Pope Fauci and The Variants

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It sounds like an ’80s synth band but the tune is more like the braying of a defective donkey.

Perhaps you saw the exchange between Pope Fauci and Senator Rand Paul over Mask Wearing Forever, which the Pope of Sickness insists on.

Paul inquired of his Holiness, why dost thou continue to wear thy vestment in view of the fact that thou hast been anointed with the Holy Water (i.e., the “vaccine” – which ostensibly renders the recipient immune from the ‘Rona, else why bother taking it and with it, whatever risk of unknown problems it may cause)?

The Pope’s reply was what one would expect of any religious leader: Just believe. For I saith so.

And, obey.

Rand – playing the part of a latter-day Martin Luther – questioned the Pope about this, demanding to know what evidence could be adduced to substantiate the Holy Assertion that wearing a vestment or two served other than a ritualistic purpose. None was forthcoming.

The Pope  instead resorted to incantations – The Variants! The Variants! – this being the replacement for The Cases! The Cases! – the latter having lost some of its tent show power to wow and cow the Faithful. But wait! While this ‘Rona may have been tamed, a new ‘Rona – several of them, even, could be in the air.

Thus saith the Pope.

Rand said – paraphrasing – but there is not a single known “case” of reinfection or hospitalization of a person who was infected but recovered (that being 99.8-something percent of the people who got the ‘Rona, most of whom never even knew they had it due to the mildness or the absence of any symptoms of the ‘Rona).

These “variants” of which you speak  . . . there is no evidence of anyone so afflicted in this country and no evidence to support Your Holinesses assertion that a person who has had the Standard ‘Rona or received the Holy Anointing is likely to get (and so cannot transmit) the new ‘Rona.

The Pope pursed his thin lips and stated that he disagrees – which counts as a presentation of contrary facts when a religious matter is up for discussion. One does not question the Virgin Birth.

One simply accepts it.

The Pope and his Church have clued you in, so be on notice. This never ends – the vestment wearing or the vaccinating – because the ‘Rona never ends. There will always be a new strain – a new variant – against which the vaccine you had isn’t palliative and for that reason you must always wear your vestment, now and forevermore. You will also be expected – required, perhaps – to get multiple vaccinations, ongoing amen.

For this ‘Rona and the new ‘Ronas.

There is simply too much money and too much power at stake. If the populace can be forced – if not by law than by the forces of economic and societal exclusion (e.g., Common Pass, without which the Unholy are forbidden to travel) to accept the Holy Needle for the sake of the faintest sliver of a chance that they might get seriously sick – see that bit about 99.8-something not-fatal to most people risk of this ‘Rona – then it is not hard to imagine they will be similarly brought to heel in the name of the new ‘Ronas.

Plural, forever.

Plus not just the ‘Ronas.

If – as per the Pope – we must wear the Holy Rag(s) on account of The Cases! The Cases! and then The Variants! The Variants! then why not also for any sickness that might result in death for less than 1 percent of the population?

It will be asserted that the ordinary flu and its variants present an intolerable risk, no matter the actual risk. Because someone might die, all must Diaper.


All of this being a more aggressively weaponized variant of the arguments formerly used to posit and defend hypercautionary (and hugely profitable) traffic laws. On the assertion that it isn’t “safe” to drive faster than whatever the totem by the side of the road says is permissible, a person could be waylaid at gunpoint – the threat is always there – and made to hand over money for harms they didn’t cause.

Certain ninnies advocated – still advocate – a “vision” of “zero.” As in zero traffic fatalities, by whatever means necessary. Which of course can only be achieved by the locking down of traffic, or at least the reduction of its velocity to no faster than a man can walk – which even then could result in a fatality and thus is “too fast” for the ninnies.

This derangement predates Sickness Psychosis but served as its John the Baptist, laying the psychological ground for the coming of his Holiness and the Church of Perpetual Sickness.

Understand that we are dealing with religion and you will understand why it is pointlessly exasperating – as Rand Paul discovered – to attempt to reason with it. There is only one way to deal with it.

You stop trying to reason with them.

You ignore them and – if they persist in their proselytizing – you tell them you won’t have it. To back up – and back off. That their faith doesn’t bind you and if they persist, they can expect to get what the pushy who won’t-take-no-for-an-answer ought to get.

A slammed door in their faces, perhaps. A water hose, if need be. Perhaps more, if that’s not enough.

Whatever it takes to make them go away – and leave us be.

. . . 

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  1. Great article once again that nails many of my thoughts. The devout cult followers are hopeless, as I witnessed yesterday.
    I went to the park, as I wanted to bring my boy to the playground. I had to leave after 5 minutes because by rough count of 6-8 adults and 12-15 kids (aged 2 – 8ish), every single one of them had a mask on. No signs anywhere. These people chose to do this to their children. A kid maybe 3-4 running around pulling his mask down to get a few gasps of air. It was disturbing.

  2. Since 1984, Dr. Anthony Fauci has served as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. During that period, his salary has steadily increased. The latest federal government payroll study indicated that Fauci earned $417,608 in 2019. His salary exceeded that not only of the president of the United States, but also of every other person in our federal government with over 4 million employees.


