Permanent Checkpoints

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Well, why not?police 1

If the occasional random roadside stop n’ frisk is a good idea – and not a violation of anyone’s rights – why not make such gantlets ubiquitous – and permanent? That’s the nut of San Antonio Deputy Police Chief Anthony Trevino’s argument in favor of establishing permanent DWI checkpoints. He’d like them in the vicinity of what he calls “hot spots” – that is, establishments where alcohol is served, such as restaurants and bars. (See here for the news story.) But why not everywhere? After all, “drunk driving” is a possibility anywhere.

If Trevino’s wish is granted, the price of going out to dinner will include not merely the possibility of having to submit to an unwarranted (and unwanted) interrogation and inspection by the likes of Trevino and his pals. It will be a certain thing. The  new normal – part of the routine. Just like being forced to assume the I surrender pose at the airport, spread your legs and let a blue-shirted goon have his (or her) way with you as the price of getting on an airplane.

It has already been established in law – sanctified by the black-clad priests of legalese – that it is not “unreasonable” (and so, not a violation of the Fourth Amendment) to stop vehicles at random – that is, without any specific probable cause – and require drivers to roll down their window, provide ID, answer questions and – at the arbitrary discretion of the costumed enforcer – remove themselves from their vehicle and submit to a sobriety test of one kind or another. To prove to his satisfaction, in other words, that you aren’t “drunk.” As opposed to the old-fashioned idea that it’s up to the law to prove you are.police 2

If all that is “reasonable” – and not a violation of the Fourth (and Fifth) Amendment – then surely what Trevino is proposing ought to pass muster, too.

Which is why, in all likelihood, it will pass muster.

The logic is as relentless as a ripe tide. Trevino says permanent checkpoints will (drumroll, please) “save lives.” How can anyone even attempt to gainsay this? It is impossible to do so. One cannot prove permanent checkpoints won’t “save lives” – because, after all, how would you know? And it is probably true that fewer people would risk driving after consuming even the slightest nip of alcohol if they knew beforehand that it was a certain thing they’d have to successfully run a gantlet of goons.

Probably, they’ll decide to stay home instead. It’s just not worth the hassle. Like traveling by air. The exact figures are hard to pin down, but it’s pretty clear fewer people are electing to travel by air – and electing to drive instead – precisely because traveling by air entails the certainty of humiliation and hassle for absolutely no real reason beyond the vague possibility that “someone” (anyone) “might” be a “terrorist.” Thus, take off your shoes. ID. Arms up! Prostate massage.

At least when you’re traveling by car, you’ve got a decent chance of being able to go about your business without being treated like a Soviet-era prole. police 3

Now that’s on the way out, too.

Inevitably. Necessarily.

Because once the idea behind all this is accepted – which it  already has been – then things roll onward  toward their dreary, unavoidable terminus: The criminalization of the potential and the general as opposed to the actual and specific. Pre-crime. Limitless prior restraint. Why not have cameras (and microphones) installed in every room of your house, wired directly to the staatspolizei’s central monitoring facility? It might save lives. Why shouldn’t any cop who wishes to be legally entitled to simply enter your home, at random, to conduct a “safety check”?  Children might, after all, be “at risk.”

We are in fact already at the terminus – it’s just not been made overt, official and comprehensive yet.

But, they are working on it.

The day will come – not long from now – when someone of Trevino’s ilk will demand that all cars (not merely those of convicted drunk drivers) be fitted with alcohol-detection devices of some kind. This technology already exists. Why not make it mandatory – for everyone? Lives might be saved. There is nothing beyond the scope of possibility – including shock collars for travelers (something actually considered by the TSA; see here). And perhaps, drivers too.  After all, why not? police 5

It is merely a question of conditioning and browbeating the populace to accept it.

Most people already do – in principle, at least.  Which is exactly why they can expect to be on the receiving end of the actuality, in all its full-blossomed gory glory.

Throw it in the Woods?    


  1. Comrades we are just one more rule, law and regulation away from a golden utopian paradise where a one size fits all equality of results for everyone will be mandatory. Just hang in there comrades we’ll get through the great leap forward and have a moonbeam caviar and rainbow stew utopia in no time!

  2. Checkpoints are an act of war. All these wars on the Eastern front of NATO (USSA) are really wars against real money. The Green Coats can’t let us have sound dollars if they want to keep living off us and winning the war for Interdependence.

    The other day I came across a victim of these Green Coats that I once knew personally as a 3rd grader:

    This girl was the 8 year old daughter(when I knew her) and the niece of a gal who was “a friend of mine from the bar.” Her Father, and brother of the girl I “dated” was also KIA by 82nd Airborne to “Keep the Almighty Green Food Stamp Booklets and their Flags Flying Ever Free.”

    Poor Little Miss Nobody from Podunk Ohiowa in the methamphetamine-fruited plains of middle America, Gawd shed his Greys on Thee. Where is her White Rose?

    The little girl was a real handful, and talked in several voices, and occasionally seemed to be dressed and in makeup like One Chance Fancy who mustn’t let Mama down, now that I think about it, but I don’t really know much about her, she was just a sweet long haired little pixie that I never thought would come to this.

    Rollo May (1909-1994)
    – Responsible for bringing Existentialism
    from Europe to U.S.
    – Instrumental in translating some concepts
    drawn from existential philosophy & applying them to therapy
    – “It takes courage to “be” and our choices determine the kind of person we will become”
    – Neurotic anxiety is the result of not facing normal anxiety
    To run away from anxiety means automatically surrendering a measure of one’s freedom. (thus Clovers are emotional & neurotic)

    Irving Yalom & James Bugental
    (2 modern day Existentialists)
    – Yalom: The concerns that make up the core of existential psychodynamics are:
    Death – Freedom – Isolation – Meaninglessness

    I was looking for up an old friend from a Writer’s Workshop when I came across her name & picture & these horrible Stalinist lies written in Soviet Conglomerate Rags by shills and hacks of the papier mache news bolshevik coop.

    The stories promise an official follow up. Yet one never got published. I would bet the girl tried to swallow all the dope in an attempt to hide evidence and later died in police custody from a self-poisoning she was mortally afraid to confess to.

    Coming across this really illustrates how Dire the Straits are and what kind of Captaining will be needed to navigate safely through them.

    Dire Straits- Money 4 Nothing_Chicks 4 Free(thx. Marx & Mussolini)

  3. great discussion here. one of the few times in these shitty times we live in where I felt that there is hope for Amerde-Kuh.

    every day this CIA puppet tightens the noose. his HOAX in Sandy Hook was exposed and yet he still will go for a gun grab.

    does this mean that 3 percent of us will have to take these thugs on to win our liberty back again like in the Revolutionary War?

    I do think it means that exactly.

  4. Thank you for the recommendation. I will read it and, I hope so. This is a sad state of affairs and it would be nice to read something like that.

  5. RE: the discussion on finer points of fascism vs corporatism vs. communism…

    I’m reading a fascinating but heavy-going book right now, “The Sovereign Individual” by William Rees-Mogg.

    It supports something I thought after reading A World Lit Only by Fire…that today is analogous to the Reformation/Enlightenment, when the church had become a vicious predator, corrupt and economically untenable.

    Just so, today the State has taken the place of the church–and imposes unacceptable economic and social costs, and is soon to die.

    They point out that the modern nation-state is only two hundred years old, a blink in history, and it’s a rarity. The conditions to support it–a monopoly of force, and command over vast resources enabled by that force–are dying…

    …And the State will die, too.

    I’m only a third of the way in and I’m salivating. It’s highly recommended. It puts things in perspective and lets you breath a sigh of relief, when you see our present suffering put in perspective–and the sure knowledge it will end.


      They both suck. I am a skilled Critical Thinker and need neither entity in order to lead a righteous life.

      “We could relieve ourselves of most of the bewilderment which so unsettles, and distracts us by subjecting each situation to the simple test of right and wrong. Right and wrong as moral principles do not change. They are applicable and reliable determinants whether the situations with which we deal are simple or complicated. There is always a right and wrong to every question which requires a solution.”
      ~ Ezra Taft Benson, The Proper Role of Government

      Surprisingly good Critical Thinking by a Christian.

      Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

      • That would be called the “golden rule” principle wouldn’t it? Something a certain Republican candidate in South Carolina was booed for saying. And people wonder why things are this way.

        • Worst of all, the booing came from self-professed “Evangelical Christians.”

          And people wonder why I won’t set foot in a church today.

        • “A second proffered criterion for the content of the law is the negative Golden Rule: “Do not unto others what you would not wish them to do unto you.” But this too is unsatisfactory. For one thing, some acts generally considered criminal would still pass the negative Golden Rule test: thus, a sadomasochist can torture another person, but since he would be delighted to be tortured, his act, under the negative Golden Rule, could not be considered criminal. On the other hand, the Golden Rule is much too wide a criterion; many acts would be condemned as criminal that certainly should not be. Thus, the Rule decrees that men shouldn’t lie to each other (a man would not want to be lied to) and yet few would urge that all lies be outlawed. Also, the Golden Rule would decree that no man should turn his back on a beggar, because the former would not want the beggar to turn his back on him were they to change places – and yet it is hardly libertarian to outlaw the refusing of alms to a beggar.[4]”

          ~Rothbard, “Does Law Require Legislation?”

      • “Surprisingly good Critical Thinking by a Christian.”

        Tinsley, may I recommend the Christian apologist G.K. Chesterton?

        Like you I have no use for either the state or the church but I do enjoy reading G.K. Sometimes he takes the long way around the barn but when he does get to his point it is interesting.

        The focus of his writings is not so much on mankind as a whole but on man, in the singular.

    • I have to admit that I’ve always been something of a contrarian when it comes to my reading or interests. Maybe that explains my lack of monetary wealth while being praised by my kids as having such broad general knowledge. Sigh!

      On that side note, yet because of your mentioning Mogg, I’m interested in the mechanisms of propaganda, mass psychology, marketing etc. I want to understand the world we’ve inherited by reading Bernays, Ellul, etc. The better to understand what tunes the world dances to.

    • Dear meth,

      “… the modern nation-state is only two hundred years old, a blink in history, and it’s a rarity. The conditions to support it–a monopoly of force, and command over vast resources enabled by that force–are dying.”

      Amen to that!

      The typical mainstream intellectual today agrees with political scientist/pseudo-scientist Frances Fukuyama.

      Fukuyama argues that the advent of Western liberal democracy may signal the end point of humanity’s sociocultural evolution and the final form of human government.

      “What we may be witnessing is not just the end of the Cold War, or the passing of a particular period of post-war history, but the end of history as such: that is, the end point of mankind’s ideological evolution and the universalization of Western liberal democracy as the final form of human government.”

      This, as we few, we happy few, know full well, is a crock of shit.

