AGWs Harassing and Collecting

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Here’s an example of your Tax Dollars at Work. . . collecting more of your tax dollars.

A guy is pulled over for the “offense” of having windows tinted beyond the degree allowed by the government . . . which of course doesn’t apply the same standard to armed government workers, who drive vehicles that have their windows tinted opaque, in order to prevent us from looking at them.

We, on the other hand, are required to be transparent to them.

It is of a piece with “buckle up” and “speeding” laws . . . which apply only to us.

The victim of the AGW’s assault unfortunately doesn’t make this point. But he does make the point that the AGW’s assertion about the tint is just that; not an established fact. Of course, AGWs like to imagine themselves as precision machines that can do things like determine velocity – and degree of tint  – just by saying so.

The AGW continues to insist he “knows” the victim’s windows are tinted “too much” but tacitly concedes he knows no such thing by trying to get the victim to give him access to the vehicle t test it with an actual machine. The victim declines to cooperate in his own persecution and is called an “asshole” and “cocksucker” by a shaved-head mongoloid who seems barely able to contain his fury.

Ultimately a whole crew of Hut! Hut! Hutting “heroes” appears on the “scene” . . . over a guy’s tinted windows. The victim’s girlfriend loses her cool. Instead of being angry with the AGWs, she is angry with her boyfriend for resisting the AGWs.

Half a dozen AGWs. Over window tint.

One of them – a female – looks like Ilse, she-wolf of the SS. The AGWs start the business about “take your hands out of your pocket”… AGW “safety” and all.

After what appears to be an hour or more of hassling this guy, the AGWs have the car dragooned away and impounded.


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  1. Exhibit A why one should not go out of his way to attract the attention of AGWs. If you don’t want to interact with cops, then don’t attract their attention.

    • Marky, I’ve had another lifetime of getting my fill of cops. Being a Texan though, I’m not accustomed to rude people and don’t have any use for them. I probably have more reason to hate cops than he does. And you’re correct about going out of your way to get negative interaction.

      A guy I used to work with had a wife who’d say “Don’t look at them, just don’t look”. We’d laugh but it was true enough. I don’t go out of my way to “not” look but driving down the road I look at a cop just like I’d look at another stripe in the road. Even if you’re speeding and see a cop you know has your speed with radar, don’t slow down and NEVER hit the brakes. I’ve had plenty who hit their brakes just waiting for you to hit yours and when you do, you just admitted you knew you were speeding.

      It’s such a Texas habit of raising your forefinger off the wheel to acknowledge other drivers I still do so when I am not thinking about the current state of affairs. I admit it’s something that has been lost and pretty recently too, in the last decade or more. Every now and then I still find myself giving a DPS that forefinger wave. Then I’m probably thinking “D’oh!” although it’s no big deal and just shows how old I am. One thing you will never see me do is to give a cop a middle finger. When I see a big rattler or snapping turtle go off the road into the barditch I never stop to see if they’re up on their game. Why would you do that to something that is so perverted and dangerous as a cop? He brought that shit on himself. Yes, I know it’s legal but it’s not smart.

      • Eight,

        “A guy I used to work with had a wife who’d say “Don’t look at them, just don’t look”.”

        Treat them like vampires.

      • If you’re going to reduce speed in front of a cop, the best way to do it is simply lift off the gas. If you’re going uphill or into a stiff wind, you’ll bleed off speed real quick like and not be obvious about it … 🙂


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