Shoot ’em In The Back Hero Is Free on Bail

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Michael Slager, the former South Carolina police officer who was caught on video shooting Walter Scott in the back, was released on $500,000 bond early Monday.

According to USA TODAY:

Slager, 34, had been jailed in isolation for more than eight months since his arrest, The (Charleston) Post and Courier reported last month. His defense team in December asked Circuit Judge Clifton Newman to set his trial for the spring.

But prosecutor Scarlett Wilson is also prosecuting the case of Dylann Roof, the white suspect in the killings of nine black parishioners at a Charleston church — that trial is slated to take place in July. Wilson said a state Supreme Court order prevents her from trying other cases before that one. She had asked for a November trial date for Slager.

His attorneys asked the judge to free him, saying he would otherwise face 11 more months of incarceration, The Post and Courier reported.

Wilson opposed the release, saying there had been no change in circumstances to warrant it. “We believe the defendant remains, as the court found, a danger to the community and a flight risk,” she said.

Walter Scott, the father of the slain man, also addressed the judge, saying he often goes to the cemetery to visit his son’s flower-bedecked grave.

“If we let him out, he’s going to go home to see his wife and children. All I can look at is a pot of flowers,” Scott said.



  1. If the hero had been held in genpop instead of in isolation, there would have been no need for the hearing at which the judge set bond for him.

  2. Maybe some street justice will be meted out during this time. I believe if that was my son that was murdered, I could come up with a matching amount of $$$ to secure a gruesome end to his pathetic existence.

    • Yup.

      Now, imagine had the roles been reversed. Hero cop shot in the back by black mundane. There would have been a North Korean-style state funeral for the hero and endless paeans to the “fallen.”

      Plus calls to crucify the shooter – who would never see daylight again.


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