      There’s a Chinese expression, “zhuo jing guan tian.” It means “sitting at the bottom of a well looking at the sky.” It means having a severely limited perspective, not seeing the bigger picture.

      The typical mainstream intellectual today is doing just that — not seeing the bigger picture.

      As you correctly noted, the modern nation state that we who are alive today take for granted has not been around since time immemorial.

      In terms of longevity, it is the Macarena. Here today, gone tomorrow.

      Like you, I can’t wait.

    • Dear meth,

      “I’m reading a fascinating but heavy-going book right now, “The Sovereign Individual” by William Rees-Mogg.”

      Also, I like the title.

      After all, the masthead to my political blog, The China Desk, is:

      “無為而治 世界大同 . individual sovereignty universal harmony”

      The Chinese is a very loose translation. Not quite the same thing. But close.

      The first part is the ancient Daoist concept “wu wei er zi” which means “govern by doing nothing.” It’s the equivalent of Laissez Faire or the Invisible Hand.

      The second part is the Chinese expression for “the brotherhood of man.”

    • “…a monopoly of force, and command over vast resources enabled by that force-are dying…”

      Right you are meth. To help understand how and why this is happening I recommend studying the concept of fourth generation warfare, especially as “discovered” by William S. Lind. Understanding 4genwar will also help us to defeat the system as it lashes out in its death throes.

  6. Since I live in the San Antonio Metro area, I’ll give an aside on what the city is REALLY LIKE.

    Ever wonder what it was like to be a Black person in the 1950’s? Just be an Anglo in San Antonio today. Restaurants in some parts of the city won’t serve you…Salespeople in Major upscale department stores only speak Spanish, if you complain to management, you’re told “it’s your problem, if you don’t speak Spanish” (I always answer them in German,”Meine Familie war klug genug, um Englisch zu lernen…My family were smart enough to learn English…What’s wrong? Don’t you Speak German? Then YOU need to speak to me in English”

    • Bravo! I’ve done the same with the wife but we speak Japanese to each other. German I can manage, too. That sort of “attitude” pisses the shit out of me. Maybe that explains why, when I left the so-called “friendly” Lone Star state and moved away, I discovered there are places and people who will treat you far better. It was an epiphany of sorts. Was so surprised I thought I was having my leg pulled. I guess after nearly half a lifetime of being treated dismissively, like an abused animal, I wasn’t used to being treated humanely.

    • “Ever wonder what it was like to be a Black person in the 1950′s?”

      Often. That’s why I am a VOLUNTARY SEPARATIST rather than a SEGREGATIONIST. Legally enforced segregation always made me feel uncomfortable. It was always obvious to me that “separate but equal” is oxymoronic bullshit.

      As far as I’m concerned, if the White Race is to save itself from extinction it must reverse the effect of decades of State and Media pressure. It must do so voluntarily while respecting the rights of The Individual without regard to race.

      Am I a racist? Probably but it actually depends on the definition of “racist”. If my concern for the perpetuation of my race makes me a racist, then so be it.

      Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

      • Dear Tinsley,

        Among the virtues of market anarchism is that it privatizes everything, including racism.

        When everything is privatized, it ceases to be a problem for anyone who doesn’t want anything to do with it.

        Can’t stand racism or racists? Don’t want to be around them?


        Join join the movement to replace “democracy” with market anarchism. Problem solved.

      • Tinsley,

        The modern definition of a racist is any White who doesn’t grovel and prostrate himself before blacks and White liberals.

        I have no ill wishes towards anyone but I too am concerned with the perpetuation of the White race. I see nothing wrong with my concern. I am proud to be White and want to see my fellow Whites thrive like any other racial group wants to see their own race thrive. This is not evil; it is human nature. Indeed it is all of nature itself.

        With that said I do think that self separation is the best thing that humans can do to reduce conflict.

  7. I’ll be honest. I’m tired and didn’t even read this article.
    But I can hazard a guess as to the checkpoints.

    With the private for big big profits systems gearing up for a permanent place in the lexicon, it’s going to be mighty hard to main tai the required (by contract)90% occupancy unless you strike up the press gang. I can hear them already.

  8. I went through Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, back when the wall was still there. Creepy as hell. I can’t believe anyone would want that sort of thing in this country, but I suppose there is for some people no indignity they are not willing, even eager, to suffer. The boot lickers of the world.

    • I can’t believe anyone would want that sort of thing in this country

      I, like you, had the “privilege” of experiencing Checkpoint Charlie prior to The Wall coming down. I agree with you: a VERY unsettling experience. It’s too bad more Amoricons couldn’t have experienced it; there would probably be a lot less complacency.

    • I passed through to East Germany in the early seventies for a relatives wedding near the Polish border. Irony of ironies is that we were treated better coming and going than what I’ve witnessed the TSA doing. Now if that isn’t an eye opener.

      • I’ve been in and out of a few very nasty countries in years past, and I can’t remember ANY of their customs and border authorities, at their WORST, being anywhere near as bad as Amerika’s Thieving Sexual Assailant brigade.

  9. in Texas of all places…seems like the Republic is no more…where are you Alamo lovers put a stop to this police state attitude……….

  10. Wake Up ! Understand. The Government is the Enemy ! Even when it is on your side ! Today we live a in an escalating, ever encroaching Marxist/Fascist Police State.
    The Obama Junta is winning.
    Their next step is to either outlaw firearms or make draconian regs that make it almost impossible to defend your self or you family. Not this year, but soon.
    So Boys,Don’t Bury your firearms ! Bury those who come for them ! Then Hang the Criminals who sent them !
    Death to Tyrants !

  11. The day will come – not long from now – when someone of Trevino’s ilk will demand that all cars (not merely those of convicted drunk drivers) be fitted with alcohol-detection devices of some kind.”

    This is definitely within the realm of possibility. Just think about how many new cars are equipped with that annoying buzzing or beeping if you’re not buckled up.

    • Of course the one exception will be on cars –official or private– owned and driven by the swine themselves. After all, if ever there was a pool of potential champions for a future Professional Competitive Drunk Driving League, it would be the badged, boozing lardasses tasked with enforcing the drunk driving “laws.”

  12. how about just making it illegal to serve booze in any public place? I mean, if you are REALLY concerned about drunk driving and not just looking to extort revenue.

    • taxes are high on booze, hence it’s an easy source of revenue for the state: they get you when you’re driven to drink because they destroyed the economy, taking your job, wealth, and income with it. Then, they get you again with all this dwi nonsense.

      • Que? no hablo deutscho amigo!

        sprechen Deutsch? oder Englisch? oder einige Varianten von ihnen lehrte in die schule Borg? nur, die härteren ich versuche sein un-assimilieren, desto mehr finde ich Widerstand ist zwecklose!

        My phyle resisted when the Borg came to assimilate, some of us survived. We hate Zeitgeist & Volksgeist and especially Borggeist. We are PseudoBorg. We are the Antigeist!!!

      • Dear Don,

        Warum sprechen wir Deutsch?

        Because we’re preparing for the coming of Das vierte Reich (the Fourth Reich) here in Amerika, brought on by the Amerikanischen shaffenmenschen who keep saying “There oughta be a law!”

        • Ja, freiLautsprecher, die Cloveren nicht verstehen. Sie verstehen nur booten Verkostungen und kriegerische Musik und Schwein latin.

          • OK now! I am jealous as hell! I do not know why but I have always been fascinated with the German language and have tried to learn it but have failed. I guess I just do not have language skills.

            So for those of us who are language illiterate, can you please translate? Thanks…

          • Skunkbear,

            Don asked if he may ask a question? Why are we speaking German? Is it because of the movie “Zeitgeist”?

            Tor said he doesn’t speak german. Speak german? english? Some other variant of the borg school? only, the harder I try to un-assimilate, the more I find resistance is futile.

            Belvin, Why do we speak German?

            Libberanter, Maybe we like to speak German because the Clovers can’t understand languages.

            Tor, Yes, Free-speaker, the Clovers do not understand. They understand only (bootlicking?) and war-like music and pig-latin.

            I said, Yes. I agree. And I lived in Germany for five years. (In which I meant where I learned German, but forgot to say. And that I agreed with Clovers not understanding foreign languages.)

            Hope that helps.

          • Dear skunkbear,

            Despair not!

            Copy and paste foreign text into Google Translate.

            The machine translations are usually close enough to get the meaning across.

            I don’t speak German. But I can make out the gist of German passages through a combination of guesswork and Google Translate.

          • btw, you can also ‘translate’ webpages in in order to have a proxy server between you and the webpage.

        • Dear liberranter,

          On a more serious note, the old liberal media knee-jerk equation

          Germany = Nazi

          is grossly unfair to Germans.

          I can see how Germans would find it an intellectually lazy and facile stereotype.

          Ditto the equation of

          China = Communist

          When mainland China was overrun by the Communists in 1949, less than 5% of the population were Communists.

          • Bevin,

            You are correct, China is not a communist country – it is a fascist country.

            Communism calls for the abolition of private property and proclaims to be international.

            Whereas fascism demands national loyalty within the expansion of The State’s power.

            Which of those two terms most accurately describes China today? Or North Korea? Or Venezuela?

            Cosmopolitism will be the next architect of human misery/extermination.

          • Dear skunkbear,


            Communism looked like it was winning in the 50s and 60s.

            But to paraphrase Richard Nixon, “We are all fascists now.”

            That’s because we are all “democracies” of one sort or another. Even mainland China. Democracies eventually morph into fascism.


            Democracy has never been in danger of being betrayed by populism, by plutocracy, or by oligarchy, because democracy is populism, plutocracy, and oligarchy.

            Populism, plutocracy, and oligarchy can never “betray democracy,” because populism, plutocracy, and oligarchy is the fulfillment of democracy.

          • Dear skunkbear,

            To return to my original point however, what I was getting at was that there is nothing innately evil about the German people.

            Any people are capable of becoming fascistic.

            We in Amerika, an Anglosphere nation where supposedly “It can’t happen here,” need only look in the mirror.

            In fact, if I’m not mistaken, didn’t Hitler say he got the idea of Nazi concentration camps from the US gunvermin’s Indian reservations?

            Now we are returning the favor with our own FEMA camps.

          • I still (in my head anyway) define fascism as corporatism, where most of the world’s states have been moving towards. Regardless of political nuances, the states have been using the veil or mask of the corporation and its ‘limited liability’ and its ‘rights as a “real” and separate and distinct person’ along with political power of creating laws as a vessel to combine corporate business and political power to accumulate wealth and other peoples property while taking away from natural businesses and individuals (which includes preventing them from competing with the corporations or the state). This apparently is much more enticing to psychopaths than communism could have been.

