Diaper Report 12/21/20

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Sanity is catching, even if the spread isn’t yet obvious.

A neighbor friend of mine – a nice lady in her 70s – stopped by to let me know she has cast off the Holy Rag, having lost faith in the new religion. More finely put, she got sick of being expected to play-pretend she is afraid of sickness. And went to Sam’s and then Kroger’s showing her face.

She was almost-Christmas-morning excited about this; she told me how good it felt to show her face among the faceless. She felt even better, she said, after she walked out of a restaurant she and a friend of her tried to enter face-showing, where a Diapered Acolyte of the Cult attempted to get them to don the Holy Vestment for the 15-foot walk from the entrance to the table – something as absurd (medically speaking) as the wearing of a condom for the first two or three thrusts and then removing it for the rest.

My friend, not being a countenancer of imbecile kabuki, refused to perform. She had to leave – but left with her self-respect.

And told me it felt really good.

That it gave her strength.

Standing up to bullies always does that. They rely on fear more so than muscle. It is the threat that usually does the trick. Often, it is not even necessary to punch back. All it takes is standing up. The bully backs down.

If a 70-year-old woman can stand up, almost anyone else can do the same.

Some, in this crisis, have blamed 70-year-olds for the bullying as well as the cow-like complying. This is both untrue and dangerous because it plays right into the hands of the people trying to collectivize us. How does the healthy individual assert his right to not be presumed sick when he asserts that “old people” – all of them – are asserting that he must play-pretend he is sick and play-pretending they are sick?

I just provided an example of one older person who neither plays kabuki nor expects others to perform it. I personally know others, including, I’m certain, my mom – who if she were not imprisoned by the state would never wear the Holy Rag.

I also know some younger-than-me people who do wear the loathsome thing. At my gym, the handful of Cultists whose faces you cannot see behind their Sickness Burqa are mostly in their 20s, a species of Kabuki even more idiotic than wearing a condom to have sex with a rubber doll, the WuFlu constituting about the same threat of killing them as they have of impregnating the doll.

I also know younger-than-me people who loathe the loathsome thing, including some home-schooled teenagers (the kids of friends of mine) who would rather don saffron robes and dance outside of airports with tambourines than perform the sickness shuffle. At least the Hare Krishnas appear to be having a good time.

The other day, while showing my face at Kroger’s, the only other person whose face I saw within was a young woman about 25. I did my usual thing of walking up and telling her how good it was to see another sane person in the asylum and then did the thing I learned from the Media Bears – the brilliant YouTube video-mockers of the Sickness Cult. I raised my hands to my face and pawed both cheeks, as if caressing my missing Holy Vestment.

This is always good for laughs.

She did – and I did.

And then an interesting thing happened – at the bakery section. I was in the mood for a cupcake and spied the one I wanted behind the counter. A nice woman – neither young nor old, so like myself – asked whether I needed any help. I pointed at what I wanted and she proceeded to get it. As she handed it over to me, she began to apologize about not having gloves on. I pointed to my face and told her I wasn’t worried about it.

She lowered her Vestment – discreetly, as she had to, being in the same situation as the Pope’s valet – and smiled at me. In that moment much information was conveyed, almost Masonic handshake or French Resistance-style.

She wanted to let me know she was not – classic Star Trek reference – “of the body.” That she wore the outward symbol of the Cult because she had to (else lose her job, else lose her place to live, probably) but that she was not a member, inside. Her mind was not Diapered, even if her face had to be.

Don’t falter. Don’t let them make you believe it’s “over.” That they have already won. Nor that the young – or the old – are the enemy.

The enemy is defeatism. Acceptance of the “new normal,” which will ensure it is.

Avoid the pratfall of demonizing people as Diaper-pushers on account of their years.

Servility and stupidity afflicts the young and old, men and women – but as individuals, not archetypes.

To write off people on account of their age or their sex is to grant the Diaper pushers a victory they crave and for that reason people who say they want to be treated as individuals must never grant them.

. . . .

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  1. Wait. The guy’s supposed to do more than three thrusts?

