The Battery “Breakthrough”

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If you follow battery-powered devices, you know that a “breakthrough” has been just around the corner . . . for the past 30 years.

Well, it has arrived – at last!

The “breakthrough” isn’t technical, however. It is mercenary.

To “solve” the problem of battery-powered devices costing too much for most people to be able to afford to buy – because of the cost of the battery that powers the device – rent them use of the battery in the device, instead.

That is the breakthrough business model of Vietnamese battery-powered device-maker VinFast, which touts the lower cost of its devices by not including the cost of buying the battery. Which you don’t ever own.

You buy the device – and then you rent use of the battery, with tiered pricing based on how much battery you use, measured by how much driving you do. The more you drive, the more you pay – in addition to whatever you paid for the device.

The point being, you’ll never stop paying – for the use of the battery, without which the device is so much deadweight. More finely, even if you eventually pay off and so own the device, it won’t be of much use unless you continue to be able to pay to be able to use it.

Now that’s a breakthrough, all right!

It is precisely the kind of breakthrough advocated for by the solons of the World Economic Forum – who have said that in the future they are planning for us, we will own nothing and be happy.

Of course, those who own everything – and rent use of things to us – will be even happier.

And much richer than they already are.

But money isn’t everything. If it were, they’d have stopped a long time ago.

The point being for them to have all the money – and for us to have none. This is the happiest prospect of all.

“By separating the price of the battery from the acquisition value of the automobile, VinFast takes on all the risks related to the vehicle’s battery and ensures a reasonable price for its products, while providing customers with peace of mind about the battery’s quality during use,” reads a company press release.

It’s very altruistic-sounding, isn’t it?

Which of course, it isn’t.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch – or a free ride, either. The manufacturers of battery-powered devices know this. More finely, they know they are losing money on the devices they can’t sell because most people can’t afford to buy them (leaving aside the matter of enough people wanting to buy them). In order to “sell” at least a few devices, the manufacturers have had to resort to accepting losses on each sale.

This is – obviously – not sustainable.

Enter the “breakthrough.”

It is a breakthrough of a piece with extending the duration of the typical new car loan from 3-4 years to 6-7. This was done to gull the dull into believing they could afford the increasingly unaffordable.

Look, Myrna! It’s only $400 per month. . .

Never mind that it’s $400 per month for the next six years – with each year that passes bringing the dullard closer to owing more the rapidly depreciating vehicle is now worth.

It moved inventory.

Now the dull will be gulled by the dangling in front of their eyes of an “affordable” device. Look, Myrna! We can buy an EV for only $30,000! Never mind the estimated $110-$160 per month VinFast (and soon, emulators of this model) will charge to use the battery that powers the device. That would come to $7,920 (on the low end, assuming $110 per month) over the course of six years and $11,520 (on the upper end) to rent use of the battery that powers the device.

Not for just six years, either.

Forever. Or at least, as long as you want to use the device.

And never mind that they now have leverage over you to limit your use of the device.

On the upside, VinFast assumes all liability for maintenance and repair costs for the battery that powers the device, similar to the terms and conditions of a lease. But with a difference. The owner of the battery that powers the device has an interest (and a legal right) to keep track of how its property is used. VinFast – and its inevitable emulators – will need to know just how many miles you drive, as battery rental fees are based upon how far you drive. VinFast and its emulators will also no doubt want to know how you’re driving – as how you drive a device affects the “health” of their battery that powers the device.

Owners of Tesla’s devices already know that their devices (and so, they themselves) are monitored by Tesla, even though as a legal technicality, owners of Tesla’s devices are just that – having bought their devices.

Such technicalities will be dispensed with when devices are formally not-owned by the people who pay to rent use of them.

Or at least, of the battery that powers them.

And there you have the “breakthrough” fans of battery powered devices have been waiting for.

. . .

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  1. Central planning comes a cropper, moans the New York Slimes:

    A New Law Supercharged Electric Car Manufacturing, but Not Sales

    President [sic] Biden’s 2022 climate act spurred big investments in U.S. battery factories, but it has not similarly boosted E.V. sales.

    It’s the perennial lament of Soviet-style central planners: the production quotas were met … but the dogs won’t eat the dog food. Unpatriotic curs!

    If ye don’t buy yer EeeVee, how are ye gonna have any meat?
    How are ye gonna have any meat, if ye don’t buy your EeeVee?
    Transaction declined.

  2. Theft break through…..

    Amazon Earned More Than $1 Billion Through Secret Price-Raising Algorithm: FTC

    Inflated prices when slaves buy things…..

    the big corporations owned by the pirate slave owners use algos to rob the slaves more…..whenever they buy stuff….

    the pirate slave owners also own the corporations pretending to be the government…..these so called governments (pirates) …..collect taxes and fees, etc……they say the taxes are to help the slaves…..90% of the taxes are stolen…off to offshore accounts…..

    a slave revolt is needed……..

