Another EV Exemption

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It’s apparently not enough to pay people to buy EVs – using other people’s money. EVs must be given additional artificial advantages – so that they may “compete” even more unfairly with non-electric  cars.

Because, of course, they can’t compete on the merits.

The state of Colorado – which is becoming very much like the state of California, due to all the Californians who’ve fled California but brought California ideas with them to places like Colorado – is pushing to grant EVs an exemption from state law requiring new cars be sold through new car dealerships.

Such laws have been in force for decades and are favored by new car dealers – who don’t want to have to compete directly with the manufacturers, including the brands they sell themselves. A Ford dealership, for example, doesn’t want you to be able to buy a new Ford from Ford.

These must-buy-at-a-dealer laws are obnoxious, but granting an exemption just for electric cars is even more so.

If the exemption is granted, it would give EV manufacturers like Tesla an enormous advantage over other car manufacturers – who would still be required by law to sell their cars through a dealer network, with all the costs that involves.

Which would make it harder for them to sell non-electric cars.

Clearly – if you believe in the idea of a free market – every car maker ought to be free to sell its cars however it likes. Or rather, however buyers like. If people are willing to purchase directly from a manufacturer – and by doing so, pay less for it – why should they be prohibited by law from making the transaction?

The argument is that people need the assistance of dealership sales staff to help them figure out what to buy, to deal with the transaction itself – and to “prep” the car prior to delivery (i.e., remove the plastic from the seats and so on).

But people are allowed – loathsome term but an accurate term – to buy practically everything else online, from electronics to food to furniture.

Why should cars be any different?

Well, because of state laws – like the one which is still in force in Colorado – which forbid new cars to be sold this way.

Unless they’re electric cars.

Interestingly, the proposed exemption would include electric cars manufactured by car companies that also build non-electric cars – a legislative nudge clearly meant  to “encourage” them to build more electric cars since they’d be able to sell them directly, too.

Which will also nudge these manufacturers in the direction of closing their dealerships and – eventually – selling only EVs.

Consider it the Harrison Begeroning of non-electric cars. Like the eponymous character in Kurt Vonnegut’s short story, non-electric cars are too good. Electric cars can’t compete with them on any level except virtue-signaling and brief bursts of speed – paid for by long waits to recharge. They are very difficult to sell on a level playing field.

So the field must be tilted – in the direction of the EV.

First, by regulations that serve as de facto EV manufacturing requirements. The big one being “fleet average” miles-per-gallon minimums that force a car company that builds popular models like trucks and SUVs that don’t meet the minimums to build EVs – which use no gas – to up their “fleet average” numbers, in order to avoid fines for not meeting the MPG minimums.

Second by outright EV manufacturing quotas – a legal requirement that a certain percentage of every car company’s model lineup be electric or else they’re not allowed (that word, again) to sell any cars at all.

California has just such a requirement.

Third, pay people to buy electric cars – using other people’s money.

But even that hasn’t been enough – because electric cars are still not good enough to overcome what’s bad enough about them. In Colorado, only 25,000 EVs are put-putting (and waiting). This is less than 1 percent of all the cars registered in the state.

Enter the new exemption.

“I really feel like we needed to have parity for all EV manufacturers,” says Colorado State Senator Chris Hansen, one of the exemption’s main advocates.

He means an advantage for all EVs – at the expense of all non-EVs, which will cost comparatively more under this scheme because what you pay for one at the dealership will necessarily – by law – include the cost of the dealership. The building, the staff – the taxes – recouped in part by what the dealer earns by selling the cars.

Direct-selling of EVs eliminates all those costs, artificially reducing the cost of the EV – at the expense of non-EVs, which become more expensive to sell, in order to make up for the money not being made selling EVs through the dealership.

It’s just another means by which people who don’t want an electric car are being forced to pay for someone else’s electric car.   

With the end goal being that you won’t be able to buy anything other than an electric car – directly or otherwise.

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  1. This should be the final nail in the coffin for EVs:

    In the UK and elsewhere in Europe, where charging was once free, and then had gone to a per-session fee, regardless of how much juice you used, they have finally started charging (as in price) per kilowatt hour….at greatly-inflated prices, ranging from Tesla charging about 3x as much as what household electricity would cost ya, to Ionity (a consortium of electric car manufacturers who apparently maintains chargers for makes such as Ford and BMW) charging almost 10x the price of household current!!!

    • Hiya Nunz!

      I think it’ll be the final nail in mobility. The whole thing is about making driving unaffordable and inconvenient – not necessarily in that order. People never ask: What happens to my utility bill when I plug in an “appliance” that uses more power than every other appliance in my house? And who is going to pay for the EV infrastructure needed to support EVs away from the house?

      It’ll all be freeeeeeeeee!


      • Eggs-zactly, Eric- Those are the questions you’d think people would’ve been asking from day one- especially the so-called “journalists”- but I think now the elephant in the room is no longer concealable-and at a time when EV sales are tanking just as more manufucturers are coming out with more EVs than ever before, as various governments are ending subsidies and mandates, and upping registration fees, etc. There is really no reason left for anyone to buy an EV unless they are just a rich greentard who wants a novelty. In light of the above, I’d say that they’ve given up- at least for the time being- of tryhing to push these pieces of crap.

        Of course though, they can still continue to deprive wee-the-peons of personal autonomous mobility “the old-fashioned way”- by gimping ICE cars with never-ending safety and emissions features to make them short-lived and non-viable as used cars…which is pretty much where we’re currently at now.

        Maybe the EV thing was just a distraction from that ruse- or a way to shake-out the car industry- as no-doubt, a lot of the smaller manufucturers who jumped fully onboard with EVs will be going bankrupt in the next year or two.

