A “Hero” Attacks

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While filming the breezeway between the Sheriff’s Office of Dallas and the county justice complex, a photographer was assaulted, battered, and verbally threatened for legally filming.

As dozens of Dallas county employees were leaving the complex, presumably at shift change, some “heroes” became angry that they were being filmed in public.  An individual later identified as J. Joseph declared, “I’m going to take that phone” and proceeded to chase the photographer down the public walkway. She then declares loudly, “I’m going to whoop his ass” and proceeds to remove her belt to “tear [his] little ass up.” Other “heroes” can be heard cheering Joseph on: “Whoop his ass!” and “Go get him J!” Another “hero” grabbed the photographer by the arm in an attempt to physically bully and detain him.

Imagine what these “heroes” would have done to any private citizen who dared to touch their sacred person… .

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  1. And had the photographer rightfully defended himself from the assault and toppled the unbalanced overweight piggy over, one can be certain that he’d ‘at best’ be arrested, but, more than likely receive street justice and summary execution from the other ‘heroes’.


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