  3. In the past week I have been seeing about a half dozen new Ford Lightning EV truck ads. Most of the new ads are touting it as some kind of miracle ‘Mobile Remote Power Station’ for camping and off the grid construction use. A power station on 4 wheels, except that it will need that same battery power to drive home.
    What a joke. Once you’ve drained the truck battery doing all that crap, how do you get back? One ad said just plug into a nearby ‘campsite 240V outlet’, and recharge it overnight. But, then you have to walk back to the ‘remote campsite’ to sleep? Or was the 240v service already close by, and you just wanted to show off your 4-wheeled power outlet? A camper is a usually camper with a petrol generator, for when a 240v station isn’t close by. A work truck is for hauling shit, such as, a petrol generator to a remote site that has no 240v station.
    This is like trying to sell an unwanted retail middle-man to someone out in the woods. Stupid, redundant and a complete waste of money & time. Furthermore, what campsite in their right mind would want a 3-ton ‘incendiary bomb on 4 wheels’ risking the lives & property of their other guests? Out in the forest there is certainly no fire suppression service, not on the level of an EV fire. I can’t wait to see the next 50,000 acre forest fire caused by a 4×4 EV, screw that!

    • ‘Once you’ve drained the truck battery doing all that crap, how do you get back?’ — gtc

      No worries — relief has arrived. Stellantis engineers saw that joke photo of a Tesla towing a generator, and a light bulb went off in their pointy little heads:

      ‘Automaker Stellantis plans to produce an industry-first electric pickup truck called the Ram 1500 Ramcharger that’s equipped with an electric generator and a gas engine.

      ‘Stellantis estimates the range of the Ramcharger to be up to 690 miles, including up to 145 miles powered by a 92 kilowatt-hour battery when fully charged without the extended-range power from the gas engine and 130 kilowatt electric generator.

      “The Ramcharger is not a PHEV,” Kuniskis said. “It’s a battery-electric truck with its own onboard, high-speed charger. There’s no connection between the engine and the wheels. The gas generator is only there to charge the battery.”

      If you must ask the price of this three-ton chimera, then you can’t afford it.

      Presumably Michael Regan of the EPA has been lobbied to grant it an MPGe rating based on the battery-electric primary drive, and not the great, dirty 3.6-liter V6 lurking under the hood to destroy our climate. /sarc

      • JFC… It sounds like an article from the Onion or Babylon Bee, but its REAL. Just when I thought clown world couldn’t get any more absurd it does.

        Yeah its got a 3.6L V6 under the hood but that is just for recharging your battery! No connection to the driveshaft. LOL, just stop, this is getting embarrassing now.

      • I wish these bastards would stop soiling the names of these once great vehicles from the past. The Ramcharger was a beautiful truck (Dodge’s answer to the Bronco and Blazer).

      • You still can’t re-charge at the rate that you use the electric power to begin with, at least not without risking battery explosion. This fact alone makes all EVs asinine. Fast energy consumption, slow refill/restoration, the antithesis of petrol driven vehicles, and big, fat waste of time and money! I don’t underestimate the stupidity of the general buying public, even if that IS their own fault. I would, however, like to see this crap forced back on the bureaucrats and the asshole builders that won’t end up stuck with it.

    • All the additional weight of having BOTH ICE and Battery propulsion should really kill any hopes of a turd like this even being 1/2 as efficient as a petrol car alone. Physics alone says you lose energy when converting energy into work, i.e. transportation. People will go for the most ignorant crap to look virtuous, when all they do is look like total jackasses.

      • I’m trying to figure out if guys like Kuniskis think they’re really squaring the circle here (of course, they’re not) or are just taking the piss. Look, some new clothes for the emperor!

  4. Battery break through…haha…..yes lithium fire bomb batteries burning down whole multi story parkades…lol….who’s moronic idea was that?

    Time To Stand Up To The Lies And Propaganda Of The Electric Vehicle Zealots – Destroy ‘Em With Facts

    When is an EV not an EV? According to the talking heads of the electric vehicle world, it’s a hybrid that finds itself identified as the cause of a massive fire that consumes 1500 cars and and an entire multi level parking structure.

    The Luton Airport fire is the shot heard around the automotive world.
    While the pro EV crowd is well funded, well organized and has no problem twisting facts to fit it’s agenda, us Internal Combustion guys have a secret weapon on our side. The Truth.

    Because of the Luton Airport fire and many, many other EV fires…they should be banned…they are a public menace……


    Just when everyone thought EVs are the future, Toyota CEO dropped a brutal warning that left all EV makers in utter disbelief! Akio Toyoda has warned the industry against something nobody saw coming! EV sales are going down! Tesla, Ford, GM…literally all EV makers are grappling with issues of low demand, and unsold inventories. What’s surprising is that Akio Toyoda KNEW about this all along, but nobody believed him.

