Heroes Unbuckled

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A reader sent me the following video, which puts into stark relief the double standard that applies to cops vs us:

Probably you have seen such flouting of “the law” by the enforcers of the law yourself.  It is a routine thing – a commonplace. Cops “speed” – and they don’t buckle-up for safety. Or at least, don’t have to. Chiefly, because no one demands they do so – with the ever-looming threat of “or else” not hanging over their heads. There are no “safety” checkpoints for cops, either – even though it’s just as possible a cop might be driving drunk as it is possible one of us might be driving drunk.  But cops get a pass… because they are cops. Apparently, a potentially drunk cop is not dangerous.

Only we are.cop lead

Same goes for all the rest of it. A cop “speeding” is – apparently – able to suspend the law (according to cops) that “speed kills.” When one of us “speeds,” of course, it always “kills.” Even though it doesn’t – not necessarily or even probably.

Yet when a cop’s “speed” does actually kill – as in this example – the consequences are, well, different. Instead of immediate arrest and multiple serious charges, the cop whose speeding did kill gets placed on administrative leave for a time. Meaning he gets a paid vacation. Eventually, he will probably be turned loose with a tut-tutting (and perhaps not even that, as in the case of the cop in the link above who did kill). There are many such stories, incidentally. This cop who killed is far from the only one who killed. Or who committed an act that would result in anyone else – that is, anyone not wearing a state-issued costume – being dragged from their car at gunpoint and thrown into a cage.

For instance, this porker:

First, he deliberately obstructs other drivers. When one of them manages to get around and past him, the porker accelerates, then darts in front of the Mere Mundane and deliberately slams on his brakes, causing a minor crash. And does not stop. This is hit and run – in some states, possibly a felony. Committed by a cop – in a cop car. Had a not-cop done this in sight of this same cop, you can imagine what would have happened next. Instead, nothing happened. Because the cop – being a cop – can perform a hit and run and just… drive away. After all, who is going to stop him?cops 2

Cops can also be sloppy, even reckless shooters – as well as shoot first and be asked questions later. If at all. There is, on the other hand, a tremendous weight of repercussions and responsibility heaped upon any Mere Mundane who uses a firearm, ever – even when he uses it expertly and with obvious justification. Some states require, for instance, that a homeowner awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of someone breaking into their home either retreat or attempt to divine the “intent” of the person breaking into their home. If it turns out later that the burglar was an unarmed teen just looking to steal something, the homeowner will be in serious trouble.

There is no “Officer Safety” escape clause. You know, the one that empowers a cop to kill an unarmed teen – or anyone else who (you guessed it) represents a “threat” (as they see it)  to … ta-dum …”Officer Safety.” As in this example.

There are many other such examples.brutal cop 1

Logically, one might be led to the strange conclusion that cops – being “trained” and supposedly expert in handling stressful situations – ought to be held to a higher standard. In fact, they are held to much lower – and far more lenient – standard when it comes to the use of deadly force and much else besides. One might even say they have a license to kill.

If on the other hand you’re a Mere Mundane and you use deadly force, even in a case of inarguable self-defense, you’d better have all your ducks in order. And even then, you may be in deep trouble. Your weapon might be “illegal” – and thus your use of it in self-defense, even in your own home – sufficient legal justification to send you to prison for many years.

Cops, of course, are exempt from the firearms prohibitions that apply to us.

Even if the use of your firearm is decreed to be legally “justifiable,” you are still (in most states) vulnerable to a civil suit that may ruin you. But cops – even those who recklessly discharge their firearms and grossly abuse their authoritay – receive free (that is, paid for by tax victims) legal defense and – in most cases – are not held personally liable for their mayhem. The doctrine of “sovereign immunity” applies to them. It means, they are held to a lesser standard of accountability for their actions – which is perverse, given they are the ones charged with enforcing “the law” and so ought to know it (and follow it) better than we do.2009 Armed Forces Inaugural Committee

But of course, that’s not how it works.

