Armed Government Worker Flummoxed by Armed Government Workers!

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Here’s a positive video for a change!

A guy is taking video outside a “law enforcement facility.” This kind of thing is absolutely legal, but AGWs take extreme umbrage as they perceive it as an affront to their Authority. One such AGW shows up and begins to lie and threaten the man with arrest.

The lie being that it is illegal to take video of a “law enforcement facility” from outside the facility – on public ground. The AGW seems unable to understand the difference. Or more likely, knows it perfectly well but doesn’t care because his Authority has been affronted.

He then demands ID – illegal, given no crime has been committed – but the AGW makes up a crime (trespassing) and uses that threat to extort ID from the man.

At the critical moment, two more AGWs arrive and actually take the man’s side. The ID-demanding AGW is steaming so severely, you can almost hear the rivets popping off.

So, kudos to the other AGWs who de-escalated the situation, treated the citizen with the respect due him.

If the system emphasized peace-keeping rather than law enforcing, guys like these would be the rule rather than the exception.

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  1. See, the Eivel Keneivel here makes all cops look bad, and motorcyclists to boot. The other 2 were a shocker, really. Polite to the extent of inviting the man in for a tour, no less, camera and all! Nothing to hide, nothing to lose! One decent act of civility is a very good start, and Bedford residents (public servants as well) know their livelihood depends on public image and courtesy. I would also suspect that this could very well be a bit of caution on their side considering the recent incident in Lexinton, VA where the White House Secretary and family were tossed out of a local restaurant by a left-wing business owner, nearly single-handedly destroying that town’s public image! Regardless of how “Ms. Lefty” feels about Republican policy, no one came in waving any political banners or any other kind of nonsense, just attempting to have a meal. Just one more example of how the Left refuses any type of civil interaction in favor of making anyone Non-Left out to be evil.
    The hypocrisy of a group that constantly screams for equality and equal treatment deliberately refusing the same to anyone Not-Left, should be proof enough of their intent.


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