  6. We need to talk about EV DEPRECIATION!

    Used EV values are dropping like a rock….maybe the slaves are waking up to all the problems/issues…… how bad they really are….lol

    2021 Taycan new price paid…… 120,000 pounds …$147,000….

    today the Taycan’s residual value is …..$49,000

    but….the Taycan owner still owes $94,000 on the Taycan….

    get rid of your EV today before it gets worse……

    after ten years when the battery is dead….the value is zero….lol

  7. I hate this kind of stuff. I used to be a graphic designer in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. I used mostly Adobe software(along with Quark) on my Mac. It was expensive software but you could use it as long as you could (I managed to go ten years one time). Photoshop if bought alone would cost about 600 bucks. Most designers at would only upgrade software when buying new hardware like every 5-6 years.

    But now Adobe doesn’t offer software like that anymore. Monthly subscriptions is the only way they will rent it to you. They started out with subscriptions as an option (for those that couldn’t come up with the 600 bucks at one time). But now its the only option now. Cancel and it stops working at the end of the month. I do photography as a hobby so keeping photoshop as a monthly plan is stupid, because I may end up only using it one or twice a month. So that makes it costly, especially since its a hobby that doesn’t make money.

    Granted you never actually own software, even back in the 1990’s. But they used to never have an end date for it in the past. The only photoshop I have now is a 20 year old version on a very old mac i have sitting in the closet. I will likely never use Adobe software ever again.

    • Indeed the copy of AutoCAD LT I bought outright in 2001 still serves me well professionally and personally and the files still work for customers with newer versions. Yes it’s not solid modeling but it’s a very powerful design and communication tool. Computers and software peaked in the early 90s, now its all media/propaganda fluff.

      • Also, most of the time, the program you are using is internet based and files you are working on are not local, but “in the cloud”, meaning they store, have access to, and really own your files. I can only assume it’s part of the government’s directive to vacuum up all digital files and store them for their own use. Today, unless you are using pencil and paper, there are no trade secrets. Government wants to know everything you are doing at all times.

  8. Don’t tailgate EeeVee busses!

    ‘Google’s ambitious dive into the world of electric transportation faced an unexpected roadblock … or rather, a hill.

    ‘The tech giant’s lauded “100% Electric Bus” took on San Francisco’s iconic hilly terrain, only to lose power midway up, roll backward, and turn into a four-wheeled pinball, colliding with reportedly a total of nine vehicles on its unintended descent.

    ‘The electric behemoth is part of Google’s fleet of approximately 140 luxury buses, primarily used to transport Google’s employees from various parts of San Francisco, the East Bay and other Bay Area locations to the firm’s Mountain View headquarters.

    ‘However, the recent accident involving the electric bus in San Francisco indicates that Google’s ambitious eco-friendly initiatives may have a few bumps — or rather, a few rolls — to iron out.’

    A miracle ba-a-a-a-a-ttery coulda fixed that. 🙁

    Got megawatt chargers?

    • today the slaves can leverage themselves in debt…..

      $200,000 down on a million dollar house….at one point it was zero down……use a heloc or LOC….nothing down….leveraged debt slavery…..these slaves are really brain washed today….dumbest slaves in history…..

      • Hi Anon,

        Per the article I published here a few weeks back, in my area – which isn’t a big city area – it now takes about $300k to buy a modest single family house on an acre or two of land. It would take $60k down (20 percent) to seal the sale (without PMI) and then you’d have to deal with making payments on the remaining $240k at 7.3 percent (or whatever it is now). God luck with that – if you haven’t got an annual income in the six figure range.

  9. I wonder how they’ll track milage? Seems like a cost saving measure would be to install larger tires. And I’m sure it will run some esoteric software… like Android… because move fast and break things, and the asian tendancy to cut corners to get “best price” means it will be full of bugs and unpatched exploits.

  10. Toyota claims to have developed a solid state battery and it’s going to be producing it soon – this is a bit of a holy grail. Let’s for a moment assume it’s real, though I do have my doubts.

    It’s got almost three times the energy density of LiPo, so in the same weight as a current 100kWh battery, you get 300kWh, meaning your 200 mile EV becomes a 600 mile EV. Does this make them interesting?

    It certainly makes them more practical for longer drives, however, three times the capacity means you need to put three times as much juice into it, meaning, you have to find a powerful charger (like a megawatt, that’s what 500 homes use on average) or you wait three times as long at the most powerful chargers available today.

    I still wouldn’t buy it because I value my time.

    • They really are not ‘solid state’, a term used for electronics. They are simply batteries containing a soldi electrolyte.

      “It (Toyota) expects to launch its first solid-state battery EVs as early as 2027 and claims its new battery could provide a range of 745 miles and a charging time of just 10 minutes.”

      Can you imagine the Kw / amps needed to charge a battery that has three times the capacity of today’s batteries in 10 minutes! I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near it when the switch is thrown. And then imagine thousands,,, millions, of them charging on a grid that cannot keep the lights on during a winter storm.
      A true story,,, Pinky Swear!
      Worked for a steel company that processed the ore brought in from the hills. To get it hot enough there were three fans acting as a bellows sucking air to superheat the ore to make the coke. The last fan was a three phase 7500 hp synchronous baby that pulled many, many, MANY amps. On Sunday nights I would call the power company to let them know I was starting it so they could put a couple more generators online. That fan sounded like it was coming apart when starting. I used a 50 foot rope tied to the switch,,, out the door,,, safely away when starting. It was on a hill and you could see the town lights almost go out. This would be small potatoes compared to many EV high wattage solid batteries on charge.

