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It’s a good thing I don’t have the Mercedes EV I was supposed to have been sent this week to test drive – because I wouldn’t be able to drive it much. Because it’s 11 degrees outside. EVs don’t go very far in that kind of cold – and they take even longer to get going again, because of all the charge they burn through trying to keep themselves warm.

Not the cabin. Not you.

Their delicate (and vital to their operability) battery pack. It must be kept warm so that it can be charged. But it takes so much energy to keep the battery warm when it’s 11 degrees outside that it consumes charge as it’s being charged. Plus the charge involved in keeping you warm.

It’s what you might call net zero. Or something like that.

It’s akin to pumping gas into a car with a quarter-sized hole in the tank. Except the hole can’t be patched – and the problem can’t be fixed.

I had lots of problems with the Mercedes EV I test drove in similar cold about a year ago, about which I posted several videos – including one taken at a not-so-fast public charger that would not accept my charge card. This left us sitting in a rapidly discharging EV on a bitterly cold day, which isn’t exactly a luxury experience.

And so I wrote – and video’d.

Apparently, Mercedes did not like what I wrote – and video’d. My press loans from Mercedes have been cancelled. Supposedly, because I live outside the allowable delivery range for press loans. But I have lived where I live for 20 years and have been getting Benz press car loans for all of those years, until just now.

Benz tells me:

“We’ve recently reevaluated press fleet processes and policies across all markets, which includes a necessary reduction in mileage for all areas of car logistics. We understand this change is disappointing, however, we appreciate your understanding and will keep you in mind should this policy change in the future.”

And so I asked: “Can you please tell me the distance limit for MB press car loans?” I asked because it would then be possible for me to bridge that gap – assuming “mileage” is indeed the issue.

Benz replied: “That is not something we wish to discuss.”

Perhaps because of what I discussed?

So wrote a goodby letter to Mercedes, which I am posting for the general edification. I do not believe that “mileage” has anything to do with my being cancelled by Mercedes. I believe it has everything to do with Mercedes being “all in” on “electrification” and my not being “all in.”

Here is what I wrote:

Hi Andrew,

I’m writing again because I haven’t received a reply to my last email about the delivery distance issue. 

You mentioned (in an earlier email) that this is “not something we wish to discuss.” 

But why? 

Why is it a problem to tell me (or any journalist) that it is necessary to live “x” distance (and no farther) from the press pool in order to get MB press vehicles to test drive for purposes of writing reviews? How are we supposed to be able to arrange things so as to not fall outside of the allowable distance?

 I’ve been a car journalist for about 30 years now and this sort of issue has never come up before. 

I’m wanting to understand the situation. But I can’t understand it if I don’t know specifics. 

In the absence of them, it makes me think that there is another issue in play, as I have already said I suspect there is. If there is, I wish you would let me know what it is so that I can respond to it. 

So that I can make sense of this. 

My readership is substantial. It makes no sense (to me) that MB would not want a journalist with my reach covering MB vehicles. Unless MB is unhappy about the way I have covered them. 

This has never been an issue in the past, however. 

My suspicion is that there is unhappiness about my coverage of EVs, which I know MB has committed to making exclusively within just a few years from now. It may be that MB is not comfortable with my critiques of the pushing of EVs (as distinct from the EVs, themselves) via the various regulations that are making it all-but-impossible for the industry to make vehicles that aren’t battery-powered. MB may be wanting only favorable coverage of battery-powered cars – and wanting to work only with journalists friendly toward the push to “electrify” everything, irrespective of market demand.

I’ve tried to be fair in my coverage of the EV issue; to state the facts and the good as well as the bad. But I am not and refuse to be a cheerleader for the pushing of EVs on people and the pushing of the manufacturers to make nothing but. I also believe – and have written – that this push to “electrify” everything will tend to eliminate any meaningful distinctions between makes/models, especially those made by premium brands such as MB. One battery powered device being pretty much the same as any other battery powered device.

Ray-o-Vac vs. Duracell. 

It is for precisely that reason that I have written with gusto about MB vehicles that are not devices – because they are powered by uniquely MB engines such as the new straight six, as here. 

I think what’s happening as regards the force-feeding of EVs is nothing less than destructive and tragic. And I suspect my writing-out-loud about it has led to the current situation rather than the distance situation.  

I hope you’ll reply to this, but if not I understand.


I never got a reply. And you can probably guess why.