  3. “As in zero traffic fatalities, by whatever means necessary. Which of course can only be achieved by the locking down of traffic, or at least the reduction of its velocity to no faster than a man can walk – which even then could result in a fatality and thus is “too fast” for the ninnies.”

    See i’m shocked uncle hasn’t mandated some sort of computerized gps system that reviews the speed limit of the road your on then limits your vehicle’s engine with a governor to not allow you to exceed the speed limit. Although that would probably mean a huge drop in “revenue ” for every township and county in the country when those agw’s can’t set up speed traps to punish you for “breaking the law”

  4. Orwell-speak.



    (Fuck WP and its inability to handle HTTPS on the goddamned internet)

  5. What a shock! This corona virus is doing what all corona viruses typically do, mutate often and rapidly. Which is one of the major reasons we’ve never had a successful corona virus vaccine before. DUH! Of course masking is still needed after being vaccinated, because the vaccines do not provide any immunity. They weren’t designed to, and the profiteering makers don’t claim they do. Only the Marketing Division claims they do. Which means they are completely useless in effecting herd immunity, or reducing transmission. And so there is no reason that any vaccine passport be used. Much less required. What few “facts” there are supporting this mass insanity are discovered by accident. Those espoused by “experts” and “officials” keep changing, a thing real facts cannot do. How and why the CDC and the WHO are given any credence at all is a mystery to me. A case in point: July last year Saint Fauci declared the PCR test produced false positives to the point of uselessness if more than 35 cycles were used. Which means both the CDC and the WHO knew this at the very same time, if not earlier. Yet they continued to recommend 40-45 up until just a few hours after Creepy Joe was sworn in. Which invalidates every single case related statistic collected until that time. Essentially disqualifying all the “facts” from last year. Which means that only stats collected over the last two months are worth considering. Which means that there is no reason at all for “authorities” to do anything. Which means that what the “authorities” are now doing has not a thing to do with anyone’s health. They were caught in a trap of their own design. How to demonstrate the COVID salvation of Creepy Joe taking office, while maintaining the illusion of a species ending pandemic? Alas, far to many appear to be willing to open the trap for them.

  6. One thing I wish that Sen. Paul and Fauci had discussed was the question of in vitro. Fauci was pointing out that, while the studies Paul were correct WRT immunity, that they’d been done in vitro, i.e. in a test tube or petri dish, not in the organism’s normal environment, i.e. the human body. I know Fauci lied about the masks last year, but I wish that Paul had discussed in vitro more.

    • Actually, Saint Fauci appears to be very careful to state “facts” that support both sides of the argument, depending on which way the political winds are blowing. He only lied half the time. He did state that masks served no purpose. And then a “miracle” happened! They suddenly were effective, with no empirical evidence at all to suggest they were. Another of abundant such pretend “facts” snatched out of thin air.

      • I know he lied about the masks last year. He originally said no, we don’t need them, only to turn around weeks later and declare that we do. When asked about it (by the fawning MSM, no less!), he admitted to lying, saying that we needed the masks for our “heroes’ early on.

    • Nice. I’ve been enjoying the return normal here in Montana as well. While grocery stores still attract the cultists, nearly all restaurants have exorcised the diaperocracy.

    • That is great to hear. I think the guard is starting to drop a bit. Hubby went into my favorite farm supply store (name withheld to spare the innocent) and Tar-Jay and said he had no problems. He said the cashiers were super nice and everybody thanked him for coming in. The farm supply store he said about 1/3 of the shoppers were not wearing masks and at Walmart’s competitor it was just him and a group of 20 year old guys, but nobody said anything – even the maskers.

      • It was even a suburban Walmart.

        There’s been hardly any compliance in the rural areas throughout this whole thing.

        I’m now curious to know what the diaper compliance rate is in the nearby metro areas of Mobile and New Orleans.

        • TH, I live in rural west Texas…..really rural. Masking has been negligible since day one. Go to the next county on I 20 and it was a different thing with lines of direction on the floor. I just went the direction I knew I wanted to go and rarely followed the arrows. Most people actually did this but they had a masker handing out masks at the “in” door of Wally and had the exit and entrance separated by ropes that I walked over if I felt particularly athletic that day. I have been there few times since I banned Wally two years ago but they have things I can’t get in my county, mostly mineral supplements and vitamins. Sam’s had them and probably still do but I paid to be a”plus” member and they banned delivery of nearly every brand I desired.

          They pissed me off big time when they didn’t deliver but 5 sacks of cat food when I ordered 16. I finally got a person on the phone and they said they didn’t deliver them(they were paid for)because they thought I might be selling them. That’s what Sam’s was known for at one time. You buy in bulk and resale or use at your place of business and sell again. I chewed their ass out and demanded I get the rest of my cat food I had paid for. They reluctantly complied. I didn’t sell it but it would be my right to do so if someone wanted to pay a premium price and drive to the middle of nowhere just for cat food. Then they added nearly every item i bought every time I was there. So I go a long time and don’t buy anything and then my credit card was hacked at an Alon station and the credit union stopped it and sent me a new one. While this was going on my dues came up. Same sent emails wondering why I wasn’t reupping. I didn’t bother to reply. Then I found a list of BLM/Antifa supporters and not only was the Wally empire right up there but all the box stores too.