        I’m shuddering though, to think what will be the next absurdity to come down the path…… I mean, it’s not like the EV thing was an aberration; since the world has gone nuts, we just seem to bounce from one absurdity to the next- and the more absurd something is, the more heartily it is embraced!

        I want to go somewhere so remote that I won’t even hear of these things anymore, much less be concerned about them! Modern society is like a mental ward- even if you’re just an attendant, after you’ve spent enough time among the loonies, you start to accept their lunacy as normal and are apt to become like them!

  2. Big list of EVs. Lots of funny stuff in here.

    “charging time” is a good one. Should be more accurately labeled “partial charge time”.

    Tesla seems to be the “claimed” range champion but then there is this –

    Model 3&X – 8 hours with home charging; 50% in ~20 minutes from a Tesla Supercharger
    Model S – 7.3h for 100%, ~14% per hour with home charger, 50% in ~30 minutes from a Tesla Supercharger

    Brilliant. A car to replace my ICE that I always only fill with half a tank of fuel at the pump, or fully fill at home using a syringe.

    • HAHAhahaha!!! It’s the equivalent of replacing an air compressor with a bicycle pump!

      People must be catching on though- EV sales are down, despite there being more EVs on the market than ever, and I’ve been hearing lots of criticism of them of them, without even seeking it out (or even seeking out anything to do with EVs at all); and been hearing of lots of dissatisfaction with Teslas especially- with a constant being the high price vs. poor build quality, constant glitches, cost of repairs(!!), charging time vs. range vs. planning routes around chargers, and the effects of cold climates on battery performance.

    • Anon, don’t remind me. Not being a big fan of our AG, I was surprised when he recently wrote an open letter to immigrants from other states telling them to go somewhere else. They bring that same attitude that made them move from Ca. to another state. I give you Co. as an example.

      • What fleeing Californians, escaping New Yawkers, ILl-annoyers, etc. are doing is really indicative of how pervasive and thorough the brainwashing has been- to the point where even if the pols did absolutely nothing from this point forward, the freaking programmed [m]asses would not only perpetuate, but actively spread the mental illness with which they’ve been afflicted.

        It’s as if they’re just turning infected rats from a few quarters loose on the rest of the country- and in short order there will be no difference between any of the states anymore. It’s even happening in TN now (Too damn close to home!) as it is becoming a new hot-spot for exNYers, CAers, Massholes, etc.

        Many of the states are actively trying to entice the rats to come, because they like the money they often bring- such as hefty pensions; and the fact that they ALWAYS vote in a manner that furthers the agendas of the overlords- just as they did where they came from.

        North Carolina did this- actively even advertising in NY to lure both people and busy-nesses to their state. The town of Cary, NC. has become almost entirely composed on exNYers (They don’t even have the sense not to follow the very people they’re trying to get away from!)- The locals are long gone due to the now exorbitant taxes which the NYers made possible- and which they think are a “great bargain” by NY standards!

        There are already so many NYers and CAers in the cities of TX that it’s already too late to save it- and there seems to be no let-up of the hordes that keep coming, as TX is still the number onbe destination of people fleeing all of the leftist states. 🙁

        tl;dr; We’re screwed.

        • Yup. Scalawags always ruin the quality of life for the natives. Look at Florida. Only a nut would want to live in a hot and steamy suburban hellhole!

          I’m already seeing those refugees here in Mississippi. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s controlled by the left in 10 years. It’s already 37% black!

          I think I need to start learning how to speak Russian.

          • Amen, Handler!

            There’s no future here, that’s fer sure; nothing on-tap for this country but evil, and multiples of what we see all around us already.

            Heh, yeah, Florida! So many NYers go there…and then either end up going back to NY or somewhere else. My dopey sister lived there for 10 years….she kept running into people in FL from her old neighborhood in NY, every time she’d go out.

            The real Floridians and the saner north-easterners who moved down there many years ago all had to move elsewhere long ago because of all the invading NY hordes.

            I think I’d sooner put up with NY than the humidity of FL! (It’s bad enough in NY in the summer!). MS. is one state I’ve never been to- but if I hadn’t found KY I would have checked it out. Funny thing about the schvatzes: It seems, generally, the blacker, the better- ironically. Damned mulattos and light-skinned ones tend to be the ones you have to watch out for. I’ve been through SC and GA and encountered ones darker than anything I ever saw in NY- and they were some nice people[sic] .

            • I’ve given up on any prospects of fixing this place. Going out in public is always a reminder of how far gone we are. People act and look like slobs. No manners. No class. Society has become a carnival.

              The rural ones don’t seem to be corrupted by modern jig culture. It’s like stepping back in time when you meet one…..

                  • Yeah, but feral animals are functional….and are decent enough to be easily tamed when treated nicely (Two former feral cats sitting a few feet from at the moment!)….unlike humans…many of whom have been handed everything for free; had their own bad choices mitigated by others, and even barely slapped on the wrist for crimes which they committed not for survival, but for convenience and benefit…….

                    • Hey Nunz,

                      “Yeah, but feral animals are functional…. and are decent enough to be easily tamed when treated nicely…. unlike humans”.

                      “If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man.”

                      – Mark Twain


                    • Hey Jer!

                      Twain’s times may’ve been better than ours, but Twain pretty much had many of the same observations that we have. Imagine if he were alive today?

                      Hey, I had a feral dog, too. She was great! Took her a few years to really feel comfortable and not scared though…but always the sweetest thing. She didn’t know to bark to come in- my pit had to teach her (The pit would bark for her at first- it took me a while to figure out why the pit would bark when she seemingly didn’t want anything! That pit out-smarted me on a few occasions!))