            • I do, too –

              But, here’s the problem: Like it or not, the average person has been completely conditioned to reflexively equate fascism with Nazi Germany. Period. They are utterly ignorant of the nature of fascism, its origins and its essentials (the merger of state power with corporate power). They believe that if there are no swastikas, no goosestepping brownshirts, it can’t be fascistic.

          • Hello, Bevin. You said, “Democracies eventually morph into fascism.” Quite true. Plato described the process very clearly in “The Republic”. I am sure it was also well understood by the progressives a century ago, when they managed to replace the American ideal of liberty with “democracy” as the highest goal. And they have cemented that change in the minds of the masses for generations through their compulsory government schooling.

          • This is why I need words defined. I do not believe fascism as defined in my mind is what Plato was referring to. Corporations did not yet exist. The magna carta was not written. Laws were not perverted in that particular sense yet. The East India Company didn’t create any precedents yet.

            I will admit I have not yet read the republic by Plato, but I know a bit about ancient greece and ancient rome (and quite a few others). History is definitely rhyming yet again, almost identically.

          • Although, Mike. I am not saying you are wrong about Plato being right. I am only saying it should probably be a word other than fascist, or fascism. I agree with the notion that a greek back then could foresee it as things have never changed (only cooler toys and gradual better standard of living) throughout history.

          • And to clarify, i think when most folks say fascist, i think they mean more nationalist, with some slight nuance one way or the other in addition. However, fascism is quite popular in nationalist countries as well.

          • Hi fmanarc. Plato actually used the word “tyranny”. I simply equated that with “fascism” in my post for the sake of brevity. I think the principle is quite similar, but you are correct in pointing out the looseness of my terminology. Can we call it a foot fault? lol

          • yes, that is fine. lol. i don’t mean this any more than casual exchange of thoughts. And I make tons of mistakes, so now that I am finally writing on Eric’s blog, please add into anything I say, or correct me when I am wrong, or debate with me. I get really bored just reading and debating with myself.

          • and before I forget. Mike, ‘democracy leads to tyranny.’ Yes, agreed 100% since the start of democracy (and other forms), and that is definitely something that Plato and many others have said, and has always happened thus far. Agreed.

          • Dear Mike, fmanarc,

            I’m pretty sure we’re in agreement about the underlying core principles.

            We may even be closer than we imagine on the semantics.

            Classical Greece after all, was a democracy, in the worst sense of the word. To wit, the fate of Socrates via the voting booth. They voted to murder him in a “free and fair election,” therefore it was “democratic.” Therefore it was okay. I’m sure Piers Morgan and Buzz Buzzinger would love to apply it to Alex Jones.

            And since democracy in Weimar Germany led to the democratic election of Adolf Hitler as Chancellor, again in a “free and fair election,” I think we can agree that democracy in Germany led to fascism.

            As Eric noted earlier, flagrant racism is not an indispensable element of fascism. It is an “extra cost option.” It is T top or a sun roof. You can choose to tick the box or not.

            Any national security state that is not Communist is likely to be fascist. As with “badge engineering,” the frame and drive train remain the same. Only the sheet metal changes.

            The difference between Nazi Germany and today’s Amerika is not much greater than the difference between an Oldsmobile and a Pontiac.

          • Bevin,

            Agreed with all.

            “As Eric noted earlier, flagrant racism is not an indispensable element of fascism. It is an “extra cost option.” It is T top or a sun roof. You can choose to tick the box or not.”
            –LMAO, yes, I can see that too. Although, I would not attribute it necessarily and exclusively to fascism. Definitely a racial, tribal, and/or nationalistic thing that people could get behind under a fascist government. Funny as hell though to me.

            Thing is most things now-a-days happen under fascist regimes (by my definition of corporatist, or crony-capitalism if you will).

            You can have a nationalist, socialist, police-state that is fascist at the corp and bankrupt all over with an illusion of modern liberalism (pretending to be classical liberal) and nationalistic, fascist, keynesian modern (neo) conservatives (pretending to be the old right, with a dash of classical liberalism) all wrapped in a neat package.

          • Dear fmanarc,

            Yup! I hear you.

            A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.

            Fascism by any other name would stink just as bad. Or is it badly? Never did get that one straight.

          • fmanarc, I think we’re on the same page, as Bevin suggests.

            Bevin, the similarities between Nazi Germany and the US were strikingly illustrated in a book that I mentioned in a post a couple of months ago: “As We Go Marching”, by John T. Flynn. The book was published in 1944 and posited that, as we went marching against fascism in Germany and Italy, the US had already become a fascist state.

          • We see a lot of this facile stereotyping. This is mostly because Amoricons (my pet term for the American majority [a portmanteau of “American” and “moron”] – interchangeable with “Clover”) have never traveled outside the U.S. (heck, many more than you realize have never been outside their own state), barely comprehend their native English let alone a foreign language, and have absolutely no knowledge of or interest in learning about foreign cultures. And yet they have the gall to think that Amerika is rightful Master of the Planet.

            One of my pet peeves concerning the point you made is the routine Amoricon branding of Arabs as first Muslim, and then, automatically, “extremist” – all of them, without exception. Most Amoricons, never having been outside their country’s borders (except those rare few who maybe have been to a border town in Mexico, where they don’t speak word one of Spanish, or maybe to Canada) and comprehending NOTHING of the Middle East are unaware (and uninterested in knowing) that 1) a significant percentage of the Arab world is Christian, including the majority of Arabs in Amerika, and that 2) of the Muslim majority, VERY FEW adhere to “radical Islam,” just as very few American Christians adhere to Fundamentalist Pentecostalism.

            But facts have never mattered much to Amoricons. It’s much easier and requires very little cerebral candle power to just continue drinking deeply of the ignorance in which you’ve always been immersed.

            BTW, concerning Google Translate: caveat emptor! My German, while once native fluent, has suffered hideously from lack of practice opportunity over the last few decades and has really deteriorated. That leads me to occasionally use Google Translate to assist me in writing emails to my friends in Germany and Austria. I find myself having to correct a significant percentage of translations, as GT doesn’t seem to handle idiomatic expressions well, nor do it’s algorithms seem to bridge grammatical constructs seamlessly. I’m not sure if GT is like that for any other languages (I haven’t used it for any of the others in which I’m at least somewhat functional), but the German engine “needs some attention.” IOW, don’t rely on it for an error-free translation. But then again, that’s a common-sense approach to using ANY word processing program.

            • I’m spending some time each day relearning/practicing German. I’m determined to regain bi-lingual speaking capability. (I can understand the jist of spoken/written German but my ability to speak is very limited.)

              Agreed in re the provincialism and ignorance of the typical Amoricon.

              I’ve traveled a fair bit, including to several European countries. In Scandinavia, Switzerland and so on, almost everyone speaks at least two language fluently. Not merely the educated elites, either. I’m talking about the average person. Imagine that!

          • Hello, liberranter. “We see a lot of this facile stereotyping.” Agreed. I bet that the vast majority of Amoricons (good word, btw) think that the Iranians are Arabs. Wrong! They are Persians. But hey, what does it matter when American exceptionalism says that we should kill all of them anyway?

            Isn’t it sickening that Amoricons are so eager to cheer on invasions and bombings of countries that they couldn’t even locate on a map?

          • Dear Mike,

            Right! “As We Go Marching”

            I read that years ago. It was on Rand’s recommended reading list if I’m not mistaken.

            Fascism, like other isms, are memes that replicate themselves again and again down through history.

            William Brugh Joy, a brilliant medical doctor turned Jungian psychologist taught me that the most valuable ability for anyone seeking wisdom, is the ability to recognize patterns.

          • Dear liberranter,

            Re: Google Translate

            Right. You can’t count on it being usable, as is.

            But based on my own experience, it’s one of the better ones. Others are less usable, as is.

            I use it to get the general drift, no more.

          • Dear skunkbear,

            “Excellent conversation going on here! That is why I love this site!”

            Amen to that.

            The downside? It’s addicting! Hard to get other stuff done!

          • Dear Eric,

            Hitler wrote (and spoke) cooingly of “democracy” … for good reason.


            Democracy contains a fatal defect. It is political edifice erected on a morally unsound foundation of mob sentiment.

            Leave aside whether “free and fair elections” and “majority rule” were ever really intended to ensure political accountability, or merely window dressing from Day One.

            The fact remains that in the real world, the “rule of the majority” plus the “rule of law,” invariably morphs into “the rule of the majority is the rule of law.”

            The result is entirely predictable. The politician who wins the most votes and is elected to the highest office, is the demagogue most willing to pander to the basest of human instincts — including envy and racial bigotry.

            Democracy, universal suffrage, free and fair elections, and majority rule, lead inexorably to a race to the bottom.

            To “Why the Worst Get on Top.”

          • Most people I encountered in Germany, those I really needed to talk to, would immediately go into english when they realized my best effort in German (approximately zero, consisted of me reading things until I figured it out) wasn’t going to cut it.

          • Dear oz,

            “yes. and the minimization of “pattern” imposition.”


            Boxing oneself in mentally, so that one is no longer capable of thinking outside the box.

            Not perceiving external patterns, but merely projecting internal patterns outward.

            That is the reason the typical mainstream intellectual cannot wrap his head around market anarchism.

            His mind is so heavily imprinted with the statist pattern/meme, anything else is inconceivable. Literally “impossible to conceive.”

    • Dear Tor,

      “Die Gedanken sind frei” (Thoughts are Free)

      The song was important to certain anti-Nazi resistance movements in Germany.[4] In 1942, Sophie Scholl, a member of the White Rose resistance group, played the song on her flute outside the walls of Ulm prison, where her father Robert had been detained for calling the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler a “scourge of God”.

      Und sperrt man mich ein im finsteren Kerker,
      das alles sind rein vergebliche Werke.
      Denn meine Gedanken zerrei?en die Schranken
      und Mauern entzwei: Die Gedanken sind frei!

      (And if I am thrown into the darkest dungeon,
      all this would be futile work,
      because my thoughts tear all gates
      and walls apart: Thoughts are free!)

      I didn’t know this song or its back story. Thanks for mentioning it. Ya learn sumpin’ new every day.

      We should probably learn the lyrics. With the Gauleiter “Gil” serves under taking names and compiling a list, we may have occasion to sing it at whatever National Emergency Center (FEMA concentration camp) we find ourselves at.

      On a related note, one of the expressions that gets my blood boiling the most is “freedom, democracy, and human rights.”

      As the song implies, all people yearn for freedom. But how the hell did the abomination known as “democracy” wind up sandwiched between freedom and human rights???

  13. The alcohol detectors are already mandatory in France. The car will not start if you do not blow into it and pass the sobriety test. France is no longer the same country it was 25 years ago. It is no longer fun to go out, eat and have a few drinks, and after dinner drinks, even if you know you will be nowhere near drunk.

    We will not even begin to talk about what the photo radars have done to driving at a reasonably fast speed!