          So now, I only have to go to Abilene(I hated the 65 mile trips one way)for lock repair and to a lumber yard that’s competitive and locally owned.

          A couple who live in the same county opened a hunting store in a tiny town near me(17 miles). I worked a deal with the grocery store owner to get a lot of pet food and my food in bulk and pay him cash so screw the big stores. The newspaper had an article the week of Thanksgiving asking various locals what they were thankful for. The man with the new store said he was grateful not to have to see many people with masks.
          The next time I was in town I made a point of going there and introducing myself and telling his unmasked face along with this wife’s unmasked face how much I appreciated what he was quoted saying in the newspaper(4 county newspaper).Now I have new friends, a rarity for an old unmasked man who has no qualms of giving those who are about to tell me I need a mask a look that stops them cold.

          But even now that Texas is open, I see in the nearest town on I 20 where I had to go for some plumbing supplies, a huge number of people all masked up after it was open. I have no idea why they seem to be thicker than a brick. A mask is a dirty thing and if you want to get sick, wear one and you’ll probably be rewarded with all sorts of bronchial problems. Out here on the farm we do as we have always done and don’t even speak of covid. When I can walk out my front door, turn to walk the drive and be attacked by an enraged sow, I have bigger fish to fry than covid. I believe the thing that spread this influenza, not identified, is making people stay in their houses together getting no fresh air and breathing each others germs and all those unhealthy things like no sun. I like EPA because eric is just as stubborn as I am and can tolerate “authoritah”. When you hurt no one in any way, getting a dose of authoritah is more than I can stand.

          • Hi Eight,

            It’s similar here. Around me, the locals mostly do not Diaper. But drive the 30 miles into Roanoke and Diapering is the state religion. I mean everyone – except me and the occasional heretic – is Diapered. Even though there is no enforcement – just the blaring signs by the door, which I practically piss on as I walk by them.

            What is wrong with people?

            • eric, stupidity is the only thing I can think of. Don’t tell me these people did exactly what mom and dad said to do and they act out much worse in school than I did.

              But the country is getting less intelligent, mostly from junk food and extra weight. How many years can the average person have 4 IQ points lower than a couple years before and not turn into a nation better termed Idiocracy?

              • The junk food and extra weight are surely problems but the biggest by far is electronic media- TV, social media, etc. The enstupidation is mostly a product of rote training and reinforcement- both of which media propaganda excels at.

                Not for nothing did the Nazis introduce television- what a great tool to train the great mass of mean or lower IQ folks in what to think, be, and do by showing them- repetitively.

  7. Bravo on the article, Eric.

    I especially like your shop-work on the photo. It really looks like it could be an album cover: “Pope Fauci and the Variants- Sickness Eternal”.

    Despite the band name, it should probably be Death Metal, haha.

  8. Dr. Fauci was interviewed the other day on national television. Happened to be in the room with the tv, I took one look at the nut and decided to not listen to another word the idiot had to say. Not going to listen to that creature whatsoever. Just the facial expression he has and the look in his eye will drive you away if you have any sense at all.

    Get me outta here, fast

    Dr. Fauci is one of those statists who should be apprehended and brought to trial for crimes against humanity. Tar and feather the snake oil salesman and run him out of town on a rail. The power trip will be over for Dr. Fauci.

    Of course, I have extreme bias against masks, wearing them isn’t really necessary outdoors, in your car by yourself is just insane. Saw one woman driver alone in her car with a mask and a face shield to boot.

    They’re everywhere, 3,000,000 discarded every minute. Psychotic reaction.

    If you work at a grain elevator, you wear a good mask and even a respirator to avoid breathing grain dust, minute trash from the field. You’ll hate it if you don’t wear a mask under conditions when you should.

    Pope Fauci and the Variants concoct a cacophony. It is shrill.

    You can’t mock the entire lot of them too much. lol

    Woolly Bully by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs is the way to go for music worth hearing. har

    • Same, cannot tolerate hearing that little weasel, no good can come of lending an ear to it..these creeps are all just spell-casting

  9. The current and future political and economic conditions present the perfect solution to make these jihadists in a mask back off. With the potential of confiscatory taxes and/or my job disappearing due to energy or regulatory conditions, all I will be able to afford are boiled eggs and beans. The after affects will make them stand faraway!

  10. Some words and ideas for you to work with in your writing—

    — calling masks a talisman of the Science ascetics.

    —look up hairshirt

    — the penitent’s obligatory oblation, the perverse pleasures he took in the miseries of atonement.

    Found this:
    “Flagellants belonging to the Brothers of the Cross scourging themselves during the Black Death, which they believed was punishment from God [Science] for people’s sins.”

    —atonement through sacrifice

    —faith in prophets.

    Hope you might these ideas useful—
    Thank you for your service.

