Is it Over?

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It took three long years for Sickness Psychosis to wane. Eventually, enough people figured out that the sickness was mostly in the mind – and that wearing “masks” wasn’t the cure for it.

EV Fever seems to be following a similar trajectory. Finally. It may now be at the point that “masking” was at about two years ago. As in, people are getting over it. And so, apparently, is the stock market.

Tesla stock is down 15 percent, representing a $94 billion loss so far. Bloomberg News styles this a “reality check as EV winter sets in.” The Financial Post says 2024 is the company’s “worst start to any year – ever.”

Part of the reason why has to do with fleet sales tanking. Car companies rely on these to move models that otherwise don’t sell well; fleet sales also fluff the numbers – making it appear there’s more retail demand for a given model than there is. Hertz – the rental car company – was a fleet buyer of Teslas. It very publicly dumped its fleet of these devices a few weeks ago.

The cold has not helped.

Or rather, it has – in the way that therapy can help a person afflicted by mental illness. Buyers of Tesla devices found out battery powered devices “work” in cold weather kind of like “masks” work when it comes to “stopping the spread.” Nothing cures a delusion better than a reality the afflicted has to deal with – such as shivering in the freezing cold waiting hours for their device to recharge. And even if these deluded people continue to wallow in their delusions – like those who continue to “mask” – the reality has become undeniable to others.

People see – and they want no part.

Rivian and Lucid – which make battery powered devices even more pricey than Teslas, are in even worse shape, chiefly because they (like the Vietnamese device-maker VinFast) got into the device-making game late, after the peak of EV Fever. By which time most of the affluent people who wanted and could afford a device that cost twice as much as a car (and that only went about half as far) had bought one (a Tesla, probably) already. Device or not, there are only so many people who can afford to spend the $50k-plus it takes to buy anything.

After they have, what’s left?

Not much.

It explains why Ford has drastically cut back on its “investment” in devices such as the $50k-to-start Lightning, which looks like the F-150 pick-up. The problem is that people who want a truck aren’t interested in buying something that looks like a truck, yet the production line continued to manufacture them – because the government’s regulatory regime has (effectively) required Ford to manufacture them. Selling these compliance devices is another thing.

The bulk of these sit unsold on dealers’ back lots, accruing interest payments and bleeding charge. Some 4,000 Ford dealers have said what the boxer Roberto Duran said back in the ’80s when he couldn’t take the beating anymore.

No mas!

Volvo’s EV spinoff, Polestar, isn’t just dying. It is essentially dead – financially speaking. Analysts for the Swedish bank SEB recently – publicly – said that Polestar is worth nothing. Ultra-expensive device maker Fisker is similarly on the edge of the abyss. GM’s Cadillac division – which has promised to offer nothing but devices by 2030 – is likely to be gone not long after 2030.

Along with other once-premium brands like Mercedes-Benz, which has also promised to offer devices exclusively by then. Which will mean the end of the exclusiveness of these brands, when all they are is expensive. When all they’re selling is the same thing everyone else is selling – but for twice or three times as much.

How much is an oversized plastic three pointed star worth paying for? (My saying so publicly probably is why Mercedes no longer sends me its devices to test drive.)

When EV Fever first etiolated, Tesla was able to rely on the cashflow it sucked from other car manufacturers – i.e., those who made cars rather than devices. They had to buy “zero emissions” credits from Tesla in order to be able to continue manufacturing cars rather than devices, thereby subsidizing the growth of their government-mandated “competition.” But that revenue stream has dried up because every major car manufacturer is now a device manufacturer – and gets credit for manufacturing its own “zero emissions” devices.

This leaves Tesla having to rely on sales – and stock market valuations based upon sales expectations. Which are diminishing as “EV winter sets in.”

Channeling Monty Burns from The Simpsons TV show:


It’s as encouraging to read about the declining interest in devices as it was to see people taking off their “masks” two years ago.

Signs of health are always encouraging.

