Reader Question: Why no Tesla Commercials?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply! 

Dave asks: Love your posts and videos.  It just struck me that I have never seen a commercial for Tesla cars. What’s up with that?

My reply: Tesla probably doesn’t advertise for the same reason it doesn’t maintain a dealer network. These things cost money and Tesla doesn’t make – steal – enough money to be able to afford either thing. It loses money on each “sale” – the subsidies notwithstanding. Most of the in-stream is from carbon credits – and, of course, the absurdly inflated value of its stock (this is based on a combination of religious mania and an assumption that EVs will not only be subsidized going forward but that non-EVs will be taxed/regulated off the road, leaving an EV as your only choice).

Electric Car Fever will reach its apogee soon – and then it’ll break, once people outside the small circle of fanatics realize just what owning an EV will cost them, in hassle as well as money.

Ludicrous Speed only takes you so far.


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  1. Every tech blog is advertising Tesla. There’s no need to actually schedule ad buys when the press will promote the hell out of the product for you for free.

  2. The people that buy them are working on the idiocy shown in this video. Imagine the director of the EPA has no idea, I mean not even a clue, what percentage of the atmosphere is CO2 yet it’s the very agency screaming and jumping up and down when they “feel” someone, something is making a huge amount of CO2 that causes global warming/climate change.


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