  11. It’s weird to be living under the heavy thumb of septegenarians and octagenarians who shit themselves (probably literally) over their irrational fear of death. Guess when your religion is human idols and angry virus gods, and you know an eternal dirt nap beckons, you pull out all the stops to preserve your worthless existence, to prolong the time before the judgment. Selfish and pathetic old geezers, clinging to the hope they will escape their just desserts. Good luck with that.

    • Good point. Traditionally old people in the west are drawn to their church. Primary reason might be to feel useful in retirement but I’m sure there’s a good bit of hedging going on just in case the pearly gates are unlocked with deeds. Without religion death is the end. Oh, sure we all have doubt (even that one exception to the rule thought dad forsake him for a little bit), but the positive feedback of helping, really helping, your fellow man takes away a lot of the fears.

      This is reminiscent of Chinese culture, where the elderly are “revered” to a fault. Their adult children are expected to take care of them, even at the expense of the grandchildren. It is extremely disrespectful to argue or question anything the elderly say or do, even when they are clearly wrong.

      • I disagree that “without religion death is the end”. The fact is that we simply have no way of knowing. Religion encourages faith to support the idea of life after death. But its a thing that can’t be proven or disproven with facts. Doesn’t mean it is, or it isn’t a real thing. There is a certainty. We will all discover it is so, or we will discover nothing.

        • True, but faith is a pretty powerful thing, especially toward the end of one’s life. My grandmother handled the end of her life pretty well, “knowing” that she would go to heaven. Even after her church abandoned her by modernizing the Sunday service. She looked for no age-reversing cures or life extensions, just took it as a given that every day on Earth was there to be celebrated and enjoyed as much as practical while understanding that there’s no need to hold on.

          Nancy Pelosi could learn a thing or two from my grandmother.

          • RK, People in general are happy to be alive unless there’s a stress that makes them desire the other. We could have a long conversation about what the ‘controllers’ are doing to everyone on earth that believe their bs. The WHO is nothing more or less a tax free ability for Gill Bates. The fact of the matter is people in the last year have committed suicide because of all the power that’s used to keep them from being free and happy.

            When you have children that should be happy but are killing themselves because they are so defeated by horrid laws. OD’s are off the chart. And it is just happening because Gill wants to rule the world.

            Your grandmother has a good mind. She isn’t fooled by the people trying to kill her. That’s what Gill desires. He wants to kill billions of people and rule the earth. Others want to help him and be the ones to live while everyone else dies and keep enough desperate people alive to serve them and make all the things they want or need.

            What we’re going through with this false pandemic would have been enough to kill my mother if she were still alive.

            It’s not doing me any good but I have people I can talk with although my last best friend died in August of 2019. I would be in better spirits if I had a really good friend left but things happen. The country is going to hell because those with a bit of power want to be on the winning side. I’ve always been a nice guy. When people would meet me for the first time, nearly all would speak well of me and that’s just because I want to enjoy life and am willing to help others to enjoy their lives. Lately I’ve dreamed of being within 600 yds of Gill Bates and many others who support him falsely thinking they’ll benefit over the long run. Oh well, I can dream.

            Yesterday I had put in my second bustass day and was tired from the day before. We were watching the computer since out tv just took a shat. I stood up for some reason. I’ve forgotten everything up to a couple hours before that. I has drinking a little Shiner Black, something I don’t drink much of, just too rich. When I stood up I immediately fell on my face, completely unable to stay vertical. It really freaked me out and wasn’t all that pleasant going face down in a big kitty box. I couldn’t get up. I tried as had as I could but I ad no strength which freaked me out. Face down in a kitty box sucksl

  12. Epidemiologists seem to be about as useful as economists. Great Monday morning quarterbacks, but really awful at reading the tea leaves. Science is supposed to be able to predict based on extrapolation. Economists never get the predictions right. Epidemiologists have been completely wrong on every prognostication over the last year. Yet because they have -olgist tacked on to their job title everyone listens to them.

    Hell, most of the medical industry has no clue. Remember the ventilators? How GM somehow pivoted their production lines to making thousands of ventilators because that’s what pulmonary specialists said needed to be done? Oh, except that probably killed a few thousand people. Whoops! Remember how Sturgis and Spring Break and Trump rallies were SUPERSPREADERER events that would kill millions? Getting a haircut could be deadly! Eating a meal with a friend? Forget it.

    So now we have a vaccine that isn’t really a vaccine, continue to ignore facts that are counter to the “new normal” and hypochondriac behavior is the minimum expectation. Nice thing is the office is much quieter since everyone else is working from home, and we all get a pass on being unproductive at work due to “mental health issues.” And should I happen to come down with this “deadly” chest cold there are plenty of truly effective treatments. Oh, and post-election ratings on the cable news channels are at an all time low.

    • Mr. Kilowatt,

      Perhaps a little like weather prediction, as well? Although, one doesn’t typically predict a destructive weather system and then devise a maniacal interventionist plan to “flatten the clouds” or some such nonsense, based on “The Science!” that’s never actually been done.

      Also, and I guess I should research this, but people keep saying that these, uh, “treatments” aren’t “vaccines”, based on a legal definition, I’m led to believe?

