How About We Vote…

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To take away Bloomberg and Obama’s “assault weapons”?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg  pledged that supporters of an assault-weapons ban would get a vote in Congress.

“We’ve been fighting since 2007 to get a vote. We are going to have a vote for sure on assault weapons and we’re going to have a vote on background checks,” said the prominent gun-control advocate in an interview aired Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“If we were to get background checks only, it wouldn’t be as good as if we got both, but look, we demanded a plan and then we demanded a vote. We’ve got the plan, we’re going to get the vote,” he said.



  1. Expect prices for guns and ammo to double or triple. Expect prices for internet access and internet purchased products to double or triple. Expect prices to travel to double or triple.

    The American Economy and the World Economy cartel system and its permanent inflation and rationing is best understood as the Bootleggers and Baptists paradigm.

    Bootleggers and Baptists Paradigm – Discovered by Bruce Yandle

    The socialist dream of all working at what they want when they want yet enjoying plenty. The nationalist dream of your race being self-sufficient and able to segregate. The capitalist dream of everyone being wealthy producers and mastering nature. The religious dream of all having time for prayer, reflection, and performing charity.

    We have advanced so far and learned so much. All those dreams are attainable right now and at the same time for eternity. We could all be happy and free. Instead we allow ourselves to be manipulated by the world cartels to imprison and enslave each other. The name of this enslavement paradigm? The bootlegger and the baptist.

  2. Incremental-ism at its finest. Going for the mile (banning of “assault” weapons) but settle on an inch (universal backround checks).

    Now that the price of guns and (especially) ammo are way out of reach for most “normal” people, as the generations go on there will inevitably be less and less guns for the people and all the more power for the government.

    I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir by saying this, but I’d like to add that fully automatic machine guns are not illegal to own, they just can’t have been manufactured after 1986 for “civilian” possession (thanks Reagan, and 80’s congress). I mention this because I consistently hear the MSM (mainly conservatives) talk about how we “already outlawed the ‘real’ assault weapons”. Yeah, “we” sure as hell didn’t.


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