              • Ha, Handler! I was planning on posting those same words!

                I’ve been saying that it’s not just the overlords- it’s the destruction of the culture. Even here in the sticks- when I first moved here, it was markedly different, but now even the rot has taken over here.

                Just going to the store assaults my senses in 100 different ways; The music they blare at ya, is not music- it is people screaming, whining, moaning, and making abrasive noises. Kids run wild, screaming at the top of their lungs; the parents need to be parented- they apparently don’t even know how to dress themselves (nor care).

                The workers have the IQ of amoeba, and the only thing they care about is forcing their employers to pay them more than they are capable of earning. The companies that own the stores appear to be in the business of seeing how many customers they can drive away by their idiotic practices.

                Every once-great city in the land is at least 2/3’s slum now- teeming with crime and squalor because of the people who live there and who made it that way- the same people of the same race can be observed in every such place- and they are the only people one sees there- but we’re told that it is “racist” to admit such facts and to avoid such people, and that any problems present wherever one sees such people are somehow not their fault, but rather the fault of de ebil white man….

                We’re told that males who prefer to have their anus ripped apart by other males dongs, and who love the degredation of sticking other men’s bathroom parts in their mouths, and contacting and spreading debilitating diseases are somehow lovely, kind and gentle people, and that we are monsters if we don’t acknowledge their greatness…..or if we don’t humor the rantings of crazy people who are so delusional that they can not accept the gender with which they were orn, and therefore must be placated by having us pretend to believe that they are whatever they “choose to be”, lest we “offend” them- but let all of the decent people of the world be damned- the ones who built the world which gave these weirdos the prosperity and freedom to have the time and freedom to worry about such insanity- because it doesn’t matter if we’re offended or hated, just as long as some 6’4″ pipe fitter can make it his occupation to convince the world that he is an 8 year-old girl, and then go out on disability because of the “trauma” of being born into the “wrong body”. But WE don’t have the freedom to keep the fruit of our labor or to discipline our kids so that they donm’t behave as described above…..

                I’ve never heard of a society more deserving of nukular annihilation than what this mess has become. We’re on borrowed time.

            • Nunz, there’s a writer, Carl Hiaasen, who writes novels about Florid…..probably the best thing about the state. In his novels, mostly all the good people live on the waterfront, not in condos or expensive houses but old ones and in the swamp.

              The ex-gov is a character that wanders through some of the novels and he lives so far into the swamps nobody can find him……but he can find them. He sees somebody killing someone so they can feed the body to the crocs and he rectifies the situation as best he can, often saving the victim.

              There’s one really crazy drugged character that appears in several of them. Those are some really good stories. He gets away from the cops just by sheer balls, walking up and speaking to them and killing them if need be. When you think he’s been done in, he manages to escape.

              But the stories are great. I recommend them to everyone who likes fiction.

              • Darn, 8! I almost never read fiction- but I may just have to check that out! Sounds like what maybe FL used to be (before air conditioning became a thing…and cheap)…or what FL should be….

                Thanks! (Great…here’s where i stay up till 5AM reading again….)

                • Yeah, Nunz, they’re the books you can’t put down. And when you get to the end of one, there’s anoher that ties into it. The guy is a great writer.

                  • Can joo guys recommend a good one of Hiaasen’s books to start wtih?

                    Oooo! Next winter should be fun! [Me: I order a book; it sits around for at least a year before I read it] Hmmm, I might just read this stuff right away though- especially if it involves offing pigs!

                    • Hey Nunz,

                      In no order, I’d recommend: Lucky You, Stormy Weather and Tourist Season. Despite the horrible movie, Strip Tease is really good too. Hell, they’re all good.

                      I haven’t read his 4 earliest books when he was writing with a partner. I tried one, but it was a straight mystery, lacking the twisted dark comedy of his own books. I’ve also never read any of the juvenile books.


                    • Nunz, I’d probably start from scratch by reading the Skink series…..or maybe not. I can’t recall if Skink was introduced on an early book or not. Best do a search and see if you can figure it out.

                      Like Jeremy said, all his solely written books are good to great.

                    • Thanks, Jeremy & 8!

                      Hmmm…maybe I’ll try Lucky Me- just the title leads me to imagine there’s likely some good ironic comedy in there!

                      I may even read it when it arrives!

                      Ya know….I’ve alweays valued my time more than anything- and have always used it wisely- and still, there just never seems to be enough of it to do everything…. And the older I get, the more this becomes apparent! (Heck, I’ve pared down the internet usage to here, a few YT vids, and work….virtually gave up watching my DVDs…. Maybe if I were stop eating? 😀

                  • Hey Eight,

                    Yeah, I found that too. I certainly don’t know the dates of the books off the top of my head. Anyway, This conversation made me want some Skink! I’m listening to Sick Puppy, three chapters in and I’ve already laughed out loud about twenty times.


                  • Hey Eight,

                    I have digital accounts at the Denver and Albuquerque libraries. They both have a vast digital library. I can listen to books through my browser or download them and transfer to my mp3 player. When I drive long distances, I fill up my player with books for the road.


              • Hey Eight,

                Long live Skink!

                Hiaasen is one of the only writers that will make me put the book down on my chest and laugh out loud. Plus, his utter contempt for politicians and their allied corporate scum is wonderful. Add in the gruesome but hilarious deaths meted out to the villains and you have a great evening of reading in front of you.


                • Jeremy, wish I hadn’t even thought of him. I didn’t read the last two books since they were well after the rest. I’ll probably have to Kindle No Surrender since it was later. Good memories of being glued to a story.

              • Hey Eight,

                “There’s one really crazy drugged character that appears in several of them”.