      Perhaps not, but I think I take more offense when people call it “gene therapy”. Gene therapy is meant to correct or compensate for a faulty gene in a patient. A healthy person does not have a necessary gene for producing viral spike proteins, to my knowledge. That might only occur due to the action of a retrovirus or the remainder of the influence thereof somewhere in the genome.

      My 2 centavos for the morning. 😉

      • Ah, but they are attempting to intervene in an attempt to prevent human-cause climate change. They see the storm on the horizon, why can’t you? Perhaps your lack of faith in the computer models is clouding (pun intended) your vision?

    • I’m in favor of ventilators.
      9mm, .357 Magnum, .38 +P, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .50 BMG
      All are good.
      As well as numerous other choices.

  13. All this fear of death is fascinating to me. I have worked the last eight years to make myself unassailable. Five acre homestead outside a small town. Check. Learn to produce much of my own food, fuel, and fiber. Check. Self employed small business, no debt. Check. Wife, and neighbors mostly on the same page. Check, check, check. So why I’m I so damned angry? I have moved beyond the depression stage and for any one still there think of it this way. You have been given eyes to see. What a wonderful gift even if all you see around you are steaming piles of human offal. For from those steaming piles may eventually come a flower or some other gift of nature.

    I know that sounds stupid and cliche but look beyond that pile of poo and there might just be a pony underneath it all. What I know for certain as I get older (55 this year) is no one is immune to this human condition. The very old as well as the young who are terrified of dying have not really lived. They have been doing it all wrong and will cry out in pain as they gasp for a last dying breath. These people are poison. On the inside and the out. There is no redemption coming for them because they reject the truth. No amount of reason will help them to see the light. Stop wasting your time and control the controllable’s that are within your power.

    The hardest thing for me is letting these people go. They reject reason and science in the name of SCIENCE. They want to force everyone into the prison they have constructed for themselves. I have lost some good friends and family over this. Not the flu, but the weaponized insanity that has infected peoples minds. I have made new friends this year and I’m able to see kindred souls in a new light. So you take the good with the bad and move about with a renewed faith and purpose.

    I just finished a book by James Allen, ‘As a Man Thinketh’. One of my kids found it and gave it to me which made it even better. What I took from it is we are the captains of our own ships, masters of our own destiny. The upside of such a self selecting virus (mental illness) is that it is easy to avoid. All the shoals and reefs although they’re everywhere are clearly marked with masks and easily avoidable. So for any boaters out there you know how wonderful it is to have the water mostly to yourself.

    I’m not sure what got me on this rant, maybe reading all the great comments, or Erics continued great explanations of this PLANdemic. All I know is the only way they win this battle is if we give in. That is what the world improvers want more than anything. They have to know their whole hoax is failing. Even the most ardent followers can smell it by now. If enough people would just take off the mask at the same time the whole thing comes tumbling down.

    • Hi Norman,

      Well-said, sir – and thank you for saying it. Living in fear, especially unreasonable fear, is the abnegation of living. Why bother? It is sickening that so many people are afraid of living.

    • Norman,

      You are an exemplary American. I’m trying to earn my way to a position in life such as yours.

      Sure, death is usually a feared and unwelcome, yet inexorable, part of the living cycle. I think much more frightening is moving through a perfunctory and banal existence under the thumb and forceful direction of power-mad psychopaths, and never truly knowing fulfillment or your human potential, before reaching that looming nightfall.

      Now THAT is scary.

      • I am truly fortunate and try to count my blessings everyday. I cheated death more than a few times from when I was a teen on into my twenties. You are right about the terror in not knowing what or why you are here. The thing I don’t get is how some people never see that. Or seeing it they look down at their shoes and shuffle on.

        My life has been so full of choices some I made well and others sucked. I can’t even imagine being so fogbound as to never try a different road or never go in another direction.

        It should give us all encouragement that so many are living in unreasonable fear. I always remember my grandparents talking about the right choice being the hard one, and the narrow path and all. Im glad I lived in a time where parents and grandparents cared about the future. Now it’s all most can do to worry about how they’re going to get the next eggy mc sumpin stuffed down their gullet without chocking on their face rags.

  14. Dr. Doom’s latest edict is that children should receive the shot. Children, you know, who don’t get ill or show symptoms from it and don’t pass it to others.
    I think he realized his 80% vaccinated for herd immunity number (or whatever percentage he’s using today) is unrealistic when left to voluntary participation amongst adults. No way 80% of us will get that. I’m guessing they’ll be lucky to get half. Most of the elderly got it but younger people I talked to don’t believe they need it, think they’ve probably already had covid, don’t trust it, etc.
    But kids are great fodder. They already get a host of unneeded vaccines required for school. So what’s one more added to the evil soup? Parents, eager to unload their urchins back into the hands of the state, will comply. And Fauci will get closer to his malleable “herd immunity” number. Teachers unions are demanding a shot for themselves before returning to work. Finding success at this blackmail, the next logical step will be to demand the kids have it, too.
    On a personal note: I’m 99% sure I’ve had covid. So there is no medical reason to take a shot to “teach” my body to fight the disease. The fact that I am alive proves it already has this knowledge. My cousin’s husband, a fat guy in his 50s, was hospitalized with it and his father died. My cousin had mild cold symptoms. But now she’s on Facebook telling everyone she just got the shot. Ugh. What can ya do? It’s her body. I just wish that respect went the other way, too.

