Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 11/06/203

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Here’s the audio (a little late!) of last week’s talk with my friend Bryan Hyde, who was filling in for Jeff Einstein last week:

We’ll be on again tomorrow (Tuesday) at the usual Bat-Time (9 a.m. east).

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  1. This was Gaza before the Jews turned it into hell:

    Hamas was created and funded by Israel. Hamas is supposedly fighting for the Palestinians. The Hamas attack was very bad for the Palestinians, thus I think the Oct. 7th attack was a MIHOP. US-Israel did it just like 911.

    If want to understand Hamas imagine in the Chinese overran the USA and herded us into concentration camps, arrested us for no reason, took our land, humiliated us any way they could, bombed our churches, and used our children for target practice.

    Then let’s say we created a resistance to Chinese occupation of our land, and the Chinese called us terrorists when we took up arms against their illegal occupation. (Think Red Dawn movie) We would make raids against the Chinese military bases, and take them hostage to trade to get our own people out of prison.

    That is exactly what Hamas is doing – and since it is their land, and the invaders (the Jews) have no claim then the Hamas resistance has every right to kill every Jew in Palestine. Right?
    Anyone who has a lick of fairness and morals would understand that – except for stupid Amerikans who seem unable to overcome Jew media propaganda.

    Then we have this orange buffoon parroting the official bullshit narrative. Trump spoke a week ago in Las Vegas to a bunch of rich Jews, this is what he said:

    “Every single life that is lost in this conflict is on the shoulders of Hamas and Hamas alone, and I think you have to add in the word Iran,”

    “Let there be no doubt, the killers responsible for this massacre will burn forever in the eternal pit of hell,”

    Trump is viewed as white savior. He is not. He is a slavish pandering Jew whore who should never hold office again. He needs to go away and I hope he rots in jail for what he said. He is a damn pig, a lover of Jew only Israel. And I hope he dies in prison.

    It’s time for the most immoral and retarded population on earth, Amerikans, to wake up and quit giving Satanic Israel a free pass. Israel has no right to exist in Palestine, end of story, period.


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