    • In the UK you have to have a license to own a TV and they have people who drive around knocking on doors and checking.

      It’s just amazing what people will put up with and still say things like: I live in a free country. lol

      • The same thing in Japan. Except that when the lady knocked on my apartment door and found out I was a “foreigner”, she never returned. Polite lady but I guess she figured it was too much trouble to harass me. May god bless her.

        • Ha ha LOL MoT! “May god bless her” reminds me of the old Texas back-hand, “Bless his/her heart!”

          It’s said after any otherwise grossly insulting comment…

          “Well I DO say, that has to be the ugliest baby I’ve ever seen…bless his heart!

          I’ve also grown very fond of “fixin’ to”, and especially “ya’ll”.

          I was so proud of adopting “ya’ll” a few years ago, and explained to a born-in-Texas guy why I liked it; there’s no second person plural in English.

          He quickly corrected me; “No”, he said, “second person singular is ‘ya’ll; second person plural is all ya’ll

      • Lou and Don,

        It sure is a good thing the US of A joined forces with France and England to defeat the evil Germans. Twice. For freedom. And Democracy. And the Rights of Man. For progress. For peace. To ensure the right of self-determination. USA! USA! USA!


    I invite those who advocate migrating to another country – as the Political Class makes life unendurable – to consider the following:

    Refugees are rarely if ever welcomed by the general population of the host nation. Especially if they are somehow “different”. The major Allied Nations combined would never have welcomed an additional 6,000,000,000 people, much less six-million Jews, even if most could pass for White Europeans.

    I recall that many comfortable West Germans were not all that happy about the Fall of the Wall. And compared to the US, Germany is a homogeneous nation.

    Lincoln’s question inherent in the Gettysburg Address is yet to be answered: “… testing whether that nation, or any nation SO CONCEIVED AND SO DEDICATED, can long endure.”

    Can a philosophy substitute for blood? What will an American Solidarity be made from? Foxhole Brotherhood tends to evaporate once the danger is past. A judicially nullified Bill of Rights perhaps?

    Where might millions of moneyless White American refugees be made welcome?

    The Founders, and later Lincoln, could not have imagined America as it is today, and what it is fast becoming as well.

    Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

    • The Founders, and later Lincoln, could not have imagined America as it is today, and what it is fast becoming as well.

      I must say that I find it difficult to believe that Lincoln could not have imagined Amerika as it is today. After all, he played a major role in setting it on the road to where it now finds itself.

      • Agreed, liberranter. Lincoln’s little throw-away speech has been memorized by so many that they think Amerika is SUPPOSED to be “of the people, by the people and for the people.”
        Before his treasonous war, we had a “government of laws, not of men.”

        • Even though he was instrumental in causing a fratricidal war that killed more than 600,000 White Men, I doubt that he was capable of imagining the extinction of the White Race in America and elsewhere.

          Lincoln was a lawyer/politician and there is ample historic evidence of an absence of scruples in such individuals. Historically, America has been, and still is, infested with such office holders.

          America might have been a much better place had there never been an Abraham Lincoln. Would there have ever been a great fratricidal war without Lincoln?

          Consider this: The Industrial Revolution, a product of the inventiveness, intelligence, and industriousness of White Men, had already doomed slavery economically.


          • Consider this: The Industrial Revolution, a product of the inventiveness, intelligence, and industriousness of White Men, had already doomed slavery economically.

            EXACTLY. The evidence of slavery’s impending doom due to industrialization and the influx of immigrants who were providing much more efficient labor was already becoming increasingly obvious in both the North and the South by 1860. This makes the assumption that the southern states would go their own way and wage all-out war simply to preserve that “peculiar institution” absolutely ludicrous.

          • Tinsley:

            “America might have been a much better place had there never been an Abraham Lincoln.”

            “MIGHT have been a much better place…”
            Might?! might?!

            Lincoln’s image propaganda was ahead of its time.

          • Eric, I am a believer that NASA is allowed to follow a dead end branch of technology. I think it is clear that the black technology programs have anti-gravity technology or something that behaves like it.

            There is far too much correlation between US military bases and UFO sightings. Unless aliens have a deep fascination with the US military, there is a technology in operation that just isn’t officially acknowledged.

            Even with US government theft and inefficiency I cannot believe the trillions spent on black programs since 1970 haven’t yielded better technology than what came out of the 1950s and 60s.

            • Hi Brent,

              If you haven’t read it already, I recommend “Hunt for Zero Point” by Nick Cook (former Jane’s Defense contributing writer). The jist of the book is that the Nazis, in their quest to develop “Aryan” physics (as opposed to the “Jewish” physics of Einstein) developed something very unusual. The Third Reich’s off-books/”black projects” department was headed by an SS general (and engineer) by the name of Hans Kammler, who very oddly just …. disappears from the historical record after the end of the war. Oddly, because this guy was up to his neck in the Holocaust; he helped design Auschwitz among other niceties. Yet no indictment/trial in absentia at Nuremburg. Meanwhile, much lesser Nazis were relentlessy hounded. Odd. This guy was second to Himmler – and reported directly to Hitler. Yet almost no one – even people knowledgeable about WWII – even know his name.

              The project – which allegedly went by the name, “Die Glocke” involved (again, allegedly) contra-rotating vortexes and mercury and very high electrical inputs.

              The Nazis were sick fucks, but often very brilliant sick fucks. Some of the known technology they were working on – and achieved working prototypes of – was literally generations ahead of its time. For example, the nurflugel – the Horten brothers’ Ho229 batwing fighter, powered by two turbojets. There is a surviving example in the hands of the Air & Space museum annex in MD. It flew in 1944. Check it out:

              They (the Hortens) were working on an intercontinental (six engined) version, the Amerikabomber XVIII. It was designed – and here’s where the hair on your neck will really stand up – to carry a single large bomb. An aerial map was discovered post-war that showed Manhattan island, with concentric rings emanating from an epicenter….

              The question here is: What exactly did the US military (and specifically, its technology-acquisition arm) get in Germany, deep inside those tunnels in the Haartz mountains?

          • I have not read (but heard of) the book however I am aware of the project you mention.

            What I find interesting is that large numbers of UFO sightings reflect the human technology of the era. It is the minority that are truly alien in appearance. The ones from the 1950s look like 1950s manufacturing… same for later years… The appearance of most UFOs seen in the USA changes with human manufacturing methods and styles.

            Of course the other option is liars, hoaxers, and delusion. There may be some of that, but there are credible people who see such things trending the same way.

            One of the UFO sightings that sticks with me is a tale of a two women who were driving along and found a UFO hovering just above the road in front of them. It moved off followed by military helicopters. Then that road sections was ripped up and they mysteriously suffered radiation poisoning. As I recall it was fatal. That just screams ‘unsafe military test vehicle’ It’s exactly what the US military would do. Fly an unsafe vehicle that leaks radiation over populated areas.

            As to what happened to the Nazis, well they came over to help run things in the USA. The powers that be simply took their best men from Germany and put them in the US government to continue their work and they weren’t all scientists and engineers. Many were parts of the police state. They did it on a smaller scale when the wall fell too.

            Jet power was actually one of those things everyone was working on at the same time. The Germans were slightly ahead of the American, English, and Japanese efforts. (of course there were ties between those on the same ‘side’ of the war) The Germans would have gotten to the patent office first however.

  15. The best description I have heard of police — when they’re not acting badly — is “crime historian.” They do nothing to prevent crime, because that depends solely on the goodwill and good decisions of the human beings we interact with on a daily basis. Some might object and say “Oh wait, well, they pulled over a car and the driver was carrying drugs and a gun.” In a sane state, neither of those items should be worthy of attention, nor is it evidence that further malum in se crimes are going to occur. In fact, it is the “possibility” of crime occurring that leads to what we have now — a very formalized and fancied-up version of a protection racket. We’re asked to pay for protection on the basis of things which have not even happened — not only financially, but morally and emotionally, as we deal with the anxiety that comes simply from being under the scrutiny of a police officer, even if we have done no wrong.

    To be honest, all this has come about because of people saying “There ought to be a law…” When people quit accepting responsibility for their own lives, and worse, wanting to govern other people’s lives because of some little personal axe to grind, then we get this type of cancer.

    • To be honest, all this has come about because of people saying “There ought to be a law…” When people quit accepting responsibility for their own lives, and worse, wanting to govern other people’s lives because of some little personal axe to grind, then we get this type of cancer.

      ABSOLUTELY! I used to spend literally hours of my life trying to drive this point home to Clovers who simply could not conceive of a human society in which coercive violence is absent. I ultimately stopped, having rediscovered both the Confucian and biblical admonitions against trying to reason with morons.

      • When I was a boy I pored over the latest issue of the now defunct TRUE, (The Man’s Magazine). Every issue contained an opinion titled: There Oughta be a Law. I seem to recall that the Oughtas were quite trivial compared to what actually exists today. I wonder if many of the dwindling number of old TRUE readers ever think about that?

        Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

        • Someone should compile those old “oughtas” and then we could all have a good bitter-sweet laugh and then cry in our beers over the nightmare that IS.

          • Even more intriguing, and an extension of such an exercise, would be to map the un[?]intended consequences of all those “oughtas” and see how those who advocated them are “enjoying” said consequences.

  16. “Why shouldn’t any cop who wishes to be legally entitled to simply enter your home, at random, to conduct a “safety check”? Children might, after all, be “at risk….. eric”

    And you already know my family and I have experienced this first hand. I wouldn’t wish it on my enemies but it sure as hell will wake you up to what kind of lunatics run around with badges.

    • Hey Zach,


      Seriously (for those new here) the only relevant issue ought to be: Is the person – that specific person – driving erratically/incompetently? The reason why (old age, drugs/alcohol, ineptitude) is irrelevant.

      But on the other hand, if you’re not driving erratically or incompetently, then the authorities have no business stopping you.

      Unfortunately, all too many Americans have bought into the ideas of pre-crime and prior restraint: If “someone” might do something, then everyone must be treated as presumptively guilty of having actually done it. Thus, it is considered not a violation of the plain language of the Fourth Amendment to stop people at random, without probable cause, in the name of “catching drunk drivers.” This is where it all started – and now, as the populace has been habituated to the notion, the Fourth (and Fifth) Amendments are effectively null and void.

      • I would just like to say that the reason tptb can do what they do is bc you and everyone else in the country has signed a contract with them waiving your rights in exchange for privileges. read the small print on your DL application you waived your right to “travel” in exchange for the privilege to drive. the same goes for ALL permission slips the gov gives you you asked them to fuck you and now they are obliging you. you want property rights and you have a mortgage (death pledge). Get real you dont own your home or your land the bank does and they own the gov who directs the cops. our great grandparents fucked us in the ass sent us to public indoctrination centers and sold us for a cup of potage.

