Clinton gave us the biggest welfare reform….and Trump banned bumpstocks…… It’s all just so backwards!

  11. “Years away from an approved vaccine”. As if that would have been a bad thing? No, it was his fucking “operation warp speed” that has brought this hell upon us. His administration sanctioned the slapping together and pushing of these poisons, and pressured the FDA to grant emergency authorization. He hosted that round table spectacle with Big Pharma CEOs last spring. He set the stage for attempts to inject every man, woman, and child with experimental death serum. He caused the US government to literally hand billions of tax dollars to Pfizer, Moderna, et al. in order that they get paid, that their stock skyrockets, and that millions of unsuspecting and reluctant people get a “free” jab courtesy of Uncle Sam. How many people just might skip if they had to, gasp, PAY for the vaccine from their own, now empty, wallet?

    Fuck the Orange Ass and his warp speed vaccines that now truly do “put millions of lives at risk.” Because he couldn’t be bothered to wait a few years to vet them for safety and efficacy, you know, how it’s been done every other time since the days of snake oil had gone away. Because he couldn’t be bothered to let “science” actually play itself out and show what happens? Because he needed a political victory, because he fumbled this out of the gate by letting Fauci and Scarf lady run roughshod over the entirety of global society.

    • Amen, BAC.

      With these vaccines it pushed the world to considerably force the need for vaccine passports and ultimately, biometric authentication, which I believe was the goal from the beginning. Trump was a fool or played along.

      • Now, now, RG! Trump hasn’t [merely] played along…he has ENABLED things like the vaccine passposts, by paving the way for them and buiding the infrastructure- e.g. championing the erection of the 5G network (The old infrastructure could nlot handle the massive amounts of data needed to be transmitted for an entire population to be monitored in real-time continually) and by installing such enablers as Kavanaugh and Barrett to SCOTUS, who virtually always side with the libruls and ALWAYS with the state.

        • The 5G network is where I still believe that this plan cannot be fully implemented. The need for broadband throughout this country is unattainable. I can drive 15 minutes up the road and there are no cell towers or internet to be found. My business is on a major highway and I still can’t get Comcast to run cable lines from across the road for less than $40K. My entire office works off a jet pack. Start driving up to the back wood areas and there are still places to hide and be off the grid. This country is too spread out to hook up everyone to the Net. The hell will be in the cities and suburbs. The boonies….their not going to waste time or money on. They are just hoping we stay illiterate, choke on our cigarettes or make a bad batch of moonshine.

          • That’s why they’re so adamant about fixing that, RG. Why would *they* care so much if “everyone has broadband”? (Notice how both parties eagerly promote that?).

            There are still some cell phone dead spots on the north shore of Long Island- a few dozen miles from NYC- but all in all, cell coverage is almost complete. Even if it were just in the cities and metro areas, I’m sure that’d be enough to make TPTB happy- but truth is, it’s just about everywhere already- even where I live, here in the sticks, two hours from any major city- and you can bet that the few dead spots will be filled in any day now- and even if not, what would it matter, since most people go to a larger town/city to work, and the few of us mavericks who don’t are likely non-compliers like myself anyway.
            It sucks- cell signal has been here for the 20 years that I’ve lived here…I was hoping to at least be able to find a place without it. If ya can’t get away from it in a very rural county 2hrs from any city, in a county with one traffic light…I’d say they have it wrapped up pretty good already.

            • Well, then I am going to consider myself lucky. I got a couple good spots where only a landline would be useful. I think I may go hunting for a nice piece of land this weekend. A little log cabin sounds mighty appealing right about now.

              • Ditto that, RG! -and/or simply don’t use their infrastructure. The already weak signal here is reduced to just about nothing in my singlewide, since the metal siding and roof act as a Faraday cage! (Keeps me from having to wear one’a them fancy tin-ferl hats! 😀 )

          • RG,

            That’s why UN Agenda 21/2030 was put in: to move you hicks in to the city. Go watch Rosa Koire, who was a RE appraiser for CA, talk about this. What they do in rural areas is refuse to fix or add infrastructure (e.g. Verizon refusing to run a cable across the street to your business); they’ll refuse to run utilities to you; and they’ll tax the daylights out of you. All this is in an effort to “nudge” you to move to the city.

            • Hi MM,

              Then the last laugh is on them. If they will leave me alone I will happily live off of tree branches to keep warm at night. Hell, it wasn’t that long that most of us Appalachian mountain people didn’t even have indoor plumbing. We will just shrug our shoulders and and pretend its 1987.