                Pretty sure that’s Chemo. After a freak electrolysis accident his face is disfigured, described as “breakfast cereal, like someone had glued Rice Krispies to every square centimeter of his face.” Of course, he kills the doctor at fault.

                He plasters fentanyl patches all over his body, some of which he steals from the backs of pain patients. While pursuing a target for assassination, he is forced to dive into Biscayne Bay, only to have his hand bitten off by a Barracuda. Instead of a normal prosthesis, he attaches a functional weed whacker to his stump.


                • Whippersnipper as a prosthetic hand? Hmmmmm….that sounds like it might be a little too fantastical for me.

                  Kinda like Fortress Of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem- It struck a chord with me ’cause of all the 70’s/80’s NYC references…..and then it turns out a freaking magic ring becomes means by which the plot is resolved- completely ruined it for me!

                  Or Pete Hamill’s “Snow In August”- only instead of a magic ring…it was a freaking golem!

                  A golem? Seriously!

                  For fiction to work for me, it’s gotta be believable- e.g. stay within the bounds of physics and practicality……


                  • Hey Nunz! If you like believable fiction check out the Jane Hawk series by Dean Koontz, it’s a five book series about how the elitists try to get total mind control of us mundanes. A lot of contemporary science in there and scarier than anything I’ve read in awhile. “The Silent Corner” is the title of the first book.

                    • Thanks, Mike!

                      That DOES sound really good! I will definitely look into it.

                      Dean Koontz sounds familiar for some reason- and not just because I used to know someone named Dean who is a coon… (seriously- and he was one of the good ones, too!)

                      How’s the weather up there in Massoftwoshits?

                    • Hey Jer,
                      I’ll still give Hiaasen a look-see- the humor might make it worth it.

                      I mean, the worst that could happen, is I end up staying up till 5AM reading….just when for ONCE in my life I’ve managed to start going to bed at a reasonable hour…..thanks A LOT, guys! 😉 )

                      Hey, Atlas Shrugged was almost too fantastical for me! -But hey, sometimes it’s worth it, eh?

                      Coming from both you AND 8, how bad could Hiaasen be? I mean, it’s not like you’re a pair of nit-wits recommending Archie comics..
                      [Jeremy: “By-the-way, check out this Archie comic!”:]

                    • eric, you won’t be disappointed in any Hiassen book since no matter how black the situation, there’s always some humor.

                      The Skink series is a winner though. While the things that happen are wild and way out of the box at times, they’re highly doable which makes them all the more frightening.

                    • ***”text me, you homo!”****

                      Oh, be nice!

                      I’ll gives ya a call- if not Sunday night…definitely Monday- if it’d be good for you. (I think my phone shows someone else’s name, and a FL location….but you’ll know it’s me- I sound like Mr. Bacciagalupe from the old Abbott & Costello Show- only completely different).

                  • Hi Nunz! Actually hasn’t been a bad winter- so far, probably jinxed it by saying that 😆- not much snow either. When I check the weather app these days it looks like southeast’s getting pounded. Must be climate change – double 😆😆

                    • But Mike! Everyone was in agreement- Farmer’s Almanac; Nashnill Weather Svc.- all said it was gonna be a bad winter…’specially in Northeast!

                      Hey, if they can’t get the PRESENT right….we’re supposed to believe their predictions of the future, and their version of what happened “millions of years ago”?! Damn fools!

                      Hey, I’m not complaining though- Darn mild winter here, too- and second year in a row with virtually no snow- Got one 1″ snowfall this year…and one last year- and winter’s just about over here (So now we’ll probably have a blizzard!@)

                      This global warming sure beats the global cooling we had a few years ago! Maybe next yeasr we’ll have some “global meh”….. 😀 (Or if they were honest, howsabout “Global BS”?)

                    • Been pretty mild here except for the last months or so. That’s not unusual.

                      We had a winter in 15 that was a real bitch and while not having the hard cold nights/days in a row but cold and icy and snow and freezing rain. We’ve had rain but only about an 8-9″ snow…..recently, but we really needed the moisture.

                      Next week, when I have a birthday(28), it’ll be horrible within a couple days give or take.

                      I’m hoping to be able to burn the entire farm. It rejunvenates hell out of it and the black warms it faster to get grass up sooner. Every good ecological trick in the book to produce more seems to be productive on each end.

                      But what do I know. I’ve only been farming from full to part time since 1960. Weird things going on with WP.

                      Then again, we’ve already had a single digit day, and 3 degrees is fairly cool. The days before and after weren’t far from single to double digits.

          • Good’un, John B.!!!!! I swear…I really think it stands for that! When people I still keep in touch with back on Long Island tell me that someone they know moved top NC, I always say: “Wait…don’t tell me; Cary?” and they almost always say “How did you know that?!”.

            It’s now to the point where the earlier transplants are now moving out of Cary to get away from the newer ones! (Relative of mine recently did that!)

        • You can add Montana to that list. Call it “Montanifornia”. Stupid Californians fled, and started moved to Montana about 30 years ago-where they were not wanted, invited, or asked to stay. They ruined what used to be a great state, sad to say. But then again, the ones moving out of California are the ones who are too damned dumb to learn from their mistakes.

          • That’s a damn shame, Shadow. I’ve been hearing that for a while now, too. When I was leaving NY in ’01, I considered MT to be the ultimate choice if one were to stsay in the US- but being so far, it was really too much for me to consider logistically at the time, plus the cold…… Guess it worked out for the best, since I’ve been hearing nothing but bad things about it for the last 10 years. The states are falling one by one. If MT isn’t exempt from the blight….what is?!

            Here in KY, things seemed to be going the other way….but we just got a blue governor a few months ago- how long before we go the way of VA? No hope for this country at all. It’s done.