  17. The End of the World (Fin del Monde) News:

    We made it. We’re in Buenos Aires and our spelling checker still doesn’t work 🙂

    After sailing around the Horn (I now have a certificate to prove I did it) we find ourselves in “The Paris of South America” and can confirm the title; this just might be the Paris; but it’s important to remember Paris isn’t exactly perfect.

    Palermo Soho is very nice. The food is good, the wine is drinkable and the girls dress well. I’m told the shopping is world class.

    Most of Chile sucks until you get south of Valpariaso. Nicaragua, Costa Rica and the other fly over countries are worth flying over.


    • Holy crap Scott you did it!

      I didn’t know you were going to sail…sail boat is my favorite escape plan.

      Please indulge me with details:
      1) are you a very experienced or a newbie?
      2) what size boat?
      3) how long did it take…and from where did you depart?

      Kudos, sir. I’m still planning to battle it out here–but I have an escape plan.

    • I envy you, Scott. I’m one of those who is deeply conflicted about expatriating (torn between a life-long enjoyment of traveling and living abroad and the desire to remain in my country and fight the corrupt bastards who have co-opted and are destroying it).

    • I also Envy you. I still have to decide on whether to expatriate or draw the line in the sand, myself. I suppose if I could figure how to do it with a guarantee – would be to send what little wealth I have to Argentina and stay to see this all through.

      • No reason for envy Lib, anyone can do it.

        Go or “draw the line”? I’d go but not draw the line. One thing internet libertarians tend to overlook in their criticisms is that the majority don’t do anything about encroachments on liberty because *they don’t care*, it’s that simple. If they did care they’d do something about it but they don’t. I have to respect that; they are living the life they enjoy in Kleen Korners. The streets are all paved, the sidewalks are flat and there’s no dog shit. This isn’t a problem for them.

        Would you fight for dog shit? I wouldn’t. Would I maybe sell everything I have to go live in the land of dog shit? Maybe.

        South America is a lot like the US I remember from the 1950’s. No one hassles you much but there’s trash everywhere as a result. I’m not fond of trash everywhere. There are Greenpeace posters all over town advocating a higher social order. In time I expect it will happen, right now nobody fucks with you.

        It’s important to remember other people have the right to live the way they want to. In the US, people want to have their eMail read, their telephones tapped and their guns controlled; they want that. Who am I to disagree?

        When European colonists fled their home countries, they likely had redcoats on their heals. They were lucky to live in a time when there was a frontier they could run to. History books overlook this.

        • littering, pollution, etc and so forth and so on are not the by-products of freedom but the by products of property rights being violated and government that doesn’t do its basic job in protecting said property rights.

          In order to fix the condition of government’s failure* to do its job, we now have a government that has power over us. That’s always the fix for their incompetence, a reward of more power and more of our wealth.

          Also ‘majority wants’ was considered tyranny of the majority in 18th century USA. Because it is a tyranny.

          *often intentional for the benefit of those wealthy enough to buy influence.

        • In a very real way, I already tried to flee.

          About nine years ago, I convinced my wife that it would be smart – as well as an improvement in our quality of life – to pack up, sell our house just outside of DC and move hundreds of miles away to a very rural area. Though I don’t regret having done so, it didn’t take very long for the Clovers to catch up with us. It it still much, much better here than it was there. But it is noticeably getting worse each year.

          I expect the same will happen to any who relocate to, say, South America. Very possibly, it will be worse (and get worse faster) because the native population is arguably even less liberty-minded (and more amenable to collectivism) than the core U.S. population.

          Now, if there were a frontier – and I suspect that there will be one available again, perhaps even within the lifetime of people now alive – that would be another matter. The idea of this alone gives me many moments of happy contemplation – even if I myself will not live to see it. I know others will. Perhaps the sort of future envisioned by such as Heinlein is for them. But the point is, it will be a future – an actuality – someday.

          Meanwhile, hier stehe Ich; Ich kann nicht anders.

          • Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth staying though Eric. I understand your feelings and share them, but on the other hand I often think I would rather not socialize with folks who have such a difference of opinion. I’ve always made boundaries on my own actions to allow others to realize their freedoms, I think it would be wrong for me to restrict them.

            Our boundaries are agreed on by the majority, and while I understand the “tyranny of democracy” argument, I find it idealistic. If the majority think 18 year old people should not be allowed to vote, that is what will be no matter what I think. Sometimes it’s best to look for other friends.

            I love my country, it’s my home. I have lived all over the world so I have some perspective. I have lived in Switzerland, Germany, England, Wyoming, Virgina, California, Austria, Czech Republic and now Argentina. Each has its own flavor and its own interpretation of liberty. None are perfect simply because (in my opinion) there is no perfect place for an individualist in a society. It will always be compromise, strife and perhaps eventually acceptance. We settle 🙂

            “Hier stehe Ich; Ich kann nicht anders.” is a poignant quote, it reminds me of another:

            “No matter where you go, there you are”

            — Buckaroo Banzai

            BTW: I encountered my first traffic checkpoint today in Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires– sorry to report they have them here too.

  18. Yer jest livin in a wrong place Eric ma boy.

    No “stop ‘en frisk’ goin on down here in Buenos Aires Argentina! Notin’ lak it! People be drivin’ aroun’ doin’ shit wit no cops stopin’ ’em!

    Bottom line; the USA has way too much money aimed at taking more. Go ANYWHERE else in the world, where the cops are on a short leash and you’ll find this problem goes away fast; in Buenos Aires they don’t curb their dogs. Ring a bell?

    • It sounds nice, Scott – it really does.

      But, I’ve got the same dilemma facing the Jews of Germany in 1932: My life is here; everything I have worked for a lifetime to achieve is here. Leaving would mean starting over. The idea of having to throw away 25 years of work, probably half my net worth, say goodbye to all my friends and family – and start over in my mid 40s in a foreign country … because some pieces of shit are talking over my country… well, it irritates me. So much so that I’d rather stand my ground and fight, if it comes down to it.

      Besides, if America goes down, Argentina and the rest of the world will not be far behind. This is the battle. Only the outcome has yet to be determined.

      • FuckinA right man!! this is the battle line last place on earth the only reason those other places are NICE right now is tourism. Everyone of those places has a side of town you wont go to and ill bet you the cops on that side of town are just as mean and corrupt as any man with power over others. The minute we the white tourist are finally subdued in this country those other country will be over run. bet on it.

      • Thank you. For most Individuals it’s either stand and fight or acquiesce in whatever is imposed.

        I have never understood why legislators and judges are spared the intense hatred targeting law enforcers (Bad laws’ rottweilers.). Philosophically thinking, the rebels should target the lawmakers and judges first. There’s enough evidence in newspapers alone to convict most of them of Crimes Against Humanity. Imagine Senator Phogbound being indicted for umpteen thousand counts.

        Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

        • I have never understood why legislators and judges are spared the intense hatred targeting law enforcers (Bad laws’ rottweilers.). Philosophically thinking, the rebels should target the lawmakers and judges first.

          That more people don’t do so serves as frightening evidence of just how deep and wide the “Clover infection” has penetrated.

      • Stephen King once wrote a line in a book he named “Firestarter” that I think is appropriate. He wrote: “In New York, if it’s not happening to you, you develop this funny blindness.”

        Most of the world has turned into New York in Stephen’s version of 1970’s reality. Stay if you like, I don’t think you’ll find much support.

      • That’s the way I’m looking at it too, Eric.

        Until a few months ago, I was completely fixated on bailing out–FAST.

        But I realized why they’re focusing so much energy on destroying America–because it, despite its obvious failures, is still an idea, a beacon to the rest of the world. It’s symbolic.

        If they bring it down, the rest of the world will get the control grid and crackdown–good and hard.

        We HAVE TO WIN here, or it will be another Dark Ages.

        I’m confident we WILL win; I’m just not confident of the schedule.

        They’re moving waaaay too fast. People are awakening so rapidly that even if they do drop the hammer fully, it won’t last long. I think they badly underestimated the reserves of strength left. When the comforts are gone and the TV trance wears off, you’ll have a redneck revolution and it will NOT be pretty for the effete Elites.

        • That was put pretty wisely. I agree, the original idea is the idea the rest of the world still sees, regardless of their thoughts of us (as a culture) nowadays. The last stand is here, ideologically and economically.

      • The Alamo. Masada. Thermopylae. Lee being too “gentlemanly” to go guerrilla. etc. The lessons of history are crystal clear. So is personal experience. Stick &, especially, move. NOT stick. Toe-to-toe dosado – cue the rocky theme song – may be good theater, but unlike “Truman” – but not Shakespeare (“as you like it” – whether you like it or not)- reality isn’t a sound stage.

        “not far behind” is a variation of the false notion of “exceptionalism” – bulwark america. you can run (move) & you can “hide”. fascism, fully revealed (to the avg person) & blood in the American streets will not flip the switch on the entire rest of the planet – that’s a rationalization.

        Getting out of the way while internal contradictions shear the beast’s cogs makes perfect sense. Too much malinvestment as a reason to throw good after bad (too big to fail…which is to say face reality, adapt, compete, move) is, we all know, worse than not sensible.

        Sunk costs sunk the “unsinkable” Titanic; the ice berg was merely scapegoat.

        • Are you–or have you–acted and moved? Where?

          “Getting out of the way” while the Beast throws a rod and the pieces beat the block to smithereens may not be viable, either.

          That’s what many White Russians did–and Stalin took his time purging them for the next twenty years.

          We have to charge at them; not hunker at home fantasizing we’ll take on the SWAT team they sent for the guns. And by “charge at them”, right now I mean with information.

          The rest, later.

          • It is a work in progress (which hopefully does not become a case of bad timing). Have spent time in Ecuador, the highlands; very nice, seems do-able. Interested in Uruguay.

            But i think places are many, & not the point. We are all familiar with “America as idea” (rather than place). Geography that trifles less/least with my ideas is the point.

            “May not be viable”. No crystal ball, here. No guarantees. History, logic, experience – & roll those dice. But I’d wager it all, that charge of the information brigade will generate a lot of heat – cannons, you know – not nearly enough light…snake-eyes, iow.

    • Bottom line; the USA has way too much money aimed at taking more. *snip*

      A very good line. Go to the head of the class.


    • Young Truman: I want to be an explorer, like the Great Magellan.
      Teacher: [indicating a map of the world] Oh, you’re too late! There’s nothing left to explore!

      Christof: [looks in a monitor & sees truman sailing on the sea] Where you going, Truman? I have given you the chance to lead a normal life. Seahaven is the way the world should be.

      Truman: [Sailing away in the artificially roughened winds and seas] Is that the best you can do? You’re gonna have to kill me! [sings] What do ya do with a drunken sailor? What do ya do with a drunken sailor? What do ya do with a drunken sailor ear-lye in the mor-nin’!