The good news is I’m not driving a battery powered device this week. And that means I’ll be able to drive – even though it is 11 degrees outside.

. . .

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  1. Just read your review of the EQE – getting a lot of very cut price lease offers on these “devices” (wonder why). The kind of thing only a proper car guy would notice – the awkward location of the 12v socket making it hard to plug in a radar detector!! 😂😂😂 I doubt any car “journalist” today have ever owned one!!! You definitely dont meet the required social credit score to be able to test cars today!!

    • Thanks, Nasir!

      My issues with Benz aside, I believe the brand is doomed. MB vehicles are no longer substantial. They are cheap-looking, gaudy things. That giant plastic star in the grill screams “guido.” Look at the current E-Class, which was once a magnificent vehicle. Today, you get a 2.0 liter four and 255 hp for pushing $60k. Plus a cheesy-looking LCD touchscreen not unlike the cheesy touchscreen in a $28K Accord. Which also comes with a 2.0 liter four…

  2. This is sad to hear Eric – they way I see it – its just them accepting their cars will never be able to drive far enough to reach you !!

    • Hi Nasir,

      It was very oily of them. They would not just come out and say: “We are unhappy with your coverage.” Or even something like: “Your audience is not large enough to justify loans.” Instead, they told me I was “too far” away for press loans. But would not tell me how far is too far. That’s how I know the distance had nothing to do with it. Especially since it has never been an issue in the past and I’m talking 20 years’ worth. Now, all of a sudden, they are troubled by me being “too far” from the press pool.

      Of course, I am “too far” – for their devices to reach, without a major hassle. The delivery driver can’t make the trip in one trip. He has to stop along the way to waste time (and money) waiting for a charge. And – even then – by the time they get here, the device’s charge is low, so I can’t drive the device until it sits for a day or two charging up (since I can’t “fast” charge the device at my home).

      I used to look forward to driving MB vehicles because they were a cut-above and often genuinely special. Now they’re just devices, like all the others.

  3. How Dare You tell the truth Eric….hahaha….the truth is outlawed today. just try telling the truth if your not a journalist or someone of importance. try telling the truth about a product on amazon for instance. try telling the truth about a lying article posted on cnn, fox, or any of the new outlets. BANNED! instantly!!

    The truth is not what Mercedes wants to hear…They want a glowing report about their failures. They want the public lied to and you won’t do that so Eric is banned! Such is the big brother world that has been woven around us. Sadly, to the cheering applause of most of the public.

    the truth is outlawed in the world today. the corporates and governments have spent decades destroying it so can’t have someone who is in essence a ‘Rebel’ who tells people the facts of life and the facts of failed products.

    I love to read your articles and I also know when it is important like the lies of the EV vehicle you won’t stop telling the truth. hence the reason i come here first every day!

  4. There was an article from this past Friday (January 19, 2024) in the WSJ entitled “You’ve Formed Your Opinion on EVs. Now Let Me Change It.” I apologize if this link has already been posted to the site.

    The author’s strategy is to poke fun at the “few, and slightly inconvenient shortcomings” of an EV which he does in a self-deprecating manner (e.g. need to tow? Well, you probably shouldn’t back this thing into a lake! But, who TOWS anyway?) while then touting all the usual greatest hits talking points about Electric Vehicles, which really are meaningless to most people. For example, due to the Chinese, the cost may be coming down for an EV. As if the cost coming down by 5% or even 10% will make people see the light. He cites percentage sales figures increasing without mentioning the elephant in the room, things like subsidies for EVs, outlawing competition, destruction of ICE sales through mandating ICE cars fewer and fewer people want. The whole emissions/environmental impact lie.

    But, the most laughable part is when he says this about EVs “The consumer experience is superior: quicker, quieter, more refined and responsive, more efficient, more connected and cheaper to operate than its gas-powered equivalent. The market demand is organic, the desire real and nonideological. After a few miles in an EV, going back to internal combustion feels like returning to whale-oil lamps.

    Every part of that paragraph is easily refuted and debunked by anyone with common sense, with the notable exception of the part that EVs may in fact be more connected (as if this is a selling point). Has he driven a new ICE car? They are whisper quiet, and are just as refined as any EV car, a hell of a lot cheaper, and a much better value. whale-oil lamps?

    A person like this “journalist” is the type of shill that MB wants.

    I have not had the chance to read the comments yet from the WSJ but there are over 4,000 already for this article. WSJ doesn’t open up comments for a lot of articles. Rarely do articles elicit that many comments. Seems like the word is getting out there.

