The Orange Man and the CAFE Karen

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Part of the problem is dishonest language – without which an honest conversation is impossible.

It’s one thing to tub-thump for government-imposed gas mileage standards – a mandatory minimum miles-per-gallon (styled CAFE in bureaucrat-ese) that every car must achieve, else be whacked with punitive fines for “noncompliance”   – leaving aside the matter of this being akin to government decreeing how much food you’re allowed to eat (which by the way government has been doing, too).

But at least it’s honest when put that way.

What’s not honest is the way it’s being put now.

Which is to talk of federal gas mileage mandates as being about “air quality” – which is being done to sell by shaming a thing which would otherwise be a very hard sell. The reason for that being obvious:

Gas is abundant and cheap.

Which is why most people aren’t buying the small, under-engined cars the regulations force into production.The popular models are SUVs and pick-ups, which continue to sell well in spite of their not “achieving compliance” with the federal gas mileage mandates and even though they cost artificially more because of the fines applied for not “achieving compliance” as well as the baked-in cost of trying to.

There is no natural reason for half-ton trucks to come with four cylinder engines or V6 engines with multiple turbos – to make up for their not being V8s. The artificial reason is the mandates – which the manufacturers try to comply with by substituting smaller for larger engines and adding turbos to the smaller engines, to maintain the power of the larger engines on demand.

Even so, it’s not enough to kill off the trucks and SUVs – just as it wasn’t enough to trot out Greta and fear-shame the populace into accepting economic austerity for the sake of a computer-modeled “climate crisis” (since replaced by a more effectively manufactured health “crisis”).

Thus, federal mileage mandates morphed into environmental mandates. A far more effective shaming tool, despite being based on disingenuousness and grotesque exaggerations  . . . just like the other “crisis.”

For one thing, because the “air” is very clean – and so are the cars. But they are being portrayed as if it’s still 1968 in the same manner as it’s being portrayed that what has been happening to 88-year-olds in nursing homes could happen to 30-year-olds.

Thus, when the Orange Man did something genuinely laudable – if you laud the idea of honest language – by defanging and dialing back the federal mileage fatwas as no longer necessary and so no longer justified – he was attacked by the Usual Suspects as being a despoiler of the earth, the equivalent of the guy who pours his used motor oil down the storm drain.

“The federal agencies used questionable science” – that word, again – “faulty logic and ludicrous assumptions to justify what they wanted from the start,” shrieks Mary Nichols, the Karen who heads the California Air Resources Board, a body of unelected bureaucrats who oppose the Orange Man generally and specifically as regards this business of letting people who buy cars decide how much gas mileage is too little – or too expensive.

She does not put it quite that way, of course as it would be a much harder sell. Instead, she says the Orange Man wants to “gut and rewrite the single most important air regulation of the past decade.”

Except, Karen, it is not about “air.” You’re lying. Just like the Karens – and Kens – who have been lying about Corona.

What Karen/Mary really means is carbon dioxide, the fractional part of the air – which is mostly nitrogen and oxygen – held by the deranged to be on the rampant rise and an imminent threat, the spread of which must be stopped and . . . stop me if it all sounds too  . . .familiar.

Certainly, internal combustion engines generate exhaust gasses, including carbon dioxide gas. But why not be honest and just say that directly – and make the case in an above-board manner – rather than try to mask the meaning by conflating carbon dioxide with the things most people think of when they hear “air” and “emissions” and “pollution”?

If, that is, you’re confident about the case you’re making.

In fact, Karen/Mary isn’t – just as the sexiest man alive (Fauci) and the rest of them aren’t. They know the truth won’t bear scrutiny and thus it must be conflated with something scary.

Vehicle exhaust emissions haven’t been an “air” problem – a pollution problem – in decades. And there is no problem, either, as regards the availability (or cost) of gas. Hence the introduction of the new gas – conflated with air, implicitly associated with pollution.

Because that sells better – and because it’s easier to shame people for “hurting the environment” than for exercising the choice to spend their own money on an SUV and the gas that goes into it.

