Reader Question: America’s Cuban Future?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Tom writes: The USSA’s automotive landscape will resemble Cuba’s in the near future.  No new cars because they will be too expensive, restrictive and intrusive.

My reply: I disagree.  Cubans were allowed to drive old cars – we won’t be.

This is the whole point of the EV Agenda. To get Americans out of IC cars – especially older ones, which are much harder to centrally control – and “nudge” them into electric cars, which are extremely easy to centrally control.

The bait is that EVs are slick and quick and “green.”

The switch will be that once IC cars are no longer available as a way to avoid EVs, it will suddenly be discovered that EVs are also a threat to the environment via their “carbon footprint.” All the C02 coming out of utility plants will become as big a bogey as the C02 coming out of the IC car’s tailpipe.

Restrictions will follow – in addition the inherent restriction of mobility that the EV will bring via short range/long recharge times and their built-in amenability to central control.

By now, all of this ought to be obvious to anyone who isn’t completely asleep at the wheel!

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  1. Ha! You talk about the “bait”, I’ll talk about the “stick”, that being mandatory vehicle inspections. That’s the way they’ll do it: 1) You must get your vehicle inspected to certain standards, 2) Your vehicle flunks – it must be brought into compliance no matter the cost, 3) “Oh, no registration for you!”. Oh, and the end runs of Antique vehicle or “Farm Use” tags will also go away.


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