New truck for women shot by Hero Cops

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But of course, no charges for the Hero Cops who recklessly shot at two innocent women – whom the Hero Cops mistook for a large, bald black man (Chris Dorner):

“A mother and daughter newspaper delivery team who were mistakenly shot by Los Angeles police hunting for a fugitive former cop will get a new pickup truck courtesy of the department.

LAPD Cmdr. Andrew Smith says the department’s Chief Charlie Beck met with the women in their Torrance home Saturday to apologize and tell them he had arranged for someone to donate a new pickup truck.

The truck will be donated early this week, Smith said.

The women were accidentally struck by gunfire in the pre-dawn hours Thursday after it was reported that Christopher Dorner was sighted in the area. Beck called it a case of mistaken identity.

Dorner has vowed to avenge his firing from the department, which he wrote in an online manifesto was retaliation for reporting officer violence.”

News story here.

Now, what do you suppose would happen if a Mere Mundane (you know, one of us) as opposed to a Costumed Enforcer “mistakenly” shot at a couple of innocent women?

They’d be caged – and charged with attempted second or third degree murder – or reckless endangerment and attempted manslaughter at the very least.

And rightly so.

So why are Hero Cops held to a different standard? If anything, Hero Cops ought to be held to a higher standard. After all, they’re “trained” and “professional,” right? Isn’t that we we’re constantly told?


    • Yup – and, typical.

      Hero cops can shoot people – innocent bystanders – “in the line of duty” and it’s treated with kid gloves. But if any of us even brandished a gun in public….

  1. A new truck? I hope she didn’t settle for that.
    Those cops should be up on attempted murder charges.
    But the media has cast this whole thing as if we should have sympathy for the cops. The women just collateral damage.

    This is how things are done in the occupied territories.
    Paranoid occupiers shoot up the wrong people.
    Others patch them up if they lived, a pittance is paid in compensation.
    the guilty go free.
    the occupation contiunes.

  2. Sometimes you wonder, where did all this madness begin? Where do these imbeciles all come from? They must all have something in common.

    Turns out Gustave Courbet (b.1819 – d.1877) figured it out in the 19th century. Here is his most famous quote.

    “I am fifty years old and I have always lived in freedom; let me end my life free; when I am dead let this be said of me: ‘He belonged to no school, to no church, to no institution, to no academy, least of all to any regime except the regime of liberty.”

    I present to you, the world’s most enlightened painting.

    Gustave Courbet’s – The origin of the world.

  3. What happened to that second truck that got shot at? It would seem the cops are more than anxious to make sure he’s “suicided” before he can say more.

  4. “Hero” cops?!? Please tell me this is a joke…

    It’s more like: “trigger happy thugs wearing badges shooting innocent people.” Or “police going wacko when something happens involving one of their own.”


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