CA “heroes” Beat Motorist Over Tinted Windows, “Missing” Front Plate

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Well, here’s another one…

In Pasadena, CA some “heroes” (aka, law enforcers) noticed a motorist driving a car with windows that were tinted “too much” and which was missing its front license plate. These are heinous offenses against the peace, you see. Can’t that let that go.

A stop was initiated.

Which quickly led to a violent beat down of the unarmed, unresisting motorist:

The “heroes” beat the man – 21-year-old Christopher Ballew – bloody and broke his leg, later claiming that Ballew’s attempts to ward off the beatdown constituted “resisting” and “assault upon a peace officer.”

Cue irony organ.

Bellew was the peaceful party here. He wasn’t accosting anyone or even looking at them cross-eyed. Nonetheless, he found himself being accosted by a gaggle of armed government workers, who were (and are) anything but “peace officers.”

If they had been peace officers – as opposed to law enforcers – they’d have left Bellew in peace. Instead, they savagely beat him, until he was literally bloody and broken, lying facedown in the road, pleading for them to stop  . . . all to the accompaniment of shouted obscenities.

All this happened over something that should never have happened. The initial stop being an affront to anyone who thinks people shouldn’t be stopped – much less violently assaulted – for not causing any harm to anyone.

Who is harmed by “too much” window tint? It is illegal, certainly.


Shouldn’t right or wrong be the criteria for leaving people in peace – or not? This business of enforcing the law – right or wrong – to the nth degree is the ne plus ultra definition of a police state. The official, commonplace cruelty. The screaming demand for immediate submission – the blows raining down even before the baffled, terrified victim has had  chance to process the shrieks.

The absence of any meaningful recourse – and few if any repercussions.

It is the antithesis of a decent, civilized state. Which is one in which people are not subjected to violent assaults for no reason except that they have transgressed some arbitrary edict and thus given the state’s bully boys the excuse to administer violent assaults. What we see in this video no longer happens in Russia. It may still happen in North Korea.

This is what’s become of America.

Meanwhile, the “heroes” administering the beatdown tint the windows of their vehicles opaque. Why should it be an offense for us to tint our windows just as much? So that “heroes” can see into our cars more easily? Why should we be subject to that? Isn’t it exactly the same thing as a demand – probably coming – that we never shutter the windows to our homes, because doing so makes it harder for a law enforcer to see inside?

How is anyone harmed by a car not having a front license plate? Is it not enough to have one? What is the affront to the public safety?

Or is the requirement that we have two plates, one front and another rear, merely a means for “heroes” to more easily hurt us again? This time by making it easier to extract money from us over other harming-no-one actions such as driving faster than an arbitrarily decreed number posted on a sign – posted such that almost every driver is likely to be “guilty” of driving faster?

Meanwhile, as everyone knows, “heroes” routinely exceed the speed limit – which applies to us without exception but to them as they please.

Regardless, no one should be subject to a beatdown over such trivial offense as “too much” window tint and the absence of a front license plate.

No one who lives in a free country, that is. Or even a decent one.

America, unfortunately, is no longer either.

. . .

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  1. Hello AH. The cops in Vietnam are more peaceful than yankee cops. After the Viets helped the US in WW2, LBJ made up a false flag to start a war with them. A war that Kennedy tried to end. It seems in most western countries the coppers are more violent than their 3rd world counterparts.

    • Agreed. I visited Cambodia and found the same thing. The cops are almost a joke there, however, the people live in such fear that they cannot peacefully change their government, which allows you to do things unless they interfere with their owners (the chinese).

  2. Every country has the government it deserves.

    Conservatives used to support the rich because conservatives thought that they would get rich one day, too.

    Liberals used to hate the rich.

    The 1% then rigged the game by embracing socialism, feminism, homosexuals, illegal immigrants, tyranny, welfare, and debt so now liberals love the elites and the conservatives have conspired with the progressives to form a Uniparty that supports illegal immigrants, socialism, war, the police state, and debt.

    No wonder the US is collapsing.

