AGWs Covering for AGWs

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A Hawaiian “hero” beats up – and chokes – his wife. She calls other AGWs. Instead of arresting him, they pressure her to backpedal. Just say: “I got into an argument with my husband. I have no injuries. Thank you.”

No worries!

And just ignore the choke marks on my neck.

But the truth got out and now there’s a lawsuit. Which is great, but hardly sufficient. Why is there any hesitation about arresting and caging every AGW who was complicit in this? Why are AGWs routinely given the kid-glove treatment when they not only violate the law but commit objectively despicable acts which – if committed by any non-AGW but witnessed by an AGW – would land the non-AGW in a cell right away?

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  1. Why? Gang loyalty, that’s why. Thugs gotta stick together.
    (I wanted to link to a blog post of mine, illustrating that cops are nothing but a gang, but it keeps getting marked as spam.)


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