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  1. This is a survival crisis for car companies, and I don’t understand why they’re not fighting against their governments. They’ve got huge resources for legal battles.

    The engineers within the companies are largely realistic about what’s going on, but the management is delusional. I work with Daimler and VWAG on a regular basis, and have talked with people up and down the management chain.

    • We engineers are not part of the club. We have to deal with reality and bear responsibility for our promises. Accordingly, engineers seldom are promoted to management, much less upper management or executive positions. Plus we’re mostly white, Male, and straight so obviously we shouldn’t have influence or control.

  2. Tesla’s ATH share price was 407 USD, now it is 212 USD.

    195 dollar change in price, minus side. It doesn’t look that good for Tesla.

    Musk is a psyop.

    AMD, Advanced Micro Devices, has a share price of 168 USD, the P/E is 1403, or 100 times more than the preferred price to earnings ratio.

    AMD was at four dollars per share in 2010. Micron Technologies was 2.55 USD per share in 2010, it is 87 USD this morning. No P/E, losing 6.28 per share, paying a 46 cent dividend. Makes no sense.

    What you can call hyperinflation.

    Bilk Back Better.

  3. Huge lithium fire bomb batteries should never have been made legal in cars…they are far too dangerous….they were illegal in wheel chairs…but now are legal in a car full of people…why?…slave cull?….the nobility ruling control group don’t drive around in EV’s….

    From a tech…..

    Lithium batteries are not used in true electric wheelchairs, specifically because of the fire hazard. I was a technician for over 20 years in that industry, and absolutely none of the big name “electric wheelchair” manufacturers use lithium batts. That said, many of the el-cheapo “mobility scooters/mini-portable chairs”, do use lithium.

    Electric wheelchairs use sealed gel lead-acid batteries.

    More fires…

    E-Bikes Caused Record Fires, Injuries, & Deaths Last Year In NYC

    Electric bicycles were responsible for a record number of fires, injuries and deaths in New York City last year.

    In total, e-bikes caused 267 fires, causing 18 deaths and 150 injuries in the city, the New York Fire Department (FDNY) told Fox News, which notes that the figures represent the highest levels of each statistic – with deaths jumping 200% and fires increasing 21% over last year…..a number more died in EV fires….but…it is not reported in MSM….

    • Stickers for every EV and EV charger.

      My environmentally friendly Electric Vehicle is “ Powered By Coal ! “

      I also like that it helps employ kids.. “ I support Child Slave Labour ! “

  4. The EV’s are totally useless, dangerous, crap….the ice cars are 100X better in every way….but….I wouldn’t buy a new ice car either….they share some of the same problems….

    The new cars are over complicated, overweight, connected to big brother 24/7, computer filled, dangerous, abortions….

    Here is an example….

    This 2013 Lotus Evora Super car has serious Toyota problems…..

    It has a Toyota V6 drivetrain…while driving the Toyota automatic transmission shifts into neutral….then won’t shift into any gear….

    The repair shop had it for 6 weeks, after 6 weeks they said…it might be the wiring harness….it will be $8000 to $9000 to swap it out….but might not fix it…lol…off to another repair shop….

    These new cars are getting worse…Toyota used to make simple, reliable cars…not anymore….

    Lotus used to make the Super 7, it was very basic, light weight, simple and reliable, anyone could assemble or repair one.

    Now the chinese own Lotus… is a huge, heavy. over computerized, very complicated piece of junk….soon it will be an EV only…the end of Lotus….another defective chinese product…..Note…80% of the important components and batteries for EV’s come from china…lol…some catch fire….

  5. Oh dear: the harsh truth? The next best form of transportation after the ICE cars is the horse and buggy. In other words, wars are to be fought over oil because it’s the lifeblood of civilization and no superior alternative is forthcoming.

    • My great senator Lieawatha is handing out grants to two cities in Massachusetts for electric school buses. We all know how this is going to end 🙂 Liberals ruin everything.