The enforcer class – the people in special costumes – get a special pass. And so, naturlich, do the members of the political class – the true American aristocracy – for whom the enforcer class really works. For example, Dear Leader Obama and his entourage are not required  to submit to the indignity of a TSA gantlet before boarding their aircraft. The same goes for other high muckety mucks. But, why? Is it not just as possible that one of them “might be a terrorist?” It’s arguably more plausible that one of these anointed might be a terrorist than someone’s 86-year-old granny – or their handicapped six-year-old. But who gets fondled and questioned and scanned?brezhnev 1

No authoritay tells Gauleiter Boomberg how much soda he may consume within the confines of his gau. Nor how many “assault weapons” his praetorian guards may possess.

No one tells Obama to buckle-up (or else) in his car.

There are no “safety” checkpoints for the leadership nomenklatura of the USSA. They are free to travel – to come and go – as they wish.

Only we are not.

Which brings up an interesting historical parallel. Back when the old USSR still existed, the nomenklatura of that police state also had unrestricted use of the “public” roads. Party Zil limos could be seen operating at high speed, heedless of  traffic lights and laws and nary a “papers, please” checkpoint to bother about. Such things were only for the proletariat.final resist

Just as they are now, today, in the USSA.

The question facing us is, simply: How long will we continue to tolerate this two-tiered system of injustice? Of one standard for them – and another for us?

That is, how much longer will we accept being  lorded over by fatuous glad-handers and control freaks who treat us with utter contempt while keening about how it’s all for our own good – and must be done in order to keep us safe?

The truth is they’re working overtime to keep themselves safe. From us.

For damn good reason.

Throw it in the Woods?


  1. San Diego hero cop writes a ticket for smoking on a public sidewalk, smashes the man’s phone to the ground for recording him, smashes the man’s face to the ground, and puts the man in a cage for obstruction.

    — — — —
    NYPD Are Required to Stop and Frisk by Gautlier Bloomberg

  2. Firemen also receive a free pass by the police. My two older brothers retired from the San Francisco Fire Department. Whenever they were stopped for speeding or whatever infraction, they would just flash their Firemen ID and were free to go. Firemen always place ID stickers on their rear windows to tell police who they are. It’s a buddy system of government employees.

    • I generally hold no animus toward firefighters because at least they provide a useful, often life-saving service (rather than a life-endangering threat like their porcine counterparts). Granted, that life-saving service can –and definitely should– be completely privatized, but at least firefighters don’t generally go out prowling like rabid wild animals looking for trouble. But you’re right: it’s really douchebaggy of these two firemen emeritus to be “copping” (pun intended) favors from their porcine cousins.

      Incidentally, one of the most tragic things I remember reading a couple of years back on a link from the old Copwatch forums was the story of a firefighter somewhere who was awarded multiple commendations for some act going far above and beyond the call of duty. I recall reading the guy quoted as saying that his greatest aspiration in life was to become a cop. I almost vomited after the words hit my eyes. Talk about lowering your standards and self-expectations! Then again, if being a cop is his life’s dream, he probably DESERVES to be one.

      • Dear liberranter,

        Good analysis of the comparative moral status of the two occupations.

        Actually, I am truly loath to refer to “law enforcement” as an “occupation.”

        It’s more a mental disorder than any sort of “occupation,” let alone “profession.”

      • liberranter, I have respect for firefighters as a rule. They will risk their lives to help save others quicker than the porkers who ALWAYS put “officer safety” above all else.

    • Hi Meth,

      “tagged for emails…too busy to respond…”

      Not following… are you experiencing problems accessing the site?

      I mention it because we are having some kind of as-yet-undiagnosed issue that is causing us major problems as far as traffic/people accessing the site. I think we finally got on someone’s radar, if you know what I mean.

      • Sorry Eric–I wanted to keep up with the comments on this article, so I just put in a placeholder comment so I could check the follow-up-by-email button.

        The site’s working fine for me and I seem to be getting most comments by email on other articles.