  3. Ah, the “Nazi” canard again raises itsugly head. Schade, Herr Peters, that the occasional need to libel the memory of our volk you seem to feel.

    The same Enemy we fought is that to whom you “libertarians” now kowtow, representeted in the persons, Rothbard, Rand, von Mises, et al. It is they who suggest that “libertarian rights” are “God-given,” Any “right” bestowed by a higher authority is a PRIVILEGE, not a right, as your owners an opportunity to remind you never overlook.

    Our volk awakened to the fact that the only real rights one can possess are those for which one is willing to fight and die–something our people did gladly, honorably, and heroically; which is why there is no longer a volkischer staat. They EARNED their places in Valhalla, however.

    By the way, Herr Peters, congratulations on your local satrap having backed-down on his plan to disarm you. You might still a Valkyrie the chance to meet have.

    • Sally,

      Rothbard, Rand, von Mises, et al. It is they who suggest that “libertarian rights” are “God-given,”

      Neither Rand nor Rothbard believed that rights are “god given”, and Von Mises did not base his economic theories on natural rights.

      The Volk, or at least some of them, fought and died so that so that the individual be subjugated, and subordinate, to the State. Doesn’t seem honorable to me.


      • Jeremy, the Nazi apologists are a strange bunch that have invented their own version of history. Some actually believe that Poland invaded Germany! Of course when asked if they’ve ever convinced people who were there (some are still alive) of such “facts” we hear – [crickets]. Valhalla my ass.

        • Hey, Jason!

          The ideas that Sally embraces really make it apparent how and why the Nazis did the things they did- for if one believes that the foundational rights of life and property are sacrosanct to all men because they were instituted by an ultimate power which has ultimate dominion over the Creation, then what is to keep them from declaring that any right belongs only to some; or to those who who are capable of procuring them against those who would usurp them; or that they apply only to whom a certain group of other men bestow them upon; or to none at all, etc.?

          Basically, what she advocates is the very foundational blueprint of National Socialism, in that they only consider those who are “superior” (A part of their group, and of superior strength, callousness, and loyalty to the group) to be worthy of “rights”, and that all others who are capable of being dominated are thus inferior and not deserving of rights or even life in many cases.

          Maybe we could fix her up on a date with that Alex guy?

          • Morning, Nunz!

            Nationalism and socialism are two more subspecies of the same animal – collectivism. All for the nation! All for the Volk!

            Nein, danke.

            I’m Aryan enough to qualify for membership in the SS but… nein, danke. My racial kinsmen – to use the term – are just as likely to oppress me (and do oppress me) as those not part of the ol’ volksgemeinschaft. I used to argue with some of my “conservative” (and white) friends over this business. They’d make noises about Obama. I’d point out that Obama became Decider because of very white Chimp – who also did more to gang-bang whatever remained of our liberties than any Decider since Nixon and Johnson (also white).

            Who imposed the income tax? The Federal Reserve?

            It all makes my teeth ache.

            • Obama rose to power because of the actress who played 7 of 9 in star trek. Her accusations (from sealed court documents) in the divorce of Obama’s senate opponent is what allowed him to rise to be president. The republicans put in a comical replacement and ran the campaign as badly as possible. It was as if it were all planned out to go that way. The powers that be IMO chose Obama to be the Chimp’s replacement. Even the Chimp himself probably signed on to it.

              Given the CIA ties to Barry I would not be surprised if Barry was approved by the Chimp’s father.

              • Hi Brent,

                Yup; I’m hip to the story about 7 (hot as liquid steel in that form-fitting body suit). And you’re right about the ol’ dialectic, too. Create a problem; present the solution. I still can’t view a picture of The Chimp without feeling the urge to smash something.

                • eric, no shit. There’s a vid out there of nothing but chimp. He couldn’t even read a speech much less get it right.

                  You know there’s an old saying, an old Kentucky saying, maybe a Texas saying too. Cheat me once…….duh…….duh…….duh……cheat me, uh, twice, well, you can’t cheat me again. What a dolt.

                  No telling what he was supposed to say when he actually told everyone how gummint worked. No doubt his mama was standing there chewing on H.W’s ass saying “Why the hell didn’t you get Jeb in there?”.

                    • eric, that was a great scene.

                      Getting back to 7. I had to watch these episodes with the wife. Let’s just say I kept my legs crossed. Liquid steel is closer than I could articulate.

                    • ***” I had to watch these episodes with the wife. Let’s just say I kept my legs crossed.”***

                      Careful 8, you’ll poke your eye out with that thing!

                • eric, I was going to show you the shitty that happened when a gun activists camped outside a Jewboy Lavine’s home in Va. I did a search to find the original video that was on Guns and Gadgets YT but here is the first one I found by a lying bunch of obviously democrat’s rag.


                  You can see the guy holding a gun with a mag that’s long than my leg. The truth is, he was holding a shotgun. Now the lying Jewboy said he had an AR with a big mag, an absolute lie.

                  Here’s what really happened.

    • ***” the only real rights one can possess are those for which one is willing to fight and die”***

      Some may be willing to fight to relieve you of your property because they think it is their “right” to possess it- does that mean it is their right?

      (Why are so many buts attracted to this site lately?!)

      And if you’re dead you have no rights whatsoever, ’cause you can not procure any, nor enjoy them. (Although the quietness would sure be nice).