    • Hi Amy,

      Fauci is the epitome of the shifty, grifting – and invariably condescending/arrogant – “public servant.” That this cretin is accorded even politeness at this point is beyond my understanding.

      In re the ‘Rona: I also am pretty certain I had it, just before it became a “thing.” This was in the fall of 2019. I caught a bad respiratory cold; not bed sick but a hacky cough and some aches and pains. It passed after about a week and I’ve not so much as had the sniffles since then.

      Why would I elect to be injected with a rushed-to-market vaccine with unknown characteristics/side effects when I’ve got a strong immune system, no risk factors and many factors in my favor – such as that I’m very fit and strong? It’s ridiculous. Like wearing a life preserver to walk down to the mailbox because it might rain.

      • Eric and Amy,

        The desire to get the jab after you have knowingly had the illness is inexplicable, save for the herd nature of the bamboozled populace. Even the owner of my company said he’s receive the Holy Jab after telling us that he and his family had just had the ‘Rona. Makes no sense. But, it outlines the ignorance of the Public at Large.

  15. Soviet or 1984?

    Just another signpost on the highway to the Dark Ages. Total subjugation to belief, dogma and orthodoxy, the hallmarks of the end of enlightenment.

    https ://summit.news/2021/03/16/spotify-now-censoring-lyrics-that-contain-misinformation/

    (I see WP has decided HTTPS is a no go again)

  16. I watched this video a few days ago and I enjoyed it tremendously. Paul socked it to Fauci. Fauci came off looking like an ass. Personally, I am a little surprised that this video is still up. I was pretty sure that social media would have canned it by now.

    Everything Rand said was right on. It is virtue signaling after getting the jab and then still wearing a mask (and not even one mask, but two)! Has Fauci ever been right on anything? He has lived off the taxpayer dime over 35 years. He has not made the country safer or more knowledgeable. For $400K a year I would expect someone who actually understood science. He has consistently contradicted himself and moved the goalposts further and further. The pubic and MSM still swoon over this buffoon though.

    I am not a scientist, a virologist, or a immunologist, nor do I pretend to be one, but in many of the studies that I have read variants are usually weaker than the initial virus. They may (or may not be) more contagious, but the hospitalizations and death count usually decreases especially if an individual has already had some form of the contagion. I haven’t taken a biology class in 25+ years, but it was extremely rare for an individual to get the same virus again. Why is this one any different?

    • Remember too that when Fauxchi was asked how he was feeling after having the jab, he hit the wrong arm and said it still hurt a bit…

      • I do remember. The one thing that I have taken notice of during this psychological science experiment was I have spoken to a few doctors (about 4) and not one of them has taken the shot (dentists, on the other hand – they have all taken it). I find that interesting only because I expected doctors (after listening to so many on TV) to be gung ho on this vaccine. These same doctors are allowing the patient to decide if they want to utilize it or not, without a yea or nay from them. They aren’t pushing the vaccine, but they aren’t dissuading it either. The doctors Hippocratic oath is primum non nocere (do no harm). If a doctor has serious concerns about the vaccine (which they seem to do) why won’t they inform their patient?

        If I am going to someone for advice, I want to hear it. I may not agree with it, but I do want to know about it. As an adult I then can make up my own mind if I wish to follow it or not. By staying quiet we are perpetuating the belief that this is safe and effective.

        • Exactly. Last year, I thought I could get some medical insight from my dr re why masks are now required. Instead I got lies (they actually wound up telling me that their staff has ALWAYS worn masks in the office “when they weren’t feeling well” – had to call out this one)…never got a medical explanation of masks. So, I politely agreed to leave the practice and cancelled my appt a few days before it was scheduled to take place…then got a certified letter in the mail a few days later “dismissing” me for “noncompliance with their covid policy”! I never set foot in the office. So they have added libel to their growing list of indiscretions.

      • Yeah Anon, there’s a good clip compilation out there of a bunch of the fake televised jabs, ones going behind the arm, or where the syringe plunger was already depressed when they were ‘inserting’ it, empty syringes, and so on. Right in everyone’s face, and then the evil scumbags they are, they go and gaslight the people who question it, smh.

        Just count yourself glad to have gotten outta there, who knows what kinda billable/prescribable horrors they had in store for you in the future under the guise of “healthcare”.

        • Funny you mention that. I am a cancer survivor, but I believe that is at least in part because I did NOT take the “treatments” the MIC tried to push on me. My first oncologist said “aggressive chemo” every time I spoke with him, and the radiologist wanted me to take 40 hits of radiation…when I said I wanted a second opinion, the chemo guy said “any other dr would be crazy to tell you different…” the 2nd oncologist told me the type of cancer I had doesn’t respond to chemo (or radiation)….over 2 years since my successful surgery. The “treatments” would have prolly killed me by now.