            • Good point, MM! I believe it. Friend O’mine moved to FL. a while back, and despite the local phone company being in the landline phone business, he can not get them to install a landline in the house he bought, which had a landline until a few years ago. The excuse is: “All of the old guys retired, and none of the new guys know how to do it”! -And we’re not talking some backwater swamp- but in the Ft. Myers metro area!

  12. Trump was only useful for one thing, and boy did he ever succeed in delivering it. His election informed the US Psychopaths In Charge that we are far from pleased with the way they are conducting business. That usefulness disappeared the day he was sworn in. He was not up to the task he claimed to embrace, or he never intended to be, nor cared to be. I suspect his campaign and the subsequent office were nothing more than a source of entertainment for him.

  13. Eric, NOT one of your best moments nor one of your best pieces …

    Just to be clear, when you are down we’ll make sure we kick you around as well … just remember karma …

    • Trump deserves every scintilla of criticism he gets. He failed to deliver on nearly every single thing he promised, and eagerly led us down this path of “plandemic” dystopia. Right now, he’s not down. In fact he probably rejoices he doesn’t have to hang around DC anymore, and he certainly is no pauper. Most likely, the only thing he misses is all the attention he no longer gets. You need to find another messiah to believe in.

      • Walter,

        I disagree. This is his finest article Eric has composed about Trump. Eric was very willing–through 4 years–to give Trump the benefit of a doubt. Even in the face of those of us like myself and many, MANY, of his long time readers and supporters of the site and his work who balked.

        Eric has realized the err of even reluctantly supporting Trump. This is excellent journalism. He speaks truth and has pointed out extensively that he was wrong.

        We have all been wrong. We will all be wrong again. It’s human nature. But good, decent, intelligent humans can recognize when they make mistakes.

        Eric Peters is surely one of the finest people you or I have ever stumbled across. Or, as Eric sometimes refers to others, a mensch.

    • Hi Walter,

      But why? I’d really like to know – specifically – why you are mad at me for pointing out how the Orange Man Failed. Am I wrong about his not firing Fauci? About what weaponized hypochondria has done to this country? About it leading to “the steal” – which is why the senile pedophile now fronts the government, with Fauci still there?

      And now the Orange SOB comes out with anti-Fauci comments? When it no longer matters? Or rather, so he can fool people into supporting his talk, once again? So that he can maybe get elected again – and then do nothing again? Like “drain the swamp,”for instance?

      I’d have defended the man to the hilt had he defended me – and you. But the hard-to-accept fact is he threw us all under the bus. It is unforgivable. The man is either an inept fool or something much worse.

      And if I ever betray you/the readers – as by selling the site to some greasy data-mining corporation, for instance – then I would expect you to kick me around and that would be deserved karma.

      For what it’s worth, I’d burn the site down before doing such a thing. For me, talk is irrelevant if not backed with action. A man who has no principles he will defend even at great cost is a man without principles.

      He is not even a man, in my estimation.

      • I have to partially agree with you about “orange man”, letting “pope” fauci and others foist this phony “plandemic” on us, but would ask that you cut the man some slack (at least a little bit). Little was known about the harmlessness of the covid along with the suppression of news from REAL doctors who also exposed it as a fraud. It was not all of orange man’s doings. Yes, orange man can be blamed for much of the fiasco that resulted, but don’t forget that he is a businessman, not a professional politician. All one has to do is look at the choices that he made for his political appointments, almost all of who stabbed him in the back. Yes, the plandemic poison vaccine rests squarely on his shoulders, but blame must be put the pharmaceutical industry for seeing massive amounts of shekels to be made.
        Best regards and keep writing…

        • Good post, anarchyst.

          As everyone knows I am pretty indifferent to Trump. I think some things he did well (the border wall, lowering of taxes, decreasing deregulations, taking on China, getting out of horrible trade deals, etc.). He took many of these items head on when many before him kicked the can down the road.

          He also handled some items very badly (his thin skin, name calling, continued hiring of the Swamp, Fauci, etc.)

          I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. Trump’s Presidency will be remembered for either two things 1) a business man was bamboozled and made to look foolish believing the people around him were concerned with saving American lives; or 2) he was in on the biggest deceit and corruption campaign that the world has ever seen.

          Trump followed what the WHO and CDC said. He was no different than any other President or Prime Minister out there. Does anyone believe Boris Johnson, Justin Trudeau, or Emmanuel Macron are handling this more effectively? Every freaking world leader right now is a joke. Why would our country be any different? This is not just a USA problem, this is a global issue and the puppet masters are behind the screen pulling the strings.