  4. This Colorado EV favoritism has Tesla fingerprints all over it. Has anyone checked to see how many legislators/regulators received campaign donations from them? Or other EV makers, promoters? Somehow I don’t thing this just sprang up after a heavy rain.
    While the nearly universal ban by states for auto makers to sell directly to customers is also a product of legislative fiat, there are a few work-arounds on that which are sometimes used to get a specially made or unique vehicle from a manufacturer. As it now stands the major manufacturers don’t want to be bothered with customer contact, hence dealerships. Tesla is a niche player and can’t afford local dealerships, or wants to totally control vehicle maintenance/repair. See, government regulations in this are “needed to protect consumers” except when Saving the Planet becomes more important. How Tesla qualifies for this special status takes a lot of greenbacks, to be sure.

  5. Given enough time, government ruins everything. The EV propaganda machine is based on the false need to save the planet based on fake man-made created global warming. The only saving grace from fake global warming will be that along with the rest of us deniers, the climate freaks and government control freaks will melt way too. Pure joy.

    • It’s like the old Twilight Zone episode “The Midnight Sun” where the world is seemingly coming to an end because it’s getting too hot…..[spoiler alert]….only to be later revealed that in reality, the earth was drastically cooling- and that the “heat” scenario was just a delusion of the main character, who in actuality had been sick in bed the whole time, as they were all freezing to death!

  6. regretfully I am obliged to see that you all of you youd don;t know that in Western democracy what it is not prohibited it is mandatory.
    Ther rest it is you are free only to enjoy the lunacy of the programmed diversity and “freedom of choice !”
    Even the Pavlov’s dog was more smart than you !
    You arrived on the place of self-served idiocy and you are really happy to be provided with billions of empty words !

  7. How is this not a violation of 14th amendment guaranteed equal protection of the law? Sorry, that’s a stupid question. It is, but with sociopaths in charge what else would one expect? The only one of the Bill of Rights not currently being violated is the 3rd. As far as I know anyway. Troops aren’t being quartered in private homes, yet.

    • Pot was everywhere in CO back in the 70s and 80s. Probably most other places too.

      Deutschendorf was singing openly about it: “all my friends and my old lady sit and pass the pipe around”

  8. Speaking of electric cars….

    Eric (and everyone- except perhaps Brent and RK, who probably already knows this; and Vonu, who knows everything 😉 ), jou guys have got to see this vid! This dude, who is not opposed to EVs, but just realistic and honest, graphically shows how much battery mass it takes to equal the energy in ONE gallon of gas [energy density]:

    Why Gas Engines Are Far From Dead:

    • The dude is a huge EV/Tesla fanboy. He bought a Tesla for fucks sake. His other videos promote how great EVs are. I unsubbed as soon as he started that shit. That defense of ICE video is probably damage control. I can’t trust him.

      • Brandon, you subscribe? You have a Jewtube account?! I don’t even know who you are anymore! 😉

        I kinda like it when “the other side” can actually make our point for us. I mean, that’s the way it should be, if people would just be honest- regardless of whether one is an advocate for something or not, they should just be able to accept and admit the facts- and this guy does that.

        [That was just in case your reply was serious, and for the benefit of onlookers. Personally, I “get it” and am cracking up- as if you’d subscribe!!! You probably wouldn’t even soil your “device” buy watching an unknown video on it; you probably grabbed some 8 year-old’s iPud out of his hand on the street to watch it on!)

        • I have a device specifically dedicated to clicking on Nunz links. I’ve learned form past experience.

          Perhaps I’m too harsh on the guy. We can’t all be redpilled on everything. Its just when I see someone on a certain side of a certain particular issue I just can’t waste time with them anymore. If someone believes the official 911 story, that’s okay with me. I can listen to the person and be friends with the person. If someone believes Teslas are better for the environment (like EE, the guy in the vid), they almost certainly believe the environment needs saving. If so, they’re probably part of the climate change religion. If so, they probably justify the taking of individual liberty and implementation of communism to fix the “problem”. I can also guess, since he bought a Tesla, that he’s fine with all the touchscreens, tracking, involuntary software updates, and autopilot, not to mention the inferiority of EVs, and would subject others to all of those things, even against their will, to further his religion and the driver-less cars utopia in the fantasies of his mind.

          Does he, and people like him, deviate somewhere along that path? Probably, but I don’t have time to waste with a True Believer.

          I mean, look at half the fucking comments on that video. These EV worshipers are just a subreligion of the climate change religion.
          But if this dude can make bank telling zealots what they want to hear, I guess I can’t blame him.

          I used to subscribe and like the guy. Look at his old stuff from say 2011 – 2013. Just him explaining mechanical engineering and car stuff. I was in freaking love. Then he started getting sponsorships and invited to press events. Now he’s totally corporatized and I can’t watch at all. I hate when this happens to YouTubers who get popular.

          By the way, these kneejerk comments aren’t directed at you. Just kinda anguishing over how shitty YouTube has gotten. I know you get it.

          • Awww, gee, Brandon, you’re sounding just like me!

            I just take it for granted that anyone who doesn’t specifically tout the principles of Libertarianism, is a collectivist. Heck, a lot of people who claim to subscribe to Libertarianism, are really collectivists- they just want some of their own preferred liberties for themselves.

            I think the dude in the vid lives in the Pacific Northwest…. The darn place is becoming more commie than California!

            Same deal with “Christian” videos- and why I usually offer a disclaimer- a pseaker may make one or two legit points, but be off 100 other things.

            Pretty much with anything- you can usually find something in what someone says that is true- or even a good point- but just because they are right about one thing, or even know more than you do on some subject, doesn’t mean they will be right on any other thing.

            That is why it’s important to ferret out the truth for one’s self- because the minute you get into personalities and stop thinking for yourself, you will be easily led astray.

            And I do agree: Youtube has gone way downhill. The censorship gets worse and worse, and it’s largely just become a venue for entertainment now; It is almost to the point of being the internet version of the mass media- only instead of making their own content, “the people” make it- but they are so controlled and censored, that they will only make that which conforms to the PC agenda, or else be silenced.

