Internal Checkpoints

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This is a video of the internal checkpoints that have been set up as far as 100 miles inside the border:
American citizens who’ve not left the country are forced to stop at these checkpoints and submit to an interrogation as to their citizenship often – ironically – by a government goon with a Hispanic name and accent, who appears to be at best the progeny of illegals if not an illegal himself.

“Are you an American see-te-zen?” inquires Officer (Agent?) Gomez… .

But the real point/problem is this business of over-the-top inspections of obviously American citizens within the borders of their own country juxtaposed against a sieve-like border and effectively unrestricted migration of the genuine article (i.e., Mexican nationals and other not-citizens).

Me gusta!   

Actually, not so much…

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      • This site is simpler and more content is easily available on the front page.

        This should up your numbers of visits and time spent on site.

        I think you have something to offer that no one else has. But probably on first or second glance, you just seem like all the other talking heads out there that are in your neighborhood of opinion.

        The challenge remains how do find more of the quality people who should be reading and commenting on your site.

        I used to use a user name on wikipedia that had the word libertarian in it, and I have challenges to my edits all the time.

        Since I made a new neutral user name, I’ve had far less drama. Using the libertarian bugaboo, might be a terrible provocation that’s scares off lots of good people, not just the clovers.

        You like older kinds of machinery and dislike newer kinds of machinery and it’s all very interesting. Especially the fact you’re the only libertarian who can fix things instead of sit in ivory tower think tanks and wear bowties.

        Maybe start getting your topics out of the better comments you get here. Or address the issues your paying patrons care about, but only objectively.

        The biggest thing here that would help, is if all the people here who try to have their own blogs that get next to zero visits and are a huge waste of time and exercise in vanity, gave up on flying solo and started pitching in here instead and became part of something that reaches lots of quality people and dispenses lots of quality content.

  1. Just speculating, but it seems to me that stationary checkpoints or even temporary ones which last more than half an hour or so would be big inviting targers and invite resistance action. If that were ever justified in the good ol USA of course. Fortunately we are free.

    • Fuck Canada!

      Bunch of ice skating, beer swilling, back bacon eating, toque wearing, Tim Horton loving motherfuckers!

      Fuck those assholes who live south of Detroit. ?

  2. There’s a checkpoint in southern AZ heading north from Sierra Vista. I’ve been through there dozens of times and no one has ever said anything but have a nice day. I’ve run into a spot checkpoint in I10 as well and the same thing.

    The guy looks into the cab, looks at me and says thanks and have a nice day. Guess I don’t fit the demographic they are looking for.

    • Hi Damon,

      Free men ought not to be subject to any sort of random stop, no matter how “nice” the government goons are. I am not interested in dealing with them on any level, even for a moment and shouldn’t have to unless I have given them specific probable cause to suspect I’ve committed or am about to commit a crime.

      As recently as 20 or so years ago, America did not have internal checkpoints. Or “sobriety” roadblocks. Anyone over 40 can recall.

      If you’re in your 20s today, you grew up with a police state. Guys like me remember a time when America was not a police state.

      In my youth, you didn’t hear constant braying about how “free” we were. Yet we were much more free than we are now, when every flag-wearing/humping SOB warbles about the glories of the red, white and blue.

      • It is necessary to get “the consent of the governed.”
        That means more and more “big lie” propaganda, to cover up the loss.

        Think OODA loop. Think in terms of … Riding a whirlwind. You get turned around so fast you can’t even orient yourself. You have no Observe-Orient-Decide-Act loop – by the time you’re Observed, there’s a new Observe phase starting.

        The joke equivalent, think in terms of an argument with a woman. Anything you say after she decided the argument is over, is just the start of a new argument. And sometimes the arguments are even peripherally related to what’s bothering her.

        I’ve been dealing with an increasingly mad woman for 10 years. Finally had enough. And she realized, somehow, that being suicidal and controlling everyone and everything around her wasn’t working…
        But, that’s why the comparison, looney tunes Fruit Loops just isn’t reasonable. You go to address Issue 1, and before it’s even done being examined, Issue 2 has asserted itself and is Immediate attention, and then while observing that one, Issue 3 (and sometimes 4, 5, even 256 and counting) are all in need of IMMEDIATE attention.

        That’s the mewling we hear on TV, radio, and even the Web. Because if we really had a few moments of silence, we’d be ready to kill them all – and they know it. It’s only by interrupting us and keeping us divided and dispersed (mentally) that they’re able to keep this society going, keep kicking the can down the road.

        BTW, you can look at Danger and Play and Roosh V for some good commentary, also Citizen Renegade / Chateau Heartiste – they’ve learned that TPTB ignore you until you actually have a following. You’ll be safe until then. But if you have a following, they’ll find ways to shut you down (E.G., the Roosh V meetup plans were cancelled because of planned protests and threats of police action – against the Roosh people. Not the protestors, who had already been making death threats… )
        Bold and Determined might help with the Blog, BTW – not DOING things, but teaching how to implement and better monetize. Haven’t read the guides yet; given neither of us are spring chickens, might be worth it to find a means of cooperation. As I get my life back in order (lunatic + organized life = disordered life + lunacy), it’s worth some consideration to make things work.
        I’ll drop a line after I read the guides (probably Thursday, today is going to be beastly.)