        • Ain’t that the truth! Here’s the definition, which is the antithesis of how those Leftist/Communists conduct themselves:

          willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one’s own; open to new ideas.
          relating to or denoting a political and social philosophy that promotes individual rights, civil liberties, democracy, and free enterprise.

    • I think it’s just a matter of time before Chrysler’s and GM’s CEOs (and other leadership staff) are fired and replaced with people a little more sane and less woke, kind of like what happened with Sports Illustrated

  6. Someone named Vermin Supreme, a declared libertarian, is running for the US presidency, and got himself on the ballot in NH. He is advocating for, among many other very reasonable proposals, using zombies for energy! If this ever gets figured out, it would solve one of EVs’ main issues. All you would have to do is ride around with a zombie in your EV, and use its energy for the electric motor. No more need for heavy batteries.

  7. It’s uncanny how eerily and fundamentally similar the “climate crisis” and EV mandates are to the plandemic mandates.

  8. I had electric cars figured out as a kid with a traxxas stampede. Suprised most people dont make that connection. Great power on the battery for a few minutes, then long waits till the fun begins again. Thats why I switched to nitro engine powered cars. Can have a good hour of fun with one of those with only a couple minutes to cool, refuel, and re-prime.

  9. This guy has real winter driving #s from inside the Tesla’s operating system on the screen. It is pretty grim. He lost nearly 40% of his range!

    That is on a car that already, for the most part, has very inflated ‘range estimates’.

    Anecdotally, a friend of mine who is a dyed in the wool lefty sheeple bugman has even started to get the hint. For reasons I will never understand he sold BOTH his ICE cars both of which were fairly new including a nice Jeep 4×4 and traded them in for TWO EVs!

    One of his cars just bricked from the last update so he has to have the mobile service team come out to unbrick the car which was rendered undriveable after the last over the air software update.

    Even the dimmest bulbs sometimes get a little bit of light. He opines, “you know, I think an ICE car as a primary car and an EV as a second car is probably better.”

    *smacks head* Ya think!

    EVs have certain narrow use cases where they are the right choice. But the operative word here is –choice–. Not “forced”, which is what they were attempting before. If you are mainly in city traffic, don’t drive often, or in the ‘burbs, they can work. But for long distance travel, hauling, pulling, “work”, whatever, they are a big fat joke.

  10. It ain’t over yet. In the EV dystopia of Norway, the official “goal” of the government is to sell only EVs from next year onwards, but already now in 2024 it’s pretty much impossible (!) to buy a new petrol or diesel car there, as the majority of importers have simply stopped importing ICE vehicles. This nightmare is already a reality in parts of the world.

    Make no mistake about it, governments around the world will force us to buy EVs, come hell or high water. If the market had any say, EVs would have disappeared already, but the fact that it is possible to buy a new EV today, while it’s getting increasingly difficult to buy a new ICE-powered car (maybe not in the US yet, but look to Norway for a glimpse of what the future holds), tells us that at least in the near term, things are bound to get worse, not better.

    • I don’t think so. At the rate things are going, we’ll be lucky if this cockeyed world is still limping along in 5 years.

    • ‘In the EV dystopia of Norway … it’s pretty much impossible (!) to buy a new petrol or diesel car there.’ — Stufo

      And Norway is western Europe’s largest oil and gas producer, with a total output of just over 4 million barrels a day.

      Just goes to show that if leftists took over the Sahara Desert, in five years there would be a shortage of sand … and sand would be banned in concrete mix.

      Might as well huff another bag of airplane glue …

  11. It was over about the time it started, just too few choose to see it. They refused to see the long wait time for charging, the inability to run one off wall current, their pathetic range, their overall poor performance when compared to ICEs, etc.

    • They refused to see the long wait time for charging

      There’s something downright pathological about this phenomenon. It seems a lot of people have been so thoroughly brainwashed that they truly believe that if they do something during charging, then the charging time somehow magically goes away.