    I was in two California cities for work last week (Ontario and Sacramento), and didn’t diaper anywhere. The hotel staff in both cities were friendly behind their plexiglass and didn’t bat an eye. Just two places have in the last three months, and they both took “I have a medical condition” for an answer and shut up about it. I’m not crazy about using that line, but it’s worked so far. My co-worker was astounded that I was able to check into our Cleveland hotel undiapered because it’s *plastered* with signs about “no mask, no entry.” I said, “If they put up signs saying no entry unless you wear your underpants on the outside, would you do that, too?” Nobody at the hotel there said anything about my undiapered condition. On the other hand, the nurse at the doctor’s office yesterday had a massive hissy fit when I asked her about their “covid questionnaire,” because there’s no a single symptom on it that isn’t common to the cold or flu. When I checked out diaperless she got up from the computer in a huff and stood as far away from it as possible as she typed my receipt. And of course she handled my credit card with her bare hands, which negated the whole point of her having a diaper on. I was enjoying her pissiness too much to point it out, though. Stupid cow.

    • Good stuff, D!

      It’s a kind of modified Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell deal. Many places have the signs up but won’t say anything . . . and it’s intuited/understood that the whole thing is Kabuki and stupid/evil Kabuki at that.

  2. Diaper Report, Phx: Hit up the post office to pick up a package. The employees are surprisingly kind and have never given me any grief. Long line and I was the only free breather. A man in his early 40s came in and had the baby bleu surgical thing under his nose. After about 10 minutes in line, he had taken his off. Yeah!

    I left because they couldn’t find it and then returned 10 minutes later. Old mate was now at the front of the line, but he had put the baby bleu back on. When he saw I came back in, down it slipped over his nose. It was really weird, I thought he looked stronger than that.

  3. I got kicked out of the AT&T store yesterday. I needed a new phone just something simple, basic, you know a dumb phone that only calls people.

    There was only one person working (a girl about 25 years of age). I went up to her, smiled, and said “I would like to purchase a new phone”. She looked at me and said “Do you have a mask?”. I said, “No.” She said, “I cannot serve you without a mask.” To which I responded, “Well, I guess I won’t be buying a phone here.” She then told me that Target or Walmart may be more helpful to me.

    This was my first experience on someone not willing to help me. Apparently, the 25 year old was worried that the old lady in her 40s was going to give her cooties. 🙁

  4. Spent a couple days at a resort, no one said ANYTHING about my free breathing face anywhere. They were all super chill. Could be because the employees and guests are all out in beautiful sunshine and nature every day, with no time to really watch TV. But not many others were undiapered in the restaurant and common areas. Oh well, gotta keep on truckin

  5. So, being an auto tech myself I’ve noticed the same that people are waking up to the lies. Just today an older gentleman walked in with a mask strapped on and I needed to go on a test drive to find the issue with his car. As we got into the car he put his mask back on while exclaiming “this bullshit mask” I told him that I’m not worried and he doesn’t need to wear one for my sake.

  6. Thanks again Eric for your oasis of sanity.

    I’ve come across this website, Stand For Health Freedom, https://standforhealthfreedom.com/ in my extensive travels around the interwebs. They have some ready made actions that people can use to push back against the tyranny, including a declaration from older folks to our reps that we do not wish to have edicts enacted to protect us or keep us safe.

    It can be debated how useful or effective campaigns like those proposed by Stand For Health Freedom are, but it is certainly better than doing nothing, or staying inside your filter bubble and just venting.

    I think it is useful to go into enemy territory and fight them on their own ground. I’ve taken to going to sites like the bigger regional newspapers and TV websites and politely, but firmly correcting the drivel spewed by the brainwashed with facts and sources. It really does need to be done or we’ll just be overwhelmed by the prevailing narrative. This is a war. A narrative war, and to my eyes our side sure could be making a lot more impact in it if only we’d just show up to the fight.

    We have a state representative here in Missouri who has introduced legislation that would protect the unvaccinated from discrimination. I’ve contacted her to support her efforts and contacted my district’s state rep encouraging him to support her bill also. This bill could be a model for other states and should be pushed everywhere. If we just continue to sit around and do nothing we will get what we deserve. Slavery.