      • ‘The last fan was a three phase 7500 hp synchronous baby that pulled many, many, MANY amps.’ — ken

        Not only that, but big induction motors have nasty inrush currents — larger than their steady state running current — which give utilities fits. It looks like this:

        A miracle 300 kWh ba-a-a-a-a-ttery that can charge in ten minutes flat is like a nightmare inrush current that never stops — over a megawatt. Imagine the conductor size (and weight) needed to carry that current. Imagine the fireball if it shorts out.

        I call bullshit. They said we’d have flying cars by 1985, but it never happened. Nor did I ever receive the pony I was promised. 🙁

        • You wouldn’t want the pony, anyway. At a dead run, the s.o.b. would stop,… put its head down, & send you flying through the air.
          …The grass, you see.

          Or, it would get an itch, under the saddle,…

          Nevermind the dead-run downhill through the apple trees with low hanging branches.

          Hmp, it just occurred to me why I like motorcycles & 4×4’s so much.

          But, yeah, “They said we’d have flying cars by 1985”. … They never do come through with the good stuff, do they?


      • i.e. a “dry cell”

        As opposed to a “wet cell”

        (This was the terminology, before they changed it to sound high-tech and cool)

    • ‘Toyota claims to have developed a solid state battery and it’s going to be producing it soon.’ — OppositeLock

      But not soon enough. It remains vaporware:

      ‘Toyota laid out a three-phase plan toward a goal of commercializing solid-state batteries by 2027-2028. However, that doesn’t mean solid-state EVs will be widely available at that time, as “full-scale mass production” will begin after.

      ‘It also remains to be seen what markets Toyota would launch them in, and how much they would cost. They are likely to be more expensive, and remain that way for years, Reuters predicts.’

      Gotta love the goofball false precision of the ‘932-mile’ [sic] range claim. This happens when innumerate American journos convert Toyota’s 1,500 km round number to miles, but fail to notice that with only two significant figures in the original value, it should be rounded down to 930 or even 900 miles, since it’s only speculative to begin with.

      Still, it’s the promotional equivalent of being approached by a Japanese courtesan, who instead of saying ‘I love you long time!’ promises, ‘I love you 47.3 minutes!’ 🙂

      • Hi Jim,

        Two things I wonder about with regard to Toyota’s hypothetical “932 mile” battery. The first is what this will cost, assuming such a device is even feasible. The second is- how much will it weigh? It takes 800-1,000 lbs. of lithium-ion battery to store the energy equivalent of about 8 gallons of gas. Will it take 3,000 lbs. of battery to store enough energy to power a vehicle for “932 miles”?

        And how will such a battery be charged? If it takes 7-11 hours to “Level 2” charge a current 250-ish mile-range battery,how long will it take to charge a “932 mile” battery?

        Oops… that’s three questions!

  11. Electric Caterham (now Japanese owned…so JDM)…. coming soon?…

    Weighs twice as much….costs twice as much….a lot slower….

    Caterhams used to be low, very light and stiff (tube frame construction)…making them handle and brake well…that is gone with the EV model….

    No stick shift…no sound…the sound was 60% of the great experience….

    no longer the most fun car to drive…the Super 7 clone is gone….now an overweight EV….

    but…light for an EV…2700 lb…..could be a problem for the Cayman EV….

    2700 lb…proves EV’s don’t have to be 5000 to 6000 lb…or 10,000 lb…the hummer…lol

    costs twice as much….only for the very rich slave owners/masters…the tax pirates… living off the slaves stolen taxes, fees, etc., etc………

    • Watch…EV radiators are coming back…EV’s have a huge cooling system for the over heating lithium battery….radiators make sense…….

      another energy loss never talked about….the EV cooling system is running wide open when charging…or fast charging….more energy/money out the window…..

      wait until it has a radiator and the electric rad fan burning up energy…lol….

      • Teslas have 4 actually. One system, 4 discrete parts because the surface area to be cooled is so large it must be split across the entire length of the vehicle. I know this how?

        Mine failed. :-/

        Car is only 3 years old. The battery cooling system errored and once that happens the car immediately goes into “Turtle Mode” which means you are limited to a max speed of 55 mph. This happened, very inconveniently, during a 3000 mile roadtrip. Good times!

        The 1st dealership I took it to in Denver was so incompetent they could neither diagnose nor fix the problem. Back on the road, and it happened again. Luckily, the problem was intermittent so the 55mph mode wasn’t constant. Once one of the cooling apparatus truly fails you are STUCK at 55mph until replaced. Mine was failing.

