NY Hero Administers Wood Shampoo

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A Buffalo “hero cop” was caught on video beating a man with his nightstick, ordering him to stand up, but beating him when he tried.

The video was recorded by a local news videographer who was on the scene, which goes to show you how out of control the cop was to do that in front of the media.

Other cops had to pull officer Corey Krug off to keep him from further beating the man in a parking lot.

Krug apparently has been sued before and will likely get sued again.

According to ABC 7, who recorded the video early Thanksgiving morning, but held on to it until last night when they dropped it off at the police department for the chief to review.

Buffalo Police Chief Dan Derenda did the right thing by suspending him without pay. Let’s see what happens next.

The video is not embeddable so click here to see it.

It was only less than two weeks ago when a Buffalo cop who was then forced to resign was placed on probation for  a beating that was caught on video.

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