      Truman: Was nothing real?
      Christof: You were real. That’s what made you so good to watch.

      Truman: Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya: Good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

    • Eh, Argentina isn’t quite a legal paradise either. You’ve got the same bit of double standard for the “connected” vs. regular folks. If anything, the “rule of law” is even deader in Argentina.

      On the bright side, the Argentine government is so dysfunctional, that most folks can avoid the tax parasites.

      It is a bit difficult to do business in a country where the rules keep changing every month…. (Am I talking about Argentina or Obombya-land??)

      This story about different “justice” for the connected vs. ordinary citizens, at Rolling Stone, could just as well have come from Argentina.

  19. lberns1:

    “Deputy Chief Treviño holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice from the Wayland Baptist University, and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Public Administration at American Military University.”

    In short, Trevino is a custom built clover prick.

  20. Directly from the San Antonio Gestapo’s website. He’s quite the goose stepping brown shirt:

    Deputy Chief Treviño joined the San Antonio Police Department on September 3, 1993. Upon graduating from the academy, his first assignment was in the Patrol Division, West Service Area. Deputy Chief Treviño has risen through the ranks of the San Antonio Police Department and is currently the Chief of Staff to the Chief of Police.

    Deputy Chief Treviño holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice from the Wayland Baptist University, and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Public Administration at American Military University. He is a graduate of the Senior Management Institute for Police from the Police Executive Research Forum at Boston University, and the 236th Session of the FBI National Academy, in Quantico, Virginia. Deputy Chief Treviño is retired from the United States Air Force Reserves where he attained the rank of Chief Master Sergeant.

    • Deputy Chief Treviño holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice from the Wayland Baptist University, and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Public Administration at American Military University. He is a graduate of the Senior Management Institute for Police from the Police Executive Research Forum at Boston University, and the 236th Session of the FBI National Academy, in Quantico, Virginia. Deputy Chief Treviño is retired from the United States Air Force Reserves where he attained the rank of Chief Master Sergeant.

      This, folks, is what we call “polishing a turd” and is a common exercise in copaganda. The above extract translates as follows: This pig, like the rest in his “profession,” “graduated” from a series of mail-order diploma mills and government pseudo-academic front organizations. He’s never had a real education in his life and is probably biologically incapable of ever getting one (imagine an anencephalic baby enrolled at Harvard).

      So typical.

      • A video to help imagination. A beautiful anencephaly story of Brayley Jaine Collins who lived for 7 hours.

        This story is shared via YouTube, created by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, formerly of PayPal, in June 2005.

        “Billy and I had the best time with Brayley. If you are in doubt I want you to know we absolutely do NOT regret a thing… She touched so many lives…Thank you to everyone who supported us.”

        “RIP baby girl, mommy and daddy are so so so proud of you and love you forever. I can’t wait to hold you in heaven.”

        • I lost a trisomy-13 daughter. Held her in my arms as she slipped away after fighting for nine weeks of life. I’m going to hold her so tight when I get there and nobody had better get in my way. Till then I’ll do the same for those around me now.

      • Yeah, liberranter, the fact that this ambulatory heap of excrement made Chief Master Sergeant proves he was a master of going along to get along. Since he was only in the reserves, and the Air Farce at that, he probably was hedging his bets against actual deployment in a real combat environment. Although being a reservist is certainly no guarantee one won’t “see action”, I’d say this member of the Homo-Suidae family is a swaggering coward hiding his Libido Dominandi behind a facade of “public safety” and “protect and serve.” Of course there’s a great deal of truth to that last phrase: This tax feeding parasite is willing to protect and serve the very people that are screwing the entire country, in exchange for the table scraps they throw him. He’s a pathetic dog boy licking the hands of the ruling elite. I pity him in much the same the way I pity a junkyard dog. And one has very limited options when one must deal with said dogs, so they are best avoided if at all possible. If they get loose in the community…well…that’s what the 2A is in place for…

        • Yeah, when I saw CSM on his CV, that told me all I needed to know about this douchebag. When I got out of the Navy as a Chief Petty Officer after 17 wasted years (I broke with tradition and REFUSED to sweat it out until the 20-year mark, having been “born again” at that point), a not insignificant part of my reason for doing so was the realization that the much-exalted rank of Master Chief Petty Officer (the Navy’s equivalent of CSM, the highest possible enlisted rank) was nothing but a front. It was the result of a cynical political ploy created by a collusion between Congress and the uniformed top brass in the years after WWII to give the false impression to the enlisted ranks (and gullible civilians who cared) that someone of senior enlisted rank would actually have an impact for good on the lower-ranking half of the armed forces. What a crock! These assclowns were, with not a single exception that I can remember, cowardly, clueless, ass-licking, no-talent losers devoid of even a hint of real leadership ability or moral principles (and given the marked deterioration of conditions in the military in the fifteen years since I’ve been out, I can imagine they’ve only gotten MUCH worse).

          In all my years of “service,” I NEVER ONCE saw a single one of these fleshwastes stand up to even the lowest-ranking officer in the face of wrongdoing. I actually remember getting into the face of one of a Command Master Chief, a guy I’d known and been friends with for most of my career, and telling him: “Grow a backbone, John! You’ve reached the top and have 29 years in. What the fuck are they gonna do to you? Not recommend you for MCPON [Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy]? Make you retire? (You’re gonna have to do that ANYWAY next year!) What the hell do you have to lose? If you can’t lead, get out now and find some useful line of work where you’ll earn your paycheck!”

          Needless to see, he vented his frustrations at ME, the messenger who represented the frustrations of many of my peers, rather than the man in the mirror or the people up the chain where his venting and wrath belonged. I never spoke to the guy again. He’s probably now working for some “beltway bandit” where he’s just as much of a doormat as he was while on active duty.

          Anyway, this Trevino assclown fits the stereotypical mold PERFECTLY. He probably brings kneepads and Vasoline[TM] to the regular city council meetings while at the same time terrorizing the piglets who work for him by behaving like a swaggering, bad-ass tyrant.


          • liberanter,

            Man do you bring back memories of indescribable idiocy!

            I spent ten years in the corps and know exactly what you are talking about.

            I once heard glenn beck pronounce that “the men and women of the us military are the best people on the planet, period!” Obviously becky boy never served.

            Seriously, if the enlisted who spent 20 years in the suck put in the same amount of time working at K mart the best that they would have aspired to would be as the assistant manager in the paint department (sorry, I do not mean to insult K mart’s assistant managers of any department).

          • Dear liberranter,

            Wow. What an insight into the mentality of the milicrats.

            Thanks for sharing that liberranter.

            You paid a high price so we could catch a glimpse into another world.

          • Hm…kind of reminds me of factors that allowed rag-tag American colonists to defeat the world’s most fearsome, undefeated military a couple hundred years ago.

            Perhaps the same scenario will play out again someday?

            If they’re that incompetent, will they be able to take the roughly 1.5 million pissed-off gun owners–assuming only 1% of us fight back?

            • Meth,

              Thanks for the advice on the rifle; I’m looking into it!

              FYI: I have an SKS. Cheap, crude – but a decent rifle that gets the job done. I’ve always been more of a handgun guy – and spent my money there. Have to rectify that…

          • @Eric–

            You’re most welcome, highly verbose advice always available upon request or just randomly 🙂

            I meant to add–at the end of the day, all of the top 5 choices are very effective weapons…just pick the one that feels best to YOU.

    • Dear lberns1,

      Cuffy Meigs is the Director of Unification for the railroad business. He carries a pistol and a lucky rabbit’s foot, and he dresses in a military uniform, and has been described as “impervious to thought”. Meigs seizes control of Project X and accidentally destroys it, demolishing the country’s last railroad bridge across the Mississippi River and killing himself, his men, and Dr. Stadler.

      Wiki List of Atlas Shrugged Characters

      • I’d forgotten all about Cuffy (it’s been over a decade since I last read Atlas cover to cover). He is indeed the perfect Clovertard, the kind of guy who could be a regular and recurring feature on TrueTV’s America’s Dumbest….

        • Dear liberranter,

          I had forgotten too!

          I had to scan through the list of characters until I saw his name.

          I remembered vaguely that there was some sort of character like the San Antonio Deputy Chief, but couldn’t remember his name and his profile.

          • I just skimmed through my copy of Atlas and briefly re-read some of the sections where Cuffy makes his appearances. If Rand had had anything remotely resembling a sense of humor, she could have worked real wonders with this guy’s character (imagine a combination of Barney Fife, The Three Stooges, Joe Arpaio, and John Corzine).

  21. The Heimatsicherheitsdienst already maintains permanent checkpoints at several locations here in the Southwest. If you travel northbound on Arizona State Highway 90 between Sierra Vista and Benson, you’ll run into one such permanent checkpoint. In the seven years I’ve been living in the area and on every occasion I’ve traveled that way (at one point several times per week), it’s been manned 24/7. I can only recall a brief two-week interval three or so years back when it wasn’t manned.

    The “good news,” if you can call it that, is that this checkpoint never asks for “Ihre Papiere, bitte.” You just roll down your window and if your skin color isn’t dark reddish brown, they wave you on your way. I pity anyone of Mexican-American extraction who has to make the drive to/from Sierra Vista/Fort Huachuca every day and endure this totalitarian insult as part of their commute.

    • No shit, Liberranter,

      When travelling home from Southern AZ by Nogalas after visiting family for Thanksgiving we got to have a mandatory visit with douchebag checkpoint carlie. Q Where are you coming from? A Grandma’s Q where’s Grandma’s A up the road Q could you roll down the back windows please? Yup there’s my two and five year children. We are approved cattle on your farm.
      It took a good two hours for my blood pressure to calm down. No shit about pity for the brown skinned folk as they always have to carry their “permission slips”. Oh, by the way, they were in full para-military garb with their glocks and ar’s on full display along with the costumes.

      • Oh, by the way, they were in full para-military garb with their glocks and ar’s on full display along with the costumes.

        Y’know, the more I think about it, I have to believe that very few, if any of those worthless douchebags actually know which end of a gun to point or even where the trigger is. Clearly the whole point of having them “play GI Joe” is to scare the shit out of Clover – who himself doesn’t know which end of a gun the bullet comes out of. It doesn’t take proficiency in marksmanship, or even the ability to handle a gun to scare Clover into shitting his pants.

        Which makes me wonder: how would these speed bumps-with-pulses-playing-Officer-82nd-Airborne react to Americans with real marksmanship skills arriving at their checkpoints en masse – and refusing to roll over and play “Good German” on demand?

        • Dear liberranter,

          “It doesn’t take proficiency in marksmanship, or even the ability to handle a gun to scare Clover into shitting his pants.”