        My car is under warranty, once it isn’t no way in hell would I keep this thing. The cost to replace ONE of the 4 quads of the cooling system? $2,000! So that is $8000 in addition to the 20K it would cost if you needed to replace the battery itself so almost 30K which is the price of -another- car. LOL

        This car is my toy and I have ICE cars, obviously, but keeping an EV out of warranty is a really bad idea. Yes, in ‘theory’ they are lower maintenance than ICE cars but that is under the massive assumption that nothing breaks, and stuff DOES break because the build quality isn’t amazing. Tesla is notorious for poor build quality. It is not very different from owning a BMW or Mercedes, expect to pay 2-3 times the price of what someone else would pay for repairs because only specially EV trained techs can repair it and the parts are “exotic” to say the least.

        The minute my warranty expires on this Tesla its out of my garage, not even a question.

        • Morning, UserAnon!

          I wanted to thank you for conveying to people here your real-life experiences as a Tesla owner. I appreciate your honesty greatly. My hope is that – somehow – we can get back to a sane equilibrium (my term!) of sorts that’s similar to the way things were a decade ago or even less – when (for the most part) people could buy what suited and the manufacturers were free to offer what they thought people might want to buy. I have no beef with EVs – per se. I have written (and said) that anyone who wants one ought to be free to buy one – just the same as anyone else ought to be free to buy something else, if they prefer.

          That used to be America.

          I’d like to live there again.

          • Indeed if the EV incentives included useful Neighborhood EVs like the GEM (a pretentious golf cart) like no license or insurance required, I could see city dwellers really going for them. But this bull crap of subsidizing luxury/super cars for grossly overpaid communists is wrong in every way.

  12. “Never mind that it’s $400 per month for the next six years – with each year that passes bringing the dullard closer to owing more the rapidly depreciating vehicle is now worth.”- Eric

    I have never understood the logic of this concept. For the average car owner depreciation of the car is meaningless unless the person wants payments forever by ‘investing’ in a new car every five or six years.
    Maybe for those that do not keep the car maintained and basically just trashing it out.

    I have a 98 Regal that looks very good for its age. Interior perfect. Runs perfectly. It’s been paid off for about twenty years.
    I estimate the return an that about $120 – $140,000 counting payments not made and the fact I do not have to pay full coverage, registration and plates are now dirt cheap.

    Trading it in for a new car at five years would have netted me about $10 – $12,000,,, I’m being generous here for ease of the math. So now I am ahead about $100 – $120,000 fake bucks! I’m not sure that is dullard territory.

    • Hi Ken,

      I’m with you, of course – in that I think it’s idiotic to buy a new car and then sell/trade it after six years (or even 12). I counsel buying a used car and letting someone else pay the depreciation. And then driving it until it crumbles from rust.

    • I just adopted my mothers ’99 VW Cabrio. 66k miles. She just turned 92 and doesn’t want to fight Florida traffic anymore.

      What a hoot of a car. I brought it my mechanic to have new tie-rod ends installed, tires and a brake job. He kept begging me ylto sell it to him.
      I’ll update the audio system. Maybe put some nice wheels on it but the is perfect, garage kept and literally drove by a little old lady to go to church every Sunday and Publix every Wednesday.

  13. Something related to, “EVs are NOT about trying to control the climate or the weather—they’re about trying to control YOU.” is this article by Dr. Mercola:

    ‘Will the Internet as We Know It Disappear in the Next Year?’

    In that article he recommends the Above Phone as a way to resist being enslaved. Have any of you looked into that or had any thoughts about it?
    Tracfone has been ripping me off as of late, so I’m considering it. Just didn’t see a flip Above Phone.

    …Or, have any thoughts about the 2hr. video from Whitney Webb? I have yet to watch it, too full of dreadfulness to do so right now.

    Also, I was watching the live Doug & Stacy show last night & he said the Shwabber mentions shutting down the Internet on the 15th of this month. Are the P.T.B. speeding up the timeline?

    …Fun times.

      • Thanks for the reply, Mister Liberty.

        Appreciate it.

        I was hoping to get more input from …millions? Like, it was important, or something?

        Par for the course, I guess. Much like, ‘Israeli MoH Data Released in March 2023 Proves the Vaccines Are Killing People’

        “…This is unassailable proof the vaccines are killing people. Nobody noticed.”…

        I should prolly just forget about it & watch, ‘The Voice’.

        Nobody noticed.

        • Of course we here have known from day one that the “vaccines” are poisonous. None of us needed to even look at that piece.

          Funny how the general public will be publicly outraged by a bad call during a superbowl, but when faced with evidence of murder, not so much. Probably because the media tells them how to think and they dutifully listen.

          • Morning, Mister!

            In re the “vaccines.” Two things: One, it baffled me then and still does, today, that so many people took drugs they didn’t need – just because they were told to. I don’t have high blood pressure; ergo, I have no need for drugs to lower it. I was not sick – and it had become evident to anyone who wasn’t an imbecile that the sickness afoot was not a major threat to otherwise healthy people, especially younger people – whose risk of more than the usual sniffles/cough/aches for a week or so was essentially nil.

