Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS Attacks

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Here’s video out of Phoenix, AZ showing a handcuffed man being sadistically tortured by a female AGW and her canine assistant.

It’s not clear what the man being tortured by this horrid woman did to get arrested but it’s very clear he is cuffed and that there are multiple male AGWs all around. The manacled man isn’t exactly cooperative, but he isn’t a “threat” to the “safety” of the AGWs. But he wasn’t sufficiently  submissive to the Authority of the AGWs and so the hound was released and allowed to chew on the man for several minutes as he writhed in agony on the floor.

Just another window into the sadistic mindset of AGWs. Avoid and shun them to the extent possible.

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  1. I was stuck in a non-a/c cell with video cam in record setting heat. I’d estimate the temp to have been 120 at the minimum in there. A trustee nearly lost his position for giving me ice water every time he passed by. The reasoning for my special cell was to keep me from killing myself. I’ll admit killing was on my mind, just not myself.

    I swore an oath to the wife I’d kill the sheriff but the SOB got cancer and died before I could. According to several people I knew who worked at the hospital, he engendered so much hate for himself by the staff they’d “forget” about his pain killers and he’d cry and beg. He was one of the most immoral persons I have ever known.
    I realized the old saying of” What goes around, comes around” does happen sometimes but probably not enough.

  2. The victim keeps asking “what have i done wrong? Why am I being arrested?” and not ONCE does any of these sadists reply with why he is being attacked.

    His constant denials of “I haven’t done anything wrong” are met with increased violence.

    I guess we’ll have to go into full tyranny before the sheeple awake…if ever.

  3. Ilsa: Looks like a hot 50’s actress for the light BDSM crowd in Hollywierd…the square jaw and riding crop probably made that a cult classic movie!

    The AGW video looks more like the East German Stazi, beating down the arrested, for “her” fun Probably a felony to resist the dog assault, and a murder/attempted murder charge against a uniformed officer if you were to stop the attack by sucessfully resisting…


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