Hero Doesn’t Like Being Flipped The Bird

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The video below is interesting for several reasons. First, notice that the Hero barely speaks English – so it’s no surprise the Hero barely understands the Constitution he “swore” to uphold. The Hero had – apparently – honked his horn a another driver; the driver of that car flipped him the bird. Rude, perhaps. Illegal? No.

Yet the Hero used his Hero Powers (his gun and implied threats of violence) to pull the other driver over and harangue him about – not the law – but showing sufficient respect for his Heroic Personage:

The video starts with John recognizing that the officer is from another jurisdiction.  The officer asks, “what gives you the right to flip me off on the interstate?”John replies that the Supreme Court has ruled the middle finger to be a legal expression of free speech, then the officer says “oh oh… let me see your identification.”  John never identifies and the Hero eventually tells him he will receive a ticket in the mail.


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  1. Nutcase Prichard Alabama Police Officer Ivan Lopez Arrested After Road Rage Incident (8-31-12)

    A woman told police she was driving behind Lopez in his white Mercedes that night.

    She passed him because he was driving too slowly.

    As the woman approached the top of the bridge, she noticed Lopez in her rear view mirror, speeding towards her.

    The officer zoomed by her, cut her off, then completely stopped his car in front of her. She was forced to swerve to avoid hitting the car.

    “After I did that he came beside me and tried to hit me with his car. He kept swinging his car towards mine and I kept moving out of his way,” the woman said. “At one point, when he came up and started the same thing again, I held up my cell phone and I said, ‘please leave me alone, if you don’t, I’m calling the police.

    • Hi Tor,

      Interestingly, the incidents you linked to are from four years ago. And yet, the Hero is still a Hero… and doing the same Heroic things.

      • Just like the hero near me. He keeps doing his sh@t over and over and over and over. It likely won’t stop until he kills somebody, and that may STILL not get him off the street.

        Is this hero trying to solve major crimes or something? Nope, he rages over very minor TRAFFIC “offenses”. Don’t wear a seat belt? He smashes out your window and tazes you in front of your kids.


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