    • Hi Analog,

      Thanks for posting this; I’d meant to but (per usual) got distracted by some other thing. It’s interesting, isn’ it, listening to these people make excuses for problems that are nonexistent if you don’t own an EV. As far as MB and EVs, I can state authoritatively (having had direct personal experience) that MB’s EVs, while quick, are without any brand specific character – as was not the case when MB’s top models came wit V8 and V12 engines and mid-tier models came with brilliant sixes.

      It’s depressing to see a brand such as MB flush itself down the toilet.

    • I would be interested in seeing the comments. Could not read the article, I refuse to pay to get past the paywall for rags like the War Street Journal, won’t even make the effort to sneak past the paywall.

    • That was interesting, Analogue81.
      The freezing Arctic Polar Vortex wasn’t even mentioned. Nor, being stranded in the cold. However; as you noted, they used a holy word, “organic”.

      Funny how, “organic” is not a holy word when they’re talking about GMO’s & Monsanto (er’ Bayer) crap,… but, I digress.

      …Carry on.

  5. Eric

    I hate to see this happening to you and probably know a bit about how you feel and what you’re going through.

    After 27 years in the auto industry, I had to leave. I had been “guided” into a couple of jobs that my heart wasn’t into. The last being in ADAS.

    I was forced to choose between keeping a job and just mailing it in, or keeping my self respect and dignity. I could not allow myself to keep working on “features” that have clear warranty and JD Power data showing that customers hate them and have poor value to them. COVID was the last straw when I saw the company embrace tyranny by trying to force the drug that wasn’t a vaccine. I did receive a religious exemption, on the day the Supreme Court ruled that they couldn’t mandate the jab (except for CMS workers). As if the company would granted it had the clowns in gowns had ruled the other way. LOL! I knew I had to leave after they had shown their true colors.

    It was soul crushing to leave an industry that I loved and which had been a dream come true in my younger years.

    Mercedes and the industry in general has clearly shown their cards that they are no longer interested in serving the customer.

    The new “customer” is Government, and 3rd parties like IIHS, NCAP, the WEF, and their ilk.

    This won’t end well for the industry, but you will still have dignity and self respect. It’s so sad to see the industry willfully committing suicide.

    It’s just a shame to see this happening and to have so little ability to alter the course. It is a slow motion train wreck.

    Again, I’m so sorry this is happening to you.

    • Thanks, Ex!

      It’s ok, actually. It’s very much like the winnowing that occurred during the three-year bout of Sickness Psychosis we all lived through. We found out who our friends (including family) really are. I have fewer friends now. But I know they are real ones. Same as regards the car business. It saddens me to witness what were once great companies that made great products become little better than purveyors of anodyne, soulless devices that may have some use as appliances, but not much.

      I’m not walking away, by the way. This sort of thing only makes me more determined to roust the creeps using every means at my disposal.

      • “I’m not walking away, by the way. This sort of thing only makes me more determined to roust the creeps using every means at my disposal.”

        I expect as much from you.

        This site was a godsend during the Rona madness. Knowing we are not alone is priceless and gives us the strength to persevere. That is why they depend on cancel culture.

    • It’s amazing how much the Feds howled, and the media raged about the Ford Pinto fires. Yet the EV fire incident & fatality rates just in NYC alone exceed that. But no one says a word, especially not that sleazy ambulance-chaser Ralph Nader, ever wonder why??

      • Hi GTC

        No, I’m quite aware of why the Ministry of Truth(mass/social media) do not cover such things. One, they are almost totally owned by a handful of corporations (and hence corrupt). Two, it runs contrary to their Sacred Narrative. They will do anything for the Cause. Look at the last three plus years for examples of that.

  6. Does anyone know when the compliance deadline for Gulfstream is – to abandon their current production lineup in favor of fully electric powered aircraft? (to save the earth)

  7. You could go guerilla. There’s an MB dealership in Roanoke. Perhaps arrange a loaner and do a review? At some point the EV emperor has to realize he ain’t got no clothes on.

      • I love it. I was going to suggest that at some point.

        I used to do road tests that way. In fact, they were on the old Forums pages. I had a lot of fun back then.

  8. Eric, the good news is that neither you nor Dawn will be unexpectedly burned out of house and home, burned alive in the damn thing, or choke to death on the hydrogen fluoride gasses an EV fire copiously emits as it burns uncontrollably.
    No sane person wants to be an EV martyr, it is ostensibly a horribly agonizing way to go!