            So why get “vaccinated”? It struck me the same as wearing a life jacket – on dry land – when you knew how to swim.

            Two, it astounded me that people would allow themselves to be injected with drugs they knew nothing about. Just because they were told to. They didn’t ask: What are the ingredients? What are the potential side effects? They just rolled up their sleeves and trusted known-to-be untrustworthy drug companies.

            • Just more proof the slave owners have done a great job of brain washing the slaves….

              check out the karens…lol…

              8 billion slaves…AI will soon do all jobs…a slave cull is required……

              the slave owners said….

              here is an injection that will keep you alive and healthy…it is safe and effective….90%? of the slaves believed every single word……

              the turkeys before thanks giving believed the same thing….the farmer loves us…we get fed regularly….

              but…10% of the turkeys said the day before thanks giving….why is the farmer sharpening the axe?

              a slave cull is required……stop their mobility….herd them into 15 min city/prisons….control their money, food, arms and speech…..

    • “EVs are NOT about trying to control the climate or weather—they’re about trying to control YOU!”

      Thanks for the “mention” so to speak.
      Eric, feel free to add that to your merch.

  14. Everybody knows you don’t buy beer, you just rent it. Have to pay money to have something that eventually is gone and gone for good.

    Coal-fired power plants producing electricity makes the stuff usable, you have a product that does some kind of work. You flip the light switch, lights on!

    A lightning bolt produces lots of electricity, all it does is make a streak of light that you can see. Might start a prairie fire and wreak some havoc that way, might have a mess afterwards. You will have some new green growth later on, a win there. The force of the lightning, heat and electricity, the light it creates doesn’t help that much. Lightning rods on the peak of the stick built barn keep the barn from burning to the ground.

    You have to have a way to produce usable energy to have mobility. Doesn’t matter how or what, coal does the job, a natural battery, haul the ashes and mine some more, keep the home fires burning. Drill for oil, usable energy there too.

    Has to be done. Nothing else works. Fungible commodities sell, whocouldaknowed?

    Recharging a battery does work too, for my laptop.

    The gas tank in the truck needs to have some more gas, happens every time after you drive it a couple of hundred miles. I buy the gas, not rent it then bring it back, it gets burned to get me to where I want to go. Solves problems like crazy. My gas, I get to burn it whenever I want. har

    No way will I drive an electric vehicle into the middle of nowhere hundreds of miles into the verdant hills.

    Yes, it is beer time.

    • ‘Yes, it is beer time.’ — drumphish

      Last night, during a lengthy hookah session in the garage, it was concluded that we should introduce a retro beer packaged in the pre-poptop seamed tin cans of the early 1960s, to be punctured in the time-honored fashion with a can opener (a/k/a church key).

      Well, I woke up this morning
      And I got myself a beer
      Well, I woke up this morning
      And I got myself a beer
      The future’s uncertain and Big Gov is always near

      — The Doors, Roadhouse Blues

  15. It takes so much energy to go from A to B. Because you live on a planet with a high level of gravity, moving anything has a cost of friction (tires, engine, air drag). That is never going to change.

    Neither is the depreciating value of your fiat currency called “money”.

    In other words, you are screwed forever and ever.

    Thus for the rest of your life you will be slaving away to earn worthless script to overcome friction so you can drive your car at 75 mph to your slave job, working your ass off to meet your interest payments because you had to borrow 3 years of wage to buy a new car.

    Oh yeah, the bank created that money you borrow out of thin air. Think about the level of that scam!

    Regardless of any technological improvements, your own personal equation will remain slavery. Thus to keep you going you must be fed hope. Hopium is the drug for slaves. Stop complaining Eric! Send us your money for this bill we invented for the uninsured cars on your property. Pay up or we send in the thugs.

    So while they grind you down with their endless fees, scams, wars, taxes, inflation, be sure to go to church and pray to God.
    Hope for a better life, in the next life, with the Jew Jesus, while you slave away to make ends meet using Jew money called Federal Reserve Notes.

    Hope for a reduced transportation cost by believing in the future: fusion power, air batteries, windmills, unicorns, and rainbows. Keep working Goyim slaves, it will all be better in “the future” … which never arrives … just more promises in the future.

    Have you ever noticed every year at the car shows GM and other car makers have a shiny “car of the future” giving you hope YET IS NEVER PRODUCED, even decades later?

    Yeah, they do that on purpose while the CEO buys and 80 foot yacht and retires to the south of France on the Mediterranean. Keep working slaves, pay your taxes, and sign up for the draft, it’s your duty, we got a war to fight against them “terrorists”.

    The only thing I hope for is Israel being completely nuked off the planet. That would be a good start toward a path of freedom and peace.


      How deep is this fakery and scamming on us? It is way worse than you think. You are sold the fantastic, and made to believe huge lies as reality, like this Daily Mail headline:

      Hamas killers ‘roasted babies in an oven’ during October 7 terror attack, Israeli first responder claims

      or from Netanyahu office, Hamas chopped off the heads of 40 Jew babies.

