Reader Question: My Corona?

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Heres’ the latest reader question, along with my reply! 

Tony asks: I’m curious as to what you think the straight dope is about the Corona virus. Is it a real crisis or not? What is behind it all, etc.

My reply: I think we’ll know real soon what the straight dope is. If Corona is something more than an overhyped flu outbreak – serious for older people; a PITAS for the rest of us, but not the Black Death or even close to it – we will have the evidence within a few weeks as tens of thousands of bodies should be stacked up by then, with new ones adding  to the pile every week. If something like that does not happen, we’ll know we’ve been hyped and scammed – again.

The question then becomes… why?

I think the answer is self-evident. The enemies of the Orange Man needed a Hail Mary pass as every other thing they have tried has failed to derail the Orange Man. Cratering the economy might just do the job. It also serves the longer term purpose of justifying socialism – officially. We already have it more or less, but not as formal, openly-talked-about (and enforced) policy over everything.

We soon may.

Either way, we will know soon.

Hang tight.

. . .

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  1. I believe Bill Sardi about all these things. Of course it’s manufactured since it is a manufactured virus so how could the entire shitty not be manufactured. Trump is already getting everyone ready to be grateful for him bailing out all sorts of companies that are going broke and it has nothing to do with a virus unless you want to view Wall Street and the Fed Reserve as a virus.

    It’s total bullshit, just like everything the ‘govt. addresses since 911. The odds of dying directly from the virus are well less than of dying by lightning strike. But if you say it loud enough and have a YT account you’ll be demonitized instantly and possibly have your channel deleted if you “do it again”. More horseshit to the public so they don’t feel so bad about getting robbed to keep profits up for the wealthiest. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    • Just go to Lew and read every article today. Anyone who believes this crap has been asleep since before 911.

      I saw a gun dealer today who said they hadn’t been able to do a NICS check in two days. There’s the same reason for that as everything else govt. touches since they are covered up with people who want to buy guns……and ammo. I guess I should have bought a few thousand rounds of ammo a couple months back when Natchez Shooter’s Supply had some great deals. Of course, it’s never a bad time to stock up on ammo…..and guns. Wait for martial law and you can even hold your breath, it’ll be coming that quickly only it will be in the form of the martial law in the national health bill. It’s a real thing and they’re just itching to impose it.

  2. I should be worried about it being a diabetic, but Im just annoyed that it’s all everyone’s talking about.

    I’m more pissed if pushed back the NY Auto show, my Superbowl Sunday, and am tired of every dumbass I come across acting like it’s serious

    It’ll be over in a few month, same time the mass arrests and deep state purge happen

  3. Is the CV a “false flag” or “black swan” event? A manufactured bio-weapon? It could be any of these, to varying degrees. However, as a disease, natural or otherwise, our Overlords are making full use of the crisis to push authoritarian actions to maximum effect. It reminds me of the history of the War of Northern Aggression, AKA the American Civil War, when the Constitution was suspended by Lincoln. Socialism is coming, loud and clear, and Communism not far behind. Get ready gents, it will be a bumpy ride. As bad as things seem now, there is still a long way to fall yet for the USA.

  4. Eric,

    Not only does the CV hopefully (for DJT’s enemies) torpedo the economy; it opens the doors to taking away more of our rights. Think about it: many large events have been canceled; hell, they even canceled the NCAA tournament! That’s right; there’s no March Madness this year for the first time since I can remember.

    What does that do to our 1A right to peaceably assemble? Don’t these mass cancelations serve to chip away at that? If they can tell us we can’t go to that football game, can’t they also tell us we can’t go to that protest, that campaign rally, etc.? What about being told to shelter in place? What about being quarantined in your own house, unable to go out even to get groceries? Doesn’t that chip away at freedom of movement? What about refusing vaccines, either for yourself or your child(ren)? Doesn’t that chip away what’s left of our personal autonomy? Wouldn’t it be possible that, in order to travel when this hysteria ends, you must prove that you have the new CV vaccination? Isn’t it possible that they could make you get vaccinated before being able to fly somewhere? See where this can go? How would THIS help the UN Agenda 21/2030, hmmm? David Knight has been saying that this is the REAL danger of the CV “outbreak”…

  5. 6 months ago China was battling African swine fever. The solution was to destroy millions of pigs. The disposal method was incineration. Given that the government runs the incinerators I doubt they were equipped with proper smokestack scrubbers that would filter out fine particulates. These particulates would likely be inhaled by the local population. Not saying I’m an expert of anything, but just keen observer of current events.

    When most people think about China they imagine Shenzhen, Beijing, or more likely the business districts in Hong Kong. Once you get out of those areas, away from the tourist areas, it is still very much a third world country, albeit with massive government run housing complexes with lots of shared resources, including HVAC. And the culture isn’t one that promotes hygiene. It is common for public restrooms to be extremely dirty, missing simple things like toilet paper and hand soap (because the old timers who remember the Great Leap Backwards help themselves to the whole roll), and cleaning crews aren’t supervised or reported numbers are faked as they roll up the bureaucracy.

    Those of us who live in areas with heavy snowstorms or hurricanes will be just fine. We’re used to dealing with the potential of services going down. The great thing about this is it isn’t closing roads, destroying houses or otherwise screwing up infrastructure. We have private transportation and fairly large air gaps between most of our living spaces. It isn’t going to spread the way it did in China. And the outbreaks are happening right as the weather is getting warmer, not in the dead of winter like it did in Wuhan.

    Then again, maybe I’m just being foolish…


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