  9. We are truly living in Orwellian times. Your honest reporting on EV’s and MB’s reaction prove George’s observation:

    “In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

  10. Can’t say I have seen any of Amazons electric vans in the last week or so. Just their gas or diesel vans. I live in the Chicago area (NW Indiana). Electric simply doesn’t do cold, it’s that simple.

    On the subject of not liking criticism, MB shouldn’t let any car “journalist” have a test vehicle then. And by the way, when did a “car journalist” replace the term “automotive critic”? IMHO you aren’t doing your job as an automotive critic is you don’t point out negative things. Nothing is perfect. It’s not your fault the vehicle performed poorly during your test and you chose to not hide it.

    When MB is electric only, there really isn’t anything for your to review anyway.

    Guessing you will likely be cut from the rest shortly (since MB isn’t the first to bail on you GM was).

    • richb: This is such an astute point about the automotive critic.

      The whole point of this kind of “journalism” is to provide a critique in service to the readers/potential buyers out there. I remember terms like “movie critic,” “restaurant critic,” etc. These have morphed into “influencers.” MB wants to engage only positive “influencers” (i.e. cheerleaders). In my mind this speaks much more negatively of MB than any bad car review might. MB does this at its own peril.

      • Indeed, Mister –

        I’ve test driven practically every Benz model made since circa 1993. Over that time period – and especially over the past five years or so – I’ve observed a decline in gravitas. As a case in point, consider the current E-Class. It comes with a 2.0 liter four now – and a standard (and tacky looking) LCD dashboard. Twenty years ago, the E came standard with a V6 and instruments that looked (that were) not cheap. Ditto the heavy metal of the body – much of which is now almost wafer-thin metal and plastic (front and rear end). Even the S-Class comes with a depressingly puny six cylinder engine in lieu of the magnificent V8 that used to come standard.

        Will people continue to pay MB money for a plastic three-pointed star in the plastic grill? For a car that is not materially nicer or more powerful than a well-equipped V6 Camry from two or three years ago?

        I suppose we’ll soon see!

  11. I’ve noticed this creeping change in the English language for some time now, Eric. Example from this post: “I’m wanting to understand….” What ever became of the simpler “I want to understand?”

    • Fuck Mercedes Benz…

      And fuck any other toy battery car manufacturer inclined to shovel their garbage upon the public…

      Hopefully that’s clear enough English for the wokesters and WEF’ers

    • Indeed, Marty –

      Emmett Tyrrell called this Kultursmog – by which he meant that the verbiage of the Left has so saturated our language that even we have to be careful about not using the Left’s verbiage. Examples include “smart” whatever it is, “sustainable” and so on. I try to choose/use my words with care but even I sometimes slip!

  12. I’ve been selling for a Subaru dealership for nearly a decade now and I’m seriously concerned because it is such a lucrative living that allows me to provide for my family, however I’ve been successful at my job due to my genuine enthusiasm for cars and for the Subaru brand in general. I’ve been lucky that Subaru has been slow to “transition.” Heck, we don’t even have a hybrid and only have one EeeeeVeeee (which isn’t even a Subaru but rather a rebranded Toyota). Subaru sends us about 5 of these a year and even those have trouble selling. All the sales staff here; even the ones with consistently fervent support “for the current thing” know they’re trash and therefore don’t sell them. The customers know this too. Once ICE vehicles (real vehicles) are fully foisted upon us (if we let them), I fear I’ll need to search for new employment and that my friends…really sucks.

    • Hi Dan,

      I can closely relate to the way you’re feeling. I like cars generally. It’s why I hate to see what’s happening to them. I helped my sister get a Crosstrek before Subaru pulled the manual transmission from this model (thereby greatly reducing its appeal while also increasing its cost).

      I keep hoping at least one major car company will overtly push back…

      • A local Ford dealer was sold when the family that owned it for nearly a century decided there is little future in selling new Fords.

      • Hi Eric

        They can’t push back,if they are public companies. Have you looked at what percentage of their stocks the likes of Black Rock, Vanguard and State Street own? Those are the big three behind pushing ESG, EV’s, and the Climate Cult. Not to mention that most do not want to get “investigated” and/or audited by Mordor on the Potomac. Then of course, there are the potential bail outs like GM received. Make no mistake, the velvet glove is coming off of the iron fist. It remains to be seen what happens next. This year is certainly going to be “historic”. I just hope we can get out of winter before something dire happens.