The Karens are apoplectic that the car industry continues to sell the types of vehicles that people want to buy – and that is why they are apoplectic about the Orange Man’s snipping of the federal MPG mandates – which he rightly points out not only cost people money in the name of “saving gas” but also cost lives in the name of the same.

How, after all, do you “save gas”? The easiest way is to shave weight. Less to move means less fuel to burn. But less also means more risk of dying in a car crash, if you crash the lighter/smaller car that gets better mileage.

The Orange Man points out, correctly, that the affluent will always be able to drive big trucks and SUVs, no matter how expensive the mandates make them. But the average person can’t afford a $40,000-up truck or SUV that used to cost $28,000 before the government began dictating how littler gas it must burn, no matter how much it costs.

This doesn’t look good, though – especially for the Karens and Marys of the political left (few such termagants exist on the right) who style themselves the friends of the proletariat but who are in fact the staunchest defenders of the manufactured elite, of which they are are of course members in high standing.

They want to shame you out of your truck or SUV and into a bus. Just as they want to shame you out of business in the name of sickness but actually for the sake of their Big Box corporate chain store McMasters, who provide the spigot of cash which keeps them in the elite.

It’s all the same con, really.

And it’s all about them vs. us.

. . .

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  1. The manipulators have such a loud media voice that I have had an uphill battle trying to explain to people that emissions, the ones that actually can cause problems are regulated in grams per mile. That fuel economy has nothing to do with them. I can put the actual g/mi standards in front of people and they will insist that pollutants are related to fuel economy.

    Even on CO2, I can put up so much real science while showing how the authorities have tossed scientific principle and practice out the window and just doesn’t seem to work. Now maybe all the people I end up dealing with are those who have joined on to the scam and aren’t regular people but I doubt it.

    On so many subjects the vast mass of the population is simply too conditioned, too emotional, and too lazy to learn. That is why democracy cannot function. A few con artists with the proper megaphone will win time and time again because it takes too much energy for people to learn they are being scammed and even if they are presented with the information, spoon fed to them, they will deny it because they don’t want to admit being scammed at the very least.

  2. Lies are easy to spot. Opposition gets censored. The truth can withstand any scrutiny, argument, or criticism. It neither needs nor requires censorship to protect it. Lies do. Censorship is so abundant that the truth is rare, and can hardly be determined. God bless those who continuously endeavor to expose it, like Eric Peters. Damn to the darkest pits of Hell those who combat it. There is practically nothing that resembles truth in the cascade of propaganda we are constantly assaulted with. It wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the total lack of concern the propagators of such have for the welfare of the species, much less for individual members, and are instead consumed with concern for their own welfare. Unfortunately, forcefully disposing of such monsters doesn’t usually end well. As in the French Revolution which created worse monsters than it disposed of. Likewise unfortunately, we are fast approaching the point where its worth the gamble.

  3. Once again, it should be obvious that 333,000,000 people might not be able to come to a quorum. Or that 7.8 billion people might have different views. But that’s not good enough. So the psychopaths come up with the “big blue marble” marketing plan. We’re all in this together, they say. Except when it comes to their lifestyle. They still have their jets, their compounds, their armored vehicles. Because, well, you know, there might be someone who disagrees with them.

  4. Golly Eric, you could have left a link to the photograph of the harridan rather than offending your fans. This is a new low, for even you.
    Pardon me for being so critical but I have a most strong gag reflex.

      • eric, it reminds me of a video of a meeting with various people and the EPA. Of course the “head” is a woman. An obvious stupid, ignorant bureaucrat. She made some really stupid statement that meant nothing. Someone queried her if she knew he percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere. She didn’t but she looked around for an underling to help her out. None of them knew. She’d had enough and left if they were going to ask the “hard” questions. Pathetic.

        • It likely proposes mandatory airbags for motorcycles.
          Gosh, I wonder what her “partner” looks like. I just hurled into my wastebasket.

    • My words precisely Erle. What human being wants to look so pus ugly as this bitch? It does provoke a very strong gag reflex.

  5. “A man is likely to mind his own business when it is worth minding. When it is not, he takes his mind off his own meaningless affairs by minding other people’s business.