        Occasionally it takes a hiatus and I get no emails for a day or so…

  3. To the question posed by Eric as to how much longer the so-called “citizens” of this country will allow the government to abuse them, the answer is they will always take the abuse. It is long past the time when this should have been stopped. Too many people don’t even see the abuses; too many people in love with flags, uniforms and authority; too many people believe they are the government. The only rising up the people are going to do is to go get another beer while watching the latest television show.

    • Hi Rich,

      I share your despair – because, you’re right. History cannot be disputed. The tragedy – as in any country, including the old USSR and Nazi Germany – is that there are millions of people who revile authoritarianism and would eagerly live in a voluntarist society where force except in self defense is anathema. Unfortunately, as you correctly note, such people have always been in the minority.

      I’ve come to the conclusion that humanity (not all humans, but the race, generally) is not sufficiently evolved – intellectually, ethically – to live in freedom. To insist on theirs – and to respect that of others with equal fervor.

      Therefore, our desired free society is a future thing. The only other option being some latter-day John Galt inventing FTL drive – and finding a suitable second Earth – and quietly taking off for there with like-minded people, leaving this Earth behind.

      • Eric, thanks for the response. I fully agree with you that the human race is for the most part not sufficiently evolved yet to live in freedom. The need to be ruled by others is so ingrained that most people never even think about it. However, it would help greatly if people would develop a little curiosity as to why things are the way they are. There are reasons that individuals accused of crimes have rights, why government powers should be limited, etc. For several centuries before the present one, the human race seemed to be gradually understanding these things. Modern Americans seem all too willing to throw this progress away. It is quite irritating to watch this happen!

        • Hi Rich,

          Yeah – and depressing, too.

          “Conservative” Republicans are especially exhausting. I’ve gotten to the point I can hardly deal with them at all.

          • Eric-

            My wife and I just visited some family in North Carolina. We took Route I-81 to I-77. Somewhere before the I-77 exit (exit 81), my wife noticed a sign for, yep, you guessed it:


            Is the town close to you?

        • Yeah, ‘Murricuns be Stoopid.
          Who knew?

          And every time we try to elevate our fellow man, entropy (path of least resistance) takes over.
          Better to forego our nobler impulses (uplift, if you will) and go back to using the nincompoops as fertilizer. At least that we they’ll be contributing something positive… AND, they won’t be f*cking sh!t up for the rest of us, a two-fer.

          I’m reminded of how there was not so long ago a surplus of labor, and shortage of jobs. Early Industrial Revolution. We refined things, got a labor movement, made it more costly for competitors to enter the market, and increased education – yet we still have quite a surplus of labor, and are rapidly growing that exependable labor pool.

          Ever wonder WHY?

  4. Seat belts? Most of these A-holes cheat on their wives. What are you going to do if you find one flirting with your wife on Face Book? Happens all the time. Many of These cowards hide behind their badge. They get a pass when they deserve an ass kicking.

    • In my case? He could have her, but NO BACKSIES!
      But i’m an embittered SOB who figures he deserves what he gets… 😀

  5. What? You haven’t made a THIN BLUE LINE sticker for your car?

    You know, the little black sticker with a blue line through the middle horizontally.

    Cops use it to I.D. their personal cars and communicate that they are members of the elite to the other elitists in blue.

    I’d put one on my car to gain immunity from tickets but then my neighbors might shun me as “one of them”.

  6. Hi Eric,

    The way the term “Hero” has been cheapened and downgraded in this country irritates me to no end. To actually refer to these revenuing, costumed, enforcers as “heros” really pisses me off.
    Another thing, does anybody here get irritated at the elaborate funeral processions these regime porkmeisters receive when one of these goons actually does get harmed in the line of “duty” ?
    They travel for miles with lights on going through traffic lights while the rest of us mundanes have to pull over and have our lifes put on hold as these grand processions go to wherever the worship service is being held at. Naturally all those attending are probably being paid for being there in costume. These people believe themselves to be above all of us and we are the enemy to them.
    Cops deserve our contempt and suspicion.

    • The way the term “Hero” has been cheapened and downgraded in this country irritates me to no end. To actually refer to these revenuing, costumed, enforcers as “heros” really pisses me off.