        • Why are anti-trust laws not used against the likes of Black Rock, Vanguard and State Street? I don’t know the answer to this, but I may need to go down that rabbit hole.

          Run, rabbit, run
          Dig that hole, forget the sun
          When, at last, the work is done
          Don’t sit down, it’s time to dig another one

          -Breathe, Pink Floyd

          • Well that’s a simple one: “anti-trust” laws were written by and for businesses like them. Looked at what happened to Standard Oil when it was “broken up.” The several companies that were spawn owned a larger share of the oil market and were worth way more than Standard would have ever dreamt if it remained a single entity.

      • Same here. I was hoping that Honda, the formerly number one manufacturer of internal combustion engines would be the one to push back on crap. Well, almost a decade ago, the handwriting appeared on the walll when they began manufacturing a line of engines called “earth dreams”. Two years ago, Honda got out of the business of making gasoline powered lawn mowers. Today, they have an electric car that you will undoubtedly see called the Prologue.

        I guess it isn’t going to be them. I just hope that the ship hasn’t proverbially sailed. Pushback would be great. It will probably have to be done asymmetrically if the political climate does not change quickly and severly

    • Mazda appears to be pushing back. One, they only have one EV in their lineup. Two, they brought out that nice inline 6 recently! Three, none of their models are going away for the “transision”

  13. In the late 90s I bought a new Mercedes and it was as perfect as a sedan could get. Beautiful interior, leather and polished wood and no cheap plastic, analog gauges, great climate control system rotary knobs-sliders. Built as solid as a bank vault with a fantastic 6. You could drive curvy mountain roads 90-120 and it felt like you were on rails. They were already getting “plasticky” in mid 2000 when I looked at new ones.

    It is obvious that CEOs and bureaucrats hate us now. They are all in on a return to the pre-revolution (America and French) aristocratic-peasant society using the climate hoax as a pretext. there is no difference between the “divine right” of kings and the WEF. Everyone should read this…. download the whole report here….

  14. Looks like the PTB are running out of fingers to stick into the dam as the truth keeps spurting out. Maybe somewhere there’s a Shangri-La where the temperature is always 70 degrees, the land is flat, and you never have to drive more than 100 miles round trip. Perfect for an EeeeeeeVeeeeee. In the real world where most of us live they will never be ready for prime time; especially here where the “climate” has recently “changed” to winter and it’s single digits outside with the wind chill. So grateful for my gas furnace.

    • “Looks like the PTB are running out of fingers to stick into the dam as the truth keeps spurting out.” -Mike in Boston

      I get the same exact feeling. It encourages me. Oh don’t get me wrong, they’ll try to double down, but they’ve lost all credibility already so it won’t work.

  15. If you research the number of cattle grown in each state here in America, you’ll find millions of them, Ohio seemed to win the race with 28.9 million, California has 5.2 million, Texas, 12.7 million, Colorado has 2.6 million. Arkansas over one million, Iowa even has cattle, hog capital of the world, 3.85 million cattle in Iowa.
    Greeley is the cattle capital of Colorado.

    Has to be plenty of cattle in Asia and Europe. Australia maybe has a few head, Japan feeds beer to the Kobe beef.

    You will eat bugs, not steak. Looks like a lot of cattle rustling will go on if there is no beef in the grocery store.

    Klaus is off his rocker. Pure lunacy in action.

    I was employed once, got the ax, head on the chopping block like a doomed turkey.

    These are not my people, figure it out, then shuffle along.

    You walk, go do something new and different. Eventually, you will be there somewhere.

    You end up a jack-of-all-trades, you are a slave to your body, you have to eat, staying alive is work and you have to work.

    The first day of work as a maintenance-of-way employee on the railroad at the young age of 19 years, at the end of the day, I had blood blisters on both hands. Driving a pickax into 1.5 inch tamped crushed rock is not any fun.

    Bugs ain’t gonna work to have something to eat after working like a mule for eight hours.

    There will be a strike and Klaus will be strung up upside down from his feet.

    It was a sled gang, you went to work each day at 5:30 am. Slept in the best bunk cars the railroad could provide. Everybody knew why they were working, a paycheck.

  16. Hi Eric,

    I am sorry to hear you are going through this. Unfortunately, any time one goes against the narrative that individual (or group of individuals) will be ostracized. Many don’t believe we are already under the thumb of a Social Credit Score, but we are.