      I see people all the time making outlandish claims that EV drivers don’t have to wait for charging at all in their daily lives, that charging only takes them ten seconds (five seconds to connect the charger and five seconds to disconnect it), and that they spend a lot less time charging than people driving ICE-powered cars spend refuelling their vehicles. None of this is true, obviously, but the shocking thing, apart from the ubiquity of these and similar claims, is that even otherwise intelligent people frequently parrot this kind of drivel.

      Edward Bernays would have been proud…

  12. “EV winter sets in.” — eric

    But it’s springtime for our feisty Ukies, as the outlines of a dirty deal emerge:

    ‘A bipartisan group of senators has agreed on a compromise to crack down on the surge of migrants across the United States border with Mexico, but a final deal depends on resolving critical funding disputes.

    ‘Broader support for the plan in the Senate would clear away the biggest obstacle to congressional approval of tens of billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine, which Republicans have said they will block absent a deal to clamp down at the border.’ — NYT

    Standard Uniparty operating procedure: Dems and RINOs ‘compromise’ by funding both of their priorities — while the only group without a seat at the table are those who pay the bill.

    Earth to ‘Biden’: the Ukie war is over. YOU LOST.

    • Hi Jim,
      Gotta love how Biden personifies Einstein’s definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. “Bombing the Houthis hasn’t stopped them, but we’re going to keep doing it.”

      • No ! Its agenda is being perfectly fulfilled. MIC keeps replacing “obsolete” psychopath toyland as idiots rise before daylight every monday to fund thier diety. The high yield 401k. Stop and think.

  13. I spent 65000 USD on an EV and now it doesn’t go.

    Negative thermometer readings have a direct effect on battery performance.

    You can solve the CO₂ conundrum by lowering the earth’s atmospheric temperature to minus 109.8 degrees F. The lithosphere will freeze 10 feet deep or more, the temperature will continue to decrease up to the stratosphere. All of the CO₂ gas will freeze solid and precipitate to dry ice.

    No more CO₂ in the atmosphere. Everything will most likely be dead, so a lot of problems will disappear. If humans are that bad here on earth, might as well get rid of them all.

    The elites would be frozen in their underground bunkers.

    The entire planet would be a cryosphere. A cold planet indeed, an ice planet with everything frozen solid. It’ll be an ice age all over again. Has happened in the past, just a short 18,500 years ago, everything began to melt up north and the Laurentide Ice Sheet was no more except for some remnants on Baffin Island.

    In 14000 years, the Sahara will be forested and have large lakes like it did 7000 years ago. The tilt of the axis has a slight wobble and that is what is going to happen, the Sahara will no longer have sand, it’ll be a giant oasis.

    I was pricing out a small kerosene heater, one that has a gallon of kerosene in the tank.

    Kerosene is 12 dollars per gallon.

    At a gallon of kerosene burned in 12 hours, it will cost 24 dollars per day to heat with a little kerosene portable heater.

    • I use Kerosene. Buy it in 50 gallon increments for about $500. That’s about $10 per gallon and lasts 13 hours in my 10,000 Btu heater. Close off doors to unused rooms. Keeps the house nice and toasty and the best thing is its quiet, you don’t even know its there. At night we open the rooms,,, allow the temp to stabilize, usually about a 10 degree drop over all and let the electric heat take over. Great for southern latitudes and as emergency or additional heat in the northern latitudes.

      • If used in the northern latitudes, suggest a Carbon Monoxide monitor as houses there are much better sealed than the junk they sell in Floriduh.

      • We used one in a small office at a shop we ran. I started noticing that everytime someone opened the door to the office the flame got brighter. We were sitting there half stoned a good part of the day. Ya think maybe that is why I voted for Bush, The Elder, and Bush, The Younger? (Only once, each, and haven’t voted for anyone but Ron Paul ever since, so recovery is possible.)

