Hero Cop Thinks Fire Lanes Are Parking Spots

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 Scott Posvar was walking down the sidewalk just as a Hero was returning to his cruiser. The Hero had parked in the fire lane in order to run into a store and purchase a card for someone. Posvar asks the Hero: “Do you think it’s OK to abuse your power like this to pick up a card?” The Hero says it is and promptly tells him to have a good day.

Scott comments on his attitude and lack of respect when dealing with the public. Clearly this Hero was not too happy about being called out. The double standard is glaring. Any one of us who chose to park in the fire lane in order to conduct personal business would have been ticketed and had our vehicle towed. However in this case it’s OK because it’s a Hero  and once they put on their magic suit everything from parking violations to murder is treated differently.

Scott told us that the Hero then followed him and pulled him over for failing to signal. Scott says he knows he signaled because he knew the Hero was behind him.

Actions like those of the Hero in this video prove more and more that these Heroes are just adult children and like most children do not respond well to criticism. When embarrassed these children often look for the quickest form of retribution in order to re-install their sense of self worth and impress upon anyone who may have witnessed it that they are not to be challenged or you too will suffer the consequences.


  1. If a fire were to occur, the officer would hear the broadcast on his portable radio. Leaving ample time to move the car. The general public does not walk around with a police radio.Clover

    • Joe,

      Is there an exemption for Heroes written in the law? If not, then the Hero was breaking the law and you are just making excuses for that.

    • Then why are people ticketed for parking occupied vehicles in a fire lane?
      If someone is there to move the car immediately then there should be no issue, correct?


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