  7. I have no idea if its typical, but in the rural Missouri community I live in we recognize male bovine fecal matter when we smell it. Few wear a mask. I’d say maybe 25%, and most of those are likely students or faculty from a small college here. Many of which are not natives. There is no county mandate for anything COVID, since the county government is kept poor, and can’t afford enforcement. In fact they don’t enforce much of anything unless a real crime has been committed, as in somebody being harmed.

    • JWK, your county must be far enough from the state’s left and right cesspools for residents to have retained some semblance of brain function. We’re still fairly rural, but near St. Louis. The county commission out of the blue issued a mask order on November 20. It expired Sunday, and the chief bloviator has said it won’t be renewed.
      For the past month, my wife and I have been the only ones at our church not openly worshiping the Holy Magical Rag. It’s odd that in our immediate neighborhood, the only other people who show any defiance are the ones who have moved out from the city. The local farmers I grew up with are all-in.
      Coincidentally, I just wasted half the morning paying the extortion fees so we can keep living in the home we’ve owned free and clear for 20 years, on the farm my family has owned since the 1800s. It took an hour to get their e-payment site’s clunky search feature to find all of our bills (we get five of them because our property spans several imaginary lines). Then they charge me a “convenience fee” on top of the ransom. All for the privilege of financing crappy schools for other people’s kids, and being ordered to strap a filthy rag across my face to get a haircut.

  8. Working on building an unwritten list of speakeasies. Had been scoping out a local Chinese buffet in a very maskhole area. Their website and facebook page say NOTHING about CO(N)VID or masks. Only a brief reference on a 3rd party restaurant referral site. Went to their front door the other day to see if there were signs on the door or the cashier counter. None. So today the family and I went. Our Plan A was to eat lunch and then buy a generous gift card for the in-laws for Christmas. Provided, of course, that we didn’t get the unpleasant maskhole treatment. Plan B (if maskholes were encountered) was to kindly leave and get some take out curbside somewhere else :). To our unending pleasant surprise, we were warmly greeted and not a word was said about our lack of face diapers. We ate our fill, bought the gift card, and vowed to continue supporting this freedom-respecting business. Left a nice tip on the credit card, then followed up with extra cash in the hand of our server. We will be back soon!

    • Outstanding, Anonymous!

      This is exactly the sort of thing we can do without having to do the next thing – and which we may be able to avoid having to do thereby. I have made it my practice to thank the person behind the counter- ideally, the owner – and also to tell them once I get to know them that I will stand by them, literally, if the Sickness Polizei attempt to Hut! Hut! Hut! them. I think the example provided by the owner of Atilla gym in New Jersey is one to follow.

      • Yes. We want the owners to remember us. Hopefully this will help the next time we dine in. There were no customers when we arrived, but a couple of people drifted in while we were there (masked, of course). We didn’t talk with the owners (yet) about the diapering, but if they recognize us as reliable and good customers we hope there will be some mutual defense if any other customers complain.

  9. I’ve also noticed that people seem to me more laid back about the masks in my town. But this makes me very nervous. For as soon as people get lackadaisical about masks, the MSM goes ballistic and scares everyone into masking up again full force.

    • Hi Jim,

      The “media” have become nothing more than the puppets of the pharmaceutical industry, which is in bed with the other interests pushing this scam. The reason being the advertising dollars brought to bear. Ask your doctor about Nemenda!

      These TelePrompter readers are pathetic and despicable. They don’t even rise to the level of Julius Streicher – who at least believed in the garbage he was peddling.

      • Indeed, the CIA infiltrated Mockingbird Media has for many years received most of its advertising revenue from Pharma. I suspect since shortly after it became “legal” for Pharma to advertise. There was little in the way of real journalism taking place among them before then, even less now, if any. In fact, if any real journalism takes place, somebody, like Julian Assange, is probably going to jail, or suspiciously die from unlikely causes. I’m reasonably sure that James O’Keefe is high on the target list. I occasionally watch broadcast news for entertainment purposes, and find it difficult to believe anyone would take it seriously. But believe it we must. Public schooling has been a resounding success.