      • Whatever works the best, no argument there. Mongolia, coal is the primary source of hydrocarbons at power plants. 95 percent of electricity generated in Mongolia is from coal.

        I would buy one for heat in an ice fishing house, 48 square feet, 0 degrees F, it’ll be plenty warm for a good 10 hours. Well worth it there. You won’t freeze your feet. Vent it, you’re good. A long time ago now.

        You’ll catch fish with four holes in the ice, one at each corner. Beer, food, you’ll be swimming in gopher gravy like Jed Clampett.

        I’ll heat with some electricity, it is safe, might seem like it costs more, but it really doesn’t after the math, wood, propane, heating oil; electricity is the least hassle and the favored choice.

        That can change in the future. Four tons of coal in the coal bin will come in handy sometime in the future too.

        Not just one way to skin a cat.

        Wood is plentiful, so you can burn all you want.

        If you listen to Douglas Macgregor, you’ll hear him say, has admitted, any day past 70 is a gift.

  14. Since it’s a (s)election year, I’m guessing there won’t be any new mandates for EV requirements at the federal level. Maybe a few cities will try to ban ICEs from the core, maybe a few more states will make declarations about banning ICEs in some far off future time. But rest assured all those lobbyists on K street are working on their white papers and getting their amendments ready for the next legislative session.

    Remember the DC elites are extremely jealous of China and envy their “adoption” of EVs. In Soviet America they’re in real risk of losing their mandate from heaven if they keep trying to starve the citizenry. They’ve taken away our savings with the inflation, what’s next?

    • The drama comes next year, in 2025. Someone other than the Biden Thing could revoke everything Michael Regan did at EPA — stroke of the pen, bitchez!

      Orange Man Bad might even rusticate the entire EPA staff to dig ditches with their bare hands — the first honest work in their whole wasted lives. Now eat these bugs, you worthless pissants.

    • The most delicious irony is that even the Chinese have figured out that hybrid vehicles are the sweet spot for effective/efficient use of increasing MPG and keeping the GreenNauts placated.
      When will we see diesel electric hybrids???
      Then we’ll know car makers are serious about maximizing MPG/guvernuts regs…

      • IDK,,,, The batteries still suck and need replaced every 5 or 7 years making them useless for trade ins or sold as used. Battery replacement isn’t as expensive as a full EV but still several thousands. Most would prefer to pay an extra $1000 for gas than 7-8 thousand for batteries and some of those hybrids will not run if the batteries are bad.

        • Agreed. Though on the Japanese cars, they seem to last a good while. I don’t like hybrids though. Most of them develp worse gas mileage on the highway than they do in the city. As a result, if you drive the majority of the time in teh city, you may not empty the fuel tank often enough for issues with the fuel system. For decades, many of us expect better highway fuel economy than in the city. That’s the way God intended.

    • Agree R-K. While we anti-push people are enjoying this latest EV crap, make no mistake, you don’t make mega corps invest and let them fail. They are in bed together. Not going to happen.
      What it looks like, I don’t know, but it’s going to be ugly for sure.

      My thoughts are they will triple down on the push, to me. They’ve already double downed.

      • My thoughts are they will triple down on the push, to me. They’ve already double downed.

        I predict that the automakers themselves will soon become the most unhinged and vocal activists for an outright ban of the internal combustion engine. It’s now existential for them – they have invested a lot of money in EVs (even though they have collectively refused to invest in R&D for urgently needed technology to replace today’s battery technology that is so unfit for purpose it’s laughable, but I digress), and desperately need government to create an artificial market for their battery-powered abominations ASAP, or they’ll go bust. Once the EV is the only game in town, well… at least it’s better than not having a car.

        • They are dumping billions at laboratory experiments that look promising. Problem is nothing scales well enough once you enter mass production. The tolerances are so tight that yields aren’t there.