      If everybody is a hero, then nobody is (similarly, if everybody is a “terrist,” then nobody is).

      Another thing, does anybody here get irritated at the elaborate funeral processions these regime porkmeisters receive when one of these goons actually does get harmed in the line of “duty” ?

      Absolutely, but even more infuriating are the hordes of retarded Clovers (or do I repeat myself?) who, despite being regularly robbed, abused, and trampled by the dead porker and his fellow litter mates, share in the tears shed by the pokers and their families. THESE are the people I want to collectively pummel. Compared to these insufferable imbeciles, a line of baconmobiles and a hearse tying up rush-hour traffic is almost an amusement.

      Naturally all those attending are probably being paid for being there in costume. These people believe themselves to be above all of us and we are the enemy to them.

      Again, going back to my fantasy of disrupting a bacon burial procession with a troop of donut-juggling clowns on motorcycles.

      Cops deserve our contempt and suspicion.

      The good news is that, even though there is still a Clover majority that worships them as “heroes in blue,” the scales are tipping. More and more of us with each passing day are showing cops the contempt and suspicion that they so richly deserve. It the trend continues, the pork-worshiping Clovertards will be in the minority.

      • ” THESE are the people I want to collectively pummel.”

        HELL yeah, liberranter. They’re exactly the type who try to drown out any political debate by chanting “USA USA USA”.

        Fuck’em and feed’em fish heads.

    • Dear press,

      The way the term “Hero” has been cheapened and downgraded in this country irritates me to no end. To actually refer to these revenuing, costumed, enforcers as “heros” really pisses me off.

      Couldn’t agree more.

      How about “football hero?” One becomes a “hero” for playing ball???

      On the topic of who is and is not a “hero,” I recommend a great movie, one of my all time favorites. One I would include among the 10 movies I would want with me on a desert island.

      Its title is “Hero.” In some countries it was billed as “Accidental Hero.”


      Funny, smart, underrated comedy (8/10), 13 February 2001
      Author: Paul Kydd (Paul.Kydd@btinternet.com) from Edinburgh, Scotland

      HERO is a funny, smart, vastly underrated screwball comedy about mistaken identity, and what exactly it is that constitutes “heroism”.

      Dustin Hoffman plays Bernie Laplante, a small-time crook and generally unpleasant individual, who one rainy night is reluctantly drawn into helping rescue 54 passengers from a burning plane, after it has crashed into a Chicago bridge right in front of him! One of the survivors is Gale Gayley (Geena Davis), a glamorous news reporter, whose TV station decides to offer $1 million for an exclusive interview with the mysterious “Angel of Flight 104”, who simply disappeared into the dark of the night before his act of bravery could be recognized, leaving one of his shoes behind amid the chaos.

  7. Last week I came to a stop sign I come to every day to make a right hand turn onto the street I live on. A single lane sleepy street. I saw multiple cops lights flashing up ahead so I knew something was afoot. I had just been to the dog park down the street with my dog and was coming home. I stopped and made the right onto my street. One of the cops I clearly saw before the stop sign zoomed out and pulled me over. A minute later I had no less then four cruisers behind me, again on the street I live a few hundred yards from my house. I’m a 40 something year old white guy driving a Lexus GX 470 with my dog. I have no neck tattoos or any other dangerous looking anything. However the cops were all tatted up. I open all the windows in the SUV, turn off the engine, and place my keys on top of the dash to make the paranoid F**ks comfortable. So the prick comes over to my window and says I remember you. Last Labor Day he got me going 11 mph over on a busy six lane road where the speed limit suddenly drops from 50 to 35mph. The entire time he is writing me the ticket, another cop who claims to be the captain is standing at my passenger side window lecturing me in a mean and intimidating way. Saying I wasn’t being cooperative and asking me if I stole $1,000 or if I stole $1 would I still be a thief. My S3 battery was low otherwise I would have recorded it. I won’t go into all the details of what they said and how it made me feel but it sucked and was completely unwarranted. I even said at one point “hey I’m one of the good guys”. Not to them I am. I have donated money to a few different police associations. NEVER AGAIN. So the ticket is $170 and I hired a lawyer for $160 so I don’t get points on my license. What a sham. A complete and total shakedown. I mentioned to the captain that they were just taxing me and he started yelling at me and said the police department only gets $1.47 out of every ticket and the rest goes to the clerk of the court. As if I care which state agency gets what of my hard earned money.

