MA Heroes Pummel Motorist

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This video shows MA Hero cops beating the shit out of a guy who attempted to “flee” in his truck. Whatever the guy did – actual crimes (involving harms caused ┬áto actual people) or “offenses” against statutes that involved no harm to anyone – he is clearly not a “threat” to “officer safety,” clearly submitting… yet gets the ultraviolent treatment nonetheless:



  1. I actually saw this one live on tv, the “reporter” in the studio was trying to make lame excuses as to why the guy was getting a beatdown but you could clearly see the guy get out of the cab and get down on the ground, and THEN the thugs surrounded and started beating the shit out of him. The next day MA and NH statie mouthpieces promised a “thorough investigation”, as in give the thugs a few days vacation and hope the public with their gnat’s attention span forgets about it and goes back to watching the Kardoucheians.

    • Kardoucheians, I love it. That’s a prime example of how society has changed. Our generation had great looking women, not artificial bodied,big-assed, loud-mouthed hoes who got famous showing they could fuck a horse and get it to go viral.

      They be turnin out some real gud chilluns…….


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