Hungry, Hungry Hero!

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Date of Interaction: May 16, 2014

There was a field day at an elementary school in Rexburg, Idaho. Parents flocked to eat lunch with their children, some having to walk a good distance due to parking. One parent happened to be Rexburg Police Officer S. Scott. Parking was not impossible to find, but Scott decided to park directly in front of a fire hydrant for the forty-five minute lunch given for field day. After hearing about his illegal parking from other parents, someone decided to call it in and confronted the Hungry Hero on camera.

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    • Yup.

      Meanwhile, any mere mundane who so much as put his hand near his weapon (if he happens to be armed) in an encounter with one of America’s Swinest has probably just signed his own death warrant.

      Clover would approve, of course.

      After all – look what you made him do!

  1. Ha. It was nice to see someone put a cop on The Spot, however; I wonder if ‘the law’ really is worded in such a way he can park there?
    I kind of doubt it, but who knows? And, does it matter? Empire is funny that way.

    An interesting thing I noticed, the cop had to start up his car to get his video recording system running. I wonder if that’s the case with All cop cars? If so, that certainly explains how cop video gets turned off in certain situations. If they don’t want video proof of what’s going down, they just shut off the motor. They can always claim “‘Oops’ I forgot.” Just like Hillary claimed years ago while in front of congress or some other investigative group as parodied on The Rush Limbaugh Show: “Oops, my mind is like jello”

    Anyway, the guy was gutsy for asking questions of a Centurion, I’ll give him that. Not as gutsy as the tatto dudes getting pulled over and one getting tazed for a seatbelt violation though.

    I’m not sure there was any plus side to the guy asking the cop questions, other than he questioned authority.
    The cop now has that guy in his sights.
    The cop isn’t gong to change.
    The approach the cops and their buddies have towards ‘the law’ and fire-hydrants is the same.

    Also, it’s just bizarre to me that a cop/father shows up at a school get-together with his kid while wearing a cop uniform. Years ago I would have said, “Who does that?” Nowadays, Halloween is everyday? Did the construction worker show up wearing his hard hat? Was the butcher wearing his apron? Was the candle-stick maker covered in wax? Ah, but the cop was “on duty”… which might make some people wonder: Then Why Was He There? He should be On Duty! …Ahem, but I’m glad he wasn’t, that’s just one moment less when he can mess with other people. KnowWhatIMean?

    In the background the butcher takes off his apron and hangs it up to attend a social function… even-though he never clocked-out.

    …And The Beat goes on.

  2. Now little kiddies I want you to pay attention to the nice (lazy-ass do nothing) DARE officer tell you how to grow up right and respect the law.


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