NY Heroes Ban Backpacks, Restrict Bathroom Access, Establish “Security” Checkpoints

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New York school sets up security checkpoints, bans backpacks, restricts bathroom access

“It is an inconvenience, but it’s like an airport really,” said one 11th grader.

(Source: Paradox 56 via Flickr)

WANTAGH, NY — Students at a Long Island high school are being subjected to security protocols resembling those found at an airport.  Upon entry, students are warrantlessly searched at security checkpoints.  Students’ textbooks and belongings must be carried in plastic baggies, since backpacks have been prohibited.  The lockers have been sealed and remain off limits to students.  Even bathroom usage is restricted; students are required to sign-in to use the one accessible bathroom in the building for each gender.  The measures are topped off with a brand new high-tech surveillance system throughout campus.

The dramatic security blitz is taking place at Wantagh Senior High School, found 35 miles from downtown New York City.  After someone scribbled graffiti in the bathrooms about “blowing the skool up,” administrators decided to lock the campus down like a prison.

This decision will make the final 12 days of school this year quite uncomfortable for students as they prepare for year-end projects and final exams.  Being forbidden to have lockers means that students have to carry their textbooks all day long in plastic bags, or else leave them in their vehicles.

School administrators intend to keep the security measures indefinitely, Fox 5 New York reported.

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    • Quite. … In my best British accent, Garysco.

      They’ve done learned from Pavlov.

      “Jump! You stupid american’t.” … ” Submit and obey”, after-all, that’s wHAt it means to be an ameriCan. ? Psft!

      In the background a coed-prison, er I mean, public school child, pees in a desk while waiting for a Swat team to complete a weapons sweep.

      OMC – How Bizzare

  1. Any parent that lets their kid attend “school” under those conditions is nuts. The entire town should boycott all the schools in Wantagh until the Gestapo goes away, but sadly most of the sheeple will swallow the BS about keeping the children saaaafe. Might as well be in a prison, they’ll keep you safe there. “Land of the free, home of the brave”? hahahahahaha. Bunch of pussies.


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