Pacing a Hero

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Here’s a video I took the other day of a Park Police Hero ignoring the speed limit:

You know – the speed limit Heroes force us to obey.

Park Heroes are especially strict about enforcing the speed limit on the Blue Ridge Parkway which they patrol, where doing 9 MPH over – like the Hero in this video – would mean a ticket (and $150 fine, plus subsequent insurance mafia “surcharge”) for us.

These Heroes know as well as any of us that the speed laws are ridiculous – and so ignore them, just as we do.

The difference is we don’t spend our days hassling – and ticketing – our fellow men for this “offense.”

Only Heroes do that.

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  1. 55mph? Uggh,,,, must be the same a**holes that won’t raise the speed limit on the tollways in Chicago, even though the politicians “allowed” them to raise them and everyone already does 70 (when its not all jammed up). They should allow at least 70 on your very rural road.

    If I were the ruler of Amerika, I would rather have speed minimums rather then limits. IMHO slow drivers are the dangerous ones, not the “speeders”.

    • Hi Rich,


      I’d go further: Get rid of speed limits entirely.

      They are a “one size fits all” example of arbitrary government BS.

      Also, another victimless crime (and thus, no crime at all).

      • How about getting rid of traffic control completely? It would make drivers focus on what they are supposed to be doing behind the wheel and cities would have to manage their finances without shaking down drivers.

        • I agree, Yeti!

          The only excuse – and that’s not the right word – for making a driver pay out money is when his driving has resulted in a tangible harm to some other person or their property. This business of fining people for “violating a statute” is just what you called it… a shake down.

    • 70? Where have you been? Speeds are back up over 80 now that gas has been cheap for awhile. Except if I go over 80 I get to spend time in cook county jail. But I am getting passed constantly by people doing over 80. That lovely trade… 26 over is six months in jail but they’ll raise the speed limit to 70. HA!

      Oh and the ISP still doing their 90-120mph. Did I ever show you guys my video of the ISP’s go 90+ and nail a “speeder” for going slower technique?
      Watch the grey Ford:
      I’m doing 55mph here so it takes awhile to catch up.


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