          I don’t consider the Orange Man an Orange Fail, but either an Orange Fool or an Orange Success depending which side he is on. The failure belongs to the American public who believed the heady lies that our politicians and world leaders tell us on a daily basis and still idiotically believe they give a damn about us.

        • Hi anarchyst,

          “Little was known about the harmlessness of the covid along with the suppression of news from REAL doctors who also exposed it as a fraud”.

          I’m sorry, this doesn’t cut it. Enough was known, from the very beginning, to argue that the proposed policies (lockdowns, social distancing, mask mandates, etc…) were entirely unjustified, both ethically and scientifically. Trump masterfully hijacked the “fake news” meme and used it against the propagandists paid to control the narrative on behalf of the established elite. But, rather than attack the obviously “fake” narrative surrounding covid, he expended his energy whining about the unfair treatment he received from the press. There were many people, from the start, who criticized the emerging narrative, correctly pointing out that it was extremely one sided, misleading and dangerous. Such people, John Ioannidis and Michael Levitt to name two, were easy to find to anyone remotely curious about the extreme policies about to be forced upon us. Sure, the mainstream media did suppress these voices, but Trump parlayed the bias and dishonesty of the mainstream media to gain popular support, so should have been skeptical. Sadly, his critique of fake news extended no further than coddling his own massive ego. If he were, as he claimed to be, an advocate for “regular” Americans, he would have worked hard to expose the looming catastrophe that awaited “regular” Americans should the draconian and unprecedented policies be imposed.

          Two pieces of “fake news”, WHO’s claim that the fatality rate of Covid was 3.4% and the absurd Imperial College London study, authored by serial hysteric Neal Ferguson, really got the ball rolling on the lockdown madness. Sure, I don’t expect that Trump should have known, immediately, that these claims were preposterous. But, he should have consulted with people outside of the “swamp” who did, rather than blindly accept them. After all, he was aware of the enormous harm that would be caused by the proposed polices, yet chose to accept, and amplify, the supposed justifications for them, rather than critically examine them.

          When the WHO reported that the fatality rate of Covid was 3.4%, it was reported as shocking and alarming, OMG, that’s way worse than the seasonal flu! But, it was misleading and presented out of context; a fact known to many experts, and easy to discover to anyone remotely curious or skeptical. The figure was an estimate of the crude case fatality rate (deaths per confirmed cases), not an estimate of the infection fatality rate (deaths per total infections). It is well established that the IFR is always significantly lower than the CFR (ten to 100 times lower). So, the news, superficially alarming, becomes much less so if put into context. A CFR of 3.4% implies a likely IFR of 0.034% – 0.34%, put simply 3 times less deadly to three times more deadly than a normal seasonal flu.

          It is true that much was uncertain at the beginning, but enough was known to insist that the proposed policies were unacceptable. In addition, it is profoundly unethical to argue that uncertainty justifies the imposition of policies KNOWN to cause extreme harm, but UNKNOWN to produce any benefit. This moral insight does not require specific scientific knowledge. Trump should have been the adult in the room, he should have advised caution, demanded that the merchants of fear categorically prove their case and demonstrate, to a near certainty, that lockdowns would not cause more harm than they prevent.


          • You make good points. Please be aware that the “powers that be” used this fake “plandemic” for their own nefarious purposes. Trump was not “in the loop” and was just as gullible and kept in a confused state as the rest of the world populations. Yes, Trump should have been the adult in the room.but don;t forget: hindsight is 20-20. It is easy for us to say “shoulda woulda coulda”…Lets face it. Most of us were bamboozled by the “big lie”. Regards,

          • Thanks for that info Jeremy, a great summation of how the hysterics took control of the narrative and never let facts or common sense get in their way.

          • Jeremy,

            Something that people are forgetting WRT statistics, numbers, etc. is that Trump holds a Wharton MBA. To get that degree, he had to learn SOMETHING about statistics, math, finance, and economics! He had enough education, knowledge, skills, and experience to have a good idea of what all those numbers meant.

            • Hi Mark,

              Well then he should have understood that a “study” with these embedded assumptions (IFR = 0.9%, 81% of population will become infected, stable R0 of 2 and, absent mandatory lockdowns, no voluntary adaptive behavior would happen) was complete and utter horseshit.


      • Eric, Not at all “Mad” at you, just disappointed that you kicked a man that is down … just saying that karma won’t forget you for this …

        • I am not sure a man sitting pool side at his 110,000 sq. foot championship golf club house with his beautiful model wife is “down.”

