Clover Cunt

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Get ready to get mad:

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  1. I can’t speak for all Texans…but THIS garbage would not fly down here. We’re well-armed and little pissants like that sniveling bitch know it.

    His mistake was letting her off the first time. He would have been completely within his rights physically restraining her; the cop (being an incompetent, ignorant pig…is that triply redundant?) would have arrested him. He then would have cleaned them out in court.

    However there’s a more direct avenue:
    Learn to practice the “Three S’s”: Shoot, Shovel, and Shut Up.

    On a more encouraging note, there are several recent videos of people stonewalling their way through checkpoints with their 4th amendment:
    Truck drivers stands up to unconstitutional checkpoint (

    • I wondered about that.

      What would have happened had the property owner physically prevented the little bitch from coming onto his land? What if he had been armed?

      I bet he would have been arrested for assault and battery upon a “public servant.” Perhaps even shot.

      He might have succeeded in beating the charge – but dead is dead.

      They have us over the proverbial barrel.

      The only hope is that enough people will begin to see what is happening and understand where things are headed if it’s not put a stop to.

      No more worship of “law enforcement heroes.” In its place, fulminating contempt for them. And the system, too.

      • I’ve been holding off reading Vin Suprinowicz’s “The Ballad of Carl Drega”. It’s a series of vignettes on just this type of intrusion; in fact the title character, Carl Drega, was a widower living on his large, remote property. He wanted to rebuild the river bank to its state prior to a devastating flood; the county apparatchiks wouldn’t grant him “permission”.

        It culminated with him taking the battle to them; from what I remember, he went to the office, shot a few of the bureaucrats who’d hounded him, then went home and waited for the cops…whom he sniped effectively until they finally got him.

        With tempers at a high and rising pitch, I expect more scenes like that–and when the Exalted Ones in Polyester start to actually fear for their lives, rather than hype it melodramatically (knowing full well they’re safer than roofers)…their enthusiasm will wane.

        Because Solzhenitsyn’s quote about “how we burned” didn’t happen in a country with two or three hundred million firearms.

        • I remember how Solzhenitsyn wondered why people hadn’t, instead of waiting for the knock-at-night, and pitch forked their oppressors. How things would have been different had people not been passive “rabbits”.

        • The news media never tells the tale of torment that results in people doing these things. They are always just ‘nuts’ and ‘kooks’. People who were unstable loners and such that went off for no apparent reason or for some trivial dispute.

          The deeper story is always much different.

    • While watching the video, I though to myself: The guy should have turned it around and asked the oink whether he’d mind if the property owner went over to his house and “looked around” some? After all, if he didn’t have anything to hide….

  2. If the “lady” knows she has the law on her side, what will be lost by getting the appropriate signed warrant from a judge?

    If she suspects evidence disappearing, she could have an officer watch the place. Or she could have been prepared in advance with the needed search warrant.

    I do not think the guy was being unreasonable in his requests.

    I think I saw the lady carrying a fishing pole in the video. I am not sure what she is looking for on that property and I do not think she knows either.

    In this video it appears that she wants in just because (she wants to look for something she might not like). I did not like that answer when I was little and I still do not like it.


    You are right I am mad. I get more annoyed with busybodies butting in where they do not belong.


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