    • Hi Free,

      “Conservatism” is a political movement about caution – not principle. Let’s not go so fast! Don’t change things so quickly. Fabian socialism vs. right-now socialism.

      It wants to “conserve” . . . what, exactly? The way things were? Traditions? Old man nostalgia, basically.

      But not a coherent moral/political philosophy.

      Which is why it is has been defenseless against the left. Which is coherent, does have a moral/political philosophy. An explicit one. Collectivism. The “conservatives,” of course, embrace that as well. They are merely uncomfortably admitting it.

  3. All I saw was a resistant individual doing his best to pull away and avoid getting cuffed.
    You wanna fight back, be prepared for some whooppass.
    Guy was being a douche.

    • Hi Erik,

      A “resistant individual”?

      Re-read what you wrote and consider how much what you wrote sounds exactly like what most of us here oppose and are appalled by; viz – justifying the abuse of a person who did nothing to cause anyone harm. But was himself harmed.

      Your statement accepts that it’s legitimate for armed government thugs to enforce tyrannical laws (do you really think it’s morally legitimate to threaten people with violence because they have tinted windows?) and when the victim “resists” – that is, takes issue with being hassled and attempts to defend himself – he deserves what he gets. Logically, then, you must also condemn the Jews who defied Reich Law; they were “resistant individuals” and got what they deserved, yes?

      Just making a point… hopefully!

      You have things backward:

      This incident was caused – and escalated – by the armed government thugs. They – and the laws they enforce – are the source of problems such as this. Not the peaceful people abused by them.

      If we lived in a free society in which peaceful people weren’t subject to violent assault by armed government workers over manufactured “violations,” there would have been no “stop” to begin with, no argument, no demands for submission to their prickly Authority.

      No smashed in face, no broken bones.

      Please rethink what you wrote – and thought.

      I hope you will do so. I wish that millions more would do so. Because if they do not, the beatings and other abuse will continue. And it won’t be just “resistant individuals” on the receiving end. If it does not stop, one day, the armed government thugs will be getting as good as they give. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

      I don’t want that. No sane person wants that. But defending the abuse of peaceful people by armed government thugs enforcing thuggish laws makes such inevitable.

      • No. It’s just plain stupid to struggle once they decide to cuff you.
        Whatever the antecedent conditions it’s just dumb to keep struggling.
        What could he possibly hope to accomplish?
        There are times when one just has to lay down and take it; sue the bastards later if you must.
        I don’t know exactly why they decided to cuff him, but I do suspect he became obstreperous first. I think you need to pick your battles. The cops (pigs often) transgress mightily, but on the other hand people who start fighting just aren’t going to win..

  4. Actions such as these are certainly an outrage. However, this sort of thing is mild compared to what has been done by cops and feds over the years.

    Let’s not forget the attack on the Branch Davidians in 1993. Planned under the first Bush administration, it was carried out by Clinton and finished off by Janet Reno. Most people think these “religious nuts” “deserved” what they got.

    Or, the MOVE bombing in 1985 where the Philly cops dropped a bomb on a row house that killed 11. Again, they deserved it. Here is a link to the Democracy Now program on the 30th anniversary of the slaughter:

    Like Wace, no attempt was made to put out the inferno that consumed these people.

    Anyone that thinks GovCo cares a whit about the “mundanes” is living in a fantasy world.

  5. I think you would find that cops in Caracas, Havana, and Ho Chi Minh City are far more reasonable and less murderous than U.S. cops. I have traveled quite a bit, and I find cops in the US worry me far more than the cops just about anywhere else.

  6. Driving While Black or poor is still risky when it comes to dealing with uniformed American thugs.
    So far the white collar class has been spared the worst of these indignities, but their turn is coming.

      • Hopefully you were not at the receiving end of a beat-down. That is reserved for the so-called “lower class” individuals who try to act like they are equal to these steroid addled stormtroopers.

        • Hi Escher,

          Worse – the “hero” ( a Park Police Porker) threatened me with his gun for daring to get off my motorcycle while he wrote me a ticket for 54 in a 45…. yes, really.