          I just read a Substack post about Intel’s Itanium processors. They were a late 1990s chip that was going to go into data centers and high end workstations. It was a flop. But I found it interesting that it was built using a 180nm process (the smallest space that can be etched on a chip). Today’s processors are built on a 7nm or even 5 nm process. The high end EV batteries are like trying to build a 5 nm chip in 1997. Of course that’s not a true analogy, but you get the idea.

          • They are dumping billions at laboratory experiments that look promising. Problem is nothing scales well enough once you enter mass production. The tolerances are so tight that yields aren’t there.

            So they (I assume you mean EV automakers) are playing catch-up, trying to figure that which they should already have figured years ago, and failing spectacularly in the process. That’s hardly acceptable from companies collectively betting their future on EVs.

            It’s real technological breakthroughs that should have led to the revival of EVs. Instead we see EV manufacturers designing and selling EVs before they have even developed the technological know-how on how to make decent ones. It doesn’t matter how many billions they may claim to have spent, the results speak for themselves – either, they have not spent enough money, or they have spent it on the wrong things. The proof is in the pudding.

  15. ‘EeeVee Winter’ — I love it!

    That’s cliiiiiiimate change, with a nasty sting in the tail.

    Couldn’t find the clip from the film Donnie Darko, where the old crone warns Donnie portentously, ‘Winter is coming.’

    But this Donnie Darko clip may be even more apropos: ‘Burn it to the ground!‘ 🙂

  16. People may be waking up to the fact that EVs are NOT what they’ve been framed as, but there’s still the problem of (largely Democrat ran) states, as well as the Biden Thing, who wish to BAN gas powered automobiles for the masses & shove EVs down everyone’s throats. There needs to be MASSIVE pushback against these demented, insane EV diktats.

    • Agreed. and there needs to be an even more extreme voice like mine, to push to get rid of ALL safety, emissions and gas mileage standards and let manufacturers build what we want. If this group of cretins won’t, there will be someone who will, given the freedom to do so.

      I would like to drive a brand new 1963 -spec Chevrolet corvair, for instance. I don’t even care if it only has 80 hp and burns leaded gas, since it would be available again. Maybe more HP would be better. Otherwise, I don’t honestly care…

      • Hi swamprat,
        There’s a case before the Supreme Court right now regarding the power of all the three letter agencies to make “rules” that have the force of law, which is properly the role of Clowngress. Not holding my breath for it to go the right way but it’s good to finally see some pushback on the administrative state.

        • Soon as they get left outdoors for thaaafety roving antifa mobs can non-violently (torch) dispose of such bourgeoisie snob trrrinket.

    • I watched that last night. Love Geoff.

      No sympathy for the Detroit BK Three. They’ve simped for Uncle Sugar since the early 70s.

      Crash and burn m-fers.

      Buyer’s strike.

      • Yes. I haven’t watched that, but GM, Ford and Chrysler began simping for big government even before then. Fast fact: the 1966 Ford Mustang had a 140 mph speedometer. The 1967 model had a 120 mph unit with all speeds over 70 mph highlighted in red. What’s that? They were simping in response to the just passed National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966 and Ralph Nader’s on air tantrums. It was a strange time to watch.

  17. Will we see a big, floaty Buick with a 3800 again? One can only hope. Today’s market has caused some alarming introspection. Why am I seriously considering picking up an Elantra N? I’m in my 60s, and should be styling a Mercury Marquis with red velour seats.

    Maybe I want something that’s adjustable, relatively fun, obnoxious, and not an SUV or a Cinderella truck. With a warranty.

    • Sadly that Buick with the 231 V6 was only a midsize, as great as they were. A big floaty Buick has a 455, or a 425 or a 401, and even a 225 or Wildcat weighed only around 4000 lbs. It was full of real chrome, not over plastic, and had bench seats big enough to comfortably entertain a 6 foot tall prom queen.

      Yes, those Buicks were 10 years old when I started driving, but they were always in great/near new shape when we 16 year old kids got them, partly due to the conservative middle class citizens who bought them and largely due to their original build quality.