    “This minding of other people’s business expresses itself in gossip, snooping and meddling, and also in feverish interest in communal, national and racial affairs. In running away from ourselves we either fall on our neighbor’s shoulder or fly at his throat.”
    – Eric Hoffer, The True Believer (1951)

    That basically describes Clovers and other busybodies.

    I do have a question for you, Eric. Since you’re a car guy officially (unlike the rest of us who may just be car aficionados), are you able to get in contact and get a straight answer from car companies? I’m specifically thinking about Elio Motors. I visited their web site, and I’m not finding any information about a possible release date for their vehicle. What gives? I wouldn’t mind a high mileage vehicle, but I’m not willing to pay a fortune for it and have all the garbage that comes standard on cars today included.

    • Hi Jim,

      In re Eloi: They were very happy to talk with me… at first. I wrote several articles favorable to the cause and they even offered to arrange a test drive for me. But then they went Dark. Several additional emails and calls got no reply. This concerned me as it indicates they have problems they’re not wanting to discuss, especially with someone who might write about them. My impression is that Paul Eloi meant well and was serious about building the car but that actually building it has become improbable due to factors such as regulatory compliance and financing and now he’s in Bunker Mode because the whole thing is stalled out and not likely to recover before it hits the deck.

      • eric, I got in on the Elio thing exchanging emails and then they began a monthly email. I got it for years, then it disappeared for years. It came back for a while and now I’ve heard nothing for at least a couple years.

        Meanwhile, the EPA and NHTSA changed the bar so many times I’m sure they were trying to wait things out so as to meet the never-ending changes all the way from fuel mileage to structural design and occupant safety among other things.

        I sometimes wonder if some of the changes weren’t made to specifically target them and keep their competition out of the market. That’s the way it seemed over the years.

  6. I’ve only have two statements for these environmental whackos and so called do gooders. Mind your own damned business and go to hell!

  7. IMO, CAFE may have started out as a anti-pollution mandate, but it quickly became a competition limiting mandate. ie…. big business protecting themselves.
    One recent example is the latest Tier4 diesel regs. I personally knew that 3rd word diesels were starting to get very good and very cheap, and therefore started selling in the US. NO way ‘we’ could destroy our diesel manufacturing base, so they up’d the regs drastically and to ridiculous levels (aka 70’s crude pollution devices in ICE cars that was almost just as bad), so the 3rd world diesels could not be sold here anymore.
    Except this time, they have gone way to far, and most owners of fleets I know don’t want the new diesels anymore and are very pissed their cost of ownership of light to medium duty diesel trucks has skyrocketed. We pay for this BTW, even if you don’t personally buy a diesel.
    There is a little hope though, if you have $3-4K lying around after you buy said diesel truck for $75K!, in that smart guys can and do delete kits on these new diesels and they work very well.
    Most stuff today is smoke and mirrors…………..

    • Informative comment Chris. In 2008 I tried out a couple of lower trucks. The chebby diesel was not at all bad and the tranny was pretty good. I figured that even if it was such a deal I went with the gasoline engine 4WD because abuse of a diesel for short hauls nixed that.
      The gasoline is 3/4 ton $23,400 and the diesel was $29,800. Hang around and the trucks will drop hard as they did in 2008. Both were comfortable pickups that hold up with normal care and I hate trucks.

      • Erie, they’re getting cheap now. Chevy’s running a commercial trying to sell a 2020 fully loaded crewcab Silverado 1500 for $27K. That should give cars a run for their money in this cheap gas world…..that may end soon.

        • Trouble is that all of those cheap “pickups” will be four door with foolishly super short beds. That’s why I bought a rare used single cab long bed K2500HD.

          • That’s what the average family uses for a car. They don’t need a bed except with a topper for carrying luggage.

  8. “the sexiest man alive (Fauci)”


    It’s clear that we are engaged in WWIII.

    The global elite & hoities have declared open war on the global populace.

    Not hiding well is how many of the people that they’ve declared war on, and by implication consider to be their enemies, are actually assisting them.


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