          I never realized how true until I caught the bizarre reaction of a mainstream liberal friend of a libertarian friend when shown an 7.62 Nato HK-91.

          The mere sight of the “black gun” freaked the liberal out. The liberal refused to even touch it. It was virtually a poisonous snake.

          I wouldn’t have believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes.

          The irony was that all three of us were heavily into Jungian psychology. My libertarian friend and I grokked the dark side of the human psyche. We knew what guns were, and were not.

          The liberal, by contrast, was utterly oblivious about the disowned shadow projected onto this inanimate object.

          Ironic reversal of the PC cliches about gun owners being psychologically oblivious to their own shadow. Actually, the reverse is often the case.

          • Ironic reversal of the PC cliches about gun owners being psychologically oblivious to their own shadow. Actually, the reverse is often the case.

            Indeed. I find it absolutely otherworldly to see gun-hating statists and ignorant Clovers (if they’re not one and the same) literally cringe in terror at the sight of a firearm, as if they’re confronting some piece of space alien death-ray technology that’s going to come alive and bite them. What’s really amazing is that in all but maybe one or two cases in my experience, NO amount of gentle introductions (i.e., holding a gun “petting zoo”), reassurances, or instruction can cure them of their phobia. There MUST be a special term for this (if I weren’t so lazy, I’d look up the specific phobia term for “fear of guns/firearms/weapons”).

          • Dear liberranter,

            There is a word for it!

            The late great firearms guru Jeff Cooper called it “hoplophobia.”



            n. Irrational, morbid fear of guns (coined by Col. Jeff Cooper, from the Greek “hoplites,” weapon). May cause sweating, faintness, discomfort, rapid pulse, nausea, sleeplessness, more, at mere thought of guns. Hoplophobes are common and should never be involved in setting gun policies. Point out hoplophobic behavior when noticed, it is dangerous, sufferers deserve pity, and should seek treatment. When confronted, hoplophobes typically go into denial, a common characteristic of the affliction. Often helped by training, or by coaching at a range, a process known to psychiatry as “desensitization,” often useful in treating many phobias. Also: Hoplophobe, hoplophobic.

            The person had hoplophobia and passed out at the mere sight of a gun.

    • The Kalifornia ones are a joke, whether at state line on I-10 westbound after crossing over the Colorado from Arizona, or the one on I-8 westbound on the other side of Yuma going to San Diego. Prior to Thanksgiving weekend on my way to see relatives in the Bay Area, I actually had fresh fruit sitting on the front passenger seat of my truck when I was stopped at the station in Blythe. The bitchtard inspector stared directly at me and the fruit in my front seat and just waved my right on through without a word. Being a Kalifornia state “employee,” she was probably just too stupid to recognize fruit when she saw it.

  22. It’s not the government’s job to keep us safe. It’s the government’s job to keep us free. Pretty much any atrocity can be justified in the name of keeping us safe.

  23. “save lives”
    People love hearing that, don’t they?

    The importance of human life is overexaggerated. I’m sure everyone here would agree that the quality of life for those living is much more important than merely the number alive. The earth has a overpopulation problem anyway…

    It’s sad what we’re gonna come to.

    • Brandonjin:

      Every once and a while I wander into my local medical shaman and let him berate me about my lifestyle.

      Then I quietly go ahead and do what I want.

      Good whiskey, good music, fine tobacco, privacy, quiet, and an occasional mutually beneficial encounter with a good woman I know might seem shallow to some people…

      But it ain’t bad.

        • I love the joke about a guy who goes to the doctor, and asks if he will make it to 80. the Doc asks if he drinks, smokes, chases women, drives fast cars, eats red meat, etc. The guy says NO to all of those questions. The Doc then asks, “Why would you want to live to 80?”

      • Dittos Tinsley but it plays to their targeted audience: women. Security is more important to women than liberty (as a rule). There are more women voters than men. ’nuff said…

        • Bingo! We have a winner! And don’t remind wymyn that had it not been for their “support” Dear Adolph would not have won his election. Democracy being near and dear to the “security” over freedom crowd. Democracy spoke and millions paid with their blood.

    • Isn’t it ironic? The very same government that routinely murders with utter impunity (around the globe right now, and very soon here at home) talks about “saving lives.” And Sean and Sharon Sheepletard are too stupid to see the irony.

      Again, we’re thoroughly fucked.

    • The problem with the “saving lives” argument is that the measures imposed in consequence waste lives by making them unlivable.

      Courts rightly disallow testimony made under duress; likewise life lived under duress “doesn’t count”. It is temporary death. One cannot live over the time one has lived under duress, the way one ought to have, the way one would have, given the choice. It is gone.

      Coercion is not unfortunate importunity. Coercion is murder.

      • It’s also a classic case of the seen, vs. the unseen–straight from Bastiat and the Broken Window Fallacy.

        Sure; the backup cameras might save a life or two.

        But that three hundred bucks, taken out of millions of car owners’ pockets, could have been used, for example, to buy a gun, then used to defend the woman against a murderous rapist.

        You don’t know what ELSE that $300 will go to; it’s the unseen they always ignore.

        God I just want this regime to be OVER so we can start rebuilding.

        • Regime? Very good for pointing that out. I recently started using that word to describe the US government and I couldn’t give a damn whether a Republican or Democrat sits at the helm because they’re equally complicit.

          • Quite right MoT. It doesn’t matter if it’s heads, Repuplicrats or tails, Demoplicans, they are both still on the same coin. To expand on what someone else wrote, it doesn’t really matter if the empire uses their right boot or their left boot when they’re stomping you into the dirt…

          • Dear MoT,

            Le mot just is so important. Its importance cannot be overestimated.

            A while back I was really struck by how alert the guys over at The Dollar Vigilante were to the nuances.

            Seeing them refer, correctly, to arrests as kidnapping, to uniforms as costumes, to prisons as cages was an eye-opener.

            And I have prided myself on always being alert to gubmint NewSpeak. I have long used regime in place of government. But I must confess I missed those other “anti-euphemisms.”

        • Not only are back up cameras expensive, they are electronic, meaning that they have a limited view, and limited life span. I am getting a whole lot older and stiffer, so I have less range of motion in my neck. I make special effort to turn and look especially in parking lots. I looked real hard, and backed slowly out of my space. Some idiot bitch pushed her cart behind my car while I was about half out of the parking space, stopped and berated me for about hitting her. I spent 8 years in the Navy, and 42 more in boiler rooms. You can just imagine what her ears looked like when I got done with her.

    • This will be the second time Ive addressed this, but here goes. THERE IS NOT AN OVERPOPULATION PROBLEM!!! 90% of the earths pop lives in 10% of the land mass, so if its a problem its only in the pop centers. Drive through ILL. or OH,WY, basically any of the western states between the Mississippi, and the Rockies and tell me there’s any over pop problem. The earths pop will rise to 8bil by 2045 and then begin to decline faster and faster every year. Basic math dictates that a man and a woman have to produce 1 boy, and 1 girl just to break even and replace themselves. Thats whats called a stabilized pop. more people are dieing than are being born in the long run ppl are just hanging around longer but eventually they will die.

      • Correct. The govt owns the majority of the real estate and it sits empty, or it’s a national park.

        I’ve noticed the same thing driving across the country: so much open land.

      • Libertarians could argue there is an overpopulation problem – too many Statists who need to be sterilised while too few Libertarians are making babies.Clover

        • Clover, unlike you, Libertarians don’t countenance using force except in self defense. Don’t project your sick urge to use violence against others onto us.

          • I have to admit that Gilclover offers a very tempting solution. Fortunately, we as committed libertarians recognize that even Clovers have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – even as they try everything within their power to strip us of those same rights.

        • And, there it is–always with statists, the solution is violence.

          Just like Piers Morgan and Buzzy Bizzinger (rhymes with Kissinger)…and some harpy bimbo…cackling loudly in that weird White Witch of Narnia way when they joked about “popping” Alex Jones.

          Or the Weathermen, with Bill Ayers on tape planning to put 50 million Americans in re-education camps…and killing 25 million who aren’t “compliant”.

          They love violence; because they’re weak, and they’ve never felt the consequences of it–or the exercise of it. It’s a fantasy, a video game, because they’ll never actually do it. They’ll manipulate, and relate, and cajole, and pay someone else to do it…

          …just like they do for everything else in life they’re incompetent at.

          • Dear meth,

            No kidding! Buzz Bizzinger’s remark about “popping Alex Jones.”

            Talk about a Freudian Slip. Talk about the Jungian shadow. Talk about the Dark Side of the Force.

            We heard it, straight from the horse’s mouth. Underneath all that “liberal compassion,” the urge to “pop” people who dare to hold different opinions than them.

            But we’re really not surprised, are we?

            After all, Bill “I feel your pain” Clinton, and Janet “It was for the children” Reno murdered 80 people at Waco, including 20 children.

          • Can anyone explain what the hell that harpy bimbo meant when she said “do it in a uniform” when talking about popping Alex Jones?!

            Weird and creepy, man…

          • Dear skunkbear,

            Can anyone explain what the hell that harpy bimbo meant when she said “do it in a uniform” when talking about popping Alex Jones?!

            I can only guess she meant that if Buzz “pops” Alex Jones while in an LEO costume and carrying a badge, then he will be able to get away with murder.

            To wit, any of Will Grigg’s incidents at Pro Libertate in which cops get away with Murder One.

            Again, funny how the civilian disarmament sociopaths are increasingly unguarded about their hidden compulsions.

          • @Bevin and skunkbear,

            Yes–their hidden agenda is coming right out in the open now, isn’t it?

            No more nicey-nicey “liberals”–as Ron Paul said, they’re just authoritarian psychopaths. He nailed it in his farewell speech; no pulled punches there.

            Bill Ayers et al in the Weathermen sat around talking about democide like they were planning a church picnic. 50 million in camps, kill 25 million who can’t be “re-educated”.

            Reminds me of that scene in Red Dawn, with the father behind the camp fence–“Boys! Avenge me. Avenge me!!”

        • You joke, but all the right wingers I know have big families, and all the lefties I know have only one or two kids. So, all else being equal, we would overtake them by out-breeding. However, since the lefties control the eductation establishment, they can manufacture what they dont procreate.

          • This has always been the point/purpose of the public indoctrination centers. get em when there young. see the plan tax them into poverty force both parents to work. There to poor to higher a private tutor or home school there children them selves. Then they make it against THE LAW to not send them to school. its worked well

          • RS… Someone here, I think, pointed out that they no longer use the word “public” when talking about tax-coerced propaganda facilities. They substituted the word “government” in its stead. Quite ironic, oddly enough, when my high school girls told me that their “skrewl” had been designed by architects responsible for building prisons.

      • Dear Runaway Slave,


        I happen to agree with you.