      Do you believe those claims? If you are, you are being enlisted to hate the victims of Zionist aggression. Do you believe that Israel was surprised by the Hamas sneak attack? I bet you do.

      Hamas with hang gliders are being blamed for Oct. 7th just like Muslims with box cutters were blamed for Sep. 11th.

      The USA and Israel staged 911 and they blamed it on the entity they intended to bomb.

      Likewise, Oct. 7th is clearly a false flag by USA-Israel to blame who they are now bombing.

      It is the same exact ruse.

      That is why Nasrallah said on Friday no one told him of the attack. It was a surprise attack, because Hamas didn’t do it.

    • Dear Yukon Jack,
      I have to start wearing my tinfoil hat again. You’re stealing my thoughts and posting them on Eric’s blog with great regularity. I do get a kick out of seeing my own inner monologue and “feels” translated to text so eloquently.
      Keep up the good work rascall.

    • In the old days slave owners would use european white slaves to row slave ships….

      Today the slave owners own the government…just another corporation….the slaves are referred to as corporations too….so they can be controlled….they are used as slave labor on the ship ….the corporation is like a ship…they use the same maritime law…..the slaves on the ship who are governed as the crew…. have no rights according to admiralty law….which they are subject to…..

      A large chunk of of any money the slave makes is taken as a tax…..

      where do taxes go?

      67% goes to the city of london…the financial district….the crown in england ….which is owned by the vatican…..

      23% goes to the private bankers who own the federal reserve ……….

      10% goes to tax system employees as collection fees……

      • european white slaves and their descendants have been slaves for 2000 years….longer then any other slaves….where are their reparations?…..

  16. I also had this crazy notion of everyone being able to defend themselves from all sorts of violent crime imaginable, no matter how undersized and weaker than their attacker. I know it sounds virtually impossible, but what if we could hurl a rock, or something even more effective, from a reasonably safe distance, preventing said assailant from harming us? Perhaps the object we hurl could be gas propelled and operated by virtually anyone with equal effectiveness. It may even be possible that the more of those devices we have, the less likely we would be to be attacked to begin with, especially if we didn’t have to tell everyone how many we had, or where we have them. They might even be made in a size & shape that is easily carried, then we could actually defend ourselves outside our own homes without constant fear of attack, or the need for authorities to show up later to record the manner and time of our demise. We might even be able to protect others around us who don’t know how to operate these devices. Certainly will all the Billions of tax dollars our Govt. spends defending everyone else around the world, a small portion of our own taxes could be used to helps us defend ourselves here in our own homes and communities. I wonder why no one has ever thought of this before? Perhaps one day we could even be, dare I say it, citizens, instead of just subjects of an elite group of society? I suppose maybe someday something of that sort may be invented and be of some benefit to all of us. I can at least dream of a better future, right?

  17. Perhaps someone will invent a vehicle that carries its own fuel, can go anywhere at anytime, in any weather, doesn’t burn fuel when not in use, doesn’t need the fuel tank replaced every 5 years at half the cost of the vehicle, doesn’t spontaneously burn down everything in a 25 yard radius, and doesn’t need constant tending with a ridiculous umbilical cord for life-support. Such a vehicle could possibly even use the 500+ year supply of oil we have in our borders alone and save our entire economy. We might even become a truly independent nation some day. Then again, maybe I’m just imagining something completely impossible and utterly ridiculous. Oh well.

    • Who says there is only a 500 ear supply of oil?

      Research question- if all the crude oil that’s ever been pumped were put in a 50 mile by 50 mile square hole, how deep would it be? The answer is shocking- it isnt measured in miles of meters.

      • Ooops- sorry about the y missing from year… and the truncated sentence with of in it.
        Supposedly humanity has pumped between 1.1 and 1.5 trillion barrels of oil since around 1850. There is 5.6146 cubic feet in a barrel of oil. So our lake of oil extracted- 50 miles by 50 miles- would be around 113 feet deep. Not miles deep- not hundreds of yards- 113 feet.

        Should we waste the stuff? Of course not- but there is also no reason to panic to crazy crap like electric cars.

  18. With this push for “_____ as a service”, I wonder if the pharmaceutical industry wanted in on that too. Natural immunity, something that has existed forever in humans, was suddenly labeled CONSPIRACY THEORY or NONEXISTENT during the COVID “pandemic”. Given that these COVID-19 “vaccines” appear to shut down a vaxxed person’s own immune system and leave them vulnerable to the dreaded ‘Rona & other things like cancer, Big Pharma and their puppets in government could or have started pushing endless COVID booster jabs or perhaps even other brand new drugs, effectively meaning that they’re now perpetual guinea pigs for Pfizer, Moderna, etc. Think of it as “Immunity as a service” (Brought to you by Pfizer, Moderna, etc.) instead of immunity acquired naturally (for free) through living and being exposed to coronaviruses, viruses, etc.

  19. ‘a “breakthrough” has been just around the corner . . . for the past 30 years.’ — eric

    There’s fifty US states. But in only one has an EeeVee become the most popular vehicle.