            I long feared that this would be the case. I mean, all the free stuff they’ve gotten us used to…they’re not just providing it out of the goodness of their hearts or for a penny a click; they get us used to and dependent upon their systems, and then change the rules; and suddenly 97% of the people can’t live without their service.

            It’s really diabolical, evil genius- just like Social Security- a.k.a. the tax/Ponzi scheme that the very victims will never allow them to dismantle- nor even speak of it! “I paid all these years, now give me ‘my’ money….and if you don’t give me my money by giving up a percentage of yer paycheck so you can provide me with ‘my’ money, they’ll send ya to jail, where dirty crooks like you belong for stealing ‘my’ money”. 😀

  9. And now NatGas has to go too.

    This is just stupid. NatGas cooking is about as green as it gets. Far more efficient than burning it to make electricity to power a stove.

    Still waiting for the experts to tell us where all the electricity for the “all electric” civilization is going to come from. Guessing these folk also don’t understand that often NatGas not used by consumers will simply be flared off releasing the dreaded CO2 anyway while doing absolutely nothing useful.

    Kind of rooting for the Whu-flu virus at this point. Stupid humans.

      • eric, I hope everyone watches that video I put in the comment on this page. The head of the EPA had no idea what percentage the atmosphere contained of CO2. I bet SHE doesn’t know squat about anything she lords over.

      • Eric
        “It ought to be clear to any sentient beings…”

        1: having the power of perception by the senses; conscious.
        2: characterized by sensation and consciousness.

        And therein lies the problem!

        Here’s a toast to that meteor!

        • It hurts because it’s true. The unfortunate part is, no one is immune to slipping into non-sentience, including people on this site!

    • Anon

      Guess what is firing most of the electrical generating plants.

      Get rid of coal, nat gas, oil, wood, and what are you left with….. nuclear.

      Isn’t that amazing!

    • Not to mention that natural gas can heat your house at 90%+ efficiency while a gas burning power plant will be lucky to get 60%, not counting transmission losses. Now the greenies are pushing heat pumps, which are ok down south where it might get to the mid 30’s, not so much here in the frigid north where single digit temps are common, along with subzero wind chill. Plus where does all that electricity come from? Sigh… just can’t fix stupid.

    • We call EVs coal guzzlers, since that’s where they’re gonna get all those watts.

      Lately I’ve been watching Patrick Moore’s videos, and he says we’re saving the plants and trees by adding more co2 (ya know, plant food) into the air and we were on a downward path for millions of years. At 130 plants all die. But now with more co2 the earth is getting greener, and a lot of new growth is in areas with not too much water. It seems that plants lose water when the try to breath, and with more co2 they can keep their breathing openings closed more, thus saving water.

      So, not only is the climate gang full of it, they actually have it backwards.

  10. Just another confirmation that the US Sociopaths In Charge NEVER consider the welfare of their tax slaves. You’re going to buy an EV if they have to put a gun to your head, which is exactly what they’re doing. All the while pretending that we can control a climate that has wildly fluctuated throughout its history, simply by reducing CO2, which has also wildly fluctuated. Which of course has nothing to do with why they want us forced into EVs, but forcing us off the road and controlling us when we manage to get on one.

    • Hi JWK,

      All of this is happening – and being accepted – on the basis of a new religious movement. The Climate Crisis Cult. It is similar to other end times cults with the difference being it’s not a handful of misfits out in the jungle, a la Jim Jones but a global movement orchestrated by global elites. They know that the “change” they seek – which has nothing to do with the climate – requires a combination of apocalyptic message and messianic prophecy of salvation. The early communist movement worked on this basis, with the glimmer of a society free of want and greed just over the horizon. The Nazis peddled the ascendance of the Herrenvolk.

      This one’s much better because it truly is international/transnational and thus provides the necessary pretext for global government.

      Can it be stopped? I hope so. But so many millions are desperate for “meaning” – and this cult gives it to them.

      Plus some other things.

      • eric, it would seem as Tesla vehicles continue to have a lot of bad issues that often render them unusable the dew will eventually come off the rose. I posted this video on another article you wrote but everyone needs to be aware of the real science(or lack thereof)behind the whole CO2 thing and the people(EPA)who push it.

      • Speaking of Jim Jones, I wonder about the logistics of supplying every home of every antigunner and climate change activist.

        Like the Israeli SWAT team said, it’s easier to get them all at one time then to have to go back and get the kids later.

        • Morning, Eight!

          I have my AT backpack gear ready for just in case. Two weeks’ rations; water purification, fuel, clothes and ammo plus my survival rifle.

          I hope I never have to use any of this for bugging out. But as an old Eagle Scout, I believe in being prepared.

          (PS: Our newest Clover has mocked me in unpublished post about being an Eagle Scout; his disparagement is for me a kind of badge of honor. I earned my Eagle when it still meant something. I’m sad it no longer does.)

          • eric, I’m considering a 500 or 1,000 gallon septic tank to hide in via tunnel from the house. I have a well I don’t use I could plumb into it and bury the disconnect since the electric is already buried.

            I didn’t want my tank right by the house but now it’s beginning to look better all the time having a dam to bury it in and be above ground level. Not sure how to shut up Cholley Jack.

          • eric, Eagle Scout isn’t an easy road nor a short one. We could never keep a Scoutmaster long enough for anyone to get to Eagle.

            I forgot to ask what sort of water filter you have. It’s something I need to have if the SHTF. I need something that will remove a lot of mineral.

