Reader Question: Triggered?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

It’s more of a comment, actually – and since the commentator has expressed a wish to remain anonymous, the names have been changed to prevent any hysterics. We walk on eggshells these days.

Anon writes: Not a question but a  comment.  I did not want to add to the comments there because I did not want it to get lost. I think the use of “Down Syndrome” is an unnecessary insult. You could have used a five year old instead (or a millenial??) Thanks.

My reply: Paraphrasing Patton – this sensitivity stuff is a bunch of crap. It is a form of reality denial. We can’t call the retarded retarded. Or even slow. They are special. The crippled are differently abled.

If you use “niggardly” in a sentence, you are accused of racism and insensitivity.

Ach! Throw it in the Woods!

Man up. And spare me the euphemizing and reality abnegating.

. . .

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  1. I swear, these virtue-signalling types live for this. If it’s not the genetically defective child shtick, it’s the pitiful 2-legged “rescue” dog with an anxiety disorder.

    Instead of shaming “bullies”, they should be advocating genetic counseling and quality prenatal care so other families don’t have to go through that.

    • HiHandler,

      I agree; hypersensitivity syndrome is an adjunct of the Safety Cult – of the entire slow-slouching beast that has almost reached Bethlehem. It is a manifestation of the faux/exaggerated “concern” used to guilt-trip people’s silence and coerce their assent. A really good example of this is Greta – the emotionally disturbed/disabled girl trotted out to How Dare us. If we say anything, we’re mean to a kid with emotional problems.

      Enough! People who can’t see are blind, not visually challenged. My left arm is gimpy – crippled, even. It is not “special” or “diverse.”

        • Hi Anon,

          I’m a writer, so I like words – and their accurate use. If it triggers someone, too bad. Mark Twain and Joseph Conrad and HL Mencken are trigger machines. They are also laser-sight right when it comes to picking just the right word to describe something and I will be got-damned if I shit on that principle because someone’s feelings were hurt.

          I don’t wet my pants when called a redneck. I am a redneck. I have an orange Trans-Am; I like Elvis and I live in The Woods.

          So, spare me the triggering. It is what it is just as I am what I am.

          • Boyeee, you a red neck about as much as I’m a rocket surgeon.

            Sweet of ya to admire the culture so much, though. 😉

            • Hey now!

              I’m not born Southern, either – but I have adopted the life and the attitude. Same goes for Redneck-ism. I have a lava lamp, black velvet Elvis paintings and I put my motorcycle in my living room.

              So there!

              • You can take the boy outta the city..

                Actually, I find the term redneck to be quite derogatory and triggering.

                I’ll thank you to refer to my kind as Hill Williams.

                i think you got redneck confused with hippie, city slicker😉

      • What problems and who’s problems are worthy of consideration is very carefully chosen by the powers that be.

        Productive people’s problems are afforded no consideration. In fact they are considered “privileged” despite any problems they may have. The whole person is never considered, that the person creates value which can be stolen is reason enough to label him privileged to justify the theft.

  2. I’m the Anti-Millennial, I use words like retarded, autistic and downie without car

    My generation went to HS in the mid 2000s, those of us fortunate enough to avoid getting brainwashed in collage (proud drop out) avoid the PC indoctrination, so we just double down when those who were brainwashed get all triggered

    Don’t like it? Too bad, it’s just words, not going to hurt anything but your “Feelings”, and as they say, just change the damn channel or read something else

  3. From my perspective, living in a household with a 3 1/2 year old boy who struggles every day with that extra chromosome, Eric’s callous use of the term “Down Syndrome” demotes him to third-rate at best as a writer.

      • Doesn’t have to be meant to be insulting to insult.

        But who’s problem is it? Remember sticks and stones?

        Reality is often ugly. Making fun of this is a sign of intelligence. Some things are retarded. We know this by having the observational skills to draw comparison to retards.

        Most jokes are funny because they’re true. Truth can be ugly, so we cope by making ugly fun. This is a healthy strategy.

        If you think eric is a third-rate writer, that’s a strong personal opinion. Fine. Just call it crap-shit. Because doo doo jokes never go out of style, and we might all enjoy a laugh.

        Lighten up, ya bunch of bitch ass retarded faggy nigger loving mark ass trick soy boy beta cock sucking stank hos. Yo mama’s a bitch.

  4. Just remember Eric, your left arm and right bollock may be temporarily “gimpy”, but gimped-out Clover brains are forever!

  5. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    You did it again, eric.

    I just strangled on my coffee. Sometimes reading your stuff is life threatening. My boss just asked me if I was ok.


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