“Border” AGWs Assault 76-Year-Old American

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Here’s video from New Hampshire – inside the United States – of armed government workers abusing an obviously American old man because he exercised his right to not answer questions posed (under duress; remember, these are armed government workers) about his citizenship status.

The greasy little thug – wearing his Tacticool outfit and Darth Vader opaque sunglasses – accuses the man of “holding up traffic” – yet it is because of the AGW’s orders (and the spike sticks placed in front of his vehicle by the AGWs) that the man is “impeding traffic.”  And then – hilariously – the AGW tells the man he is “putting all these people’s lives in danger.”

Just look at the smug, arrogant, respect-mah-Authoritah little bastard. Does anyone reading this doubt this costumed cretin – and those like him – will without hesitation go house to house confiscating guns and much worse?

Just as the TSA is not about “security,” neither are these internal checkpoints about “immigration.” Both are about enforcing submission to AGWs and normalizing the violation of our personal space by AGWs.

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    • The federal “grants” to local police departments are becoming a big problem. Even if it doesn’t actually involve federal LE people. The local departments get addicted to the funding, tying them closer to the feds way of “thinking”. Most drunk roadblocks are federally or state level funded, they are almost never locally funded (you don’t want to snare that councilman or alderman who approved your funding, right?).

      Generally they are “overtime work” for heroes, so that’s probably why people encounter the most aggressive heroes at those roadblocks, they are volunteer hard a**es. The few heroes left that are uncomfortable with roadblocks generally aren’t going to work them if they don’t have too (or their bosses don’t chose them to begin with).

      So like traffic enforcement, it becomes policing for profit. So until we can take away the funding and the fine revenue it will be hard to stop. I think the loss of revenue would bring this stuff to a halt more then some new “law” that gets twisted, regulated away or simply ignored.

  1. Free-staters, I bet. It’s a movement in N.H. My kind of peeps. the
    Can someone provide a link that doesn’t require too much mental energy that provides exactly what one’s requirements and rights are at these border patrol dragnets? I travel to Florida often and the whole state is in the shaded area on the map.
    I hardly ever answer questions from authority figures or if I do, I’m purposely evasive and literal. At the airport, the TSA tries to strike up conversations in the line. One question, a casual “Where ya headin?’ My answer is “Gate B25” or “to the restroom.” Or pulled over by police and they want to know where I’ve been. I will just name the street I turned off of, instead of some answer like “at my drug dealer’s.” Once I was pulled over and he asked if I knew why he stopped me. (One of their faves. WHY do they do this??) Answer: “Well, I’m not sure, but I’m going to assume it’s because you believe I’ve committed some sort of traffic infraction?”
    I’ve yet to deal with border patrol, but I would like to know if I have to talk to them, present ID, etc.

    • When the TSA was established I was waiting for the airlines to be in serious trouble financially since nobody would fly once they’d experienced the abuse. Boy, did I underestimate the genital public. And no, I haven’t flown since…..and won’t.

      • When 9-11 happened I hoped America would wake up to this PC nonsense and the resulting growing big government. I was dead wrong, the opposite occurred, it’s only made it ten times worse and happen even faster.


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