Corona Clover!

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Here’s a Corona Clover, creeping along at 37-43MPH on a road with a 55 MPH speed limit. Oddly, it’s perfectly legal for a Clover to drive unsafely in this manner but illegal to pass the Clover, safely.

So I did the latter, to deal with the former!

. . .

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    • Hi to5,

      Yup! Just as I won’t baaaaaaaa! – and wear a Fear Mask – so I won’t mindlessly waste my time stuck behind a Clover trying to make me do just that. If the way is clear I will pass. Painted lines on the road have no power to prevent me from doing so!

      • Hey Eric,

        Good news on the fear mask hysteria this morning. Went to the barber shop right next to my shop, sans mask. The barber asked me about it and I explained the medical exemption, “oh, ok” he said. Well, we chatted about the mask stupidity, the ways around it, the pathology of sickness theater and the reams of misinformation surrounding the “pandemic”. About 10 minutes in, the owner, Felicia, walks in, sans mask. She doesn’t ask about it, joins the discussion and agrees that the situation is absurd. I tell her about the exemption and she says, “good, I’m not wearing a mask then”. She asks what she should do if a customer wants her to wear a mask and I say that’s up to you. You don’t have to but you could if it makes your customer feel better; entirely up to you and the customer. She was concerned that some customers may rat her out which, unfortunately, is a real issue. Still, the “exemption” applies to owners as well; if a customer is uncomfortable, they don’t have to come in. Just before I left, an elderly gentleman walks in, with mask, but immediately asks, “do I have to wear a mask?” “Not if you don’t want to”, says Felicia. “Good”, he says, and removes the mask.


  1. Reminds me of the one road on my way to the highway, it’s 45 and everyone does 10 under

    Worst is every once in awhile, in my old home town, you’ll see a sedan taking a 35 at 25-30 and then brake around the mild bend, so mild that I just take it at 40 in my Ram Rebel (True, upgraded end links/rear sway bar, but still)

    How do these Clovers even manage?

  2. I just got a ticket (from a CA Park Ranger!!!) for passing a glacier in a double yellow. My excuse of “I didn’t think park rangers could write traffic tickets” didn’t work. I’m going to fight it with a traffic lawyer, mostly to force the park ranger to do more “work.”

    • Good luck!

      I hate how we’re punished for passing a damn clover, and again, who coulda thunk that a damn park ranger could write a ticket.

      Better question is why you’re not east in Tx though


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