  7. This is what happens when closet homosexuality and steroid rage/impotency puts on a badge and gets to have their ways with unwilling men. That young “officer” gives a few pelvic thrusts into his prey’s rear end. Obvious what is on his mind. So many of them have this obsession with other men’s rectums, especially those of black men.

    It’s like watching an IDF assault on unarmed Palestinians. Fitting, in how the US police are now trained in their overlord’s tactics. It becomes so easy to understand how people victimized by such brutality and devoid of any redress would strap themselves with explosives and run to introduce their tormentors with true justice.

    • I agree, Thought.

      This will not stop until it ends. And it will only when enough people decide they have had enough. I got into a discussion with some friends about this the other day. They were ribbing me for not accepting a press invite to attend and participate in an off-road event. I want to go, but it means flying – and I will not deal with the Heimat Sicherheitsdeinst again. The last time I did – had to fly to AZ after my dad died last year – I almost lost control of myself when confronted with the Blue Suited Geek.

      I refuse to put myself in such a situation ever again.

  8. Thugs and bullies. They are taking advantage of the fact that almost nobody fights back against their attacks. There are so very many ways to turn the tables on them, to make what they do REALLY be the most dangerous job around. A determined defender armed with courage, the right mindset, and an array of weaponry will put every one of them in the hurt bag. There are so many creative possibilities, for instance- arm guns, belt buckle guns, stun guns, bright lights, laser blinders, chassis mounted flamethrowers, scimitar blades on hydraulics at ankle level, chain flails at ankle level, claymore mines in door panels, all sorts of things which slash, burn, zap, club, rend, or penetrate. And a little body armor around the torso won’t do them a damned bit of good.
    Thugs, bullies, idiots. Most of what saves their criminal butts is the pity decent people feel for these tools, knowing the real comeuppance is owed to the lawyers in politics, and on benches.

  9. I have heard a coproach explain that they are allowed to speed since they are professional drivers. Truck drivers are also legally considered to be professional drivers, but we aren’t allowed to speed. I suppose that for truck drivers, the word ‘professional’ is a euphemism for ‘scape goat’ since some coproaches will try to place the blame of an accident between a truck and a car on the truck driver if at all possible.

    • Brian, one of our drivers literally was cited for “making” a woman run her pickup into a curb…..oh, and it hurt her to badly too. Of course she somehow whipped around his right when he was signalling a turn with four turn signals on the back and 3 on the side. He is an idiot and drives me crazy but I fail to see how he was at fault. I also fail to see how another driver was at fault(same occifer) when he stopped at a 4 way stop and then proceeded to turn legally….and some dipshit ran the stop sign and impacted his truck. How does this work? The “DOTster” said the driver was changing lanes. He wouldn’t have pulled that shit on me without me pointing out to him I was turning a corner and was staying in the same lane. Not that he would have been persuaded to call it accurately. It seems he has a thing for out of town trucks working in his territory….even though we have a yard in that town. Given a choice it would be his and not my head that hung.

  10. The sooner the “left” coast falls into the ocean, the better. Is it any surprise that the states which are in the forefront promoting socialist order, are also experiencing higher levels of trespass against their civil liberties?
    For anyone who says California, Oregon, and Washington are the states that are “doing thing the right way”,
    they need to apply for residency there, and stop trying to infect the rest of the nation. If there ever is to be a point where the public says “No More!”, it won’t come from the west coast.

    • US copping is out of control everywhere. Alaska…Arkansas…California…Ohio….Texas… Maine…Michigan…it makes no geographical difference.

  11. I did not watch this video, as I simply can’t handle them anymore. They are so outrageous, they turn me into a raving, screaming lunatic.

    My latest tag-line for these “heroes” is: Get the Hell out of my country. Real Americans don’t behave like this. You belong in Caracas, Havana or Ho Chi Minh City.

    They love to plaster huge American flags all over their costumes, insinuating the lie of their patriotism and would probably be extremely confused at someone calling them out on it.


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