    That Mercedes can’t answer a simple question such as “Can you please tell me the distance limit for MB press car loans?” and their reply is “we don’t wish to discuss” smells like a stinking pile of fresh cow manure. The simple answer should have been 45 miles is our new press area or some other BS. Just because one believes someone is out to get them doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

    In the meantime, I will stay clear of purchasing a Mercedes vehicle (new or used). The car manufacturers that decide to go all in on EV need to look back at companies such as the Electric Vehicle Company (1897) and Fisker Automotive (2007). Americans didn’t want these cars then, they don’t want them now either.

    • Thanks, RG –

      The crazy thing is I’ve worked with MB (and the other manufacturers for going on 30 years). Never before has there been issue with press cars because (a) I’ve always been fair and (b) I’ve got an audience. Yet now, some of these manufacturers – who provide press cars to people with a much smaller audience than I have (I know this for a fact) say No Soup For You! – to me. More finely, they are willing to lose coverage (and so, potentially, sales) because I raise legitimate questions that they ought to be raising.

      What they want is an amen corner. They get that at Jalopnik, Edmunds and so on. Not here.

      What is MB becoming? A seller of more expensive devices that are pretty much the same as other devices that are much less expensive. In the past, when you bought an S-Class, you got at least a V8 and a beautifully crafted interior. Today, you get a V6 for the same money and the same cheap, China-made digital crap that comes in a $26k Kia.

      • They get that at Jalopnik, Edmunds and so on.

        And every single car magazine in the book store…..all pro EV’s…I used to read all of them….now I can’t stomach their crap….full of EV pumping….

        It is sickening seeing so called car guys like Jason Camissa, having fake love for EV’s to keep their job….

        Car guy Jayemm on cars loves the old ice powered cars and does shows on them on his utube channel….no EV’s there…

        • Hi Anon,

          The bulk of the car press is owned – just like the bulk of the rest of the press. They work for corporations. I work for you and everyone else here who supports this site. That’s keeps me from being owned by corporations. Independent journalism is all that’s left of journalism now.

        • Hi Anon,

          Things have changed radically since I began writing about cars in the early ’90s. At that time, car journalists were – mostly – guys who liked (and knew) cars. Car publications were not hostile toward driving them. I mean, as opposed to sitting in them and passively going with the flow and obeying all traffic regulations.

          It is now generally true that car journalists dislike cars – and many don’t know much about them. The pubs are hostile toward driving and fawn over “technology” and “safety.”

          I’ll hold the line as long as I can, but I know I’m a kind of Aurochs stumbling around a new world not friendly toward me and mine.

          • Eric: Let’s face it, you’ve been doing this so long that you probably don’t even need to have possession of the car to critique them well. However, they would miss out on the positive things you might say about a good driving experience.

            The ones that know their cars will hold up to your scrutiny will give them to you for review. The ones that won’t will not. Just keep reporting on who does not give you a car and that will speak volumes.

            As an example, you might still critique this Mercedes EV I based on your research and knowledge base, and then at the end of the article inform the viewers that MB REFUSED to allow you to drive it. Or perhaps you might even find a test vehicle on Turo or through a local reader or dealer. Turo might even give you a credit to rent it because you will inevitably mention their service in your article as to how you got access to the car. A dealer might also loan you a car because you will inevitably mention their dealership as well.

            Fuck ’em. There’s always a workaround.

  17. Ahhh,,, so the Stasi strikes. Fascism meet Government,,, Government meet Fascism. And they both live happily ever after.

    Eric,,, You got a small nasty smell of what’s right around the corner.

    • Indeed, Ken –

      But they can chew cold fish heads. It’s sad. Mercedes used to make superb cars, by which I mean built like tanks and beautifully finished. They boasted brilliant inline six, V8 and V12 engines. Now they are expensive – but cheaply made – devices with tacky LCD touchscreens (same as in any Kia) and a battery under the floorboards.

      • Thing is, when your “potential market” is 1% of 7 billion people, that’s still 7 million potential buyers. If you only need to sell a few hundred thousand cars a year, they don’t need you to review their vehicles.

        Anyone ever see an ad for Rolls Royce? No? That’s because you don’t frequent airshows. Not the military recruiter airshows or Oshkosh, I’m talking about the ones put on at executive airports. The ones you don’t know exist. That’s where Rolls are marketed. Because like the top speed of a Black Badge Ghost, if you have to ask…

  18. ‘I never got a reply. And you can probably guess why.’ — eric

    My only surprise is that this rupture was so long in coming. Eric’s reviews are even-handed, with more controversial issues relegated to standalone posts outside the review — such as his immense frustration at a disconnected battery rendering a loaner vehicle undriveable. But this debacle was not harped upon in his review.