        • Yep. There are more and more billboards with propaganda on them too. This should never have been allowed- stolen tax dollars spouting government propaganda. TV, Radio, internet, physical billboards all shouting obey and worship your state heroes as gods.

      • Science:

        The screening of the 9,865,404 participants without a history of COVID-19 found no newly confirmed COVID-19 cases, and identified 300 asymptomatic positive cases with a detection rate of 0.303 (95% CI 0.270–0.339)/10,000. The median age-stratified Ct-values of the asymptomatic cases were shown in Supplementary Table 1. Of the 300 asymptomatic positive cases, two cases came from one family and another two were from another family. There were no previously confirmed COVID-19 patients in these two families. A total of 1174 close contacts of the asymptomatic positive cases were traced, and they all tested negative for the COVID-19. There were 34,424 previously recovered COVID-19 cases who participated in the screening. Of the 34,424 participants with a history of COVID-19, 107 tested positive again, giving a repositive rate of 0.310% (95% CI 0.423–0.574%).

        Virus cultures were negative for all asymptomatic positive and repositive cases, indicating no “viable virus” in positive cases detected in this study.
        This is an actual scientific study, published in a reputable and prestigious scientific journal. It is accessible to those who are curious about their environment and capable of critical thinking. It goes without saying that it will be of no interest to true believers, those who “believe” in whatever someone has told them is “*THE* Science.”

        Science is an ongoing process and a method of rational inquiry based on impartial investigation. It is *NOT* a body of dogma to be peddled by the unethical to ignorant and gullible people. That is something else entirely. Anyone who rattles on about “THE Science” most assuredly has absolutely *NO* interest in scientific inquiry, i.e. science.

  10. I just had some mindless soyboy employee at my gym tell me I need to wear a diaper from the front door to the front desk (8 feet), at which point I’m then permitted to remove it for exercise. I laughed and laughed at him and went about my business diaper free. I’ll be back there tomorrow sans diaper. Fuck him!

    • Hi Mister,

      At my gym, that Kabuki is nominally in force but not enforced. The owner is a friend and she knows my views and shares them. We’re ok so long as the Sickness Polizei don’t ratchet things up again.

  11. In Minnesota, where all restaurants are currently banned from indoor dining service by executive dictat (except of course, those run by the casinos), there is a very uplifting movement going on of local restaurant owners opening in defiance of governors orders (#ReopenMN). My local cafe in Monticello is one of those rare, true patriots, and we had the pleasure of dining with our kids in a packed-to-the-gills restaurant last friday without a diaper in sight, including the opportunity to tip the brave waitresses 400% and thank the owner personally for his courage. Shortly after, I went to my local dentist and kindly stated I was unable to wear the diaper – turns out the owner and the hygienist were on our side as well; my refusal gave them the sign they were talking to a friendly face.

    This day was the breath of fresh air and sign of hope my family needed. Lately it has felt like I was one of few in the area who doesnt don the diaper, and with the noose tightening we have strongly contemplated leaving. Maybe we do stand a chance if we stand our ground and fight…there are a lot of sensible people out there just waiting for the right opportunity to resist. Clear evidence that you are so correct eric – the diaper enforcements sole purpose is to break you and mislead you into thinking you are alone.

    • Fuhrer Walz and Gauleiter Ellison are attacking restaurants and bars over here on the west side with $25000 dollar fines. We need to shut this down last year. It’s long past time for the people of the Seax to recover their Viking heritage. Much of Minnesota has been ignoring them and they are getting vicious and lashing out. Support your neighbors- if they stand firm and fight, we need to support them with legal defense money and physical presence. If they beg for forgiveness, they deserve what they get.

      It is time.

  12. My wife and I have made it a new game while out and about in stores to count the others daring to show their face. Depending on where we are, it can be 10-20 people on average here in Tulsa OK. Of course, I know many of the cool places that you’re likely to find very few maskers at all.

  13. It looks like my life is about to end.
    Local grocery store (Stater Brothers) refused to sell me food today because I refused to wear a face diaper.
    Excuse my language, but F* them and the mules they rode in on.
    Christmas dinner is cancelled, due to lack of festive food.
    I have enough food at the house for me for about 30 days…
    after that, the starving time begins.
    Oh, well…
    Liberty or death.

