Internal Border Checkpoint AGW

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Here’s video taken by a couple of guys at a “border” checkpoint some 60 miles from the border. They had already passed through the actual border where – reasonably – they answered questions about their citizenship. Unreasonably, they found themselves facing Tacticooled Hut! Hut! Hutters! at another “border” checkpoint – one well within the United States.

Not only were they faced with AGWs demanding to know whether they were citizens, they were also facing AGWs demanding IDs – and more:
“It’s a very simple request,” says the AGW.

The men object, politely – whereupon the AGW gaslights them by placing the onus for “impeding traffic” on them – and threatening them with tickets and fines for doing so.

The driver calmly – and rightly – replies that he isn’t “impeding traffic,” the AGW is – by forcing them to stop in the middle of the road and submit to a Q&A session with a buzzcut Hut! Hut! Hutter!

The back and forth goes on .

The driver asserts his right to travel freely.

The AGW relies: “The easiest way to do that” is to comply with the AGW’s demands.

After about 20 minutes of being hassled, the AGWs finally let the men go.

The Supreme Court has anointed these internal “border” checkpoints as “constitutional,” but that doesn’t make them legitimate. The East Germans had laws endowing the state with power to erect checkpoints and demand “papers,” too. But even the East Germans didn’t have “border”  checkpoints within the borders of East Germany.

Whatever happened to America? 

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