Reader Question: Any Upsides?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Tom asks: I’ve read and mostly agree with your articles about electric cars but do you see any good things about them?

My reply: I see almost nothing good about the Frankenstein EVs created by government fatwas and crony capitalism – which have perverted the whole idea of EVs as a simpler/cheaper way of getting around into a virtue-signaling wealth transfer scam for the affluent and connected.

Take away the fatwas and crony capitalism, and there would be an incentive to build simple/cheap EVs along the lines of scooters and mopeds vs. motorcycles. Small, light EVs specifically not designed for highway/long range use but rather for in-city/local use, for which the EV is well-suited and arguably better-suited than non-electric cars.

The problem – the idiocy – is this business of putting EVs in direct competition with non-electric cars; with expecting them to be capable of long-range and sustained high speed while also being cost-competitive with non-electric cars.

It makes my teeth ache. And it makes me want a drink!

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  1. I wonder how many people are anti-EV like us, but don’t get to express it

    Im the millennial who grew up on gaming, so there was NFS, Forza, Midnight Club and any other game that allowed me to race and modify, so I’m essentially part of the group that prefers cars to work, mod, race and play with/enjoy vs the tech savvy douchebags who couldn’t drive “Paddle shifters” to save their own life (sister’s exes brother came in one day expressing excitement his dad was teaching how to use the paddles on a Challenger >.>)

    As far as I’m concerned, EV and Hybrids are the enemy and I’ll never submit to them, period


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