          Re the vaccine, Kill Gates pretended he got it, too. Yeah, I really believe this, since he has openly said he won’t vaccinate his kids.

          Liars, frauds, and scum, all of them.

    • Hey Raider,

      Regarding viruses and variants: Yes, viruses tend towards being less lethal and more contagious as they change over time. This only makes sense, because a more debilitating virus has the effect of rendering its host immobile, and less likely to infect a large number of people.

      Regarding Fauci and Rand: Like I was telling Amy the other day, it was interesting that Fauci wanted to decry the research cited by Rand because it was conducted in-vitro, but masking or double-masking makes sense to him, because of “science” that wasn’t conducted in-anywhere?

      Also, Fauci referenced a South African ‘Rona variant that’s hitting previously infected patients like they had no immunity whatsoever.

      Well, take a look at South Africa’s “The Cases!” data. Does this look like a resurgence to you?



      • Hi BaDnOn,

        Thanks for the input. I figured you would know more about this than I would. I am just a numbers girl, but it looks like to me that basically the first ” major” round of COVID hit South Africa in January/February 2021. Of course this would imply a higher case load and death rate, but if the variant left the country of South Africa and went to oh let’s say, England or the USSA, where COVID has been running rampant for 1 1/2 years, people would have no affects or very mild symptoms if they already had the original contagion. Is that about right?

        I guess the government never wants facts to get in the way of a good story.

        I hope the instigators to this plandemic rot in hell. Unfortunately, karma seems to arrive late to some and not at all to others.

        • Raider,

          I’m not sure about there being a higher case load. Deaths per case seems to be higher, though deaths per capita actually seems to be lower. Of course, the “per case” computation is dependent of how they test and what they call a “case”.

          That said, the main point is the dreaded new variant Fauci says to fear (I’m guessing N501Y), appeared was found in the middle of February, and now it’s the middle of March, and I don’t see any evidence of a resurgence, which might validate his claims.

          Also, the vaccine companies, such as Pfizer, have claimed their vaccines will still work against that variant, though maybe less effectively. Now, let’s say they’re telling the truth. That should also mean that your natural immunity should be good to go, and we shouldn’t be worried.

          Truth is, some people were likely already immune to the dreaded virus to some capacity BEFORE last year, as there is such thing as cross-immunity. We are guaranteed to be much more resilient next fall against these variants. It will simply become another cold we’ll experience in passing, Fauci be damned.

      • Bad, im just wondering that “south african study by J and J” who is that – im assuming its Johnson and Johnson – yeh the company trying to push its own vaccine !!

        • Hi Nasir!

          It’s a feedback loop. The “studies” emitted by the pushers of the vaccine support the arguments for the vaccine made by the pushers of the vaccine. The whole thing’s co-opted. Rand did land a solid punch, however, when he confronted Fauci’s shifty “variants” (forever) routine; i.e., more fear-mongering to justify more – endless – sickness kabuki – on the basis of more assertions about what might happen.

          The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

    • One good thing:
      (Would be) Pope Fauci was challenged (successfully!) by an actual medical doctor.
      Which means Fauxchi can’t pull the usual “you’re not a doctor” crap.

      Considering Fauci:
      a) was raised Roman Catholic
      b) attended a Jesuit high school
      c) earned an A.B. in classics at a Catholic college
      it is not very surprising that “Pope” would be his highest aspiration.

  17. Thanks for all the religious symbolism Eric! I’ve been missing it since we stopped going to church back in Nov of last year /sarc. Seriously, you’re right about the religious aspect of this hideousness we’re enduring and everyone who comments on your site, plus many who only read it, know it.

    One huge dismaying result of this hyper-fear around a virus is the capitulation of the Church, everywhere, most every denomination. I don’t get it. Historically, priests and other religious leaders risked their lives to bring comfort to those who were suffering through pandemics or other sicknesses. They often died as a consequence.

    Our church opened back up in May of last year, no mask required. We were asked to distance ourselves; this was no problem, we are a tiny congregation of maybe 50 or less regulars, in a big building. Then, suddenly, in November, we were told to wear masks upon entering and leaving. You could take them off when sitting down. We stopped going at that point. The pastor eventually emailed us about a month later – “Hey, you guys okay? Haven’t seen you for awhile”. Husband emailed back essentially saying we were well physically, but tired of all the nonsense we are forced to endure these days, and we choose not to participate in the mask requirement. I’m sorry to say I’m not sure if we’ll ever go back to this particular church, even if restrictions are lifted.

    Just an aside: Anyone interested in theology should read some of Martin Luther’s writings. He was super smart and almost wickedly funny, at times. Yes, he turned into a grouch in his old age, but it doesn’t negate all the good stuff he wrote during his lifetime. I laughed out loud the first time I read his preface to the Large Catechism. He was dismayed about the lack of spiritual devotion he observed in his fellow Germans. The name calling is epic (only because you’re not expecting to hear it from a religious man). He was however, very devoted to God, which comes through loud and clear.

