Today’s Clover: The Swaying, Tailgating Clover!

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Here’s today’s Clover – who goes all over!

Is it really that hard to keep in between the painted lines? I literally can drive better with my dick than these Clovers can with their hands.

. . .

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  1. Do include in your Clover list one day all the bicyclists coming down the mountain and on city roads who have equal trouble realizing that they have to share the road with vehicles weighing thousands of pounds, so keeping to their lanes might be a good start. And also the sheer stupidity of bike lanes in big cities that narrow car/bus/truck lanes to ridiculous widths.

  2. I like to say I feel like I shouldn’t be an above average driver. But then I look at people like that and I’m terrified that I probably am an above average driver.

    • Hi Dave,

      Ironically – but maybe not – as cars have become saaaaaaaaafer (as well as far more capable) than they have ever been, the skill of the typical driver seems to have plummeted. It’s both infuriating – and sad – to find oneself caught behind one of these meatsacks on a beautiful road, the meatsack in a “luxury sport” something or other that’s quicker, faster – and vastly more capable of high G cornering – than my little pick-up truck but the meatsack is driving below the speed limit, constantly braking, unable to hold a line, etc.


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