    I would read these reviews, along the comments they provoked, and wonder whether anyone at the manufacturer was paying attention. Like the voracious tech lords who monitor and profile everything we do, it seems that Mercedes is motivated to harvest feedback, but cagey about showing its own cards — which, in its defense, can be exceedingly dangerous in a socialist peoples’ state like the USSA.

    Even the company’s cozy Mercedes Me® title for its app raises my hackles. Let’s be frank: the mission of Mercedes is to make money from us if it can. Mercedes is not my buddy. Mercedes — named for a woman, Mercédès Jellinek — is not my girlfriend either.

    The company’s presumptuous, cozy insinuation that we two are tight makes me ball up my fist in exasperation. Then I reach for my revolver …

  19. Benz cars are like Rolex watches.
    Today they provide nothing that exceeds the utility of cars available at 1/4 the cost.
    They used to provide a better product.
    Now they are building toys that don’t perform for the wealthy and stupid.
    I won’t shed a tear over the graves of Benz or Rolex.

    • ‘I won’t shed a tear over the graves of Benz or Rolex.’ — John Galt

      Hell, I’ll dance on their graves, with a smokin’ blunt in one hand and a bottle of Mumm’s in the other.

      Meanwhile, you can’t get a tasteful analog clock (by Rolex or anyone else) built into your Benz dashboard at any price.

      But … there’s a menu for resetting your digital analog clock on the Clownscreen.

      ‘Use the knob on the radio … push forward on it to bring up the top menu … turn the knob right to ‘vehicle’ … push down on the center of the knob … that’ll being up the menu options for vehicle settings … push down on the ‘time’ option … scroll down to set time manually … push down one more time … over the hour setting turn the knob one time to the right … the hit the back button, push it once, twice … that’ll being you back up to the menu.’

      That’s it, I’m done. KAPOOM! *cabin fills with acrid .38 revolver smoke*

  20. We had snow this week, so most vehicles are covered in a layer of mag chloride goo. Friday morning was a clear dry day with more reasonable temperatures. On the way to work I passed a spotless Tesla, clean as a showroom demo. First thought was that there’s another car in the garage or driveway that’s covered in mag because the Tesla stayed home. Or the owner stayed home too, opting to “work” from home instead of slogging off to the paperwork mill.

    • It is interesting that MB is stomping on Eric – Eric’s readership isn’t exactly busting worlds records in numbers and volume. We don’t even show up in the noise floor. What exactly are they afraid of?

      • Hi Swamp,

        I think I have enough readers to worry them. Just enough to form cracks in the narrative. These cracks can lead to fissures – that lead to the dam busting. And I think that’s what they’re worried about.For the same reason the apparat was so worried about “misinformation” re the Face Diapers, etc.

        Also, I think – because I know – that there are people within the industry who just dislike me because I’m “right wing” and criticize the dogmas of the Left.

  21. The sad thing is that 11 degrees isn’t that cold. I’m sure that some here remember the good old days when you could buy a car in Miami and drive your car to Denver in winter and your only concern might be jetting for altitude and snow tires/ chains.

    It’s like time is rolling backwards and soon enough we’ll be putting the EV into the shed at the first sign of winter and going back to the old horse drawn carriage. Of course back then your Flivver wouldn’t burn your shed down…

  22. Eric,
    How dare you write about the obvious failures of EVs! Our customers are in no need of such education. Otherwise, they may not be our customers.

  23. Error?: “Except the hole can be patched – and the problem fixed.”

    I imagine that should read, “Except the hole CANNOT be patched – and the problem fixed.”?

    Anyway, it’s Negative 11 degrees here in Iowa this morning as I read your article. My, what a difference 22 degrees makes, as 11 degrees is a warm day to me.

  24. The irony of a device meant to curb “global warming” isn’t useable because of the lack of “global warming”.

    The situation exposes the lie.

    • It is. And the news can’t let reality interfere with the climate change agenda. Local tv news interviewed a ski resort manager up in Truckee commenting on how man made snow lasts longer but due to climate change they only have a 2 day window to make it now. The horror! He said we have to work on reducing carbon emissions. So…..more customers can drive their not EVs up to his ski resort?? Btw last winter produced so many storms the ski resorts stayed open through April. But keep pumping that narrative!

