Another Armed Government Worker Wants a Handy

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A Burlington armed government worker has been fired for attempted sexual assault. Of course, armed government workers are paid to commit other forms of assault as part of their “duties.”

Still, it’s nice to know that some forms of assault are still illegal, even when performed by armed government workers.

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  1. A handy huh? Should only take one hand, while the other is reaching stealthily for six inches of razor sharp steel… but I suppose that would mean taking justice into your own hands…

  2. It is revealing when you query the fbi stats they do not keep count of all the unionized mercenaries that are arrested for being sexual predators and in particular the hundreds that are pedophiles.

    You have to search news reports and the few citizen sites that track mercenary crime, but the frequency is unbelievable and the deviancy is beyond description.

    Do a lexus nexus search and you will begin to understand why Oath Keepers are run out of law enforcement whenever their presence in a department is suspected. When you spend each day violating an oath, the constitution, and the Ten commandments depravity is just not that big a step!

    • Hi Pudin,

      Yes, I can attest to the truth of this – as a journalist, who looks for this sort of data. Not only is not available, it is deliberately unavailable.

      Contrast this business with the deliberately inflated – and hyped – “speed kills” stats…


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