Subway AGWs

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Here’s a video from New York City of armed government workers subjecting would-be passengers to random/arbitrary “bag checks.” Just like at the airport – as one of the AGWs explains.

It’s important to be aware of the fact that it’s not just airports that are Fourth Amendment-free zones. “TSA” stands for transportation security…  ponder the implications.

The AGWs started with airports – which people accepted because they’re cattle and because there was the pretext of airplanes being used to strike buildings (which became the pretext for the government terrorizing Americans).

Now subways. And busses, too.

How long before “transportation security” becomes the pretext for random searches of our cars, too?

If you think it can’t happen, I’d love to know why.

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  1. The real question should be “How much longer until our homes are subject to random searches?” But of course, the sheep (or cattle lol) will not only comply, but many will insist that it be done for “our saaaaaaafety.” Huge props to this guy for standing up to the real criminals. We can only hope that more people will follow suit before it’s too late.

    • Amen, bluegrey…

      That’s why I tout these videos; to let people know it’s not just a random refusenik here and there. More people are waking up all the time. And it only takes a dedicated minority to effect change – whether for good or ill.


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