            • Not a filter but when the gravity feed water stops here I melt snow on the wood stove. I put a copper 1/2″ fitting in the lid and that runs through about 10 feet of soft copper 1/2″ tubing to a collection jug below the stove. Distilled water from already available heat. Makes more than enough to drink. Also makes crappy alcohol into much better alcohol.

              A wood stove and stainless stock pots are some of the most important pieces of SHTF equipment I can think of.

    • When one of those True EV Believers starts up, I ask him how much he likes his nuclear waste producing, delta smelt killing, coal burning, mercury and radon producing EV? (FYI, the last is a byproduct of natural gas production, small, but there.) The usual reaction is incredulity and backpedaling.

  11. “…non-electric cars are too good.”

    Same goes for every other form of modern tech. Apparently, even quality isn’t safe from the laws of physics. When it goes up, it must also come down.

    • bg, That goes double for appliances. Our washer just quit and I dread trying to find a simple mechanical timer and not a LED computerized thing. Decades ago we had the top of the line Kenmore that would do everything but hang the clothes on the line(yep, still use one, free power and everything smells good). It didn’t get warmed up good till it quit…..under warranty. The repair man said if it hadn’t been under warranty it would have cost nearly as much to buy another one than to buy the solid state board that was out. I have to admit, it lasted so long that I replaced the wigwag solenoid and the water inlet solenoid more than once. The rest of the transmission that was exposed finally wore down to the point of no return. I doubt they’re that good now.

      • Hey Eight, if there is a SpeedQueen dealer anywhere near you, you might look at their “Heavy Duty Commercial” model. When our kids were at home, my wife put 5 to 6 loads a day through our set–zero problems! These units are not cheap (still under $1K for the pair 3 years ago), but the new ones we bought are still rotary-switch, non-digital readout, non-computer control, almost exactly like our first set from 1980 (which are still working–serving as back-ups when any of the kids’ newer stuff shoots craps).
        Our local dealer sells several semi-loads a year!

        • ^This!

          My sister had bought [I think it was] a turdpool…I mean Whirlpool- they used to be decent- damned thing never worked right from day one! After hassling with the warranty service assholes for almost a year, and still not having it fixed, she just sold it real cheap and got a SpeedQueen for $800, and has been using it for several years now problem-free.

          Virtually all of the consumer-grade brands are JUNK now!
          I had a Maytag years ago that was still going strong at 25 years old (I inherited it) and never needed a repair- and was still going strong when I sold it when I moved….but modern Maytags are CRAP, just like everything else.

          I currently have an 18 year-old Amana- another good’un that has never needed a repair- the last of the non-computerized ones- and it’s got a huge capacity- like a commercial opne; but I’d never buy a new Amana….or Turdpool, or Kenless…

          SpeedQueen all the way! It’s getting to that point with a lot of things, where if you want something even half-way decent, that will last more than a year or two, you really have to buy commercial grade- and even then you have to be very careful.

          • Our Maytag was ancient. You could tell just by the controls. It has a leak(unknown source)and the pump quit working which may be a wig wag solenoid. The only real problem I disliked was its inability to work without huge imbalance problems you might try to fix a few times just on one spin.

        • I personally wouldn’t trust Speed Queen anymore after they f-ed up their toploaders about two years ago. Apparently, Alliance Laundry Systems (parent company) decided to cut costs by using the same motor and drive system from their frontloaders. Search “Speed Queen 2018 washer” on YT, and you’ll see what I mean.

  12. Amazing, isn’t it. Californians, New Yorkers, New Jersey and all the other States (all 50?) that have overstepped common sense are scattering out voting and advocating their new State to do the exact things that caused them to leave in the first place. Apparently people are THAT stupid.
    In Germany they cleared a forest so Tesla could build a new Gigafactory. Nothing but Yes, yes,yes for the EV. It seems nothing can stop it or even slow it. People think that moving the personal auto’s CO2 to the power plants is some kind of magical way to fight MMGW. They seem to forget all the trucks and Semi’s spewing the hated emission that they them selves exhale at every breath. That their miserable life is based on the element they hate most.
    /rant on
    How does anyone sane escape this lunacy! On every site the insanity prevails. the CDC now going to grab people that sneeze or cough to (force??) test for flu or the China virus in the large cities. Universities are now nothing but communist and Malthusian breeding centers. US Air Force personnel now allowed the wearing turbans and hijabs and to sport large beards? Going on base and watching two males holding hands walking around. Were they not supposed to protect our country, borders and culture. What borders,,, What culture??
    Are they putting something in the water we don’t know about? /rant off.

    • Could be … we have a well so they can’t get to us.

      Mostly though it’s TV/MSM and the publick skoolz. Or maybe it’s aliens ??????

        • He’s right. I have seen dozens of videos that illustrate the false science of MMGW.
          People will ‘believe’ a 17 year old school dropout with zero knowledge long before real science.
          Every prediction these doom preachers have forecast have failed. They use flawed charts and false data. They have been caught in the Email scam fraudulently changing data. Yet the religion marches on.

          If I were to offer a hundred million dollars to anyone that can show there is MMGW, how many do you think will find a way to do so. This is what governments are doing.

      • Hi anon,,,
        You might be on to something,,, We are on well water as well! 🙂

        Put in the well after 51% of the morons elected to add fluoride to the water to protect the every ones teeth.
        Like MMGW this is another line of BS that is easily proven wrong but gee,,, it’s for the children!

    • I think that all ICE vehicles of any type should be legislated to have ASS, and that includes train locomotives, all trucks, and airplanes, including helicopters.
      How are we going to leave a better world for our children without my modest proposal?

      • On airplanes alone, whether jet or piston powered, the savings on fuel if shut down when throttled down to twenty percent or less on approach would have significant savings in carbon dioxide.


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