      • Eric, I TOTALLY agree. I was simply pointing out a difference in my experience. I’ve never had Borders/Customs guys talk to me on a road checkpoint. Coming back from Mexico? Yes.

        It might have something to do with the fact I’m usually driving a rental car and am old and white, but I don’t know for sure.

        • No worries, Damon!

          I’m middle-aged and white .. and get hassled by Heroes fairly often.

          So I no longer put up with it.

          I just take off.

          Not bragging, but they have yet to catch me.

      • Nearly 20 years ago we had friends who lived in Santa Teresa N.M. and we’d go to see them occasionally. I haven’t driven from El Paso north except into the edge of NM so I don’t know where all the checkpoints exist but there was one an hour east of EP on I-20. Two guys in a company car or private car we’d get waved through for the most part but one day they motioned us to stop. I was a passenger and was reading something so I had only looked up when we pulled over through the inspection point and gone back to reading. We get stopped and I looked up to see the “agent” motion at the window. My buddy who was driving rolled down the window and waited for instructions. He had a shirt on that said “I Fish, Therefore I Am”. The agent said Hey, I like your shirt. My buddy said thanks and was motioned on. I was relieved since we had 100 wetbacks in the trunk with 20,000 lbs of pot….in a rent car. Seriously, how do they determine if you might be a drug mule or human trafficker other than vehicle and plain old profiling? They don’t. For a couple decades they made busts just on the vehicle and brown people inside.

        I used to go by the impound lot at the Midland airport a few times a day delivering freight for SW, mostly bank stuff. The vehicles fell into a single category, ext. cab pickups, more than a few with Chevrolet on the windshield and a couple with Ford on the windshield and the occasional one with flowery script of Villa or Diaz in the back window. They all had extra wide wheels and big tires that stuck out past the fenderwells. Now that those early 90’s GM pickups have made such a resurgence in this part of the country I often see them stopped on the interstate with mainly a DPS or three searching the truck while a guy who’s spent 12 hours a day working in the patch is standing there well away from the vehicle. Of course now those vehicles have all sorts of outside skirting and wild paint jobs the guys got done on the cheap in Mexico. I see some so nice on locations I feel the need to give the owner a thumbs up. But the cops still haven’t caught on it’s working guys now instead of wetbacks carrying loads of pot.

  3. You can thank the passing of the so-called “Patriot Act” for all this BS.

    I ran into one of these checkpoints while driving along I-10 when moving back to Arizona. The agent asked me about my nationality and I looked at him and said, “really?” He then wanted to look into my travel trailer. I told him not to let out my cats and be careful of the cat poop that we know the kitties left. He decided a look into my home was not going to be profitable. I then suggested the agents start working at the border where the real problems are located. I got a blank stare.

    “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”- Ben Franklin

  4. Just the fact they have built an actual checkpoint with roadways and a covering is even worse. It’s always there.

    I am also thinking they rarely find an actual illegal SINCE it’s always there. Word does go around, and they go around it.

    • Well, they have to do something, right? I mean, if they don’t have these blatantly unconstitutional stops, we could have thousands of people and millions of tons of contraband flowing across the borders!!!

      It’s just disgusting.

  5. The very details of the book, “Domestic Enemies” by Matthew Bracken. Book 2 in the trilogy…
    The objective is simply to enslave the whites with their own good nature, and let foreigners rape the
    I would take the ideas of 1984, the Matrix, the Enemies trilogy, Idiocracy, Brave New World, and Start Trek, bundle them all together, and make things into a single story…
    We’d be seeing the worst of everything, and no one would even notice…
    Drugged slightly (pollutants in the water comes to mind), hermaphroditic, dumbed down through easy life and TV, monitored and chipped (for our own good[control]), no money – everyone does “what they want” to contribute to society…
    Rampant government drug programs, Idiocracy-level health care, and controlled breeding, with government schooling from birth (no child actually knows their family; it takes a village – of government professionals), euthanization of “the old,” “proper” taxation of “the wealthy” (Privilege of working for us tax – 100% – not sure how to blend that with a moneyless society. Not just cashless, moneyless.) Eternal wars (experimentation without the concept of God, making chimeras, mechs, borg, “improving” humans…)
    Government free and clear and above reproach (god-king returns) and incompetent government management…

    I’m posting on FB that it’s time to GTFO of Dodge. No matter who wins, America’s going to lose. It’s just a question of going with Il Duce or Satan’s Sister.

    Looking at a lot these days, learning what I can, and looking for the exit…

  6. I’m in my early 40’s and when I was a kid, one of things I was told that made America great was that you could travel freely (between states too). I even remember a talk in class from a police officer how they weren’t permitted to stop people for no reason or to block roads. They sure don’t teach that now.

    How that changed so fast is hard to believe, but it’s true.

  7. “Thus, there is clearly abundant opportunity for abuse and harassment at checkpoints through lengthier detention and questioning of some individuals or arbitrary secondary detentions. Such practices need not be confined to those of Mexican ancestry. And given that it is easier to deal with a vehicle which has already been slowed than it is to observe and then chase and apprehend a vehicle traveling at highway speeds, if anything, there is more, not less, room for abuse or harassment at checkpoints.”


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