      • Right, big ‘n floaty is relative. When I was a kid my brother drove a 4-door ’68 Impala w/327, terrific machine, especially when I flipped the air cleaner lid over.

        Good friend and I drove around in his dad’s Electra all the time, great car with a 455. Tons of neat buttons to try inside, too. The 2000-era 3800 was too reliable for GM, evidently. Last of the good GM old folk’s rides. Now they are all used for delivering mail.

  18. But does it matter what the reality actually is when .gov and it’s bureaucracy decide what you will drive? I suppose we should all be glad they didn’t mandate fluorescent head lights. Perhaps Franco or Stalin would have been able to make the bureaurats use common sense but I doubt anyone else could.

    Hopefully sane standards will come back someday but at this point I’m not holding my breath anymore.

    • Reality always matters. The reality is that “they” fear us, else why the huge push to disarm the american people. Fortunately the 2nd Amendment is firmly embedded in our collective psyche. We won’t go as easily as the Aussies and Canucks. Even if the supreme cowards ultimately allow disarmament. They know it and fear it.

  19. One the European front….

    I guess the Germans, Italians and French finally figured out if they ruin their auto industry, they won’t have much left. I am so SAD Mary Barra, probably won’t have her 29 million a year salary much longer after this debacle. Maybe she and Carly Fiorina from HP can start a wine moms club.

  20. Good morning Eric. You’re also starting to see, in the mainstream media, a lot more negative articles about EV’s. Even ultra liberal sites like Slate and HuffPost are finally starting to tell the truth. I always find it interesting to read the comments on those sites. You won’t find a more “progressive” bunch of wackadoos than those two sites, but it seems that even the wackadoos are finally admitting that EV’s are bullshit and they’re not going to work. As for the Mercedes thing, who cares? I doubt that many of your regular readers are in their target market anyway. I couldn’t care less if you never review another MB, as I never have, nor will I ever even consider buying one.

    • Mercedes seems to be in the same position Packard was in the late 1930s, a dinosaur slowly sinking into a tar pit. I’ve owned a bunch of 190’s, 200d’s, 220’s, 240’s, and 300’s. Almost all Diesels. But since the 1990s they scare me, they’re early adopters of the wheeled cell phone paradigm, full of really expensive electronics and German crappy plastic. Rest in peace MB, I loved you but you’re gone.

      • Serious business idea for Mercedes-Benz: split off the Classic Center as a separate business and remanufacture W115, W123, W116, W126, etc. cars at scale. If they are using an original chassis and associated VINs, could they not restore these cars to new condition and resell them to those uninterested in Mercedes’ present (government mandated) offerings? Maybe start with higher end models with less utility but higher margins like the W108/109, W113, or R107. Costs could even be similar to today’s equivalent offerings. Mercedes can be free to succeed (or fail) pursuing its electrified dreams and those of us unwilling to follow can still purchase desirable cars.

        • Hi Anon,

          It’s not a bad idea, except it would do what the “elites” want anyhow. That being to reduce 90 percent (or more) of the population to a state of serfdom while the “elites” have it all, including desirable cars. As a case in point, one can buy a brand-new 1965 Mustang GT 289 Hi Po right now… if one has about $250,000 to spend.

  21. The only way to resurrect EVs is with new government mandates. Outlaw gasoline/diesel engines and force everyone into electric golf carts.

    I’m old enough to where I will likely need only one more car in my lifetime (assuming I don’t destroy it in a wreck). Soon I’ll buy it, and it won’t be an EV.

    • Sadly Howard your new electric golf cart will have to meet all future safety standards. Just think of a MRAP with turf tires on it.

    • I believe you are correct Howard. The difference, to me, is it will only work in Metro and suburban areas. Semi-burb and rural people will not, and do not, give a dam what uncle sam says, and will drive a side-x-side if they have to, and the local fuzz won’t care.


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