          • I think you’re reading too much into my comment, I never said you were in error, BUT you did show us by example that it’s OK to kick a man (not just “Orange Man” ) when he is down …

            Just for the record, I’m NOT a Trump sycophant by ANY means, NO man will ever be perfect nor do everything perfectly, but what I’m seeing here by many others comments, is a lack of appreciation for what Trump was able to accomplish in four years, especially given the significant “Headwinds” he had to work against. By any measure, he was able to accomplish what many Presidents have not been able to accomplish in the past 70 perhaps even the last 100 years … if nothing else, he gave America a “breather” from the last 7 (or so) disastrous administrations …

            IMHO, instead of criticizing and fighting each other, we need to roll up our sleeves, get to work and start working together if we REALLY want things to get better … if “We” choose not to do that, America really might be done …

      • Let’s not forget the Orange Sale had a rally and the whole stadium told him to fire Fauci. He said he’d think about it.

        Orange didn’t fail. Orange was a huge success. The question is will he be able to fool a man twice and will that man recognize self-shame?

    • Walter,
      It is not a matter of kicking someone when they are down. Trump was never “down”. The lifelong Democrat NYC real estate developer was merely playing a part- that of speaking the words to pacify 50% of the voting public in this pluralistic system in which a balance must be achieved so that both sides feel that their side is “winning” every few years- while in reality, the same agendas (Those representing the interests of the REAL rulers of this world) are carried out without interruption. Eric is merely pointing out the obvious deceptions.
      Haven’t you noticed that every successive administration regardless of party or person, buidls upon and adds to what it’s predecessors have done?
      The wars, the taxes, the welfare, the flow of foreign invaders; the ever-increasing regulation, the ever-increasing size and scope of the state, etc. all continue unabated no matter who you elect.
      Obama bombed Syria. Hilary wanted to bomb Syria, but lost to Trump…who bombed Syria..and before being in office 2 months, Creepy Joe has bombed Syria…..
      What Trump is doing now is the ultimate hypocrisy- saying essentially: “If I were in office I’d fire Fauci….even though when I was in office and had the power to do, I didn’t do it!”. Eric is merely pointing out the absurdity of such hypocrisy- which, sadly, is needed, as it seems that so many today are incapable of seeing that most blatant hypocrisy on their own, because they are too enraptured in the stage show being performed by the actors before their eyes, and by song and dance which is set forth on the media stage.

      • Yes, Trump is in the unique position to not have to defend against a hypothetical – in fact, he has the much more onerous task of defending against his track record. He failed, whether intentionally or not. He let us all down.

        He will continue to hurt this nation if he keeps turning up like a bad penny. His role now seems to be to distract from someone who may be a better choice…although I’m not planning to vote for Prez in 2024 (for the first time since turning 18).

    • I agree with Raider Girl on this but will expand a bit.
      Things Trump did good- Getting the wall going, forcing Nato countries to pay their way. Dumping NAFTA, holding china’s feet to the fire, not starting another or expanding wars,drawing down troops in the middle east. Reducing regulations for businesses to thrive.
      The most important thing he did well and this may have been by accident– Exposing the media, the left, the rinos and deep state as members of the same team and that team doesn’t include the rest America. Their froth at the mouth anger over the people’s audacity to not select their chosen candidate has opened more eyes than 15 years of oblamer could.

      Things Trump should have done better(but needed help from a congress “his party ” controlled for his 1st 2 years). Removing hussien care from law, adding funding for the wall into the actual budget, reducing the size and scope of the federal bureaucracy,

      Things Trump was an abject failure at-not firing every member of the doj & fbi that had the title of director all the way down to supervisor when it was obvious they were all actively working against the American people. Allowing the turtle mcconnell any say or reccomendation in cabinet picks. a
      Allowing his son in law to have a say in anything. Allowing the weaponization of hypochondria, allowing fraudci and comrade neck scarfe to set policy, never giving a voice to opposition voices, never removing the emergency declaration which caused so much tyranny by the PTB on the people, and not heading off the voter fraud that a blind man could see coming 100,000 miles away.

      The bottom of this list overshadows everything at the top of this list by far as its the most reduction of freedoms we have faced as a country since 1860-65

    • Trump wasn’t a helpless man, he was obviously a complicit puppet. Knowing the deep state’s influence it would be foolish to still believe that he would have made a difference in the long game. I’ll never understand the unwavering compassion and human empathy that people will exhibit for a politician….especially one who threw us all to the wolves and then had the nerve to endorse the vaccine that’s been harmin and killin people. Who knows what kept that dam up for a few more years? They just needed another minute to vet out their event 201, divide the country by social media and then make him their patsy when the time was right.

  14. This article put a Motley Crue song in my head, probably for the whole day:

    “Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)”


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