Reader Question: Diesel vs. Electric?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Greg asks: Hey Eric, check this out! Not that I think CO2 is bad at all (ridiculous) but look at this article….

My reply: I did. I also watched a very interesting video investigation which revealed the fatuity of assertions about diesel “emissions” – assertions about their enormity when in fact the actual emissions are almost undetectable by instruments and substantially less than (for example) those “emitted” by a home gas range used for cooking. Watch it now:

The whole thing is a gigantic con – but a necessary one (from a certain point of view) because diesels posed a huge threat to the EV Agenda. If people were able to buy a 60-plus MPG diesel-powered car for $22k that had a range of 700 miles and took 5 minutes to refuel and was “clean” by any reasonable standard – why on earth would anyone spend $35,000-up to buy an EV that goes a fourth the distance, takes hours to recharge and isn’t any better “for the environment.”?

To ask this question is to answer it  – and the answer isn’t one the powers that be like.

Hence, the PR campaign against diesels and the vicious persecution of VW’s “cheating” on government certification tests.

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  1. Personally, only way I’d consider a diesel is if I had a long highway commute or needed a durable roadtripper and found one at a solid price with a stick (Seen TDI’s for around $10k at some dealers, and they got a range of over 500 miles basically)

    Let Uncle in his bass ackwards way of thinking push the EV’s and stuff. While there are plenty of Virtue Signaling tools and libtards out there, average person will see those, maybe see a used TDI and also a normal car inbetween and come to the logical conclusion on his own

    • I never crank up a vehicle and run less than 20 miles and seldomly not 60 or 140 or more. It would be a good vehicle when not needing to haul a pickup load, which is most of the time. I’d like to have a wagon, do a delete on it since we have no smog checks, see if I could reverse the software reverse.


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