    • Hi Turtle,

      I’m hoping there are still options. Are you anywhere near Roanoke? If so, come here and I will go with you to shop – no Diaper – at my local Kroger. If that’s too far, look closer to home. I am betting there is someplace willing to let you shop without joining the Cult. Please let me know how this goes…

      • Hi, Eric,
        Thanks for your kind response.
        I am 3000 miles west of Roanoke, in Riverside County, CA.
        I have an idea the local Arab grocery may let me buy groceries without hassle.
        I have bought food there before without any problem, while exhibiting full facial nudity.

        Some of them may be refugees, I don’t know.
        In that case, they will know full well what repression means.

        Our local sheriff has told The Nuisance to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.
        Past time the rest of us did so as well.

        I am 71 years of age, and have lived an eventful life, with (so far) 1.5 years beyond the Biblical threescore and ten. If it means my life must now end, as a matter of principle, then I am prepared for that to happen.

        Give *me* liberty, or give them death.

        • Although it may be considered a compromise or even colluding with the enemy, you may consider an online order, and go pick it up in your vehicle, mask-free.

          • I will not collaborate with the enemy.
            Kapitulieren? Niemals.

            Worst case, I could patronize one of the *LOCALLY* *OWNED* drive thrus for food, and Home Depot sells cleaning supplies.
            If you are ever in Corona, CA,
            I can recommend Burger Basket on West Sixth, and Peter’s, also on W. 6th.
            But it is the principle of the thing, don’tcha know.
            Right now, I could decapitate the *chicken* *shit* manager of Stater Brothers with a dull knife, and feel “*REALLY* *GOOD* about it.

        • Clark’s Nutrition has everything you will need for Christmas dinner, and is organic to boot. I was just there yesterday barefaced and had the pleasure of seeing another maskless individual shopping. No hassles from anyone. 4225 Market Street, Riverside CA is the store closest to you. If you go, be sure to read the fine print on their ‘mask required’ sign–it will brighten your day.

          • Thanks, Gregabob.
            Chino store has fantastic produce, friendly staff, and *NO* *HASSLE*.
            I like the door posters. 🙂
            Stater Brothers can go f* themselves.
            I will *NOT* be treated like an inmate of state prison by the manager of a retail store where I had intended to spend money. End of story.

            Take heart, folks. There *ARE* alternatives.
            Thanks for providing one. No doubt there are others, wherever you may be. Seek, and ye shall find.

            Merry Christmas to all (Christians and others) who observe the Holiday.

  14. To those who claim belief in God as your Creator: Should He call you home to His Kingdom, hiding behind a mask will not stop or confuse His intention for your life….You are to enjoy the time given on this earth…”I Have Not Given You A Spirit Of Fear, But Of Power And Love, AND OF A SOUND MIND.”

    • Amen John.
      The mask is a beast mark- a sign of faithlessness and an acceptance of they tyranny of the lesser powers in defiance of God.

  15. It’s good to hear about someone else who choose sanity. I have mentioned it a few times, but being back in Michigan I’m amazed how people are obeying the royal decrees of Herr WHitler. The state supreme court confirmed the orders as unconstitutional, yet businesses remain closed. I read an article about a guy with a bowling alley near the Ohio border complaining that he has to be closed and people are just going to Ohio. He doesn’t have to do anything.

    • The morons probably don’t even know about the state court decision, because they probably watch the fake news on TV or read the fake news in the newspapers which never tells them what’s really going on.

  16. Ah, Eric, as so often, reading your article is a highlight to my morning, and you had me chuckling away! Even in these times, made dark by the dystopian hordes of obsequious cockroaches, mocking those poor, hopeless schmucks can bring a smile to my diaperless face. 😀

    You have emboldened me for another day of open defiance. 😉

  17. I live near a college town, Gainesville Fl. When in the city limits only big box stores, for the most part, don’t hassle you about not donning the holy rag. I had to go to Lowe’s and not ACE since the kid at ACE told me no entry without the rag. They had free snot rags available and all I wanted was a rubber 0-ring but alas to the big box place I went. The governor of Fl has said I cannot be sanctioned for not donning the vestment. But blue cities are working around it, threatening businesses if the customers do not don the diaper. But only smaller businesses. In some places in Florida diapering is majorly down with some stores having less than half diapered. Most places in blue zones it’s about 95-99% diapered.

