Hero in TN Executes Old Lady

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This video will turn your stomach. “Hero” cop encounters a dumpy middle-aged lady with a knife and just opens up on her (holding his gun sideways, like the gangster he is):

Hero Tim Bloch shot Chieu Di Thi Vo on March 25, 2014. He had responded to a report of a fight at Aberdeen Townhomes on Pineland Street, between West Wendover Avenue and Patterson Street. Hero Bloch said Vo, who was Vietnamese, was yelling in a foreign language, waving a knife and moving closer to him. He told investigators that he shot Vo when she didn’t respond to his repeated commands to stop.

She died two days later. Family members said Vo had bipolar disorder.

Hero Tim Bloch is the same officer that was arrested and fired for abusing prescription medication. According to MyFox8, Officer Tim Bloch was arrested for “obtaining a controlled substance by defrauding a practitioner. He’s accused of getting Oxycodone”.

Why did it take so long to release the video? Here is what Greensboro.com had to say:

Timothy John Bloch

Timothy John Bloch

More than two years after the fact, the public can now see video footage from 2014 showing a police officer shooting and fatally wounding a woman. But its release took too long, caused too much turmoil and came with too many conditions attached, some open government advocates and journalists said Wednesday.

The city posted the footage of Chieu Di Thi Vo’s shooting by then-Officer Tim Bloch on Wednesday night. People can watch it on the police department’s website, YouTube and the city’s cable access station.The release came six hours after Police Chief Wayne Scott showed it to hand-picked journalists, including the News & Record. Members of the public couldn’t attend.

It should have been a victory for local activists and media outlets, who pressed for the video’s release immediately after the shooting and again in recent weeks. Instead, some expressed frustration with Wednesday’s events and the City Council’s decision not to release it until Scott could provide “context.”

Jonathan Jones, the director of the N.C. Open Government Coalition, said the city should have released the footage independently of that, since open records laws don’t give public bodies the luxury of waiting on that context. “Any record needs context before it is released,” said Jones, a lawyer who specializes in media law and a former News & Record reporter. “If you start saying, ‘This record can’t be released until it gets context,’ then you can hold everything,” he said.

Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan was out of town at a conference Wednesday, she said in a text message. She didn’t respond further to requests to discuss the matter. Earlier in the week, Vaughan defended the decision to let Scott withhold the record until his news conference. “I think contingencies on a video released that contains lethal force is appropriate under any circumstance or policy,” she said in an email.



    • Ed, that’s exactly what I thought yesterday viewing him. He’s definitely not playing with a full deck and that’s dangerous in itself. There’s just that look in his eyes……definitely retarded.

    • This video tells me we’ve got a Ted Bundy who was smart enough (like BTK) to get himself a government uniform and license to kill. The treacle about his “safety” and the “threat” posed by a dumpy old lady with a knife is just that. Treacle. Nonsense. If a young man – a trained “hero” – can’t deal with a dumpy old lady – knife or not – without summarily blowing her way, he is either not a man, or a man with a desire to kill who is looking for an excuse to do it.

      This video ought to be mandatory viewing for every person who regards these cretins as “heroes.”

      A hero would have disarmed the lady or found some way to neutralize her without shooting her dead like a rabid dog as his first response.

      Makes me sick.

      And mad.

      • Holding back a video like this one (you have shown it on this site) is the only reason why Rahm Emanuel is still Mayor of Chicago. Had it been released before, there is no way he would have been reelected (he barely held off a challenger as it was). I doubt voters will even remember the next time around………………sigh…………

        It sort of makes the camera’s useless if they keep the public from even seeing them. I think every video should be available for any person to view at any time on a website. Maybe even posted live, if farcebook can do it, its possible. I can’t think of a reason why not, outside of keeping private information private.

        “We don’t need gangs anymore, they all have government jobs now”.

      • Just saw the video. Mad at the senselessness in this shooting. This phero’s first option was “shoot to kill”.

        Phero’s like this give the individuals who choose to be peace officers a bad reputation

        • It seemed those peace officers of the past, managed to shoot far less people with far less “training” then today’s cops. People complain cops don’t receive enough training, but it seems they get the wrong kind of training.

          • “it seems they get the wrong kind of training” We should be glad that they don’t get more firearms training. There would be even more people dead if the pheroes could shoot straight.

            • Truth.

              Though police manage to shoot innocent passerby on regular basis and that is the result of being lousy shots. We need to Barney Fife more cops aka gun control for heros.

              My guess, the average hunter is a far better shot then an average cop.


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