    • Hi Snap,
      We have been blessed to have a church that meets 3x a week, no masks or anti social distancing required. There are a couple of families that have tried to make it difficult for the rest of us, but so far their influence has been relegated to the fringes (e.g., insisting that the church make masks “available” at the lobby – to me, if someone wanted to wear a mask, I would think they would bring it and if they forgot it – they would feel very comfortable among those who don’t wear it….) I see this church as an oasis, as I envision church should be, a safe place from the world. There are so very few oases these days. I hope that our church doesn’t knuckle under to the few squeaky wheels, or to the pressures of the outside world. I like to think of our church leaders as a modern-day Black Robed Regiment. Some of them are history buffs so I think they would be honored.

  18. ‘It will be asserted that the ordinary flu and its variants present an intolerable risk’ — EP

    How strange that this winter’s ordinary influenza season allegedly was cancelled like the dark theaters on Broadway.

    Is there some heretofore unknown natural law which says that only ONE version of flu can circulate each winter — and SARS-CoV-2 qualified as this winter’s version?

    They don’t know, and neither do we.

    Meanwhile, Italy and France are getting locked down again, as the New York Slimes superciliously gloats that ‘while Washington went into business with the drug companies, Europe was more fiscally conservative and trusted the free market.’

    Yep, it’s those wonderful biz-gov partnerships — like we’ve had for decades in ‘defense’ contracting — that makes the USA No. 1. Whereas socialist tightwad Europe, in a strange aberration, trusted in the ‘free market’ and ended up with its hapless citizens collapsing to the sidewalk gasping for breath.

    And if you believe this twisted logic, Grimm’s fairy tales offers plenty more macabre fantasies rhyming with the NYT’s looney-tunes version of ‘news’ for simps, stooges and suckers.

    • Probably not wrong.
      Swine flu, bird flu, H*N* of the week, ebola, SARS, MERS – they’ve been trying like hell to convince us a pandemic is on the way for the last 20 years.

      Oh, and don’t forget you flu shot, which may be 30% effective on average, but DoD found leads to higher respiratory infection.

      Someone’s getting rich off unneeded medicines.

      • Yep, and besides the $$$, the flu vax, shingles vax, and others that have been pushed for years were/are intended to condition us to think we “need” them for good health and long life.

        There is somebody behind the curtain, and I think he/she/it is possibly beyond even monetary incentives. I am beginning to see this as a spiritual warfare.

          • I remember that, Jim. Living in Lyme tick country, I took that one also. Most painful shots I ever had. GSK took it off the market because it made people feel unwell. Go figure.

          • Lyme cases are a lot higher than what they report..the CDC has fucked those patients over big time, same with similar infection types like bartonella, babesia, etc. Doctors are clueless and disability insurance companies deny benefits to people for it because of the CDC’s bullshit opinions on it.

            And no big surprise that the govt seems to be behind how it got here to begin with, there’s been talk of it having been intended as a bioweapon..

            Dunno if you’ve ever seen the Under Our Skin documentaries, heartbreaking stuff:



            Doesn’t strike me as the type of thing you vaccinate people for, Lyme buries itself deep in the body and puts up a nasty fight when the antibiotics are brought into play.. I’ve seen what it can do to people’s lives. Dunno that they ever really even beat it.

            Hope y’all are alright now.

      • If you go to vaersopen.com, it is pretty gruesome what is happening to people who receive the Holy Jab of the Church of Covidian.

        • What is sick is that VAERS is used to show ‘few reactions’ to the NOT A VACCINE. They never mention that it is a voluntary system and that only about 1 in 100 reactions are reported.

          But your average Dudley dumb-ass will hear ” X# of VAERS reported complications” and assume that is all of them.

          Even the ‘checks and balances’ are propaganda outlets. We are living in a constructed illusion and few notice because they have no idea what a ‘fact’ is or how to critically assess anything. Hearing is believing. Confirming is passe.

          I am going to encourage anyone saying they want a shot to get one. Actually, I am going to plant the seed that getting several from different manufacturers might be a good idea, just to make sure they are fully protected.

          And plastic bags. Impervious to ‘Rona. Tempted to put up a kiosk with “Free ‘Rona Hoods”. Just a roll of grocery bags and a tape dispenser with good electrical tape.

          • Good point, A.

            I might add though it is very hard for dead people to report to VAERS. Obviously, those will not be factored in.

            In regards to your point on multiple jabs, I just read a publication that states China will not allow foreign travelers in the country without a Chinese jab (made from their manufacturer). Of course, the WHO is up in arms about this since none of the Chinese jabs have been approved by them.

            What are doctors saying? It would be quite alright if citizens of various countries received multiple jabs so they could travel! I guess we could start doing this with everything: Why take one tetanus when three would be better? Concerned about the flu? Make sure you get all four shots each season, we all know one doesn’t work.

            I am sure everybody will be fine.

            • No Shit. 🙂

              Not coercing. Just leaving the tools around should they feel inspired.

              Stupid should hurt, and ideally be rapidly terminal.

              • Oh it does hurt, they just can’t put their meaty little finger on the why though, so they continue engaging in the lowest forms of escapism and yuppie meddling.

                All they gotta do is keep doing what they’re told by the media, it’ll come for ’em soon enough


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