  25. EVs In Chicago Are No Match For Polar Vortex

    EV’s don’t work in cold climates….the slaves were lied to big time…the transition to no mobility at all…

    “When it’s cold like this, cars aren’t functioning well, chargers aren’t functioning well, and people don’t function so well either,” Javed Spencer, an Uber driver, told The New York Times. He said he’s worried about being stranded again with his Chevy Bolt.

    • What has surprised me is the coverage by the local lamestream media. They are actually covering it.

      And in the comment sections, the electric fanboys are mad that it’s being reported. ha ha

      • Hi Rich,

        I think it’s finally being covered. Partially. Just the range/recharge part.Because these issues have become so widespread and blatantly obvious they have to be covered. But almost no coverage (explanation) of the reason for this EV push – and the falsehood of that reason.

  26. I’ll be stunned if this EV madness survives the current cold snap and all the negative reportage accompanying it. But I’ve been surprised by the madness of crowds before.

    Good on you, Eric, for maintaining your ethics.

    • Hi Bill,

      I think this EV madness just could survive the various cold snaps throughout the country. It’s kinda like the COVID jabs that corrupt public health bureaucracies to this day are STILL pushing despite it having become undeniably obvious these jabs AREN’T “Safe and Effective”. And now they’re also pushing flu AND brand new RSV vaccines during cold and flu season. And with these technocrats at the WEF & WHO who keep telling us that there’s a “Disease X” coming, what are the odds that the medical-industrial complex will be making a brand new vaccine for “Disease X” at “Warp Speed”, and the government framing that brand new vaccine as “Safe and Effective!” or “A Miracle”?

    • Bill B: The problem is that the madness of crowds is the crowd in D. C. Rational beings are seeing the downsides but only a handful of the 535 who rule us are rational beings. Politics precludes that. It is possible that the bureaucrats making many of the decrees are rational beings. Over a beer most of us would be able to talk to them as if they were real people. At the office, if they didn’t think of some new regulations, they would be out of work. Tough choice, but which way do they decide? Rationally, survival is the ultimate choice. No government agency ever has a surplus at the end of its fiscal year. To do so is certain doom.

      • These are the same people who panic when there’s a light dusting of snow on the beltway, and can’t bring themselves to buy an ice scraper (in Pennsylvania hardware and parts stores used to give ’em away at the register) so they end up using a credit card to scratch a little viewport on the windshield.

        When they end up in the ditch they blame the weather. Or the road maintenance crew, or their manager. Never the lack of preparation.

        The hype around snow storms is ridiculous. Every one is treated like a black swan event, even though they happen every winter. It gets ratings for a while, used to be fun watching the weather person staining out by the highway getting blasted with winter weather, but not all that exciting year after year after year. Like every one hit wonder, the Jim Cantore act should be relegated to the discount rack and county fair circuit. Fun for nostalgia but not actually informative.

        • The media not only hypes weather events of all kinds to gain viewership and ratings in an increasingly competitive marketplace (when a freak tornado hit in Pittsburgh in 1998, the local TV stations got their highest viewership ever in their 50-year history, for example) but also to make us think that they’re because of climate change and so more must be done to stop it and it is worth the money, effort, and sacrifice to eat ze bugs and live in ze 15 minute city.

      • There is no way that the people making these rules are rational human beings. They are different. I have been around them in lines at the grocery store and at the bank. They are very territorial and view us as something to be ruled over. They are part of the ruling class. We are their slaves in their mind.

        These people are dangerous.

      • There have been some 60,000 plus new regulations written every year for the last 70 years. All of these turds could spend the rest of their careers undoing the damage of the administrative state if they wanted to. Rescinding, cancelling and deregulating. The would have thousands of regulations to line out per year and still keep their god damned jobs.

        • I’m hoping the current “Chevron” case before the Supreme Court will lead to a curb stomping of the administrative state and most of the three letter agencies. Tell the EPA to pound sand with their CAFE rules. Not holding my breath though, the Supremes are still part of govco and know who signs their paychecks.

    • 2020 was a clear indication of the future. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

      “I hate a group of people with a ‘common purpose’. ‘Cause pretty soon they have little hats. And armbands. And fight songs. And a list of people they’re going to visit at 3am.”
      -George Carlin

      • “Hey Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!”


        “This time for sure! Nothin’ up my sleeve… Presto!”


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