    • No problem with either Lowe’s or Home Depot here in Corona, CA 92882.
      Clerk @ Home Depot expressed cynicism about “da rules,” (self diapered) with which he must comply or lose his job, but was perfectly fine with a facially naked customer (me).

  18. My favorite bakery employee apologized for asking me about my maskless appearance. The nice lady explained that she had to question me as there were other customers in the store. She readily accepted my “medical exemption” and pulled her mask down and smiled as she filled my request.

  19. Lotta old folks in gov’t at all levels issuing these insane health decrees applicable to everyone but described as “necessary” only to protect old folks. Plus, old folks, Boomers, are a dominant demographic. It doesn’t surprise me that some resentment has built up.

    • I wonder how many boomers will be left after the round 2 of the corona-hoax vaccine is implemented by the military? The first round will probably be harmless just to con people into getting the 2nd shot because only a few people will die from it. Round 2 will likely contain the population control measures that are planned. Both the orange man and the hair plug man have promised to have the US military “assist” in injecting the slav….err, “citizens” with this environment saving (theirs, not ours) vaccine.

      • I guess we’ll find out in late Jan when the second doses for the earliest guinea pigs are due. I suspect, though, that something might be going badly with the quackcine, either in terms of adverse reactions or so-called hesitancy, as they’re really firing up the UK mutant, new strain hype train today. Supposedly far deadlier, especially for young people, far more contagious. Current quackcines might not work, although this is being denied officially.

        • Yup. Dec 2020/Jan 2021, The new-improved virus. “Sorry folks, we are going to have to start the theater all over again from scratch”.

          Dec 2021. The new-improved virus. “Sorry folks, we are going to have to start the theater all over again from scratch”.

          Dec 2022. The new-improved virus. “Sorry folks, we are going to have to start the theater all over again from scratch”.

          Dec 2023…….

          Fortunately for TPTB the dumb ass masses have the memory of a goldfish and won’t be able to put it together.

          • They never want to give up the power and they need to make Biden look good. My guess is they ease up in April 2021 for an undermined length of time before the new bug. This as to be done so they can claim the vaccines and 100 days of masking worked after redefining what COVID19 is. (the WHO has already admitted the cycle count issue for PCR tests, so redefinition has begun.)

            • I’m not so sure they need to make Biden look good. This past election may well have been our last. If they manage to scrap the Constitutional Republic in favor of some form of communism, we may never have the chance to vote again. If so, what do they care if the economy completely collapses under Biden and everyone hates his guts?

              • I’m free now. I know unequivocally that voting doesn’t matter. If we support a candidate with 100% votes, the communists will proclaim that their stooge got 110% of the votes.

                They have no clue what they’ve unleashed. We now answer only to God- which is the way it should be.

                • Amen, Erehwon –

                  When Orange Man “concedes” I suggest any obligation that may have existed to obey ends. Each of us has the right to live and that includes the right to defend our lives.

                  I, too, am free.

        • Never mind that natural selection dictates that viruses become less dangerous as they mutate, which is exactly what all viruses EXCEPT COVID do. A successful parasite does not kill its host. It may become more contagious, but who cares if you get 3-4 days of sniffles.

      • Please stop with the boomer nonsense. Putting people into a cookie cutter box based on age or any other demographic is ridiculous and seeks to divide. This is one old biker that will not get the vax and will not wear the diaper. To those that would like to get in my naked face about it I am more than happy to get into a short possibly painful discussion.

        • The “baby boom” is well known shorthand for a very large generation of people born after WWII. It’s a dominant demographic that’s being pandered to. Sorry if that offends your “old biker” sensibilities. You’re really gonna beat someone up for calling you a boomer? Priorities.


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