      • No “running” a stop sign even though I came to a stop. And he also ticketed me for not having the right insurance card even though he knew full well by running my info that I have full coverage on the vehicle.

        • You should setup a clover cam rig in your unit. I have my camera setup, charged, and plenty of memory available AT ALL TIMES. I even have the Qik app installed on my phone for instant web video upload. Sometimes I even roll with a third camera for more redundancy. Almost getting a gun pulled for a minor traffic stop will do that to ya. EVERY TIME I see a cop it’s “lights, camera, action!”

        • I forgot to mention the captain standing by my passenger side window and lecturing me, had his hand on his gun the entire stop.

          • I’ve fantasized more than once of having Claymore-style patches on the door, JUST IN CASE some a-hole deserves a permanent attitude adjustment.
            Drop two+ piggies, make the world a better place. And leaves an ugly corpse as a warning to other would-be oppressors.

    • Hi Jack,

      The fact that you were driving a Lexus is probably part of the reason you were singled out. I’ve had this happen to me, too. I’d be willing to bet that had you been driving an older Corolla, they’d have selected another victim. But, maybe not. Maybe they were just going to hassle everyone that day.

      Really sorry to hear about it – but, on the other hand, it’s encounters of this sort that help wake people up to the realities of “law enforcement.”

    • “I have donated money to a few different police associations. NEVER AGAIN. ”

      I don’t either. Last time they called, I told their telemarketer that I wouldn’t piss on a cop if he was on fire. Probably a dumb thing to say, but it made me feel better. Before that, I used to tell them that I gave at the clerk of court’s office.

      • It’s instinctively difficult for most people to come to grips with the fact that cops are their enemies. Because most people – being basically decent – implicitly accept that cops are there to “protect” people. Of course, they have no such obligation. It is, at best, incidental to what they do.

        Perhaps the most unintentionally beneficial thing TPTB did was to insist on a name change from “police” or “cops” to law enforcement.

        Yes, exactly.

        They enforce the laws. Any law. Every law. No matter how obnoxious, silly or outright vicious…. if it’s the law, it must be enforced.

        It puts in stark relief the nature of the job – and the relationship that exists between them and us.

  8. I have former friend who is in Vancouver SWAT. I have done several ‘ridealongs’ withhold. Late for coffee-siren on going through red lights. He would o a walk through while on duty at a bar on a sat night. Then come back 1 hour latter off duty drinking his face off for free. This is just standard practice. EVERY meal he eats on duty is FREE. He goes through drunk driving check stops drunk out of his face and just puts his badge on the dash and tools through. If he ever gets pulled over for a driving infraction he simply hands over his wallet with his badge open and goes free or he uses cop code words- “if you run me on CPIC you will see I am 10-10.”
    The abuse is excessive and never ends.

    • EVERY meal he eats on duty is FREE.

      I wonder: How many of these “free” meals are provided willingly and voluntarily by brainless Clovers who still, despite all evidence to the contrary before their very eyes, believe Porky to be a “hero” who “protects and serves”, and how many of these meals are forked over by bar and restaurant owners who are too terrified of Porky to make him open up his wallet and shell out some of his stolen money for his daily slops?

      I’m not sure I really want to know the answer to this…

    • Hi Mayer,

      Such a person deserves to be a former friend. I’m glad you’re no longer associating with him.