        Dystopian author John Brunner, who wrote the SF novel “Stand on Zanzibar,” predicted a global population of about 7 billion in 2010 as far back as the 60s.

        Pretty close.

        But even he acknowledged that the entire human race would still be able to stand shoulder to shoulder on the island of Zanzibar, which is only 1,554 square kilometres or 600 square miles.

        We feel crowded because we flock to cities.

    • Brandonjin -The importance of MY life may mean little or nothing to you, but it ranks very high with me and my loved ones. You don’t get to make that decision. Same with the ‘quality’ of my life.

      • Thanks Methyl…that link brought a smile to my harmless, little ‘ol man face today

        And Rich?

        I’m just not real sure that the LEO’s manning those checkpoints will be amenable to roadside legal debates.

        • and, if you have a smartphone, let technology help you & get one of those apps like phantomalert to avoid these ‘safety’ zones.

        • That may be, but the information is there to be sure you don’t give up your rights. Cops can and will lie to you to get you to waive your rights. Rule number one: never, EVER, consent to a search. Never.

          • Cop: “do you know why I pulled you over?”
            You: “I do not consent to any searches of my person or my vehicle”
            Cop: “License, registration, proof of insurance”
            You: “please tell me when I’m free to go”
            Cop: “have you been drinking”
            You: SILENCE!
            Cop: “roll your window down further”
            You: “No thank you. Am I free to go?”

            End of story. A cop is investigating you from the moment he stops you. Never answer any questions except with a question.

          • Whoa Rich….I agree with you and have had the never-talk-to-the-cops discussion with both of my daughters.

            And EricB? CB radio tuned to truckers chatter serves me better in my usual area of operations. It’s range is limited but there’s no geolocator risk and the equipment is a cheap, one-time expense.

      • I’ll not be alive to see it, but I do hope the victorious rebels will make proper use of the excellent paper trail that exists in America. When the time comes to apply the Nuremberg Precedent to holding the criminals accountable, they should begin with the holders of high office.

        • Some may be held accountable, but where is the profit in it? If forced, I’ll choose Pyrrhic Victories over Altruistic Defeats as you advocate. Sooner or later, however, we must outgrow the lesser PTBs and learn to instead become masters of Nature’s Greater PTBs.

          Why was a producer of cartoons & populist literature hung in Nuremberg? Why did Julius Streicher, creator of Der Sturmer deserve to die? I think he was very near the truth of the Archons of evil making us miserable.

          With the new media, we now have a chance to interact without state coercion. I don’t think its merely a person’s race or nationality that should lead us into action. Its not merely the Jews, Breeders, Blacks, Hispanics, or other easily identified target that is the problem. It’s both the Matrix Makers & the False Zionists(of all creeds & colors) waiting in the wings to seize power during power vacuums who are the problem.

          Don’t breed, commiserate, support, assist, give comfort to the Evildoers who use force against you. Evil Bankers, Livestockment, whoever, are identifiable, and not by skin color or language, but one at a time.

          This book posted below(Caution NSFW or anywhere really) would be right if he attacked the things that a person does by choice. No Jew or whoever is evil by means of their birth. No baby is evil, but rather is schooled and raised improperly.

          Julius Streicher – Giftpilz

          • Hi Tor,

            Agree in re Streicher.

            That shouldn’t be taken to mean I approve of Streicher (I don’t). It simply means I am appalled buy the fact that the man was put to death for… publishing. Was Der Sturmer obnoxious and hateful? Certainly. So? It’s immaterial as regards whether a crime was committed – to say nothing of a capital crime. The idea that his publications incited others to murder – and thus, he is a murderer – is an example of Cloverism if ever there was one.

            We’re each individually responsible for what we, as individuals, do. Arguably, Streicher deserved shunning. But execution?

            I can’t see how.

          • So a hateful bigot is worthy of death because the US gov says so? Wow. Well, you could say the say about our own presidents and the lives they actually “took” using that same tired excuse “just because”. By that stretch anyone they point their tax-fattened finger at is guilty by association, or “thought crime”, just because.

          • CloverGee Eric maybe you missed the part where the Supreme Court ruled inciting violence isn’t protected by the 1st Amendment. You might as well be arguing the leaders of evil regimes ought not stand trial if all they did was give out orders and never personally harmed anyone.

            • Clover, you miss the point (again):

              The Supreme Court isn’t the arbiter of right. In fact, it is very often wrong. As when its edicts violate natural law (which has been expressed in common law for hundreds of years).

              Writing an obnoxious – even hateful – article, book or pamphlet is not sufficient warrant to put a man to death. In my opinion, it’s not even sufficient to warrant interference of any kind by the government. People have minds – and free will. Let them judge and act accordingly. If they act in such a way as to actually harm others, then they should be punished. No one else. Claiming someone killed (and so on) because he read an inflammatory article in no way absolves the miscreant of full responsibility. Nor does it impose responsibility for the act on a writer/author.

              People are not robots – or children.

              Except you’d like to treat them as such.

          • Exactly. Luck was with the allies gang, so they “won”. Otherwise, war crimes pie would have been theirs to eat instead of serve. No “precedent” – merely rhyme.

        • Actually what should happen should have nothing to do with Nuremberg and ONLY to do with the Constitution. Nuremberg was conducted in many ways by international law. What will happen here will be conducted on American soil totally without the lunacy of international law and based solely on the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

          When we conduct ourselves like that, we then are above reproach. We must hold ourselves to that standard or we are no better than they.

      • My thoughts exactly. If things march toward their inexorable conclusion (as they obviously are), then why NOT this option?

        BTW, my visit to the local gun show this weekend was a real eye-opener. The ammo two vendors SOLD OUT, COMPLETELY by noon on Saturday (the show opened at 9:00AM). I was lucky to be able to snag a single box of 50 rounds for my 9MM.

        • AmmoToGo has stocks. I don’t know about 5.56/.223, but they had 7.62/308 last week and plenty of .40 S&W and 12ga.

          At this point, I could care less if the Gov Mafia knows about my purchases; Molon Labe you thugs!

      • “Alcohol is involved in almost half of all fatalities”, according to the authorities. Almost half means less than half, not more than half. Says a whole bunch about sobriety, doesn’t it? I have a pal who is an Illinois State Cop. He says that their official definition of “involves alcohol” means that if any occupant of any involved vehicle “has been drinking”, which is not necessarily above the legal limit, just admits to having a drink, it “involves alcohol”. So, by that definition, 2 totally sober designated drivers, could have an “involves alcohol” accident.

        Oh, Man wouldn’t that be fun–drive up to one of those checkpoints, and spray the assorted costumed thug enforcers with hot lead. You would want to be certain that you got all of their cameras. Burn their damn cars, too. Anarchy could be such fun. The problem is that some Clover would probably use his cell phone to blow the whistle on you.

  24. A couple of disjointed thoughts around the subject of this article.

    When a government can declare me a law breaker at the stroke of a pen and it seems I can’t fart in a closet without some stupid and arbitrary regulatory line being crossed…What’s to stop me from breaking a few more?

    Do you think these permanent checkpoints will be designated gun-free zones?

    Just curious

  25. As you say Tinsley, precedents push the envelope.

    Hitler did us a big disfavor because now, anything short of actually rounding people up,putting them on trains and executing them enmass is considered, “not that bad”

    We are sooooo screwed

    • Unintended Consequences.

      If the White Race does in fact self-destruct, the costly defeat of Nazi Germany and the National Socialists will have played a major psychological role in the extinction.


      • Agreed. Nothing going on today in the wide, wide world of totalitarian control has anything to do with the policies of National Socialist Germany, with the single exception that the interests that are being served by the establishment of the American police state are the heirs of the victors of World War II. Their agenda eschews racial distinction and demands the creation of a racially incoherent human population that is sufficiently dumbed down to control. There’s nothing Nazi about that. In fact, it’s not even communist, rather something distinctly American, predicated on the insidious notion that human existence is based on political abstractions and economic sleight of hand.

    (Mistakenly establishing a dreadfully unlawful level of State Authority)

    Ignorance is bliss. But only until you are made to pay for it.

    Once a level of authority has been established by legal precedent, then anything that equals or does not exceed that level can easily be made legally punishable by law. If X is outlawed, then Y can also be outlawed if it falls within the level of authority previously established by having successfully outlawed X.

    Since emotions are subjective, individuals who approve of Y generally fail to objectively consider the level of authority whenever they think, say, or write that, “There oughta be a law against X!”

    So then my Fellow Citizens, if the non-amendable American Ideal, recorded by Congress assembled July 1776 is to resume its progress toward becoming a respected reality, Americans must take first things first. Although financial folly, legal plundering, and insane Utopian meddling are profoundly detestable, it is no less crucial that Americans focus on the growing number of unlawful injuries that the State can now legally inflict upon the Individual.

    Folks tend to think that when a power is legal, then surely it must be good or at least tolerable . . . but that simply isn’t true. Many of those legal powers are actually unlawful because they violate the very principles upon which America is founded. The idea of an unlawful law sounds oxymoronic but contrary to the Founding Principles, many unlawful laws do in fact exist.

    The expression “Plunder by Law” used by Frederic’ Bastiat is as relevant today as it was in 1850 when Bastiat authored his incomparable classic titled: THE LAW. Were I a civics teacher or a law professor, my students would not be permitted to avoid a deep immersion in Bastiat’s THE LAW.

    • Absolutely right. I prefer the term “illegitimate law” (encompassing any law which regulates or prohibits any activity not involving force or fraud), and like to drive home the point, “Anyone who enforces an illegitimate law is a criminal.”

      There’s a whole lot of criminals out there who need to be de-fanged at a minimum, and locked up or otherwise permanently dealt with in the worst cases.

      • Color of law is also good…as in chameleon change-ups. It’s green (allowed, permitted, “legal”), now its red (disallowed, prohibited, “illegal”) – oops, now its green again (booze), its redish-green (pot, self-defense), etc.

        These are the bread gets buttered / toast gets burned & your lunch gets eaten consequences of confusing legality (ohhhh, royal colors!) with law.

    • This is yet another example in a long train of abuses due to certain criminal syndicates, i.e. our bi-factional one-party “government”, saying it’s “legal” …. just because it says so! Oh really? Just because? Because they’ve reserved the use of violence on their behalf against you.

  27. How disappointing to see San Antonio continue in this direction. It’s already undesirable enough with the “no-refusal” weekends. Oops, make that every day! Nothing brings home the reality of this theme like a rubber-stamped ‘warrant’ to stick a needle in you, courtesy of the DA and her blue shirted edict enforcers.

    • credit the checkpoint model in Israel. they have taken over not only the govt, media, wall st and education but now law enforcement with their public embrace of torture, checkpoints, etc. THAT IS WHERE this garbage has been imported from.


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