    That’s right: in 35 states, a pickup (Chevy, Ford, Ram or Toyota) is buyers’ top choice. In 14 more states, it’s a Toyota RAV4 or (solely in Florida) a Toyota Corolla.

    But in the DPRK (Democratic Peoples Republic of Kalifornia), the top seller is Tesla’s Model Y. See for yourself on this map:

    Clearly, we have here an unbridgeable cultural divide.

    ‘We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our Separation, and hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace Fiends.’ — 56 old guys

    • >But in the DPRK (Democratic Peoples Republic of Kalifornia), the top seller is Tesla’s Model Y.
      I am betting if you broke out California sales by county, the results might prove to be more interesting.

      Pickups are very popular here in Riverside County, because they are *useful*.
      Still driving my ’89 F150, which I bought new in ’89.
      Owner’s son @ shop which maintains it for me drives an ’08 F150, which he bought used.
      Jon’s ’08 is in “like new” condition.

      Yes, there are some Teslas around, but they haven’t “taken over” the place, and I doubt they ever will.

      • That was my thought too. Socal and the bay are the majority of California by population, but the rest of the state is more like Nebraska with a latin beat.

  20. A while back, someone mentioned that a key problem with EVs is the lack of standardization with respect to charging stations, cables, and plugs.

    There’s another place where standardization is lacking: BATTERIES.

    Although the basic laws of geology, chemistry, and physics are no doubt the main reason for batteries’ expensiveness, a lack of standardization is a close second. Were EV batteries standardized, they would be cheaper to manufacture and replace, and no one would necessarily have a monopoly on them.

    What’s especially problematic in this scheme is that you are tied to VinFast as a captive customer for your battery. If they decide to jack up the price, stop supporting your year, make and model of car, or go out of business, you’re utterly screwed.

    Imagine your Ford only being able to fill up at Ford gas stations—because only Ford gas stations have the pumps with the nozzles that fit Ford gas tanks. (Ironically, it was Ford’s work with standardization that made cars so practical and affordable.) No one in their right mind would go for that.

    But as we’re seeing right now with Tesla charging stations, that’s exactly what’s happening with EVs.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again and again: EVs are NOT about trying to control the climate or the weather—they’re about trying to control YOU.

  21. The car note now extends beyond many manufacturers’ warranties, and the owner is obligated to take care of the vehicle should a major problem arise, making the extended warranty a necessity and not just a “nice to have”.

    • >extended warranty a necessity
      Yes, and then there is “gap insurance” for those whose financing means the vehicle depreciates faster than the note is paid.
      Another day older, and deeper in debt.

  22. Now if they could just figure out how to rent you your food. I would be more inclined to give it back when I’m through with it. I suppose they could deliver it through subscription. “Look dear, it’s this months supply of edible insects!”

    • Remember the movie “Kidco” (from the 70s-80s)? After building a successful biz, the tax collectors go after the kid. He proves in court that taxes were paid on the feed and, therefore, no tax is required for the poop.

    • Hi John,

      That’s just how it was in the classic dystopian Charleton Heston flick, Soylent Green. The proles queued up for their fodder, which came in the form of colored, cracker-like rectangles. Mmmm mmmmmm good!

        • There were different colors of Soylent, IIRC. My guess is that Soylent yellow or red might have been bug protein. But the people were told it was some soybean/lentil concoction.

  23. Yesterday was surrounded by 5 Teslas as I pulled out of the Chevron station think thats the first time I have seen so many on a stretch of road at once. Of course they looked identical. Tesla tracking the cars info is not surprising and the owners probably just love that. I would bet Tesla owners are maskers too. But I was all gassed up and ready for Monday whereas they doubtless were heading home to plug in for the night. I looked at those cars and tried to imagine wanting one but couldn’t.

    • Hi RS!

      The sameness of Teslas – and how long Tesla has been able to get away with this – is pretty amazing in its own right. The 2024 Model S is essentially the same as the 2012 Model S. In other words, a 12-year-old design. The ’24 Model 3 is six years old.

      Of course, a AAA battery you buy today also looks the same as one you bought back in 1990.

      • Teslas resemble the Plymouth Neon. But, to be sure, the Neon didn’t make fart noises, or sound like a 1960’s Martian spaceship when in reverse.

  24. This sounds like another one of those motherweffers “You’ll own nothing and be happy, or else” mantra’s. Mind you I’ve heard of new houses selling with rented hot water tanks, AC, furnaces and what have you. At what point are you going to be renting the shirt on your back? Oops, apparently you can do that now for only $88.00 a month.

    Somehow I get the feeling that buying a car and renting the battery is not a good idea from either a privacy view point or as an efficient way of managing your finances.

    • owning nothing……

      Any money the slaves make….the slave owner takes a lot back in taxes…the slave has to work 2 or 3 jobs just to pay rent….in the old days the slave owner gave the slave a free place to sleep…….

      but…the slave owner owned corporation called the government offers the slave an exit now….MAID…..medical assistance in death…..


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