      I have a somewhat similar “relationship story.” Guy down the road from me is a state cop. I’ve had a few friendly/neighborly conversations with him and at one point, we bonded a bit over old bikes (he has an antique Suzuki, I have a few antique Kawasakis). He seemed like an ok guy. But I wonder how ok he’d be if he didn’t know me – and pulled me over for some bullshit “offense”? As a state cop, he no doubt has “busted” (that is, caged and kidnapped) people for a variety of non-crimes such as possessing arbitrarily illegal “drugs” and all the rest of it. Is it possible – is it right – to have friendly relations with such a person? In my recent column I advocated avoidance and shunning. Because the truth of the matter is these people have taken a side – and it’s not our side. I am more than willing to re-visit my appraisal in the event things change – if, say, the person changes his ways and chooses a different side (the right side, our side). But for now, such people are either asleep (that is, within the Matrix, believers in the orthodoxies of coercion and “we” should do “x,” etc.) or they are actively against us. We must respond accordingly.

      • “if, say, the person changes his ways and chooses a different side”

        It might be good to read the guide: Rats.

        Better to know such things ahead of time, imho.

        Rats is your guide to protecting yourself against snitches, informers, informants, agents provocateurs, narcs, finks, and similar vermin.

        Find it at http://rats-nosnitch.com/.

        Four different formats for reading. One bundle of HTML files for mirroring on your own site. All free.

    • Dear Mayer,

      EVERY meal he eats on duty is FREE.

      I have long said that ‘Murica is not really that different from China, even China during its worst periods.

      This practice is known in China as “吃霸王飯” or “eating overlord meals.”

      You’re the local warlord or triad boss, so your meals are “gratis.”

      If ya know what’s good for ya.

      • Morning, Bevin!

        I’ve never been to China, so I can’t say – but it seems that a big difference between the tyranny there vs. here is the Chinese version isn’t suffused with the unctuous moralizing that characterizes the tyranny of the USSA. The Chinese say: Just do it – or else. In the USSA, they insist it’s for our own good. That they are keeping us safe. Protecting our freedoms.

        But the just do it – or else – is still there. And just as vicious.

        • Dear Eric,

          Top of the mornin’ to you!

          The Chinese mainland is more like you describe.

          The Taiwan Region of China is more like the “kinder, gentler” “it’s for your own good” American model.

          But as you rightly note, the bottom line is no different.

        • Dear Eric,

          Reminds me of Rand’s term “moral cannibalism.”

          Basically the “liberal democratic” model of government, the one so highly praised by Francis Fukuyama and his fellow Neocons, the one that TPTB want to bomb other people into adopting, is moral cannibalism with better table manners.

          They still practice cannibalism, but they use a knife and fork instead of their bare hands. In other words, they hold “free and fair elections.”

          Adopt genuine civilization and abide by the NAP?

          Are your crazy? What kind of nutjob, looney bin, tinfoil hat notion is that?

  9. The question which solves a lot of these problems was asked by Juvenal, a Roman poet, long ago: “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”

    Basically renders down to “Who watches the watchmen?”

    Right now our system tasks those who watch to police themselves. The end of that system is gross abuse of authority. The only way to bring the police under control is to setup citizen review boards that are tasked with deciding administrative/criminal charges for wrongdoing. Those review boards have to be extremely fluid (meaning seats change hands ALOT) and have hard limits on how often one can serve on one during a given timeframe.

    If the police have that kind of oversight they will be less likely to pick on people as those people might hold their future in their hands at a later date.

  10. It’s uncomfortable and inconvenient for cops to wear seat belts so they don’t have to. Just ask a cop. They are allowed to make their own decisions for themselves, but us mundanes aren’t.

    • Yes BrentP, that’s what passes for “equal protection under the law” these days I’m afraid. The animal farm analogy really does apply as SlaveDjango pointed out. The farmers (the PTB) allow the working dogs (the cops) more self determination than the sheep or cattle (the rest of us). For we the sheeple and Homo Bovinae, they have this so-called system of justice. For the bankers, the politi-whores, their other toadies in the MSM and the cops there’s a system of “just us” as Celente says. Until “we” reach that roughly 20% awareness level, that’s how it will stay. But I’m pleased to say that I’m meeting more and more rank and file proles that know what’s going on and they ain’t happy about it. Oh yeah, they’ve put me in the queue for jury duty again. They may not like the results if I’m empaneled. We can only hope…

      • No doubt. People are waking up. I can’t even tell you how many people I’ve talked to lately that have changed their stance from a year ago. Just had one of these conversations over the weekend!

