Hero Cunt Thinks Cell Phone is Gun

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I’ve had it with civility:


  1. Erik Scott was murdered by a porker who looked and acted a lot of Curley of the Three Stooges, thought his cell phone was a gun.
    A West Point graduates and stand up guy, good person by all accounts killed by a half-wit idiot who faced no consequences for that killing.

    His family described what happened next:

    Erik turned to find three officers facing him, guns drawn, and all three shouting different commands: “Get on the ground!” “Drop your weapon!” “Keep your hands up!” Erik held his hands up, spoke calmly, told them he DID have a concealed firearm and a legal CCW and was an ex-Army officer. His girlfriend was screaming about Erik being a West Point grad, former Army officer, etc. Erik leaned to his left, hands still up, to expose the pistol, and repeated, “I am disarming; I am disarming.” Witnesses say he started to lower his right hand, palm OUT, perhaps intending to remove holster and gun together — but never got the hand below his shoulder, when one of the cops (believed to be William Mosher, who had committed a fatal shooting in 2006) shot Erik in the chest with a .45-caliber semi-automatic weapon. Erik dropped to his knees, clearly in shock, his face a picture of disbelief. He was shot a second time and collapsed. The rest is ugly. The three officers unloaded again, firing a total of seven hollow-point rounds. At least four, possibly five, hit Erik in the back, after he was on the ground and dying.
    Two experts hired by Scott’s family examined his body. They claim that of the seven .45 ACP hollowpoint bullets fired into Scott’s body, one was fired through his armpit, suggesting his arm was raised at the time. Four remaining shots were fired into his back. There were no exit wounds, making it all but impossible for police to claim that investigators misread through-and-through wounds.

  2. The bush pig is obviously trying the “authority” tactic, then when refused has to simply resorts to lying. The other cop didn’t step in, so he also knew that private property that’s not an immediate hazard can’t be confiscated – and all the other rules that go with public servants in public places.

    It’d be a better idea to record them on concealed media rather than phones, that way we’d get to see about 10-fold what these pigs really get up to when they think there’s no witness.

    They lie to you on the street, in formal interviews (I’ve caught out a few – on their video!) and in court of all places. The system just makes it up as it goes along.

    Sorry officer, I can’t talk to you, because by and large it will be of no use to me whatsoever and, not personally, but track records of police so far leave a lot to be desired when justice and truth is at stake.

  3. Ed,
    Amazing how people allow such evil as you witnessed at 3 to exist – and then tell us it’s GOOD.
    “They might have had rabies.”
    “They’re in a better place, with God.”

    Makes you wonder about the IQ of these people (Clovers).

    As to the cell phone being a gun, grant me some leeway, as I can’t see the video at work.
    But there DO exist cell phones converted to fire bullets. Sort of a holdout or assassination weapon, though. One, maybe two shots, and that’s ALL, end of story. Since I can’t see the video, MAYBE (Yeah, right) there was a chance it was a bulky phone. But even if it were – how many people have to be shot and killed before we understand that IN A F*CKING DISARMED SOCIETY, WE THE PEOPLE DON’T HAVE GUNS – Only the POLICE DO. And therefore, they are the biggest de facto GANG we the people will have to face – AND they are better armed, AND better armored, AND they have an entitlement mentality, and think they’re ABOVE us mere mundanes.

    OBVIOUS conflict of interest – not that many of them would ever ADMIT to it; I’ve had cops say the weapon they carry is there for intimidation purposes, then DENY it in the next breath. They say they LOVE responsible CCW holders, whicvh seems to work out to, You have the CCW, and a legally owned gun, which is somewhere SAFE – like your home. Safe for the OFFICER, of course. Should SWAT decide you might have done something illegal, or there might be a meth lab in your home, or you were ratted out because a snitch wanted to make a buck – that SAFE gun better be locked up where you can’t get to it, or you’ll likely be shot dead, or allowed to bleed out… When you respond (as a REASONABLE PERSON would) to intruders kicking in your door at 3 AM.

    The animal hasn’t changed since ancient times. Likely never will.

    • Jean, the impression cops make on kids is lasting. Imagine the impression a kid gets seeing his dad, the one man in the world he expects to be his hero, beaten down or otherwise being forced to submit to some skinhead lardass. That kind of thing happens daily in this country.

      I think that there are many more people who despise cops than we might think. I wouldn’t piss on a cop’s head if his hair was on fire. Given a choice, I wouldn’t allow any tax money I pay to go for a cop’s salary, either. Of course, there’s no choice involved in taxation.

  4. Obviously, there’s something wrong with people who want to be cops. There’s even something wrong with people who will take the job just to have a job. “The job”, as they call it, doesn’t need to be done. In fact, it should not be done at all.

    Since 1968, when 2 Little Rock cops gave a friend of mine and me a ride to a bus station, I’ve never benefited from any contact I’ve had with cops. Even when the contact didn’t result in my being arrested or ticketed, no good came of it. I’ve never had a cop protect me from anything. In fact, I won’t call them because I know that their response is as likely to be to assault and arrest someone (maybe me) who has done nothing wrong, just to show that they are responding to a call.

    My earliest memory (when I was 3 or so) is of a cop coming out to our neighborhood and killing a stray female dog and her litter of pups. He just shot all of them dead and left them where they had been nursing the mother. That was typical cop behavior. They haven’t changed, except to become more numerous.

    Fuck cops, all of them everywhere.


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