        • Thanks libertyx. I’ve known about FIJA and preached their gospel for years. The next step here in Missour-uh (as well as all the other states that have not done so) is to pass laws at least allowing defendants to inform jurors of their right, no their obligation, to vote their conscience irrespective of “the law.” Better yet, I want to see it made a legal requirement that any judge must instruct jurors of this fact and its historical basis (hey, one can hope).

          Once we really get the kindling of jury nullification lit, the fire will take off on its own. I make sure to inform any friends and neighbors that are potential jurors. I gave my wife a copy of the FIJA pamphlet before she went for jury duty, but when she refused to take the judge’s little oath of obeisance they didn’t pick her. Fortunately, I’m well enough versed in the literal truth that I can probably affirm their neutering oath and still nullify in good conscience. When enough people are aware the game changes. Then the war on drugs and rule by judicial fiat will soon be over.

  11. Cops leave their cars locked up and running while unattended too.
    I do believe they give the rest of us tickets if we do the same, especially in the Winter.

    Somewhat related: I saw this bit with video about a woman standing up for herself against two cops in California and I thought of your blog:


    Also, I wonder if the cops in Cyprus are excluded from the state sanctioned theft going on over there? Do they get super-sized salaries to compensate, like they do in the unitedstate?

    • J, cops don’t use cell phones. They use microwave spectrum radios. BIG difference. A microwave spectrum radio is a lot more expensive because only cops can buy them.

      Pay attention here! This stuff is important 🙂

        • Eric (the other Eric), very correct. We don’t talk about that though. And we *swear* we pull over before we take a call from dispatch. Really.

          On the other hand we usually don’t pull over if we’re getting a call from the wife, and woe be to the man that doesn’t answer when “she who must be obeyed” calls. 🙂

        • The spring equinox has come and gone but our family are celebrating today. I look at my grandchildren and wonder what will happen to them in this cowardly new world.

    • By the way, cops have special training in the subtle art of texting while driving. They have highly paid secretaries in the passenger seat to take dictation. That way they aren’t distracted while driving…

  12. There are no “safety” checkpoints for cops, either – even though it’s just as possible a cop might be driving drunk as it is possible one of us might be driving drunk. But cops get a pass… because they are cops. Apparently, a potentially drunk cop is not dangerous.

    And apparently the MSM doesn’t think so either, because they seldom seem interested in reporting the multiple incidents of pickled porkers who cause accidents (not just a few of them fatal to the other driver) on the nations roads each year. As I’ve posted on other threads here before, I can attest, having been a direct eye witness to many instances, porkers are the reigning champions of DUI/DWI. After all, who’s gonna pull’em over and throw’em in the clink when/if they get caught?

  13. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

    ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    It’s time…

      • Dear Ghost,

        Amen to that.

        Sovereign immunity, or crown immunity, is a legal doctrine by which the sovereign or state cannot commit a legal wrong and is immune from civil suit or criminal prosecution.

        In constitutional monarchies the sovereign is the historical origin of the authority which creates the courts. Thus the courts had no power to compel the sovereign to be bound by the courts, as they were created by the sovereign for the protection of his or her subjects.

        In the United States, the federal government has sovereign immunity and may not be sued unless it has waived its immunity or consented to suit.

        Interesting, eh?

        The feds in the US, supposedly an advancement over monarchy, enjoy the same legal immunity as royalty.

        We the People need to WAKE UP!

        Under our “liberal democracy” government officials are not our servants. They are our masters. We are their slaves.

        We need to stop congratulating ourselves on how free we are compared to the Chinese or Russians.

    • I want to know where the DHS is storing their bullet purchases. It would be a real shame if their depot became our depot.

      Copperhead Road… great lyrics in the description area…. This is why Prohibition ended. We can end the drug war the same way. And the IRS too.

    • This is a Russian SWAT Team killing an innocent man. It is hard to distinguish this from the behavior of our own version of the NKVD:


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